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Chapter 1: A Null Feeling Approaches…

The world of Remnant.

A world that seems to vastly resemble our own, in a way so to say. According to legend, this world was a creation from the work of two brothers. They were godly in nature, and were able to create life and land. Some say that it's the reason why life is pleasant, while at the same time…dark. But the tale of this land comes to a brief stand, as we journey slightly off, to a void… A Null Void.


Our current view takes place in an abrupt place of wonder. A void of red and black, or whichever color of despair seemed to float to one's mind, echoed upon its endless chasm. This, was the Null Void, a seemingly endless alternate dimension that lies within the boundaries of space and time.

The landscape of this location was mostly accompanied by said space, and what appeared to be floating rocks or asteroids that were unearthly in nature, well due to their strange shapes no doubt. But it's the denizens of this space that we are currently interested in. A piece of advice, for those who wish to now.

The Null Void was discovered, as no sane individual would ever think of coming to live in such a place. A race of technologically advance beings called the Galvan discovered the area via their experiments with technology. The eerie place was perfect for a certain thing they thought; and that thought was: a prison. A prison for the likes of other criminals and other trouble makers that existed in the universe that the Galvan inhabited along with the other denizens of the vast galaxies of their home turf.

Prisoners were sent and dislocated to this churn of a place. While some are intentionally sent there for reasons that we'd probably wouldn't like to know, naturally, there's a chance that a bystander or innocent individual may lay waste to this heap. And so our attention drives to…just that.

Our attention spans down to a certain floating rock in the Null Void. One of its many denizens seemed to be a happy mood, and the only things that may make you happy in this unpleasant place, is the opportunity to feed, or the opportunity to escape.

Rare as it seems, our protagonist is actually human. Sporting a dim gray shirt with black stripes, olive green cargo pants with black stripes running down towards the bottom, and grey and black sneakers. His skin was a bit pale, and his body was slim. And to finish it off, he had shaggy brown hair, which contrasted his emerald green eyes.

While his appearance may have been normal for a typical twelve year old, what distinguished him was a certain device that was clamped onto his left wrist, an object that bore a resemble to a large wristwatch.

This piece of technology was called the Omnitrix, a device that granted to wearer the ability to transform into various extraterrestrial lifeforms via manipulation of a genetic sample, each with their natural abilities; meaning strengths, reflexes, instinct, as well as weaknesses.

The Omnitrix itself bore a resemblance to a large wristwatch as said previously. It was primarily black and grey in color, with a large black dial in the middle that resembled a watch face. Said dial had a green hourglass shape. Two white lines extended around it, and two emerald green buttons were located on both six and twelve o'clock locations.

The youth walks out from a cave, which had recently collapsed due to an explosion of some sort. With a smile on his face, as he walked to an empty plain on the rock, he dug into his pocket. Revealing a handheld launcher that had held a bluish cube, he shot it out towards the ground. As it collided onto the floor, it expanded, and eventually revealed a large black and green generator and gate as it shrunk back.

Picking the cube up and attaching it back onto the launcher, the green eyed youth starts to walk towards his machine. Pressing a button, a small terminal popped out, and he began to input some code into it. What he was not aware of however, was that a figure lurk in the shadows behind a piece of nearby rock.

A few moments later, he finishes his typing up and walked towards the gate. Opening a hatch, he then pulled on a lever. As he did so, the gate start to spark with red strikes of electricity, and in a moment, a small vortex began to grow in size. His eyes widened in wonder as his smile turned to a grin.

"Yes, finally! Freedom at last!" He shouted. Punching the air in response, the figure then walked out.

"Yeah, for me, Ben." The figure said, now sounding like an adult male's. Ben gasps and turns around, only for his eyes to widen once more, this time in surprise. Garnering a good look at this person, his eyes narrowed to a glare.

"You… you're Phil, Grandpa's old Plumber partner. What are you doing here…?" He asked with suspicion in his voice. Phil gruffed.

"Isn't that obvious? I've been surviving here in the Null Void just like you, ever since you and your wretched cousin trapped me here." He responds with sarcasm. "When I saw that you battle Vilgax and his lackey, I knew that you were going to find a way to get out of here."

Glancing at the Omnitrix, Ben snorts. 'He saw me fighting Vilgax and Kevin, and didn't even bother to help? Typical.'

"So, what do you want…?" Ben questions the former Plumber once more. Phil points at the vortex gate.

"To get out of this place of course! But…now that I remember, since it was you and your cousin that trapped me here in the first place… I'll propose something."

Ben stepped back. "And? What is it?"

Grinning, Phil pulls out a blaster from a holster on his right leg and aims it at him. "I get to use that portal, and you get to live." Ben growled.

"Fat chance! It's your own fault! You exploited that Null Void projector, so you belong here Phil." He responds. Phil growls.

"Then I'll have to put you down first!" He yells as he shoots a shot at him.

Dodging by rolling to the left, Ben stumbles as Phil begins to make a dash towards him, bringing out a pole in an attempt to smack it into him. As Ben's motion stopped, he tries to press the buttons on the Omnitrix, but was forced to maneuver out of the way once more. Phil grins savagely as Ben jumps back.

"You can't use that watch of yours if I don't give you a chance to do so!" He proclaims as he runs towards him again. Expecting a look of despair on his face, Phil was instead given a smirk by Ben.

"Who said I had to use the Omnitrix manually?" He questioned. As he says that, the hourglass on the Omnitrix dial flashes green, enveloping Ben in a green light. Phil blocks his eyes for a second.

As it faded away, Phil opens his eyes to see Ben replaced by an alien resembling a blue monkey, only that this monkey had four arms and eyes. It wore a coat of blue fur, and his skin was dark blue in color. His eyes were green, and he had a tail with two white stripes at the end. The Omnitrix was now located on his chest, now colored in a black and white tone as a dial.

"Let's go Philly! I'll show you why this form's called Spidermonkey!" The monkey alien taunted. Phil merely grunted as he dashed forward.

"Show me then, ya smart alec!" He yells back. Grinning, Spidermonkey brings his tail up.

From the tip, his tail aimed at the older man, spewing out strings of webbing. Phil's eyes widen as the substance is splattered against him, and ends up tying him up. Falling onto his back, he shakes about in an attempt to break free.

"Ha! Guess that's the webbing on the cake! Ha, get it? Icing, webbing!" Spidermonkey joked as he scratched an armpit. This only served to anger Phil more, who quickly broke free from his white prison.

"TENNYSON!" He shouted. Spidermonkey was a bit surprised by his sudden breaking, and was barely able to dodge his next swing by jumping above him. Somersaulting onto the floor, the moment he landed, a loud clang was heard.

