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So, a few things regarding some issues of Ben 10 material coming into the RWBY universe:

Faunus DNA

Since the Faunus are different in traits and abilities, much like the two variants of Upchuck's Gourmand species, I think it's safe to say that it'll probably be reasonable for the Omnitrix to scan other variants of Faunus DNA, in order to have different forms. Blake is a cat-like Faunus, so maybe if he I don't know, scanned Sun or Ilia for example, a separate data entry for that type of Faunus would probably be registered into the Omnitrix's database.


Grimm and the Omnitrix

And yes, the Grimm don't exactly have DNA. Indeed they do have physical bodies, but what makes them up isn't exactly genetic material to say the least. I'd say it's more like a black essence or miasma that creates them, like when those Beowolves came from those black ponds.


Dust, Aura, and Semblances

Dust, Aura, and Semblances may have some effect on the Omnitrix. Perhaps maybe some elemental enhancement if Dust was injected, or perhaps the ability to copy and register energy signatures related to a person's Aura, which in turn would register their Semblance (if that makes any sense).


Ben's Abilities

Regarding Ben himself if he were to get a Semblance, in my opinion, it would most likely be his Anodite 'Spark' becoming unlocked. It would make sense, since it's a latent ability that either comes or goes. Just as how Pyrrha unlocked Jaune's Aura, it could work in a similar fashion for Ben's Anodite heritage.



Also one more thing: Like the Null Fairy, it's likely, no, probably guaranteed that weapons are going to come across Ben's mind. Since every weapon in its unique state may intrigue him, I'd say there's a good chance at weapon development in this story as well. Just for a few people who may enjoy this!

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Chapter 2: A Decision!

A lot had happened since Ben Tennyson's first day in the realm of Remnant. He had first gotten attack by people, then traveled to a far off city, and then learned that a newly made friend had quite the burdens on her shoulders.

This all was quite the news to young Tennyson, but was he does about it, let's take a look, shall we?

The first thing that went through Ben's mind was that he wanted to repay Tukson. Since he didn't have any money, the thing that came to mind was…

"Eh, you want to help around the place? Sure, I'm fine with that." Tukson nods. "Could always use some more manpower around if you know what I mean."

"You sure you want to Ben? You don't have to if you don't want to." Blake asks the boy. Ben shakes his head, and grabs a green apron that was hanging from a hook. It read out the name of the shop.

"It's the least I could do. I'd feel bad if I just freeloaded here." He replies. Tukson nods in approval and gives him a light slap to the back. Ben went breathless for a moment, but Tukson merely chuckles as he points to a few boxes.

"Well, I'll have you get started on sorting a new set of books that just came out. Sort them out by alphabetical order, or by volume if there's a series in them. I'm going to be sorting out some stuff in the back. I should be back by the counter by then after your finished." He proposes. Ben nods, and he waves the two off as he disappears into the back of the shop.

As he closes the doors, Ben finishes tying the apron around him. Blake giggles a bit. "You look like a delivery boy..."

Ben's cheeks go red as he pouts. "W-Whatever…" Smacking his cheeks, he then walks over to the desk. Blake takes out the book that she was reading yesterday, and takes a seat as Ben starts to sort out the contents of the boxes.

"Let's see here…" He mumbles. Opening the first one that was labeled 'Fantasies and Fiction', there was a modest amount of short novels and fantasy genre of books inside. Taking a few of them out, he notices that many of them were compiled into a compilation or series.

Taking five books that were labeled "Leopards and Soulcions", he carried them over to the Fantasy aisle, in which he then looked for the empty space that Tukson made.

As he continued to store away the new entries, Blake would occasionally peek a few glances at the young boy. Eventually, after he came back to gather another few books, she called him out.

"Hey Ben?" She calls. As he was going to reach into the boxes once more, his face turns to Blake's.

"What's up?" He replies. The cat Faunus puts down her book, placing a bookmark inside it.

"I've…been thinking about something for a while, even before I came to this place." She starts. "I wanted to tell you about it while I had the time."

Ben blinks in wonder, and gestures her to go on. Blake nods, and then sits upright.

"In order to achieve my goal of returning the White Fang to its former roots, I realized that I'm going to have to become stronger. In order to do so, my best option would be to apply for Beacon Academy."

The name interests Ben. "Beacon Academy? A school?"

She nods. "Schools in your home probably aren't like the ones here in Remnant. A majority, if not all of them, are facilities meant to train boys and girls into becoming Huntsmen and Huntstresses."

"Huntsmen… The people who protect others from the Grimm, right?" Ben tries to remember.

"Right. Beacon Academy is one of the best around here. I figure it would be the best place in order to learn and grow stronger. What do you think about it?" She then asks him.

Ben contemplates about the questions as he goes to sort out a few more books. As he returns, he faces Blake. "Well…"

"If it's strength you need, then yes, I'd say it's a good choice. But if you really want my opinion, just going to Beacon Academy won't give you all the power you need." He starts. Blake gestures for him to go on.

