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Kari's POV

One day a strange mushroom like monsters appeared in the center of the city, no one knew where it came from or what it was planning all they knew is that it was making the local cats act crazy.

"Yaya stop it." I moaned as the cat girl was climbing on my back, rubbing her body against me and nibbling on my ear.

"NYAA~" The girl moaned grabbing at my breasts.

"AHH, what's going on with her?"

"Must be that plant." Master explained "Looks like a giant Matatabi plant."

"A what?"

"It's basically catnip." She explained "But too much of it will make cats sick."

"How did you know all that?" I asked.

"This talking cat told me." She held up a feline, one of Yaya's cat god friends.

The cat god explained that we needed to destroy that massive monster but the only Cat God strong enough was a legendary divine beast Nyanga which could only be summoned by a descendant of the divine beast and their Miko.

"So Yaya." I pointed "She has to do it?"

"Hmm, Yaya will do it." The girl said rubbing her nose.

"Thank you." The cat god said "But I'm not sure if you have enough spirit power for something like this."

"I think we can help with that." I smiled.


We gathered some necessary supplies, like spirit paint and cloth as well as we picked up Yuuna and Nonko-San to help up out. The first thing we had to do was get naked and paint special markings on our bodies, after that we used the pure white cloth to make special robes that were more like bikinis to be honest.

"Hmm, the ink is kinda cold." I shivered as Nonko drew on my breasts.

"Don't worry I'm a professional." She laughed.

"It's not your skills I doubt." I moaned a bit as she dragged the brush over my belly.

"Thanks for helping you guys." Yaya said.

"It's fine." I smiled "Now Master I need your help too."

"Right." She floated over and put her hands on my shoulders "Ready?"

"Yeah." I nodded.


Master and I combined our spirits and became one, my body changing to sport some extra muscle and some large round breasts.

"That should give us plenty of power." I looked at the girls "Are we do this or what?"

Music started playing through some nearby speakers manned by Mirai, Koyuzu and the cat god, with the beat going the girls and I danced around a large statue, our bodies bouncing with the beat in a tribal dance.

"I didn't know all this bouncing would be so painful." I groaned a bit as my chest slapped around with my skipping movements.

"Now you know what it's like." Nonko laughed as she spun around in her oni form.

"You're quite the dancer Kari-chan." Yuuna smiled.

"Really I'm just following your lead, I don't think I'm all that graceful." I blushed.

The dance we did was focusing our spirit power towards Yaya, allowing her to power up, the dance involved much twirling, as well as making poses and signs with your hands, our soft and womanly bodies jiggled plenty and I'm sure anyone watching the spectacle would be aroused by it.

"HMPH!" The three of us danced around and into Yaya, throwing spirit power her way.

The statue on the center pedestal glowed and the Divine Beast appeared, a massive white cat shimmering with light.

"NYRAAA!" the beast roared and rolled around in the air.

"Even that thing is effected by that monster?!" I yelled "Seriously!"

"It will be fine so long as he attacks the Matatabi." The cat god said.

Nyanga jumped at it but the monster teleported away.

"I can try and find it." Yunna said before the Divine Beast swung its tail near her.

"If he rampages like that the city will be destroyed." Mirai yelled.

Yaya acted quickly jumping across the roofs and landing on the Divine beast, wrangling it back to focusing on her commands and destroying the monster.

"Nice job Yaya." I smiled when she landed back down, the Divine beast leaving to go back to sleep.

"PURR~" she rubbed against me while I patted her head.
She suddenly pulled my top to the side and drooled at the sight of my bare breasts.

"Whoa!" I yelped.

"I guess she's still a bit hazy from being so close to that catnip." Yuuna laughed as Yaya did the same to her.

"There's no milk in there but help yourself." Nonko joked.

The three of us stood there bare chested as Yaya's eyes lit up, she leaned in and started licking and kissing my tits while squeezing and rubbing Yuuna and Nonko's.

"Yaya, a little more gentle please." Yuuna moaned as she had her breast squeezed.

"She's eager that's for sure." I moaned as her scratchy tongue flicked over my nipple "HMM!"

The three of us moaned, Yaya squeezing and licking our tits to her heart's content. She finally pushed me onto my back and got on top of me, lining right up with more now exposed cock which she slammed her ass down on, meowing as she started riding me.

"NYAAA So good!" Yaya yelped bouncing up and down on my cock while still pawing at Nonko and Yuuna's tits, her sharp fingernails pulling and pinching their nipples.

"Ugh!" I grunted a bit thrusting up to fuck Yaya, her body shivering with arousal.

I couldn't stop, with Master's power inside me I was extremely aroused, plus all that dancing and jiggling hadn't helped either, I held her hips and bucked up faster and faster, the noise generated by my hips slamming into her only added to my desire to cum.

"YAYA!" I moaned cumming inside her, ropes of my thick semen pumping out and into her pussy.

That seemed to satisfy her and she fell forward using my bust like a pillow as she faded into sleep, Master soon stopped possessing my body meaning I shrank back to my usual size.

"This was an eventful day." Nonko laughed laying next to me topless.

"I could do without any crazy monsters for a while." I joked.


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