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Chapter 4: Initiation!

The initiation test…had begun, and a certain sword wielding blonde was screaming like a sissy!

The Beacon Initiation…

To summarize the test was first: the students were launched from Beacon Cliff into the Emerald Forest via launch pads. When he or she managed to land in said forest of trees, if they could however, the first person they meet via eye contact would become their partner for the duration of their four years at Beacon.

Second: as pairs start to become formed, they would proceed to travel to the northern end of the forest, in which they would encounter an abandoned temple, which would have relics that each team would take with them as they returned to the Cliff. The actions they did in the forest would be the factor of grading for them.

As Ben soars through the air, he looks around in an attempt to find Blake. Narrowing his eyes while trying to cover against the force of wind, he unfortunately sees her using Gambol Shroud to zip further and further into the grassland. Using the pistol mechanism, she utilized a black ribbon around her arm to propel herself using the make-shift whip like function.

"…Does everyone use recoil to swing around like saucers or something?" The boy wonders out loud. He says this because as he looks around the other students, he sees Yang, Ruby, and Nora do just that.

Ruby used her Crescent Rose to propel herself in the air, but could've sworn she somehow turned into swarm of roses for a split second. He had to rub his eyes to make sure he wasn't being delusional, but all he saw was the same girl trying to chase after Yang.

Yang, speaking of which, was really bold with her moves. Ben had finally realized that her weapons were those two yellow bracelets on her wrists. They extended to form a pair of DRSGs, or Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets named the Ember Celica. They covered Yang's hands and forearms, acting as arm guards. The gauntlets had a bright yellow color and the shells inside were red and orange. Each gauntlet had a holster magazine containing 12 shells, with a silver gray barrel located between the knuckles of the index and middle finger of both weapons.

Ben watched as the blonde speeded forth, using the kinetic energy released from the Ember Celica to launch herself even further. Frowning a bit, Ben wondered why so many people were reckless with their maneuverability and fighting. People like Jaune reacted in a way that seemed more normal to him.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!" Said blonde continues to scream as he begins to lose his balance, flailing around in different directions. Ben chuckles a bit.

Noticing that his altitude was dropping, and that he and the rest of the group were starting to dawn near the trees, Ben grips the Mundvridi, extending it to its sword form. Seeing a particularly large tree, he times the perfect notion to stab the blade into it, using the still ongoing force of inertia to spin down the piece of nature. He grips the handle tightly as he begins to descend, letting the weapon do the work while all he did was lean in the direction he wanted to go in.

After several seconds, he releases the sword from the tree and jumps off of it, leaping towards a nearby tree that he then bounced off once more. He kept this up for a few more times with other nearby trees, trying to make as little noise as possible. Using the soles of his feet to push off, every time he landed, he did so with the tips. Continuing this, he neared the ground.

Landing with a tap bit of motion left, he performed a judo roll in order to stop the remaining speed, landing practically without a sound. As he stands up in the Emerald Forest, he swings the Mundvridi to get rid of any chunks of wood, and then places it back onto his back strap.

"Now then, who should I look for?"

"OH no! Not the birdy!"

Ruby cries out for a little bird she accidentally smashed into as she flew off. As she starts to come near the forest, she took out Crescent Rose to fire a few shots, which would serve to obstruct her momentum. After she does so, she quickly reconfigures it to its scythe mode.

"Please don't cut it off, please don't cut if off…!" She repeats as she flies into a large branch. Catching onto it with the scythe's bladed end, she performs a few alley-oops before leaping off into the forest.

For Weiss, as she took her rapier, Myrtenaster out, she swipes her fingers out, and with a slash of the blade, as she begins to fall into the forest, a large light blue glyph spawns under her foot. Using it as a footstool, she uses it to safely leap into the Emerald Forest.

Ren and Nora were currently flying together. But of course, the orange haired hyperactive girl was feeling the thrill of flying, so she used her grenade launcher to give herself just a bit more air time. Ren however dives toward a tree. Doing a front flip to get a proper angle, he quickly takes out StormFlower and used their blades to spiral down the tree in a similar fashion to Ben.

Landing with a bit of a skid, the teen wipes some sawdust off his sleeves. But it wasn't for a moment until he started hearing explosions. Looking up, he sees Yang flying off as a blur in his vision out of a patch of the forest which wasn't covered in leaves.