"You may learn valuable knowledge and battle experiences from places like schools, but for your goal in particular, it's going to take more than that. Not only will you need power and knowledge, but also support. You won't be able to do it by yourself."

Blake takes his words to heart, nodding every so often. "…That's true. But I have no doubt that the process will be a long one. I can use the time now to develop my own skills, and then use them to start from there."

Ben smiles, nodding at the fact that she got what she was trying to say. As the two continued to talk, he eventually finished his work. As Tukson re-entered the store front, he noticed that the situation between the two seemed to be like an older sister having fun with her younger brother. He smiles at the sight, and calls out to them.

"Ben, you finished over there? I can take over from here." He calls out. Blake and Ben turn to him, with the youngster nodding as he takes off the apron. Handing it over to Takson, the man gives him a red plastic card with a black magnetic reader strip on the back and a small notation on the front.

Ben looks at the card with curiosity. "What's this?"

Tukson smirks. "That, my boy, is Lien. It's the currency used in Remnant. That card there will buy you a few goodies. It's yours to use. I'll take over the shop now, so why not use this opportunity to go explore the city?"

Ben looks at the card again, and then slips it into his pocket. Nodding, he turns towards the store door. "Sure, I'll go explore a bit then."

As he approaches the door and opens it, as he starts to walk out, Blake glances over to him.

"Don't be out for too long. It's pretty dangerous nowadays, so come back by evening." She calls out to him. Ben glances over his shoulder and nods.

"Alright! I'm going!" He then closes the door. Tukson and Blake watch as the bell rings, and the boy's silhouette disappears, and just as Blake was about to go back to her reading, Tukson gives her a smug smile.

"Really looking like a mother cat right now, Blake." He chuckles. Blake flinches as her face turns red. Glaring at him, she seemed to be hissing at the man as well.


Ben was quite excited to say the least.

With all that had just happened, it was nice to have a little peace and quiet. Well, not much quiet, but some peace for the moment. After spending all that time reading up on this world, he figured that it'd be time for him to go and actually explore a little bit.

The card he currently had on him would allow him to buy a few goods, whether it be food or anything relatively modest in expense around the area. Since he already ate in the morning with Blake and Tukson, he decided to just go looking around the city for the mean time.

Where Tukson's Book Trade was located though was in the Commercial District, where it included numerous shops for the public catering to a variety of lifestyles and interests befitting its vibrant and diverse culture. There were restaurants, other book stores, some variants of bars and the like as well.

There were other districts in Vale as well, which included the upper-class, industrial, agricultural, and residential to name a few. However, there was one subject that drew Ben's attention from one of the entries…


Due to the natural form of the world, with all its phenomenal resources like dust and the like, many people incorporated them into their weapons and other uses of technology. That usually meant that even the simplest of weapons, like a sword or a spear, could potentially have use for an alternate mode of attack. Something like…a gun for example.

As he continued to walk down the lane he was on, as he passed by the busy street and started to enter another district, a certain sign brought his eyes up. It was that of a weapons shop, as depicted by a silver sword on the store front.

"Oh, what's this?" He wonders out loud. Reading the sign of the store, as his eyes wandered around the text, as he looked inside the storefront, the thing he saw immediately had him zoom into the doorway.

Practically slamming the door open, the reception flinches as Ben sets his eyes on a weapon on display. The person was revealed to be a middle aged old man with black hair.

"Woah! What kind of sword is that?!" He squeaks. Running up to the glass case that displayed said sword, the owner blinks a few times.

"It's a MASBS, a Multi Action Spliced Broad Sword. I see you have quite the eye, kid." He walks over to him while looking at the weapon.

The sword was primarily onyx black in color. A modestly long handle was wrapped with a gray polymorphic material, with the guard resembling a beast's head. That part appeared to have two green like sockets resembling eyes, and a hatch for some other use. The pommel was simple in design, but proved useful for giving a nice handle on the grip.

The blade edge itself was dark gray in color, with green lines near its serrated edges. If one looked closely, the weapon was actually appeared to have sectioned parts, seemingly giving away the fact that it had a transformable mechanism.

"I've never seen something like this…!" Ben's eyes were practically sparkling. The weapon wasn't too small, yet it wasn't that large either. It was a perfect fit for any kind of fighter.

"The material for that grip allows for complex maneuvers, and I can see that the blade itself seems to have another function!" He explains. The shop keep cups his chin in interest.

"Oh? You could from a glance? I thought from you're reaction that you've probably never seen a weapon like this. Where are you from, if you haven't had the opportunity to see such a beauty? Or even a multi-function weapon in general?" He asks.

Ben glances towards him. "Oh. I'm not from Vale, or rather, I'm from outside the Kingdoms."

"Really now? That's some pretty good observations then, for someone who probably never dealt with something related to Atlas or Valean tech." He compliments him. "What's your name, son?"