Darting his head back, his jaw dropped. He didn't notice that he was standing right in front of the generator, and as a result of the blunt damage, the gate's energy started to phase out of control. Spidermonkey curses under his breath as he turns to Phil.

"Look what ya did, doofus! You broke the generator, so none of us will be able to go back home!" He retorts a little exaggeratedly. Phil shrugs.

"Aw, well too bad then. Even if I can't get back to Earth, if I can take you out, it'll be all worth it!" He says as he cracks his neck. Spidermonkey chimps out a little.

"Gaa! Fine, you want to play that way Phil?! Then come on!" He yells as he slaps the Omnitrix dial.

Engulfing himself in another flash of green, this time a humanoid creature made of green crystals replaced him. Having yellow eyes, four shards of crystal protruded from his back, with one coming out from the back of his head. He wore a half patched uniform of grey and black, with the Omnitrix symbol located on his upper left chest.

Phil spins his pole. "Hmph, a Petrosapien huh? Fine, come at me!"

"That's Diamondhead to you pal!" Diamondhead yells back as Phil goes into a stance.

Clenching his fists, he holds them out towards Phil, firing shards of crystal from them like bullets. Using his pole to whack a few of them away, Phil then twirled his weapon, deflecting the rest of them. Jumping into the air, Diamondhead then throws an arm down, and in turn, a chunk of crystals.

Phil jumps out of the way as they land with a crashing sound, and then charges him. As Diamondhead lands, he morphs his arms into blades, and begins to join him. As they exchanged blows, they occasionally get hit. However, as much as Phil seemed to take damage, every time the Petrosapien was smacked, he simply regenerated.

It was then after one more hard blow that the two skidded back. Diamondhead stands with no damage, while Phil has a few cuts and bruises on him.

"So, what's it gonna be Philly? You can't hurt me ya know?" Diamondhead smirks. Phil spits a little blood out.

"Pfft, I may not be able to kill you, but I can damn well hurt the hell out of you instead!" He retorts. Digging into a packet on his hip, Phil takes out a small device.

Diamondhead's eyes narrow down to said tool, but as Phil presses a button, they quickly dilate as pain envelops his body. Dropping to his knees, his body starts to crack. Yelling in pain, Phil smirks.

"How's that for you, Ben? A Sonic Emitter, courtesy of dear ol' Grandpa Max." He says as he waves it around.

Diamondhead continues to groan as his body continues to break down, but he quickly responds with a pained smirk.

"Uuurrgh… That only works on crystalline based lifeforms like a Petrosapien though… I can still…change aliens ya know!" He yells as the Omnitrix dial flashes.

Replacing him was a yellowed eyed pill bug like creature with stubby arms and legs. It had yellow armored plating on its shoulders, back, sides of its hips, and the back of its arms. Its upper body was mostly black and had a black stripe on its chest while the rest of it was white. The Omnitrix dial was displayed on its forehead.

"I assume you know what an Arburian Pelarota is? If so, then prepare for a Cannonbolt!"The pill bug creature said as he rolled up into a sphere.

Phil gasps as he turns off the Sonic Emitter, darting back in an attempt to run away. Cannonbolt gives quick chase, catching up to Phil in a short moment and crashing into him. The older man screamed as he was sent flying forward and off the asteroid, diving down into who knows where. Cannonbolt came to a halt as he unrolled himself.

"…Just like Grandpa said. It's what matters on the inside." Cannonbolt quotes his grandfather. However, his attention turns back to the vortex gate, which had escalated in its unstable condition through the duration of the fight.

'The subatomic energy!' He yells inwardly. 'It's too late to stabilize it…! Gotta make a run for it!'

Rolling into a sphere once more, Cannonbolt begins to motorize out from the range of the gate, but alas, the ripple of energy starts to finally collapse, and in turn start to vacuum everything nearby into it.

"No! Urrrgh, come on, come on!" Cannonbolt pleads as he tries to speed up. However, the energy is too powerful, and begins to pull him in. Cannonbolt fails to achieve a stable momentum, and is driven out into the portal.


As the Arburian Pelarota starts to get sucked in, the generator begins to break down, and in time, begins to spark and explode, leaving no evidence of any fight or teleportation…

Now, in the world of Remnant…

On the plains of an open farm land, a group of four stand in the middle of a diverging walkway. One of them was a browned hair girl pinned with an arrow in the back of her side, and was held down by two other individuals, a boy with mercury colored hair, and a girl with emerald colored hair.

In front of her was a woman that had black hair which covered her left eye. She wore a red and gold dress, and two shoulder less red gloves. Digging into a pocket, she smiles down at the injured girl.

"…Mercury, Emerald, keep her still." Taking a white glove out, she slips it onto her right hand. On the back of it was a red symbol. The girl seemed to recognize it, and began to chatter in fear.

"…N-No, stay away…" She mutters as she tries to squirm out. Mercury and Emerald hold in her place as the gloved woman holds her palm out in front of her face.

"Amber, the Fall Maiden…" She mumbles. From the palm of her hand, a red void spawns a white insect like parasite, causing her eyes to contract in horror.

"Please…don't…!" The woman responds with a smile as the insect explodes into a webbing of black. Splattering itself on her face, Amber screams in pain as her eye begins to radiate an orange aura.

It does so for a moment, but the orange light begins to travel its way through the black substance, and into the woman's arm. Eventually surrounding her body, it was then that her right eye garnered the glow instead.

"…Make way for Cinder the Fall Maiden!" Cinder smiles as she attempts to drain the rest of Amber's energy.

Just as she was going to though, from above, a hole in the world shatters open, revealing a vortex of red. Cinder and company, as well as another individual that was about to come in, cease their activities to stare at the hole in the sky.

Before they could react to it, a yellow and black sphere shoots out at a blinding speed. Everyone's eyes widen as it begins to hurl itself right into them. Cinder grunts and detaches the webbing, and stands up.

"Move!" She yells. By now, Amber had fallen unconscious, so Emerald and Mercury had to pick her up and move her out of the way. The person nearby also did so, but not before clicking his tongue.

"…Ugh, is this because of my Semblance…" He groans.

He had spiky black hair and red eyes, and was quite tall. With a red, tattered cloak, he wore a gray dress shirt with a long tail, black dress pants, and black dress shoes.

He and the others watched as Cannonbolt crashed down into the earth, creating a giant crater that erupted a mass of dirt and stone. Cinder and company laid a fair distance away, and once he came to a halt, walked back towards the crash site. The cloak man decided to hide behind a tree in order to wait.

