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Chapter 2:

Molly and Ginny were alone in their room. It wasn't a good thing, if you were from someone else's point of view, because they were scheming. They wanted money and taking just a little from the newly discovered Harry Potter wouldn't harm him...much. Plus, Ginny had see his body through that skin-tight shirt and she wanted him. He was the perfect male specimen, muscled but not too much, tall, long hair, strong. Oh yes, she wanted him.

Currently, the two women had pieces of paper out, planning and scheming. It was another twenty minutes before they came up with a plan. Ginny would somehow slip him potion, either her or her mother, love potion and lust potion and then when he was disoriented from the potions, drag him to the bedroom. It was perfect. She'd get him for his body and she would also get pregnant hopefully, then she could earn access to his vaults with his baby. The perfect love story.

Molly would handle the potion making. She was renown for her love potions after all.


Sirius Black looked at his godson's door worriedly. He wanted to talk to the boy because he was James' son, but at the same time, he'd destroyed the magically enforced kitchen table by touching it with his strange sword. It made him worry. What if the boy was one of the few that didn't believe that he was innocent, even after the trial? Would he disintegrate him immediately?

"You know, dwelling on a doorstep is never good luck."

Sirius spun to see the boy in question looking at him with a raised eyebrow. He stammered out a response, "I-I was worried h-how you would react to me."

Harry nodded, "I know it was Wormtail. My father tells me everything. I also know you had a trial that proved your innocence before everything went down the tube."

Sirius sighed in relief, "So you won't, like, disintegrate me or anything?"

Harry chuckled, "No, I won't disintegrate you. Would you like to come in my room and talk?"

Sirius lit up like a Christmas Tree, not that Harry even knew about Christmas, and nodded quickly, "Yes I would, pup!"

Harry nodded and led him into a beautifully decorated room, "You'll have to forgive the mess of papers. I have been asked to attend Hogwarts for hope or something and I was seeing what British magic was like compared to Egyptian magic."

Sirius looked at the small pile of papers on the table. He thought that was a mess? Oops, then the entire house was probably absolutely disgusting to him. He sat down though and Harry waved his hand. Two butterbeers floated from the ice box and landed on the table between them, "Do help yourself."

Sirius nodded and took the drink happily, uncorking it with a pop. He chuckled the cork at the boy, who just smiled good-naturedly and flicked his own cork. It slammed into the first and they were both sent speeding back to hit Sirius' forehead with some force.

He rubbed the bump with a pout, "Owww." But then he smiled, "But that was bloody amazing, pup!"

Harry just chuckled and took a swig of his drink, propping his feet on the table, "Now what did you want to know?"

"Well first, why do you have that weird accent?"

"I have a weird accent? All of you British have accents. I am a decent speaker for my home country, Egypt, where I was raised."

Sirius' eyes widened, "You were raised in Egypt?"

Harry's eyebrow rose in an 'are-you-kidding' look, "Have you seen my clothes, weapons, hair, and just about everything about me?"

Sirius blushed in embarrassment, "Oops, didn't think of that."

"You don't seem to think very much at all."

Sirius' jaw dropped, "Hey! I think quite well thank you!"

"If you say so, Sirius."

Sirius , he could get used to having Harry around.


Fred and George were plotting in a corner how to prank their scheming mum and sister. They had heard of some potions and the name Harry and so they were getting payback. However, they were missing a key component to their prank.

They didn't even feel anyone behind them when the exact ingredient they were looking for dropped into their hands. They spun to see a smirking Harry disappearing around a corner and they smiled evilly. Oh, this partnership could work.


Harry listened as Sirius chattered about pranks and Marauders, eating his food cleanly. He never did anything messily except kill and that was mainly because he really like decapitation and maiming. They were his favorite ways to kill bad people. He finished the nice steak he was eating, idly destroying the potions that tried to enter his system, before he started on his green beans. Molly was an excellent cook...if she didn't try to poison him not so subtly when she cooked.