"Ben. Benjamin, sir!" Ben greets the man. Exchanging handshakes, the man grins as he opens the case.

"Name's Goto." He introduces himself. "Hey, why don't you have a feel?"

"A-Are you sure?" Ben asks hesitantly. Goto nods.

"Not many people these days find the ability to decipher the abilities of brilliant weapons. They're all about fancy blades, or guns that are just guns, and only that. It's the idea of mixing multiple functions…

"…that give the ideal prospect of the greatest gift of man!" Ben finishes. Goto grins.

"Exactly! Humans have evolved and survived by thinking and creating! The only way to advance, is to come up with new things! Finally, someone gets me!" He chuckles.

"Why wouldn't someone? Isn't it cool to have so many uses for a single tool?!" Ben starts. Goto nods furiously as the two begin to chatter. As the elderly man hands Ben the sword, the boy expected it to be a bit heavy.

And it was. It was quite durable for that reason, but he proposed that if he had to use it, he'd probably get used to the structure of the blade given enough time. It felt good to grip the blade.

Goto's gaze wandered to Ben's. He notices the exquisite look of his eyes, the amount of attention he displayed to the sword. He hadn't seen that in quite a while.

'This kid…' He thinks. Looking at him reminded him of himself.

"…Ben." He then calls out. As the boy swings the blade around to test it out, he stops to look over at Goto.

"Goto? What's up?" Goto holds a finger up, and proceeds to go into the back of his shop. Ben could hear the ripping of fabric, and forging of metal. A few moments later, the shop owner returns to have a black and green strap. The back of it seemed to have possessed some sort of metal like attachment.

"Ben… I want you to keep the MASBS." He reveals, making Ben go wide eyed.

"Eh?! W-why would you do that for?" He stutters in confusion. "I'm just a kid who's a fanatic over design and weaponry!"

"Yeah, and that's what I like to see!" Goto grins. "Even with all the students coming from the various schools, it's a rarity to see someone with such an eye and interest in the subject like you."

"Oh… thanks for the compliment, I guess?" Ben gulps as he chuckles sheepishly. Goto nods.

"You kind of remind myself of a younger me. With your eyes, I think you'll have a fine time discovering new elements about weaponry and the like. Vale and the rest of the world is full of exotic materials and extraordinary pieces of technology."

The mere thought ravished Ben's mind. Goto could see the look, and laughs as he hands him the piece.

"So, what is this?" He asks as he holds both items. Goto motions for Ben to hand him the blade.

"You noticed some of the details on this beauty, but I don't think you know about the last thing." He says. A question mark pops up on top of Ben's head.

"You see, most weapons these days have what you might call a collapsible form. There are many of them that either are quite large, stand out too much in the wrong places, or are dangerous to be swinging around recklessly." He reveals.

"That makes sense." Ben nods in agreement. "So, this form can contract into a smaller form?"

"That's right. You see the Grimm head on the design of the guard?" He points to it. Ben nods. "Well, if you press it, and then push it forward…"

Doing so, the weapon begins to morph. Its blade sections start to collapse into the guard, and the Grimm-like design dims as the head starts to compress itself. A few seconds passes, and as the blade contracts, the grips lowers itself.

"Oh. That is quite the storable function." Ben admits.

"Right?" Holding the compressed form up, Goto reveals it to resemble a sheath, with the grip sticking out just a little in case Ben needed to take hold of it.

Goto gestures Ben to give him the other item, and once he does, the old man attaches the MASBS to it. Ben then realized it was magnetic.

"This is the weapon's compressed form. You can wear the strap around yourself for easy access to the sword." He reveals. Giving Ben the completed set, he wrapped it around like a one handed backpack. Reaching for the blade on his back, he gripped the handle with relative ease.

"To get it out of its compressed form, as you grip the handle, pull on it to release the transformative mechanism." Goto instructs as he folds his arms.

Nodding, Ben tugs at it, and as he does so, the weapon is released from the strap's magnetic grip, and sounds of metal are heard as the weapon builds itself back to its original form.

"Nice…!" He smiles as he looks at it once more. Goto nods, but then holds a finger up.

"Now, I said it was a Multi Action weapon. Guess what it has?" He grins.

Ben's eyes then sparkle. "You don't mean…!"

"Twist the pommel." He then orders.

Doing so, the blade transforms once more. The bladed section retracts, and the grip opens up to transform itself into a gun grip, complete with a trigger mechanism and everything. Ben then notices that the Grimm head opens up to reveal the sectioned blade parts, which begin to compress into a barrel like form. The head recomposes on top of it, and a glowing sight is revealed where the eye-like parts were.

"So, a Multi Action Spliced Broad Sword Gun?" Ben sounds off. Goto shrugs.

"The title doesn't usually involve the 'Gun' part. But, the rifle mechanism can switch between two modes! Either semi auto with a retractable scope, or a full auto selection with basic sights." He explains once more.

