Hey guys! So I've recently read this book with really short chapters from a journal entry sort of viewpoint that somehow was really popular. And I thought to myself: "Why the heck have I been writing these 3,000 to 4,000 word chapters when I could be writing only 5 sentences?!"

(Don't worry I'm still going to write long chapters in my other books, I'm not that cruel.)

So I'm testing this out with this Coffee Shop AU, which can also be found on Wattpad under the same name by AngelicaS4theWin. Since the chapter's are short I'm going to publish the story in 4 chapter long parts. This is Part 1, Enjoy!

October 1st

You came in late today. You went up to the counter and ordered an Americano.

You seem tense.

You walked over to your usual seat, on the right and two tables down from me beside the window.

You pulled out your computer and typed for the entire time, not glancing up once.

At least that meant I got to look at you longer.

About two hours later you left.

I wish I could talk to you…

~Time skip~

October 15th

You came in at your usual time of 10 am and ordered an Espresso. You sat by the window, as usual, and began to type.

Your typing is mesmerizing. I've never seen anyone's fingers move so fast. I wish I knew what you were writing.

Your fingers paused in their rapid flight over the keys as your phone made a "ding!".

You looked down at it and sighed before leaving.

I hope everything's okay.

~Time skip~

October 31

I didn't think you would come today considering how everyone is out trick-or-treating or at a party. But you did.

Of course, I came here too, but I have nothing else to do. I don't have any friends to hang out with anyway.

When you walked in you took my breath away… Even though you always do.

Your costume was amazing. I have never thought anyone could look better than you until I saw another version of you in a Heather Chandler costume.

I can't believe we like the same musical. If only you liked Miranda… then I'd have to marry you.

I was dressed as a turtle.

I only dressed up because I wanted to impress you…

I hope it worked…

~Time skip~

November 2nd

Before you got here today, this random guy sat in your seat. I hate him. I wish I was brave enough to ask him to move out of your seat, but I don't want to be kicked out by the mean barista. Then I would never see you again…

You came in to see your seat was taken. I was surprised when you walked over to confront him.

You must have said something really threatening since he immediately got up to move.

I wish I had your bravery.

Okay, so that's it for Part 1. Part two will be published in a few minutes so see ya then!