"Guess some of us are really feeling it." He states as he begins to run off…

"Oh no…"

Pyrrha gulps a bit as she takes her spear and shield out. They were Miló and Akoúo̱. Miló was capable of transitioning between three forms: a javelin, a Xiphos, and a rifle. Akoúo̱ was a shield.

Holding said shield out in front of her, she smashed through a couple of branches, which helped to stop her momentum. Landing on a tall tree branch with a smooth roll, she quickly switches her shield to her back, and scans the area around with her spear's rifle form.

"…I hear…screaming?" She tilts her head in wonder. Looking through her scope, in the distance, she sees Jaune continuing to fly through the air like a rag doll.

"Oh… There you are, wonder boy." She then giggles as Miló switches to its javelin form.

Taking a moment to angle the trajectory in which she would throw the orange and red weapon, as she closes an eye, she swings with her right arm, pressing the trigger of the spear right before her hand left its metal form. A shot from the spear was heard as it began to zoom in the direction of Jaune.

Pyrrha squints her eyes as she watches the spear go towards him, and after a few seconds…


"…Thank you!"

Jaune's voice echoes with sincerity, earning himself a giggle from Pyrrha as she waves at him from wherever he was pinned at in the forest, hopefully by a good spot too, haha.

"I'm sorry!" She then apologies, because she didn't know whether or not Jaune was pinned to a safe location, or that he was hurt because of her spear. Regardless, she jumps off her tree branch, and begins to go into pursuit of both her weapon and the blonde…

'Gotta find Yang, gotta find Yang~~!'

Ruby repeats this as she starts to go through the forest. After landing, the first thing she thought of was either finding her older sister, or any other person she was familiar with already. The people that came into mind were…

'Ugh, this is bad, really bad! What if I can't find her? I saw her using Ember Celica to blast forward, but she can't be that far from me, could she? What if someone finds her first, who do I find then?' Her thoughts were already starting to cram into her mind as she goes off.

Making a thought bubble, her eyes dart up in interest. 'Well, there's always Jaune… He's…nice. And also funny! But…I'm not sure he can fight well though…'

Some scribbled images of her and Jaune show up in the cloaked girl's head, depicting said thoughts. After clearing those up with a shake of her head, she went on to the next choice.

'Oh, maybe Blake?' She then suggests as the cat girl poofs into her mind bubble. 'She's so calm and mysterious, and she likes books as well! Er…then again, she didn't seem so eager to maintain a conversation…'

An image of Blake zipping her mouth and giving off an evil glare then appeared in her mind, prompting the girl to sigh. Finally, her slideshow of people switched to…

'…Wait, what about Ben?' She suddenly switches to a smile. 'He's cool. He's younger than me, so I don't have to feel awkward about being with an older partner!' She immediately frowned though.

'Okay…that sounded kinda weird…'

'Um…let's list off his other traits. He's also interested in weapons like me, but…he also has a tendency to pun horribly like Yang. T-That doesn't make him a bad person though? He's…kinda cute when he pouts as well?'

As she continues to draw up more traits from the youngster, as her face goes up after all her thinking, she skids. Taking a few moments to stop, a certain snow haired girl hears the sound of dirt scraping against the soles of shoes. Turning around, Ruby and Weiss give each other awkward looks as the cloaked girl stops behind her.

"…Drat." Ruby mumbles. Weiss narrows her eyes in disapproval, and she quickly turns to walk away.

"Wait! I didn't say that I didn't want you as a partner, where are you going!" She quickly says as she tries to reach out to her. As Weiss leaves off, she stumbles to the ground with a disheartened look on her face.

"But, we're supposed to be teammates…" She mutters as she kicks some dirt…

The scene cuts off from Ruby, and briefly starts to focus on our favorite Ice Princess. As she rustles through some prickly leaves, the girl occasionally would grunt and click her tongue because of the messy environment.

"Ow! Urgh…" She groans as she wipes her dress off. Moving some dangling leaves out of the way, she continues to grumble in annoyance until she gets clear of the nearby bushes. After doing so, she gives of a sigh of relief.

"Phew…" She huffs. As she wipes the rest of the dirt off from her dress, it was that she heard the grunting of a certain blonde.

"Eh?" Looking up, she sees Jaune trying to take Miló off from the tree trunk he was pinned onto. The spearhead went through his hoodie's hood, making him dangle from pretty much a thread.