"I see… What kind of ammo does it use? Gunpowder?" Ben asks. Goto's eyebrows tilt up in confusion.

"Ammo? Wait, you haven't heard of Dust either?" Ben shakes his head.

"I've read up on Dust, but I've never exactly seen it in person." He admits. Goto nods in understanding, and after bending down underneath the register, he takes out what seemed to be a battery filled with a white powder.

"What Dust is Ben, is that it's a source of energy in Remnant. The physical properties of Dust make it incredibly useful for a variety of purposes, particularly in the weapons and other pieces of technology." He starts to explain as he shows him the container.

"Dust can come in two forms. It's either found in a condensed state as a crystal, or powdered." He continues to talk as he gestures for Ben to give the MASBS.

"Depending on the state of Dust, they can be used in a variety of forms. HOWEVER, be careful! It's highly explosive, in both crystal and powdered forms, especially for the latter." He warns. Ben gulps in understanding as he nods.

Smiling, Goto then presses a part on the Grimm head piece, opening a slot. "For this MASBS in particular, in its sword form Dust can be inserted via this slot. It's usually better to insert the Dust in a powdered state in a fuel cell, but it can be inserted as a crystal whole."

"Is it bad to insert it as a crystal?" Ben asks.

"Not horribly that it'll destroy the weapon, but the raw form may cause some…accidental events to happen in terms of power." He tries to explain. Ben wondered what he was talking about.

"…So it might overload it?" He guesses. Goto motions a 'so-so' look on his face.

"Sort of. Just be careful with how much." Inserting the Dust cell, the green edge of the blade starts to glow white.

"The type of Dust can usually be categorized via elements. White is for air, blue is for water, etc., etc... Most weapons will visualize this, like the MASBS glowing white when I inserted that Air Dust cell just now."

"So the blade now has wind properties? That's pretty cool." He smirks. Goto nods, and turns the pommel, transforming it into its rifle form.

"Same goes for the rifle form. The reloadable socket for inserting Dust is located on the top portion of the Grimm head. Press this side button to open the latch and spring out the empty or old Dust, and then insert it. Once it finishes, it'll automatically close up." He continues.

The rifle form's indication of dust was the configured by the color of the sights. As Goto continues to explain to Ben about the MASBS, a very long amount of time passes.

"…And that's about it. You'll probably figure out the mechanisms all properly and such with time. Oh, there is one thing I like doing that folks these days also like to do." Goto brings up.

"What's that?" Ben wonders.

"Well, how about we give that MASBS a name?" He offers. Ben blinks, and nods in confirmation after thinking about it for a minute.

"Well, let's see now…" Cupping his chin, Goto closes his eyes as he thinks. Several seconds later, his eyes shoot open as he taps his palm.

"The Mundvridi!"

Ben looks at the old man with a slight frown. "Er…what does it mean?"

"It's a mixture of words that translate into the phrase, 'Green World'. I think that suits both you and this weapon pretty well!"

"…Green World, huh?" Ben mutters as he takes a look at the newly named weapon. "I guess that does sound pretty good."

He then smiles. Looking out towards the store front, the two are surprised to see that the streets were darkening already. Ben turns towards the exit, and waves at Goto.

"Thanks a bunch, Goto!" He yells. The old man nods.

"Stay out of trouble, ya hear?" He responds. Ben grins, and exits the store. Goto smirks as he watches the young man leave. As he does so, he takes out a picture frame from underneath the desk of reception. A picture of a middle aged woman was shown.

"…I've meet a charming youngster, honey." He nods ever so slightly as he gives the picture a small smile…

With Ben…


Running along the now quiet streets of Vale, Ben hurries to return to Tukson's shop. He shivers in the thought off facing Blake, as she specifically told him to return by evening.

"I hope she won't be mad…" He whispers with a bit of sweat dropping down his face.

Turning around a corner, Ben was starting to near the street where Tukson's place was, but as he turns to go through an alleyway, he hears an explosion coming from a nearby building.

"Huh?" He blinks, stopping momentarily.

Looking around, he sees that in a building in the distance, a man dressed in gangster like garbs gets sent flying out through a store front window, crashing the fragile material to pieces as the man lands on the floor with a thud. Ben dashes towards a nearby pole of light, waiting to see what this was all about.

"You freeze, buster!" A voice belonging to a girl suddenly calls out. Ben quickly looks to see the owner of that voice jump out of the window, and land in front of the down man.

She was a fair skinned young girl with silver eyes, and had neck length choppy black hair with red accents flowing towards the tips.

She wore a long sleeved thick black blouse with a high collar and red trim on the sleeves, a black waist cincher with red lacing up the front, and a black skirt with red trim. She also wears a pair of thick black stockings and black combat boots with red laces, red trim around the top and red soles. And to finish it all off, her outfitted was tipped with a red hooded cloak fastened to her shoulders by cross-shaped pins.