Looking down, Cinder looks across towards Mercury and Emerald. Jumping towards them, she lands next to Amber. She looks at her glove, and it had dissolved by then.

"…Tsk. You two, go check that thing out." She orders. The two led Amber down, laying her on the floor. Residue energy lingered from her body, which didn't look good.

Mercury went first, and used his legs, which were revealed to be robotic at the lower half, to jump down towards the middle of the crater. Emerald follows shortly as she slides down.

Walking up towards Cannonbolt, who was still in his spherical form, he taps his shelled appearance with confusion.

"…Doesn't seem to be hollow at least." He surmises. Emerald rolls her eyes. "Is it alive?"

Before they could answer one another, a whimper is heard from the sphere.

"Oww…" The Arburian Pelarota groans. Mercury jumps back, and Emerald draws a pair of gun blades from her holsters. As Cannonbolt unfolds himself, he slowly sits up in a dazed state as he reveals his true appearance.

"Geez, that's one ugly thing…" Emerald frowns. Cinder looks down in wonder for a moment, but then groans.

"If it's alive, kill it. If that thing can survive a fall like that, who knows what else it can do." She orders. Mercury blinks, but then leaps back. His legs propel him forward with a kinetic blast.

"Sorry, but you gotta die pal!" He yells. This brings Cannonbolt back to reality as Mercury's yell draws his attention. As he turns towards them, Emerald joins up in rushing him, making him go wide eyed.

"Woah, what the heck?!" Cannonbolt didn't have the momentum to stand up, so he was forced to tap the Omnitrix dial. The brief flash forced the three to cover their eyes. Mercury comes to a halt, and the man from afar glances over in curiosity. He quickly takes out a small white device and taps a few buttons. A screen then pops open, and he aims it at the scene.

As they open their eyes, Mercury and Emerald are immediately blasted away by powerful flames. The sound of fire immediately attracts the attention of Cinder, whose eyes begin to become interested just from the brief spark of flames.

"Gaah!" The two grunt as their backs hit the sloped dirt. Not even getting a moment to breathe, more flames start to spark out from the green flash, making the duo make a run for it. Even Mercury didn't want to go toe to toe with those.

As the two reach the top, the flash dissipates, and an explosion reveals a figure that zooms towards them. A pile of smoke puffed as it landed in front of them.

Coming out of the dust cloud revealed its appearance. Its body was humanoid, but the entirety of the body was composed of a bright yellow inner body of flowing magma, covered by red rocks, with its head spewing out a constant flame. The Omnitrix dial was proudly displayed on its chest.

"Hey, what's the big deal, you hooves?" He calls out with a flame in his voice. "You want to get a burn from Heatblast?"

Cinder's eyes were drawn to Heatblast. "…Amazing… Those flames…"

Mercury darts his head towards her in confusion. "Cinder, you mesmerized or something?! Those things were a heck of a lot hotter than Amber's! We'll get fried if we stay here!"

"We have to retreat! Let's leave the deadweight here!" Emerald protests. Cinder continues to be enthralled, but in time returns to normal. She frowns as she looks back at Amber, but quickly turns around.

"…Let's go. We'll get the rest of it next time." Lifting her right arm up, the golden design on her sleeve glows, and generates a molten sphere. Throwing it down on the floor, a smokescreen covers the area, leaving Heatblast to cover his eyes.

The man narrows his eyes as he sees Cinder and company quickly escape, but his attention quickly goes back towards the smokescreen that contained Heatblast and Amber. Deciding to come out from hiding, he begins to walk towards the field.

As the screen dissipates, Heatblast coughs a little smoke out. Looking around, he sees no signs of Cinder and company, but his eyes are quickly redirected to Amber, who lied with grave injuries. Reverting back to Ben, he looks at her with worry.

"…She's hurt!" Dashing towards her, he quickly lifts her head up. "Hey, are you okay? What did they do to you?"

Shaking her, he tries to wake Amber up, but it is to no avail. He then realizes that whatever Cinder and company did, it caused her to become gravely injured, and fall into a coma.

"…No, you can't be dead…" Placing his head onto her chest, he listened for a heartbeat. He kept it there for a moment, and after a few seconds, he heard a beat. He quickly sighed in relief, but that quickly switched back.

"Huh?" The scars on Amber's face started to glow, and suddenly, orange energy starts to phase out. Ben covers his face, and as he does so, the Omnitrix comes into contact with the unknown energy, causing a weird beepingto sound off from it.

Ben's eyes quickly shoot open to see the Omnitrix's hourglass switching between colors. It begins to spark out of control. A synthetic voice then begins to voice out.

"Error! Error! Unknown energy detected! Omnium levels overloading! Error! Error!"

"What?! What the heck's going on, Omnitrix?!" He tries to tap the device and turn the dial in confusion, but the voice quickly comes back as the Omnitrix's hourglass turns blue.

"Error! Error! Corrupted state detected! Engaging hard reset and recalibration!"

"Recalibration, what in the he—" Before Ben could finish that sentence, the beeping finally came to a halt, and the Omnitrix begins to engulf itself in a flash of green light. The man that started to run towards the scene once again is forced to cover his eyes due to the bright light.

While still in the green light, the Omnitrix began to morph itself into a new shape. It started to become a bit slimmer, but now resembled more like a gauntlet that went down half his forearm. From the ends extended two white lines that crossed down onto the bottom, and the sides seemed to have gained a bit of an arm guard like appearance. The Omnitrix dial slimmed down, and the buttons transformed into sleeker dial switch. The main color of the Omnitrix remained black, but on the sides were details of green that gave the device an arm guard-like appearance. The underside was gray, and the edges were also dull gray as well.

Before Ben could even react to it though, the hourglass glowed once more.

"Recalibration, complete… Omnitrix has discovered genetic splicing! Shall we attempt to repair?"

Ben frowns, but then looks down at Amber, and his eyes widen at a bubbling black that started to appear on her face where her scars were. Along with the orange energy that constantly seeped from her body, the black substance seemed to be changing her body. Ben hardens his expression as he gently cups her head with his left hand.

The Omnitrix dial flashes, and a bright light encapsulates the two. The man had arrived at the scene by then, but he could only watch as the phenomenon took place in front of him.

It took a minute or so to finish, but the barrier of green finally shattered, leaving Ben, and a seemingly heal Amber. While she was still in her unconscious state, the man puts the device away and decides to introduce himself.

"…Hey, kid, mind if I—" As he tries to talk to Ben, as if on reflex, Ben quickly backs away, leaving Amber on the ground. It seemed to be on instinct, looking like…fear, or caution. The boy activates the Omnitrix and slams the dial, blinding him for a moment as he begins to transform.