"Come on you…urgh, please, why don't you…" Jaune mumbles as he struggles to no account. Weiss takes a step forward, allowing the blonde to hear the girl. Looking down, he gasps.

"Ah…heh heh…" He chuckles nervously. Weiss shakes her head as she rolls her eyes, and she starts walking in the opposite direction she came from. Quickly going back to Ruby, the girl reluctantly grabs onto her cloak.

"By no means does this make us friends." She states, making the girl squeal as she drags her on.

"Yay! You came back!" She yelps with joy. Jaune turns to the girls with a dropped jaw.

"Hey, who's gonna help me get down from here?" He quirks. As he watches the two girls leave, he whimpers a bit. However, the rustling of leaves brings his view to the area below him

"I guess, we can." Pyrrha appears out from a bush. "Isn't that right?"

"How did you sneak up on me…?" Ben grumbles as she pulls him out as well. Jaune gives the two a raised eyebrow of confusion.

"Huh. How'd you two get together?" He asks. Ben shrugs as he and Pyrrha walk up below him.

"Don't even get me started…" He simply says. Taking Munvridi out, he aims at Pyrrha's weapon. Taking a shot at the end of the grip, it flings up into the air, effectively releasing Jaune.

"Woah!" He yelps as he begins to fall. The javelin twirls in the air for a moment, before falling down onto Pyrrha's arms. Quickly placing it back on her well, back, she walks over to the trunk to casually catch the blonde.

"…I'm not going to live this down…" He gives the girl an embarrassed look. "But, thanks."

Placing him down, Ben nods. "Whelp… I think my work is done here for now…"

"Huh?" The two turn to him. As he starts to back up, puts his hands behind him.

"If no one needs anything, I guess I'll be going…" Activating the Omnitrix, he blinds the duo with a flash of green.

"What?!" The two cover their faces with their arms as Ben starts to transform.

By the time the flash dissipated, as they opened their eyes, they blink for a second, before realizing that the boy was no longer in sight. Pyrrha tries to look around with her rifle's scope, but to her surprise, she doesn't see a trace of him.

"Huh… Where'd he go?" Jaune scratches his head. "And since when did he carry flashbangs?"

The redhead continues her search, but with a sigh of defeat, she slips her weapon back onto her back. "I don't know. I was able to sneak up on him before, but I don't sense a trace of him now."

Jaune hums, but then shrugs. "Well, I guess all we can do now is meet up later." Pyrrha nods, and the two start to walk off in another direction…

"Wait, sneak up?"

"Falling snow comes…"

A gravelly voice hums. A few seconds passed, and suddenly, from a random tree a plant like alien emerges. He had five vine-like legs, four long fingers on his hands and flytrap-shaped flaps covering his head. He had blue colored bulbs on his shoulders. He had pods on his back that can either be used as explosives or smoke bombs. He had one green eye in the middle of his face. He wore the Omnitrix symbol on his chest and wore a black and green shirt.

"…I can't believe I forgot about Wildvine." The plant alien snickers. "I can't hide from people as a human, but I don't think anyone can detect a plant."

Tapping his Omnitrix dial, Wildvine reverted back into Ben. He stretches a bit, and the, after rolling the watch-like device out from his sleeve, he starts to tap a few buttons. Moments passed, and the hourglass glows.

"Omnitrix, display local area geography; Code 10." He commands. A beep was heard, and the hourglass projects a small circle of the surrounding area.

"…So, I'm currently here." He points to the center, and his finger starts to skim towards the edge. "And…we came from there. Hm… Oh, the Omnitrix is picking up two—"


"Donuts." Ben curses. Deactivating the map, he lowers his arm as two bear-like creatures of Grimm start to crawl out from some bushes. They had black fur, and possessed bony spikes on their backs and arms. Their faces had white, bone-like masks with red details.

"Those are…Ursas, if I recall." Ben recalls. "…I wonder if I can scan them."

Aiming the Omnitrix at them, Ben also takes hold of Mundvridi. As the two bear like Grimm start to circle around him, the weapon unfolds into its sword form.

"Omnitrix, initiate Scan Mode and perform an area scan for uncatalogued DNA." He whispers. The device beeps a few times, and as the Ursas leap towards him, it breaks out with a yellow scanner.

Leaping up into the air, the bear like Grimms clash heads. Ben lands on top of one and slides off its back. He runs around the creatures of Grimm as the Omnitrix continues its scan.