Ben's first initial thought was…

'…The Grim Reaper's daughter?' He speculated. And that thought was made sure when she took a device off from the back of her waist.

It looked like a kit or sheath of some sort he thought, but he was soon thought wrong. Opening up, the red device quickly formed into a rose red and black scythe. What Ben also noticed was that it also contained some kind of sniper rifle attachment on the long grip, making it actually…

"A High Caliber Sniper-Scythe…" He mutters. "That's so cool…!"

He continues to watch the girl as she gives the man a glare. As more of the gangster like men come out, Ben notices a man wearing a red-lined white suit with long black pants and black shoes. His accessories included a small gray scarf, black gloves with buckled sleeves, and a black bowler hat with a small feather tucked into its red band.

As the girl looks at him, she swirls her scythe around like a professional, stabbing it into the ground with a smile on her face.

"Hehe…" She utters. The orange haired man blinks, and then sighs as he glances at his henchmen.

"Okay… Well, get the girl already!" He orders.

The three additional thugs come out from the broken into shop. A majority of them were carrying swords with red blades, and as one of them came in for a front stop to stab her, she dodges it by using her weapon to hold onto as she jumps to the side. Swinging her legs in a circular motion, her boots land straight on the attacking man's right cheek, sending him flying off.

"Woah…" Ben whistles a little upon seeing that. As she completes her motion, she grabs her scythe off from the ground and lands in between the two other guards.

Noticing one behind her, Ben watches as she lifts her weapon up. He then sees a trigger on the grip of the sniper rifle portion of the weapon, in which she shoots a bullet. Surprisingly, she uses the immense recoil to make herself spin around fast enough to slap the attacker off his feet with the back end of the scythe part.

As he flies into the air, she quickly stops her motion. Lifting her weapon up, as he starts to come down, she slams the back end onto his stomach, effectively knocking him out as he lands on the floor.

"Grr…" The last man growls as he aims his rifle at the girl. Firing some initial shots, she fires another bullet from her rifle. Zooming side to side away from the close range fire, she quickly aims directly behind her, and shoots once more.

"Ha!" She yelps as she instantly closes in on him, kicking him in the chest. As he stumbles back while she flies forth, she stabs her scythe into the ground, and quickly 180s back by turning herself. Releasing its hold on the ground, she flies gracefully for a moment in the air, before landing in front of the top hat man.

"She's good…" Ben watches in awe. The girl smirks as she looks on towards the orange haired man.

He looks down at his fallen men, and sighs. "Worth every little cent. Truly, you were." He talks as though he treats them as nothing more than indecent grunts.

Taking out his cigar, he then looks towards the girl. "Well now Red, I think we can all say that this has been quite the eventful evening."

Dropping it, he spins a red and black cane. Smashing it against the floor, his eyes narrow down towards her. Ben didn't like where this was heading up.

"And as much as I'd like to stay around…I can't. I'm afraid this...is where we part ways…" He says as he aims his cane at her. Ben frowns as a thought goes through his mind.

'Argh… Don't tell me his cane is also a—' Interrupting his thought though was when a reticle is risen from the tip of the cane. Ben quickly dashes through, activating the Omnitrix as he's about to pull the trigger. The girl's eyes widen as a large projectile shoots out from the cane's barrel, but before she could react, a flash of green blinds them both.

"What the?!" The man croaks he covers his face with an arm. The girl does so as well, but she then hears a crystalline metallic sound in front of her. An explosion does sound off in front of her, but she notices that no bodily harm came to her.

"…Wha?" She says as she slowly opens her eyes. Looking at the figure in front of her, the girl's eyes widen a little as she flinches.

"Heh, that sure was a blast." Diamondhead chuckles. The girl's eyes drop a little upon hearing the bad pun.

'…I would wonder about him being a long lost relative, but I don't think Yang would know of any crystal guys being related to her.' She chuckles sarcastically.

Diamondhead looks down at the girl. "You all right?" He asks. She nods.

"Gaurgh… Just not my day…" The man groans as he opens his eyes. "And what the hell is this now, a gathering of jewels?"

The two overhear the man's voice as he proceeds to climb a ladder while grumbling. The girl looks over to an old man who struggles to walk out from the store front.

"Mind if we go after him?" She quickly asks. The old man looks at Diamondhead in wonder, but quickly nods.

"Uh huh." He simply confirms. The girl looks at Diamondhead.

"Let's go!" She says as she shoots herself forward. Diamondhead wonders if she actually learned to use that recoil, how hard she had to train to do all those moves, and wondered how heavy the thing was. Running towards the building the man was climbing up, as the girl uses some additional shots to fly up, he quickly builds a pillar of crystal to lift himself up.

Landing on the rooftop, the two land with light footsteps, making the man stop.

"Hey there, stranger. You aren't getting away that easily." She grunts. The man sighs, and as he turns around, he glares at the two.