"…Gah! Hey, I'm not going to hurt you alright? Just give me a moment to ex—" However, before he could continue, a blast of green energy blows him away, leaving him sitting on the ground. Groaning a little, he shakes his head and looks up.

"…Guess I'll see him later…?" Looking up, a figure flew off.

In the midst of the flash, while the man couldn't see what was flying exactly, an alien quickly speeded off into the distance, seemingly dazed like a bad memory came into play in his eyes.

A red and yellow humanoid manta ray like creature replaced Ben. He had a yellow patagia and yellow horns extending from his nose. He had gills under his arms and sported a tail. He wore a black and green sleeveless uniform, and had the Omnitrix dial on his chest, which was now black and green.

As he flew off, the man stood up. Wiping some dust off his clothes, he glanced over to where the alien flew off, but quickly looked over to Amber. Running over to her, he picked her up, but noticed the lack of any visual injuries to her body. He blinks in surprise, and looks out towards the sky.

"…Qrow Branwen, I'm sure Oz is gonna be surprised with what I got in store for him…" He refers to himself as he turns towards the road. As he walks out to who knows where, only one thing was certain…

History, had been made.

Sometime later…

Hours had passed, and as the sun started to set into evening…Ben suddenly gasps back into reality. He had nearly flown in a daze for a while, and he stumbled slightly because of it.

"W-Woah…!" He yells. "Hey, I can wear clothes as Jetray?"

As he reacts to himself, he breathes in and out and from the corner of his eyes, he sees a city border. Landing in a forest of trees nearby, he reverts back to Ben. He then notices that his hands were shaking.

Clenching his teeth, he holds his hands together for a moment. It took a minute or two, but they finally started to calm down. Ben sighs, and leans against a tree.

"…I had another moment…" He reveals. "I guess it's just instinct by now. All that time in the Null Void; it's a wonder that I didn't run from Phil back then. Guess I'm starting to get used to my surroundings…"

As he says that, he frowns. "Speaking of surrounds… Where the hell am I anyways?"

Looking up, the first thing he noticed was that the moon…it was shattered, cracked. Pieces of it floated near the center, making him raise an eyebrow.

"…Okay, definitely not Earth…" He grumbles. Looking around, he decides to walk out from the forest, and head towards a main road that led towards the city. It didn't take long, and the sun was still strong. He notices a bunch of people that regularly seemed to come in and out from the city, so he blends in with a bunch of people starting to come inside.

Luckily for him, the security wasn't that hostile. Since he looked like a normal kid, he got in easily, but he decided to use the time to tinker with the Omnitrix's recalibration. He first went over the changes in appearance, and with the use of the Omnitrix's AI, which Ben had figured that its voice changed to match his, the inner changes.

As he fiddled with it, he approached a store front. Glancing up towards it, it read out "Tukson's Book Trade". A simple green donning gave it a simple, yet gentle expression. Glancing down at the Omnitrix for a moment, he shrugs.

"I guess I should read up on this world first. Grandpa did say that information is power." He voices as he enters the store. A jingle from a bell was heard as he entered…


Entering the bookstore, Ben was surprised with the cleanliness, yet vast quantity of books around the place. His first mission was to gain information about this world, so, looking up towards the aisles, he walked over until he could find one on geography or history.

Upon finding one labeled as History and Geography respectively, he entered the history one first.

"…Hmm, let's see here." Idling around, he noticed a lot of the entries contained the word 'Remnant'. Deciding to take a book that was named "Remnant: A Tale of Light and Dark", he began his starting of learning.

This one explained a tale regarding the past of this world, the one Ben learned was called Remnant. Most of it regarded most of the parts of legends as fairy tale and feeble talk, but the vague idea of ancient history actually seemed to intrigue him to a point.

Ben decided to skim the book, and not spend forever on absorbing every word. He wanted to just get a gist of it, so he moved onto the next one.

This one was titled "The Four Kingdoms". It contained information regarding the four Kingdoms in the world of Renmant. Mistral, Vacuo, Atlas, and Vale. Ben learned that he was currently in the Kingdom of Vale, and the city he was currently in, also named Vale. Ben wondered why that was so, but quickly withdrew that thought to move to the next entry.

Deciding to walk while reading this one, this entry scared him a little, yet interested him at the same time. This was named "The Dark Ages of Grimm Foretold".

Aside from information regarding the Four Kingdoms, this one was paid quite the bit of attention by Ben regarding the subject of the Grimm. In the world of Remnant, for however long records existed, the Grimm had always been around. They were said to have no soul, and took the form of atrocious creatures that resembled everyday ones. This book contained a large entry of various Grimm, which made Ben gulp a little upon viewing the more frightening ones, such as a Nevermore, a giant avian like Grimm.

As Ben continued to read with his eyes practically glued to the pages, upon turning around into another aisle, he bumps into someone. The person was a bit heavy for him to push back, so the bump ended up making them both bounce back a little.

"Oof… O-Oh, my bad." Ben apologizes as he bows a little. He then noticed that he wasn't looking at a person's face, but rather a stomach instead. As his face skimmed up towards said person's face, he noticed that it was a she, and a rather feminine one at that.

She was a fair skinned young woman with amber eyes and long black hair. She had a ribbon with a large bow tied on the top of her head. Ben also noticed she had purple eyeshadow done in a cat's-eye style. She wore a black buttoned vest with coattails and a single silver button on the front. Underneath this is a white, sleeveless, high necked, crop undershirt and white shorts with a zipper on the front of each leg. An emblem was located on her shorts.

"…Ah, I'm at fault too. I was too busy reading this." She responded. Looking to her side, she also expected someone who was around her height, but she then looked down face to face with Ben, who immediately blushed a bit upon glancing at her.

She blinks in slight wonder, leaving Ben to try to start a conversation.

"…U-Uhm… My name is Ben. Ben Tennyson…" He mumbled. The young woman blinks once more, but this time in wonder.

"…Blake Belladonna." She utters. Ben realizes that she didn't seem to be much of a talker, yet she was still paying attention to him. As much as he wanted to say something though, Ben…wasn't quite used to dealing with casual conversations these days. Prior to all of this, he had practically been stuck in isolation for two years in the Null Void.

Glancing about, he tried to say something while Blake still seemed to be interested. There wasn't much to go for, so…

"…I guess this isn't a time to be feline awkward…?" Ben horribly puns on her cat-like appearance, and even he could tell that Blake seemed disappointed with that one.

At that point, Blake was pretty much ready to ignore him, and began to turn around. As she did so, her hand skims the Omnitrix, causing the device to beep, and the hourglass to turn yellow. Both of their ears twitched as Ben stumbles around. He almost drops his books as he looks down at the Omnitrix.

