It was Halloween time yet again and Yumesaki-sensei was at the inn hanging out with Matora and Nonko.

"Happy Halloween!" the girls cheered toasting their beer cans.

"T-Thanks for having me." Harumu said while dressed as a werewolf, wearing a tank top, fuzzy jean shorts, along with a fake tail and ears.

"It was fun." Nonko, who was dressed as a half-naked sexy nurse laughed.

"Yeah, your costume looks great." Matora, who was dressed like a French maid in a bikini smiled.

"You're sure it's okay to dress like this?" Sensei asked "I am a teacher."

"Well, you're not teaching your class like that." Matora shook her can.

"How come you're drinking non-alcoholic that's so boring." Nonko pouted at the teacher.

"W-When I drink well…" the woman blushed "I cause problems."

"I'm sure it's fine Kari-chan and all her friends are fast asleep." Nonko told her "Holding back isn't healthy and I know you love your booze.'

"We'll make sure you don't do anything weird." Matora smiled.

"Have a little fun." Nonko chuckled handing her a beer.

"Well…alright a few won't hurt." Sensei said cracking open a cold one.



While most of the inn was quiet Karura had stirred from her sleep and was attempting to spy on Kari.

"Fumito-dono." She hummed knocking on the doors "Where are you?"

"OHHRAAA!" she heard a loud slam from another room.

"What was that?! Sounded like Matora." She said rushing over.

She opened the door and found Nonko on her stomach with her legs up and spread, Matora licking her out rather aggressively.

"W-What are you doing?!"

Matora didn't even answer her at first, she seemed more content to just waggle her tongue and lap up Nonko's sweet love nectar.

"Come on now it's your turn!" Nonko turned the tables and put Matora in a twist while she started licking her out instead.

"I said what are you two doing?!" Karura snapped.

"Oh, that's good!" Matora screamed getting tongue fucked.

Matora usually didn't ignore Karura, when they girl looked at her with her magic foresight, she saw both her assistant and Nonko were hypnotized by a Succubus spell.

"Could Yumesaki-sensei have done this?" she wondered as the two women started to 69.

Karura quickly left the room and ran across Asuka and Riria in the hall.

"Something wrong?" Riria asked.

Hiougi quickly explained what had happened to Matora and Nonko.

"The succubus teacher?" Riria asked.

"Strange she seemed mature." Asuka hummed as they walked to Kari's room.

"Hmm, she's still sleeping." Karura said peaking in "She's okay."

"Hehehe." Yumesaki-sensei popped out from around the corner of the door "Trick or Treat~"

"Harumu?!" Karura gasped.

"Gimme candy or I get to trick you." She said.

"We don't have any candy." Asuka told her.

"I think there's some in the kitchen maybe." Riria added.

"Too late trick time!" Sensei cheered blasting them.

"A transformation spell?!" Karura gasped.

The three girls were suddenly in different outfits, for Karura is was a skimpy Shrine Maiden outfit that showed off her midriff, for Riria it was a sort of Casino Bunny Girl outfit with shorts and suspenders, and for Asuka it was a Egyptian themed outfit though it seemed a lot more like a sling bikini with golden trim.

"A Succubus Hallucination?" Karura growled a bit.

Asuka and Riria were both pulled into their ideal fantasy of getting dominated by Nadare, while Karura was left stunned seeing the two squirming on the ground and rubbing their pussies furiously.

"Pull yourselves together it's just an illusion." Karura snapped.

"Hiougi." Kari suddenly stood behind her.

"K-Kari-sama!" she smiled as the woman reached around and grabbed her breasts "OHHHH!"

"Your body is always so soft." Kari moaned grinding on her, at least that's what Karura imagined.

"Seems like their all having nice dreams." Yumesaki-sensei giggled seeing the moaning sleeping girls before she looked over at Kari "You didn't wake up Fumito-chan-Huh?!"

Sensei was suddenly in a dream of her own, in her classroom dressed properly in her teacher attire as opposed to her Werewolf costume.

"Did I fall asleep in Kari's room?" she wondered as the door opened and the girl in question walked in.

"Sensei." The girl blushed walking in "Are you…going to trick me?"

"I…I mean it is Halloween and you have no candy." She said as her body moved on it's own, unbuttoning her blouse and showing her sexy bra-clad breasts "Now get over here young lady."

She sat Kari in a seat before sitting in the girls lap and taking off her bra, rubbing her soft breasts all over her student's face.

"You're making your teacher do this." She giggled "Making her rub her big juicy tits all over your face!"

"HMMM!" Kari moaned as the soft flesh caressed her skin.

"You're a naughty girl." Sensei teased opening Kari's pants.

She fished out Kari's cock and stroked it a bit, grinding herself down on the girl's hips all the while, slowly she lined herself up with it and started riding her.

"Oh yes Fumito!" Sensei moaned bouncing up and down on her cock, still squeezing her breasts around her face "It's wonderful!"

"Sensei you're so tight, I love it when you let me do this to you." Kari moaned back as she rubbed her teacher's soft tight rear.

"You're my little plaything, this is a dream come true!" Yumesaki Sensei screamed in pleasure.


"So embarrassing!" the teacher blushed pulling the covers over head "Even if it's Kari-chan a dream like that is just too much!"


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Pick Up- Chapter 181

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