"…Persistent, aren't you two?" He mumbles. The ground shakes for a moment, and the two gasp as a grey VTOL tiltjet aircraft flies up behind him. Shining a bright light upon the two, they watch as a hatch opens up. The man climbs into the vehicle, and takes out a red gem.

"Let's see if you two can take THIS!" He yells as he throws it at them. Quickly aiming his cane, Diamondhead grunts as he dashes in front of the girl, slamming his palms into the ground to create a wall of crystal. As he shoots another flare, it quickly makes contact with the gem, causing a devastating explosion to occur in front of them. Before it reaches them though, the two notice a blonde lady land on the building, as the crystals are a bit transparent.

"Whoo-hoo…! …Wait, what?" His celebration goes south as he witnesses the trio presenting themselves in an unharmed state. He then realizes that the woman in front of them protected the other two by generating a purple glyph that absorbed the blow.

"…Made it in time." Glynda mutters. Swiping her crop, the glyph transforms into a blast of projectiles. Diamondhead and the girl do notice the instant glance that she did behind herself.

As the purple projectiles blast the VTOL, the man grunts as he struggles to get into the pilot seat. He quickly yells something to someone inside, and as he takes control of the vehicle, the other person hurries to the front.

"…Fall." Glynda orders as she draws a giant glyph on top of the VTOL. A storm of clouds approaches suddenly, and as she swipes downward, it summons a hailing of icicles that begin to clatter against the top. Several pieces edge into the vehicle, including one that almost nails the man in the face.

"That's pretty brutal." Diamondhead comments. The girl simply nods as she continues to watch Glynda.

As the blonde prepares for another attack, her eyes narrow at the sight of golden lines appearing in the shadow of the vehicle's innards. The two behind her couldn't get a good look as Diamondhead retracts the wall of crystal, but as the person swipes an arm down, a large fireball comes crashing down.

"…!" Glynda's eyes widen as she reacts to the attack. Quickly drawing a glyph, it barely covers the area of flames, leaving embers around her and the ground.

The Petrosapien's eyes widen upon seeing the familiar attack, and as the fire wielder erupts a pillar of flames underneath her, he pushes the blonde out of the way.

"Wait!" Glynda calls out. Diamondhead ignores her as he fires a round of crystals, and then taps the Omnitrix dial.

Another flash of blinding green forces everyone to cover their eyes. The person inside the VTOL gasps upon seeing a familiar flame alien. As the girl and Glynda open their eyes, they both flinch upon seeing Heatblast.

"First a crystal guy, and now a fire man? So cool!" She cheers. Glynda's eyes widen.

'It's him…! The child from the footage…' She realizes. Heatblasts looks above, and quickly begins to fire off some blazing fireballs at the VTOL.

"Gah, keep him off us!" The man orders. The fire wielder quickly tries to counter Heatblast's attack with some of her own, but they quickly get destroyed as they come into contact with the alien projectiles.

"…Dazzling." Bringing her hands together, she produces a giant molten spear of lava, and blasts it towards them. Heatblast narrows his eyes as he brings his palms together. Concentrating a massive amount of flames in his hands, he then fires off a giant beam of flames.

The two initially struggle to defeat each other's attack, but Heatblast quickly gains the upper hand as his body starts to heat up further, forcing Glynda and the girl to back slightly.

"…Gaaah…" Losing the struggle after several more seconds, the spear shatters, and the mass of flames collides with the VTOL. The vehicle is pushed away significantly, leaving her and the man in a stalemate. The fire wielder grits her teeth, and sighs.

"…I can't match those beautiful flames just yet. Got no choice…" She mutters. Exhaling, she yells loudly as she quickly begins to throw down a spam of molten fireballs.

"Get to cover!" Heatblast orders. Glynda quickly dashs to the girl and carries her to the edge of the building, leaving Heatblast to take the full brunt of the volley. As the explosions continued on, a mass of smoke starts to take its place, leaving a devastating smoke screen by the end of it.

As the ship starts to get away, out from the smoke, Heatblast tries to smoke out a few more shots of fire, and the girl attempts to shoot away with some sniper rounds. The fire fighter manages to use the remainder of her power to deflect the projectiles, leaving the three alone as the VTOL starts to fly away.

Seeing the vehicle off in its jet mode, Heatblast clicks his tongue. "Darn."

The girl coughs a little as the smoke passes by, and after she wipes some dust off her clothes, she turns to Glynda.

"You're a Huntress, aren't you ma'am!" She asks. Heatblast overhears her, and as he turns around, he sweat drops upon seeing her practically crawling on Glynda like a koala. Her weapon was already retracted, and he could tell that Glynda was mildly annoyed.

"…How about instead of an autograph, an interrogation will be more suitable?" Glynda glares at her, making the girl squeak as her expected answer goes completely downhill. Heatblast flinches at the tone of her voice, and begins to tip toe towards the edge of the building.