"Uncatalogued genetic signature detected. Scan Mode initiated."

Upon hearing that, Ben's eyes turn to dots. The awkward situation that was just happening right now turned to shock as the Omnitrix core popped out. The circuits were also yellow, and out from them a beam came out and started scan Blake. The two were speechless and stayed motionless for the entire process, and once the scan completed, the Omnitrix core returned to its green colored and popped itself back into the device.

"…Scan complete. Uncatalogued DNA sample acquired and registered."

A few moments passed, and Blake finally snaps out from her shocked state. Dropping her book, she grabs Ben by his shirt and pins him into a bookshelf, causing a couple of books to shake and drop down. Ben snaps out and back into reality with a gasp. Sweating a little, her amber eyes glared into his emerald ones.

"What did you do to me…?" She asked coldly. Ben gulps and glances around for a bit.

'C-Can't tell her I'm a person that traveled through a wormhole through and alternate dimension meant for intergalactic criminals and that the device on my arm is a piece of alien technology that allows me to transform into various creatures! U-Uhm, let's go with…' He quickly mutters some incomprehensible grumble as he thinks of something to say.

"U-Uhm, where I come from, we try to be as environment friendly as possible! We want to be able to preserve life in the case that it may go extinct, so we made devices that are able to capture DNA for preservation purposes!" He quickly squeaks out.

Blake surprisingly got all of that, and glances at the alien device.

'…I heard that the Schnee family are able to project summoned enemies. Perhaps this is something like it? He doesn't seem to have done it on purpose…' She surmises.

Thinking for a moment, Blake decides to release him. Before she could do it though, footsteps were heard around the corner. Entering from another aisle, a man rushes over.

"What in blazes is going on…? Blake? What're you doing to a kid?" He asks. Upon hearing his words, Blake's cheeks puff red for a moment in embarrassment upon realizing this entire scenario and finally lets Ben go. The boy sighs in relief as Blake tries to compose herself.

"…We…had an accident, Tukson." Blake summarizes. Tukson, the owner of the place, looks over at Ben, and helps him up. The three help clean up the mess, and they move to a nearby table to sit down after a bit.

"…So, what's your name lad?" Tukson asks in a polite matter. Ben and Blake were sitting on one side, which made the former a little nervous.

"I-It's Ben sir… Ben Tennyson." The boy nods as he introduces himself to Tukson. The man nods in return. "Ben huh? You seem like a nice kid. Name's Tukson, owner of this shop. And the lovely lady next to you is…"

"I already introduced myself." Blake muttered, not trying to sound rude, but a little blunt. Tukson sweat drops, but then turns his attention back to Ben.

"Er… So, what're doing around these parts? Haven't seen you around in Vale before." Tukson redirects the flow of conversation. Ben coughs, and then sits upright.

"Well, you're right about that. This is my first time coming into Vale. I…came from the outside, away from any of the Four Kingdoms." He starts. Blake turns to him, now a bit interested in this talk.

"I've been wanting to gain some information about Vale and the other areas, so I happen to had stumble into your store. It's a nice, quiet place, and the stories here intrigued me a lot actually!" He smiles a bit. Blake's expression turns a bit mellow, and a bit of guilt starts to build up inside her heart.

Tukson takes a moment to absorb this information, and then nods. "…I see. Then I'm happy to say that the books here are the best tools for your purposes!"

Ben nods, but then a thought crosses his mind. "Oh, speaking of tools. Do you know any place where I can crash down for tonight? I…don't seem to know of any at the moment."

Before Tukson can respond though, an idea crosses Blake's mind. "…Tukson."

"Hmm?" The man turns to the amber eyed girl.

"Do…do you mind if he stays here for tonight? I think you have a few rooms in the back right?" She proposes. The two males turn to her in surprise, Ben in particular.

"A-Are you sure? I'd be just trespassing though." He stutters. He and Blake turn to Tukson, who appeared to be in thought for a moment. His expression then turned to a gentle smile.

"That's fine. Since he's from outside the Kingdoms, it's unlikely he has any form of currency to pay for an inn anyways. Sure, I'll lend you one of the back rooms for the time being." Ben and Blake's eyes glitter a little upon his approval.

Getting up from his chair, Tukson looks out his store front. "Oh, must've chattered for quite a bit. Night time's coming up soon. Alright, up and atta'em Ben. I'll show you your room."

Nodding, the youth stands up. As Tukson turns around, he glances over his shoulder. "Blake. Is the usual room alright for you?"

The black haired girl nods slightly. Looking back to the front, Tukson begins to walk forward afterwards. Ben and Blake soon follow up, and follow him towards the back of the store…

In another location. Beacon Academy.

Beacon Academy, a learning institution for training huntsmen and huntress. Located in Vale, it's one of many schools located in the Four Kingdoms. Our scene moves onto this school, but in a secret area…

Down in a dark room, an elevator approaches the floor. As it lands, a single beep is sounded off, and the doors open. Out from it steps out Qrow, and another man. He was a middle-aged man with tousled silver hair and thin brown eyes. He had a light complexion and sharp facial features, wore shaded glass spectacles and a small, purple, cross-shaped pin on the cowl around his neck. His outfit mainly consisted of an unzipped black suit over a buttoned vest and green shirt. He also wore black trouser shoes and long, dark-green pants.

The man glances at Qrow with an unsure look as they begin to walk out.

"And you're sure you thinking straight? Are you absolutely positive with the footage that you just sent to me?" He asks. Qrow sighs.

"Come on Oz, I'm telling you the truth! Everything I recorded at first was hard footage! Whatever that kid was, he somehow saved Amber's life. Whatever device he used healed her injuries and cleansed the Grimm infection away from her body." He responds. The man named Oz, or rather Ozpin, still gave him an unsure look as they approached the end of the hall.

As the two continue to walk, a middle aged woman waited for them with folded arms and an unsettled expression. She had very light-blonde hair tied back in a bun with a curl hanging down the right side of her face. Her eyes are bright green and she wears thin ovular glasses. She had dangling teal earrings that matched the hanging pendant on her collar. She wore a white long-sleeved, pleated top that has a wide keyhole neckline and gauntlet cuffs that flare in pleats at the wrist. Her lower body is covered by a black high-waisted pencil skirt with bronze buttons and black-brown stockings. To finish it off, she also wore a purple cape.

"About time you two got here." She calls out. Qrow slouches over, and Ozpin merely shrugs.

"At least we got here, Glynda." Qrow lazily says, irritating her a little. "So, how's our patient doing?"