He was eating his potatoes when there was a huge puff of smoke. He absentmindedly put up a shield and everyone in the room was coated with green powder, except him, Molly and Ginny the most, as the powder seemed to originate from their plates. Once the powder was cleared, he dropped the shield and continued eating as if nothing had happened.

Yelling filled the room, Molly's shrieks being the most dominant. Sirius was applauding the good prank. Remus, who he hadn't met yet, was trying badly to hide a smile. The twins were laughing, ignoring their mum's screams. Bill was looking horrified, glancing at the casually eating Harry, who just winked at the worried man. Bill sighed in relief that he wasn't going to disintegrate them all and then laughed as well.

After a bit, everyone calmed down and finally caught sight of his spotless figure. Sirius choked on his drink, "How are you so clean?!"

"I was never dirty. I don't like messy things. I was smart enough to raise a shield."

Sirius looked at him with wide eyes and the started laughing madly. Luna giggled from next to Draco, who was trying to hide a small smile of amusement. Molly just scowled and he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see Ginny. His eyebrow rose, "Yes?"

"Are you feeling well?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Her face flickered in surprise, "U-Um, you looked a bit pale."

"I don't feel a bit pale. Do remove your hand from my person. I don't like physical contact unless I'm snapping someone's neck."

She paled and yanked her hand away from him quickly, "M-Maybe I was seeing things."

"Perhaps." He grabbed her as she turned and met her eyes with shadowed ones, "Don't feed me any potions ever again or I break your fingers."

She gulped and he let her go to run away. Molly saw her and scowled, "What did you do to her?!"

He looked up absentmindedly, "She tried dosing me with potions, as did you, so I threatened to break her fingers if she did it again. The same threat goes to you."

She turned red, "You can't speak to me like that!"

"I can and I will."

"You are underage! I am an adult! You cannot speak to me that way!"

Now, he stood, his face sharp and dangerous and his eyes glinting as he spoke in a deadly calm voice, "I spoke when I first arrived here. I am not under your control. I am under no one's control but my father's. I do what I want and I do it when I want. I am here to kill, that is what I am here for. You useless excuse for fighters had to be replaced, so I came. I am the son of a God, so you better watch your tongue…" His hand touched the hilt of his scimitar, "...or you'll meet Anubis early. I have killed more than you can count. It does not scare me to watch the life bleed from someone's eyes. Do not think to control me."

Everyone had frozen as power swept through the room. It was the only word, pure unadulterated power as his loose pants and long hair whipped around him. It was so strong that the heavy plates on his chest and thighs were lifting up and clanking. His eyes glowed the color of the killing curse, the color of death, and his nails turned to black claws as his voice turned to an echo, "Do not think to control a God, for that is what I am. As long as I wear my father's amulet, I am a God. As long as I am alive, I am a God to you pathetic weaklings. Watch your tongues around the Son of Anubis!" His body disintegrated into black sand and he disappeared.


Harry reappeared outside of the Diagon Alley side of the Leaky Cauldron. Most of that had been an act, though he was a bit pissed. It was so they'd think he just disappeared for a bit to breathe when in actuality, he'd sensed a battle and didn't want them interfering. That much had been true. They were weaklings to him.

Now, he stood in the shadows as Death Eaters flooded into the Alley. He had sensed the attack and worn his armor plates to dinner so that they would be on him. He saw the Death Eaters start attacking the late night shoppers and that's when he jumped into battle.

He knew he looked a fearsome sight and it invigorated him. His claws gleamed darkly on his fingertips and his teeth were lengthened into fangs. His hair whipped about him and his armor glinted as red blood splattered across it. He let out the jackal's loud barklike laughter as he ripped into Death Eaters. Whenever he fought multiple opponents, he unconsciously brought some effects of his animagus out, such as the claws, fangs, and call.