"And you, you're coming with—"

"Gotta go! I'll see you later bye now hope we meet again!" Heatblast quickly yells as he blasts flames underneath him, flying away from the scene with self-created propulsion. Glynda's eye twitches, and the girl could only whimper upon seeing her annoyed face.

"…Next time then. You, you're coming with me young lady." She barks. The girl yelps, and nods in fear. Glynda glances away, and now that Heatblast was out of sight, she clicks her tongue.

"I may have not captured him here, but at least we now know he's around."

"She's gonna kill me…"

"She's gonna kill me… She's gonna kill me… She's gonna…" Ben repeatedly utters those words as he approaches the block that Tukson's street was on. He was so late, so he was deathly afraid of what Blake's reaction would be. He didn't even have a trace of thought regarding that last battle at the moment. None at all.

Approaching the bookstore, as his footsteps echo through the streets, Blake and Tukson suddenly pops their heads out from the store front, with the cat girl obviously not having an ideal expression on her face. Ben gulps nervously as he enters the building.

As they arrive in the back, Blake taps her finger while looking at the guilty boy. "Ben, where were you?! I was worried sick!"

"W-Well, a lot happened…" Ben mumbles. Tukson looks at the boy with a neutral face for a moment, but he quickly goes back to a chuckle.

"Well, why don't you tell us all about it? That, and where you got that weapon of yours too!" He smirks at him. Blake frowns, and it was then that she noticed the Mundvridi strapped onto him.

"A weapon? Where did you get it? You didn't steal it did you?" She suddenly goes into interrogation with the young man. Ben furiously shakes his head in denial.

"No, no, no! This was a gift, honest!" He desperately tries to convince the cat girl, fidgeting a little while trying to avoid the stare from her amber eyes.

"I'll…explain what happened. Let's take a seat first." Blake gives him an unsure look, but the three take a seat, and Ben begins to recall what had happened.

He first explained about his trip to Goto's shop, and where he got into a friendly talk about weapons and creativity. He explained that the old man liked him so much, that he gave the MASBS to him as a gift. Tukson chuckles.

"Ah, old Goto? I haven't heard him chatter that much in quite a while." He tells. "And he gave you that sword, free of charge? You better be thankful."

"Yes, yes. What happened afterwards? I know that even with how long you talked with him, you still had some time to come back. Where were you then?" Blake quickly drags the conversation back.

Ben sweat drops, and then clears his throat. "Well, when I was coming back…"

He goes back into detail, with the first retelling of him going around a corner that went towards the street Tukson's place was. He then told them about the explosion, and how he encountered the girl, the thugs and the man in white.

"A man in white… That must've been Roman Torchwick." Tukson cups his chin.

"Roman Torchwick…" Ben drives that name into him. Tukson nods.

"He's been responsible for many heists around Vale these days. He's the reason why we wanted you to get back by evening. Him and his thugs rob the city at night, and they still fear into the people who come near him."

"Really?" Ben didn't know actually, which caused an uncomfortable expression on Blake's face to form.

"Don't tell me you fought him…" She hoped. Ben chuckled nervously. "Well, not by myself at least. There was this girl that was there too at the time. She had a giant high caliber sniper scythe!"

"A sniper scythe? Isn't that one of the most dangerous weapons that a person can use?" Blake asks Tukson with a worried look. He shrugs.

"Typically. The recoil in those weapons are ridiculous." He says.

"Actually, she used it to her advantage. She was practically darting around the area like some kind of reaper." Ben notes, gesturing some hand motions in memory of the girl.

"What happened though? You didn't get hurt or anything did you? Take off that strap, I need to take a look." She says as she tries to huddle herself onto Ben. The boy blushes slightly upon how close she was getting.

"I-I'm fine, Blake! I took on a form that was nearly indestructible, and when there were fire attacks coming by, I transformed into something that was immune to fire." Ben waves his hands in attempt to calm her down.

"…I'm still not convinced. What happened to Roman?" She then asks.

"He ended up getting away." Ben answers. "I tried to get back here as soon as I can though! I'm sorry!" He then bows quickly, leaving the girl to either forgive him. She was holding back the urge to pet him.

"W-Well… I can't exactly forgive you putting yourself in a dangerous position… Alright, I know. I'll be taking you with me to Beacon." She decides. Tukson and Ben give her funny looks.

"Blake? Are you sure about that? I know you're perfectly eligible to go there, but Ben's only twelve. That's like bringing a beginning middle schooler up to a high school grade institute!"

Blake folds her arms. "I have a feeling that if I leave this situation as it is, Ben's only going to get involved with some worse stuff. I think it's better to bring him with me in order to keep him out of trouble."

Tukson was about to open his mouth to retort, but he sighs. Ben gives him a look, but the older man simply shrugs. "Once the young lady makes her mind, she's made her mind."