The blonde woman waves her hand behind her. "It's a miracle she even survived. She doesn't have a scratch on her, but half of her power is gone. She should be waking up any moment though."

The three turn to see a piece of black and blue technology, seemingly resembling a cryopod or stasis chamber of some sort. Inside a transparent blue container laid Amber, who was changed to a light blue attire to allow the healing process to work easier.

"Well, its Atlas tech. Should work efficiently." Ozpin surmises. Turning to face a table, he places one of the tablets that Qrow had. This was a Scroll, a holographic tablet with multiple uses.

Placing it down, the screen opens up, and Ozpin presses a button. A moment later, a life-sized bluish holographic projection of a man appears in front of the three.

"Ironwood?" Ozpin greets the man. The holograph looks about, and glances at Amber. He then turns back to the three.

"So, is it true about what you just sent me? You'd better be sure about that, Oz." Ironwood tells the middle aged man. Ozpin nods, and Qrow takes out his own Scroll.

Placing it on the table, he opens it up, and expands a screen for everyone to see. Video footage taken from the Scroll shows the raw screenplay of Cannonbolt first blundering into existence through the hole in the sky.

"See, I'm not fooling with you. That kid came from some kind of portal. It doesn't have any resemblance to portals related to the Grimm or Salem." Qrow summarizes. Ironwood cups his chin, and as he and the others think, a groan is heard from Amber.

"…Ugh…" She moans. The four turn to the Atlas tech holding her, and Ozpin quickly walks up to her.

"Amber, can you hear me?" He asks gently. The brown haired girl's eyes' twitch, and slowly open up. As her vision starts to come into play, she then notices him in front of her.

"…Professor Ozpin? W-Wh…where am I?" She says weakly.

Ozpin adjusts his glasses. "You are currently in Beacon Academy, in an underground chamber hidden in the depths of the school. How are you feeling?"

"…Groggy. A bit weakened as well… What happened? I remember fighting those three… That woman drained my powers and then… It's blank from there." Amber tries to remember what happened at first. Qrow then walks up to her.

"Well, lucky for you, I have the information you need. Take a little look on the screen." He then points his thumb back to the Scroll's screen. Amber slowly turns her face to it, and her eyes widen slightly as she watches the footage.

After a minute or so, she blinks in confusion a few times. "So…that boy… He saved me?"

"It seems so." Glynda says. "What did he do, Qrow?"

"I don't know exactly, but it has something to do with that device on his wrist." He replies. Rewinding the footage to where he was about to go to Ben, he pauses at a single frame, where a snapshot of the Omnitrix was seen in full view. Zooming into it, the four look closely at the alien device.

"It doesn't look like anything that Atlas may have developed." Ironwood guess. Qrow rolls his eyes.

"Well duh. He came from a portal, an alternate dimension. But whatever that thing is, it was able to transform him into those creatures, and it also healed Amber to a degree as well."

Glynda narrows her eyes at the Ben's face, and turns to the man. "So, where do you think he went off to? You said that he was scared away, or something related to that."

"Must I tell you again that it wasn't my fault…" Qrow sighs. Taking out a small whiskey can, he takes a gulp and then puts it away. "It was like he was running away from a predator or something. The look in his eyes was a dead giveaway."

"Yes, yes. Now, answer the lady's question, Qrow." Ironwood folded his arms in impatience.

"Whatever. When he transformed into whatever creature that flew away, he seemed to had headed in the direction of Vale. The city I mean. Why is the Kingdom and the city named the same anyways?" Qrow answers.

"Well, if he's as you said he is, he may pose a liable threat to the people in the city. I suggest we find this kid and place him in a secure location until further notice." Ironwood ignores his question and replies that instead.

"Hmm…" Ozpin cups his chin and wonder. "Well, he did try to help Amber before that thing happened. He is a child after all, so it's most likely he was relying on fear to run away. I doubt he's any threat."

"Well, his flames seemed to have been stronger than Amber's, at least according to that lady's enthralled look. I'd say he has common sense, but I doubt he knows anything of this world." Qrow responds. Listening to his words, Ozpin begins to brainstorm an idea.

"…Well, I might have an idea then. We might be able to use this young man efficiently if we allowed him to enroll in Beacon Academy, as a ward of sorts." He suddenly says, making everyone's eyes dart to him in shock.

"…What?" Glynda's eye twitched. Qrow and Amber were equally shocked at Oz's suggestion, but Ironwood…

"…I don't know what you're planning Oz, but if you're really planning to go with this, you better know what you're doing." He simply says. Oz expected him to be livid with the thought of seemingly recruiting a child into Beacon, but he certainly didn't expect that kind of reaction from him.

"I assure you, this is probably best for him and us as well. And I assume that Amber would like to have the opportunity to thank her savior as well." He smirks as he glances at the girl.

"But sir… He doesn't even look older than twelve years of age according to that footage. Are you sure about that?" Amber wonders.

"Well, he can certainly take care of himself in a fight. Yes, he may be a child, but that's all the more reasoning that he can grow greatly if he chooses to attend my Academy." He answers with a whiff of confidence.

Everyone seemed to be in misalignment with his choice, but finally decided to agree with his decision. Glynda groans, but Oz then turns to her.

"Glynda, prepare the necessary paperwork. We have a hunt to catch." He smiles. Qrow didn't like where this was going…

Back at Tukson's…

Tukson opens a door to the back of the shop, revealing five rooms. One of them seemed to be a warehouse or storage room of sorts, while the others seemed to be bedrooms and a kitchen. Blake enters the one next to the storage room, to which Ben assumed was the one that she was staying in regularly.

As she closed her door, Tukson walked over to the one next to it. Opening the door, he gestured for Ben to enter.

The room was simple. A dark green paint surrounded the modest sized room. A single bed was located, and there was a sliding closet on the opposite side. Next to it was a desk and a locker.

"Not too shabby right?" Tukson chuckles. Ben nods a little as he looks around. "Make yourself at home. Inside the closet are some of my spare clothes. They'll probably be a bit big for you, but it should give you something to wear for sleeping in the meantime."

Ben smiles a bit, and bows. "Thanks a lot, Tukson."

The older man chuckles. "Ah, don't mention it. I'll think of a way for you to repay later on, so just relax for now alright? I'll see you in the morning."

Responding with a nod, Tukson leaves the room, closing the door halfway. Ben finally decides to relax after all this time, and takes a seat on the edge of the spare bed after placing his books down. While tinkering with the Omnitrix, he tries to puzzle up the events that just happened today .

'So… The first thing that happened, was that I was sucked in by the unstable energy. That led to me getting send to Remnant.' He started.