Death Eaters started yelling about the Beast of Hell...before he cut them down. He was cutting the last Death Eater down with a spray of blood when the Order arrived. He let out another bark of laughter and then disappeared into a pile of black sand, letting them only glimpse his feral, bloodstained visage. If they didn't fear him, then he would make them fear him.


Harry was leaning back against his headboard, with his legs crossed, his eyes closed, and humming a small Egyptian tune. Hs door suddenly slammed open and he looked over to see a panting Remus Lupin and Charlie Weasley, looking at him in confusion. His eyebrow rose, "Yes? I was relaxing."

Remus stuttered, "B-But, just saw you, blood everywhere, battle."

"Please speak a tad clearer. Something about me, blood, and a battle?"

Charlie cleared his throat, "Ahem yes, we were just at a battle against Death Eaters and when we got there, we saw someone that looked like a feral you, covered in blood and making animal shrieks and noises."

"Really? Hmm, odd."

Charlie nodded, "Especially since you're clean, not panting, and obviously not feral. Mind explaining?"

"Oh sure. I just ferally ripped about fifty Death Eaters to pieces with my sword and I was covered in blood, but I don't like being messy, so I cleaned it off." Their jaws dropped and his eyebrow rose, "What? I thought you'd seen me."

"B-B-But...i-it was you?"

"Of course! Who else looks like me? I was using some of my animagus' powers and that's why I looked feral. You see, bad people get killed messily when around me. Father will judge them, but I came to fight, like I said. I came to kill, so I did."

They both paled and Bill looked in and at their shocked faces, "I told you. You didn't believe me."

Charlie spun, "He's sixteen! I didn't think he'd go feral and kill fifty people in mere minutes!"

Bill shrugged, "He's a legend in Egypt for his prowess and skill. You'd be best to stay on his good side, where mum and Ginny aren't."

Harry nodded, "You really would."

They nodded, almost terrified. They did not want to be on his bad side.


Voldemort threw his glass on the ground, "WHAT?! YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT MY ENTIRE PLATOON WAS WIPED OUT BY ONE MAN?!"

The terrified Death Eater nodded, "Y-Yes, My Lord. H-He was some sort of demon, My Lord. His sword turned what it touched to ash and he was making odd animal sounds."

Voldemort's eyes narrowed, "Would you describe them as...barklike screeches and laughter, Avery?"

"Y-Yes My Lord."

"Get out of my sight! But first, CRUCIO!" He left the man under it a minute and then let him go and he ran out the door as Voldemort scowled in anger. That voice in his head! The God, Anubis! He just knew it was him! He'd briefly looked up Anubis and found jackals to be his main distinguishing feature. Damn it! Now was not a good time for a God to join! He was winning!


Scrimgeour looked at the old Headmaster that sat across from him, "A new fighter?"

"Yes, and he's quite capable. Apparently in Egypt, he is a legend, the son of a God, but Rufus, he's also Harry Potter, the real boy-who-lived."

Scrimgeour's eyes widened, "I thought he was dead!"

"So did I, but it appears not. Apparently Lily Potter summoned a God, the God f the Afterlife, Anubis, with a ritual to protect Harry and he's been in Egypt. He's got a strong Egyptian accent and only wears Egyptian clothes, but it is him."

"The fighter that wiped out the Death Eaters, the one they call Demon, was it him?"

"It was. He was done by the time anyone arrived on the scene. By the time anyone got there, he disintegrated into sand and we found him in his room not ten minutes later, clean and calm, though he says it was him."

"I see. I will keep this in mind."

"He'll be going to Hogwarts for his sixth year, he has agreed."

"Good, alright then. Hopefully, this means good things will happen."

"Yes, hopefully it does."


Anubis watched as his son tore into the Death Eaters and he took the souls gladly. He was proud of the boy. He knew when to be kind but he also knew when to be vicious and that's what was needed right now. No one would challenge his son like the Molly woman had. He'd almost appeared then, but his son had actually been completely in control the whole time, so he hadn't.

He was proud of his little jackal.