Ben looks at Blake, but he instantly shrinks at her determined look. "Yes ma'am…"

"That's a good boy." She nods, petting him. "I'm going to leave for the airship that brings the new applicants there soon. So we depart in a few days."

With a satisfied nod, Blake hums a little as she walks into her room. Tukson gives the boy a shrug, patting his shoulder.

"Whelp, guess you're gonna start to get involved with something big. Better buckle up." He smiles, albeit a little wary. Ben sweat drops.

"This isn't going to end well…"

Sometime later, in an interrogation room…


"Young lady, I hope you understand that the actions you've done tonight will not be taken lightly." Glynda sternly says as she walks around the girl. The two were in an interrogation cell, a room with two chairs, a table, and a single bright light.

"But those guys started it!" She attempts to counter the blonde.

"And because of that, you put yourself and others in harm's way!" She quickly barks back. "If it were up to me, I would have sent you back home, with a pat on the back…

The girl's expression lights softly as Glynda looks at a screen of data, but quickly turns to a sad face upon seeing her disapproved look.

…And a slap on the wrist." She finishes, slapping the area right in front of her. The girl yelps, but Glynda sighs afterwards.

"However…there is someone who would like to meet you. Someone important, mind you. I expect you to be careful with your words." She finishes as she steps to the side.

Her eyes widen a little, as from the exit, suddenly…Ozpin enters, and holding a plate of chocolate chip cookies no less, and…a coffee mug? He smiles at the girl as he sets the plate down.

"…Ruby Rose."

Leaning down a little to glance at her face, Ozpin makes a unique expression, one that seemed to be a mixture of shock, as well as surprise.

"You have silver eyes. That is unique…" He says. Ruby didn't really know how to respond to that.


"Anyhow! Miss Rose, where did you learn, to do this?" Ozpin suddenly raises his voice in wonder, referring to footage that was currently showing on Glynda's screen. The various moves that she performed were recorded on that device.

"S-Signal Academy, sir." She hesitates to answer.

"And they taught you how to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?" He asks. Ruby raises a finger.

"Well, one teacher in particular…" She adds. Her eyes dart between looking at Ozpin, and the plate of cookies standing in front of her. While occasionally glancing at both, she slowly reaches with her arms, as if asking for permission while already attempting to eat. Seeing as they had no problem, she quickly began to devour them.

"Hm... It's just that I've only seen one scythe-wielder of that skill and proficiency before. A crow. A dusty old crow at that." Oz notes. Someone would sneeze far away from there.

"Yus! Datz muh unklz!" Ruby answers as she continues to gobble on the delectable treats. Ozpin chuckles.

'I see… Qrow, you're quite the teacher.' He thought. Ruby quickly wipes her mouth and swallows.

"Er…sorry. I meant to say that it was my uncle Qrow! He's a teacher at Signal Academy. I was utter garbage with the Crescent Rose before he taught me and took me under his wing. But, now I'm all— Whoosh! And wahaaa!" She playfully exaggerates.

"Yes, so I've noticed." Oz responds as he places his mug down. "But more importantly, what is an adorable little girl like yourself doing at a school meant to train seasoned warriors?"

"Hm? Well, I want to become a Huntress." She answers. Oz raises an eyebrow as he takes a seat.

"You want to slay monsters?" He asks. Ruby nods enthusiastically.

"I only have two more years of training left to do at Signal, and once I graduate from there, I plan to apply for Beacon! My sister's actually going to start there this year, and she's also trying to become one. I wanna become a Huntress to help people out cause my parents always taught us to help others so I thought 'Hey I might as well try to make a career out of it', and I mean sure the police are alright but Huntsmen and Huntresses are sooo much more exciting and romantic and cool ya know?!"

Glynda and Oz look at the good in surprise. Ruby simply blinks around, realizing she made such a bold acclaim to the two of them, but Oz merely nods.

"…Ruby, do you know who I am?" He suddenly asks. Ruby raises an eyebrow at the strange question.

"…You're Professor Ozpin. You're…the Headmaster of Beacon Academy." She tried to sound calm.

"Well then, hello there." Ozpin properly introduces himself. Ruby nods. "So… You want to come to my school?"

"…More than anything, sir." Ruby answers honestly. Ozpin smiles, and looks up at Glynda, who merely huffs as she folds her arms. Oz nods, and takes some forms out.

"Alright, sure." He answers causally. "But…a final question, Miss Rose."

Before Ruby could get to the papers, she looks back at Ozpin and Glynda. The man nods at the blonde, and she places her screen on the middle of the table. Ruby looks down, and her eyes start to remember the foreign figures that appeared in that footage.

"Regarding this figure here… What do you think of this person? What came to mind when you first laid eyes on this individual?"

Ruby looks at Oz, and then back at the screen. It occasionally paused at postings of Diamondhead and Heatblast. Seeing the hulking figure of the Petrosapien surely gave the girl one thought. As she turns it off, she gives the two a warm smile.

"That person… I think he had the eyes of a hero!"

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