'And just when I landed in that farmland, those crazy people started to attack me! Why was that, and who was that girl that they injured? Wait, oh crap, I left her alone with that man!'

The memories were now starting to come back. He remembered hearing Qrow's voice, but realized that he blanked out and ran away afterwards. Now that he was thinking about it, the man wasn't actually trying to be hostile. Rather, it seemed like he was trying to introduce himself. Ben mentally face palmed at that.

'I hope that girl's okay… Maybe that old man took her to a hospital or something?' Ben hopes. Deciding to end his thoughts, he sighed and dropped his back onto the bed.

Folding his arms behind his head, he starts to contemplate his existence in this strange new world. Right before he was about to close his eyes though, he notices a pair of amber eyes sticking out from his doorway. Sitting up, he glances at the entrance way to see Blake standing partially out near the doorway.

The boy immediately sits upright. "B-Blake? Do…do you want to come in?" the girl nods slightly, and he motions for her to come inside. His heartbeat started to get a bit faster as his face became a bit flourished.

As she walked in, she sat on the mattress, just a bit away from Ben. He notices that she changed into her pajamas, which consisted of a black, long-sleeved, yukata-style shirt with white edging over a purple undershirt, and a matching skirt. A black obi was wrapped around her waist and tied with a black and white string. She wore simple black slippers, and still wore her bow on her head.

The two sit in silence for a bit, with both unsure about how to start the conversation. Blake occasionally glances at him, wondering what to say.

'I… I guess this is as good time as any.' She decides. Breathing in and closing her eyes, she turns to him.

"Say, Ben…?" She starts. The boy reacts with a startled jump, and quickly turns to face her, sitting cross legged on the bed.

"Y-Yes?!" He stutters. Blake giggles a little at his startled response.

"I…wanted to ask you something. Where are you really from?" She properly turns to face him face to face. Ben's nervousness spikes up as a marble of sweat goes down his cheek.

"W-What do you mean?" He squeaks. Blake then nudges to her left eye.

"I noticed something, when we were talking with Tukson. Your left eye, it twitches when you're lying you know." She reveals. Ben frowns.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about…" He mumbles. But just as he says that, he actually does feel his left eye twitching, earning Blake a cute groan.

"…Fine, I guess." Ben mutters. "But, if I'm going to be telling secrets, you're going to tell me some of yours too, alright?" He says with a pouting face as he points at her.

Blake actually contemplates about this, but after a moment, she gives him a nod. "Okay, I promise."

Ben blinks, and then breathes in and out. "…Alright, I'll start from the beginning."

"I come from a planet called Earth. It's full of people just like here on Remnant, but there aren't any Grimm, and the moon is complete." He starts. Upon hearing his words, Blake begins to imagine a world without the Grimm. Probably a peaceful one at that.

"But, onto the important parts." He waves his hand. "My full name is Benjamin Kirby Tennyson. Two years ago, while I was on Summer Break with my grandfather and cousin, I encountered an extraordinary item."

"Extraordinary? Like…that watch of yours?" Blake points down at the Omnitrix. Ben nods, and brings up to her to see.

"This device is called the Omnitrix, and alien piece of technology that allows me to transform to various extraterrestrial creatures from my universe." He explains. "I didn't exactly lie back there too. The Omnitrix is filled to the brim of DNA from a multitude of creatures, and functions as a device that can bring an extinct species back to the world."

Blake was surprised. Such a little thing can do so much. However, she wasn't exactly convinced, soo…

"Hm... Okay, transform into something then, prove it." She asks with a small spark of interest in her eyes. Ben was surprised by how accepting she was, and nodded.

Pressing the dials, the Omnitrix core spun in a 360 degree loop as it popped out. Blake backed up slightly by reflex, but then her eyes widened as something new happened. Instead of having silhouettes displayed on the dial itself, the Omnitrix now displayed its entries with dark green holograms of the currently selected alien.

Turning the dial, Ben then held the device out to Blake. "Here, turn the dial to select a form you want me to turn into. When you see the one you want, push the core down."

Blake stared at the device. The currently viewed hologram was that of Heatblast, a Pyronite. Blinking once, she slowly lifted her right hand and placed it on the dial. Turning it once to the right, Heatblast's hologram was replaced Spidermonkey's. Blake was mildly amused with this, and started to turn it a few more times.

She viewed some creatures that humanoid appearances, some unearthly ones, but as she continued to do so, as she entered onto one entry, her eyes wandered in curiousity.

"…Let's try this one." She decides. Ben looks over this hologram, and notices it's a new one. "Oh, sure. I think this is one I got from scanning your DNA though. Are…you not human?"

Upon saying that, Blake's interested look turn to a cold frown. Ben backs up slightly in astonishment, but Blake shakes her head. "…Yeah, I'll…tell you my story as we continue. But for now…"

Her expression then went back to its interested one, with a small smile replacing her frown as she pushed the core down. Her eyes closed shut as Ben was enveloped in a flash of green.

As the light faded though, Ben realized that there wasn't much difference in his body, other than a keen sense of vision, as well as…the feeling of additional limbs?

Jumping off the bed, Ben looked at himself. Immediately, Blake's face sparkled as she let out a cute 'aww'. Ben realized why this was.

His body size itself didn't experience any change, but what he noticed was that he gained a pair of fluffy cat ears, a fluffy tail, and that his attire changed into that of a black and green stealth suit that consisted of a black shirt with dark green stripes, and black shorts. A pair of green and black shin guards were present, along with black fingerless gloves and shoes. The Omnitrix dial laid on his chest.

"I…turned into a cat boy?" Ben blinks. "I heard of people being interested in these types of thing bu—"

"AH! You're so adorable!" Blake squeaks as she grabs Ben into a hug. The cat boy blushes a bit as he struggles to breathe.

"B-Blake… Air…suffocating…" He mumbles. The amber eyed girl snaps back, and places him back on the bed. She bows in apology, but Ben waves it off.

"Sorry…" She whimpers.

"I-It's alright. Anyhow, let me tell the rest of my story." He then postures himself once more.

He first tells about his discovery of the Omnitrix, and how his Summer Vacation went for the first few weeks and such. As he continued, he explained bits of information of the Omnitrix to Blake. As he continued onwards, the two would laugh and talk more about the silly situations that he went on.

However, it was then that it got to the important part.

"Okay…this is when we start getting closer to the present." Turning the dial of the Omnitrix and pressing a few buttons, a projection of a handheld device displayed itself to Blake.

"What is it?" She asks.

"This is called a Null Void projector." He replies. Blake noticed that the tone of his voice shifted a bit.

"The Null…Void. That doesn't sound pleasant." She guessed. Ben nodded begrudgingly.

"Definitely. The Null Void…is an alternate dimension meant to hold intergalactic prisoners and the like. It's not a pretty place either." Pressing a few more buttons, Ben opens up a display viewing off a sample of the Null Void's eerie chasm, giving Blake some shivers as she looked on.

"The only way in and out is through the use of a Null Void projector, or a device similar to that. "This place is filled to the brim with horrifying creatures, and the constant viewing of the chasm is unpleasant to just feel in general."

"Two years…that was how long you were in that place for?" Blake reminded herself again. "I can't imagine the horrors that must've been for a child to see for that long."

She expected Ben to agree with her with a frown or nervous nod, but…he instead replied with a goofy smile, confusing her a bit.

"Well…actually, you know those clothes I was just wearing at first?" He first asks. Blake nods, and Ben chuckles. "Well, they were made from creatures of the Null Void!"

Blake's eyes zoned out from his seemingly comedic confession. "Wha…?"

"Well, I was scrawny ten year old trapped in an endless void yes, but it's not like I couldn't fight for myself either ya know?" He casually says as he whiffs air from his nostrils.

The young woman sweat dropped and laughed sarcastically. "You really are a strange one, aren't you…?"

Ben shrugs. "Heh. Well, anyways. It was then that I took it upon myself to find a way out when I got trapped in there. It took me two years, and just when I was about to go home, there was…an accident that occurred, and the darn thing ended up sending me to Remnant instead of Earth."

Blake composes herself and nods. "Guess that was a null journey huh?" She tried to joke. Ben stayed silent at first, and Blake was worried that she might've killed the conversation, but…

"…Pfft." He snickered. "Good one…!"

Blake's expression turned to relief as Ben started to giggle. She smiled a bit too, and once Ben was finished, her expression turned hard.

"I guess I better keep my side of the bargain now." She proposed. Ben's tail wagged as he started to pay attention to her. Blake looks up, breathes in, and looks back at Ben.

"…First of all, yes, I am not human. The Omnitrix scanned a sample of Faunus DNA, which is what I am." She motioned to herself. Ben tilts his head in wonder.

"You look human to me? Is…your animal part small or something?" He asks. Blake shakes her head, and she slowly brings her hands to the bow on her head. Untying it, she let it fall onto the bed, revealing a pair of black cat ears that twitched. Ben's cheeks turned a bit rosy upon seeing her somewhat embarrassed look.

"I…wear this bow in order to conceal my Faunus heritage. You probably don't know this, but the Faunus aren't exactly treated as equals between human societies." She admitted. Ben's eyes widened.

"Oh…I didn't know, sorry." He lowered his face a bit. Blake gives him a weak smile and pets his head, causing his tail to stand straight.

"It's alright." She nods. "This is something you should know though."

Looking back up, Blake closes her eyes.

"Up until recently, I was part of an organization called the White Fang, a group that was formerly known to be a Faunus Activist Group. They used to fight peacefully for the rights of the Faunus, but recently, after the change in leadership, that changed from peaceful protests, to violent attacks on anti-Faunus establishments."

Absorbing the information, Ben thinks about it, and thinks about some similarities it had between groups in the past that fought for equal rights of people of different skin colors. Nodding, he gestures her to continue on with her story.

"And regarding some of those attacks, I'm not proud to say it, but I was part of some of them." She reveals, hugging her arms while shuddering a little. "The things I've done, the thoughts I had while I was there… I thought I was doing the right thing, but I soon realized that I was wrong."

"The White Fang's influence was great, so much that it started to influence the thinking of my former partner. He was once a proud man who would stand up for what was right, and would try to resolve issues with less dangerous solutions. But now, he's changed. He's been turned into a monster by them, and by that time… I decided I had to leave." She finishes.

"I know that the White Fang pursuits in the equal treatment of both humans and Faunus, but the methods they're using now are instilling fear into the people through violence and hate, now through the peaceful and nomadic ways of the past…" Her face droops down as her arms start to shake.

"I just wish…that I could have a chance to see the White Fang in its former glory, have it go back to its peaceful roots. Killing and destruction bring nothing but despair and fear to the world and its people…" All of this talk was now starting to get to Blake.

Ben could see the girl shivering, and that a few tears were starting to drip down her cheeks. She looked drained; both mentally, and most likely physically as well. The girl that just wanted to get away from it all, and just…hide. Hide away the fear and pain, in hopes of regaining her former strength to challenge the world for her believes once more.

While listening, that was how he felt about her condition. So…as she sat there, Ben…simply gave her a deep hug.

"Blake…" He whispers as his arms wrap around her. The cat Faunus' eyes widen slightly, but they slowly close, and she returns the gesture. The two remain in this position for about a minute or so, until they both disengaged from the hug.

As they backed up, Blake gives the youth a warm smile, and gets up from the bed as she picks her bow up.

"…Thanks. For listening to me and my story. It's…nice to have someone listen to you wholeheartedly. I promise to keep your origins secret too." She smirks. Ben nods, and she waves at him.

"Well, good night." She sounds off as she leaves the room. As she closes the door, Ben simply sits in his position while processing all that they just discussed. As he lays down on his bed, the image of a disheartened Blake tugs at his chest.

'She looked so sad, so helpless…' He closed his eyes while picturing her face. As he continued to echo his memories out, his expression turns into one of seriousness as he sits up.

'…I want to help her.' He decides. 'Violence and terror are unforgivable. If she's in pursuit of a great journey like this, then it's my obligation to help her however I can.'

Falling back down to his bed, he extends an arm into the air. Grabbing the ceiling, he then clenches his fist. Soon after, his eyes finally started to get droopy, and the first day of Ben Tennyson's journey in Remnant comes to an end…

"That's a promise, Blake."

And…there it starts once more.

You may notice that this Ben Tennyson is more frigid or timid...and emotional compared to Null Fairy Ben. I wanted to emphasize more of the Null Void's detrimental effect on Ben's psyche, in order to give some slight variation to him and Null Fairy Ben.

So, as a name for this Ben… How about, the Void Huntsman? I changed the design of the recalibrated Omnitrix to resemble more of an armguard/gauntlet hybrid, as compared to Null Fairy Ben's, which is more light toned and watch-like. Kinda shows the tone of seriousness between the two series. Fairy Tail is more adventurous and easy going, while RWBY is initially like that, but quickly turns to a more serious one.

Let me know what you guys think of this first chapter, and as always, please review and rate! I always wanna hear suggestions! A shoutout to Sean Bruce for developing some of the ideas for this introductory chapter!