"Why's it taking so long?" He wondered as he switched Mundvridi to its rifle mode. Pressing the Grimm head, the slot opens up. Ben quickly reaches for one of his waist pouches, and pulls out a grey Dust Cell. Inserting it, the reticle changes to a grey color as the machine gun form initiates.

The two Ursas shake their heads, and as they turn to face the boy, he smirks as he begins to unload a volley of energy bullets. The beasts roar as they attempt to scatter and dodge Ben's firing.

"Come on, are ya done yet Omnitrix?" Lifting his arm up, the yellow scanner finally finishes up, but…

"Scan complete. No indication of any genetic signatures were detected."

"What?!" Ben croaks. Leaving his guard down for a moment as he looks at the device, the closest Ursa takes this opportunity to swipe at him with its razor sharp claws.

"Aaah!" Yelping, Ben quickly ducks, and then slides underneath the Grimm. The other Grimm attempts to ram him from behind, forcing Ben to drop the Mundvridi in order to dodge to the left. The weapon ends up getting whacked instead, and slaps into a tree.

"Aw man, I just got that!" He groans as he backs up. Looking around, he sighs.

"I hope no one's watching…" He says as he quickly activates the Omnitrix. Selecting his alien in a hurry, he slams the core down as the Ursas try to rush towards him again, forcing them to cover their eyes.

In a flash, Ben was replaced with another plant like humanoid alien. He had an overall green and black colored body, mostly with a flame-patterned head and root-like feet, seemingly holding rocks. His green eyes were oval shaped with points at each end with pupils copying the shape but are smaller. Also, his shoulders and head had red petals. His elbows and legs had green frills sticking out. He was taller than an average human and had a distinct rotten stench that worsened with heat.

"Aye, it's Swampfire!" He says with a nasally tone. Extending a palm out, out from it, a hole opens up to release ignited methane, also known as a natural flamethrower.

The attack ends up smashing against the Ursas, who end up getting pushed back into a tree. The plant alien was surprised with how much durability they had in them, and how the other seemed to be in concern for the other's wellbeing, which actually got him into thinking…

'Hm… Speaking of wellbeing, I wonder who my partner should be.' He wonders. He begins to brainstorm a list of people in his mind, and after collecting his thoughts, he begins to list them off.

'Well, first of all, there's Blake. I haven't actually seen her fight, but she's pretty good at observation and the likes. But…at the moment though, it doesn't seem like she'll work to the best she can at the moment. Maybe I could have her pair up with someone else so that she can learn to open herself up?' He suggests. He clears his mind of her while the Ursas start to recover.

'Next… There's Yang. Yang…oh, right. She's a bright and positive girl who's great with puns, but…her high spirited urge to hug me might actually kill me…' He shudders a bit. The Ursas roar, and he slams a leg into the ground.

'Who else… Oh, there's Ruby! She's energetic, and she's also a maniac on weapons as well! I wonder where she is.' He now wonders as his feet starts to dig through the ground. He continues to go on.

'There's also Pyrrha… But I think she's a bit interested in Jaune. The doofus doesn't even realize it.' He humorously comments on their relationship. By now, Swampfire's roots sprang up from the ground, wrapping the two Ursas in layers of vines.

'There's also…Weiss. Let's just leave it at that.' He says. He was actually kind of in a daze as this went on, so as he looked up, he simply blinks at the sight of the two Ursas wrapped around in his vines.

"…Oh. Whoops." He says as he pops his foot out. "Guess I overdid it."

The two Ursas whimper as he taps the Omnitrix dial. Ben quickly hops over them, and reclaims Mundvridi. Shifting back to its collapsing form, he gives the two Grimm a wink.

"Ha, see you guys later!" He waves them as he starts to run off. Unbeknownst to him however, a floating camera from far away stalked him…


Ozpin observes the journey of all the applicants through a screen. As Glynda approaches him while holding one as well, she presses a few buttons.

"It appears our last pair has been formed, sir." She reports. "However, I have to say that some things have happened."

"Oh?" Oz continues to look down. Glynda pushes her glasses up.

"The last pair that has formed was that of Lie Ren, and Nora Valkyrie." She first announces. "But it seems like we lost sight of some of our applicants, leaving only 13 students in total remaining."

"…Which means, that one of them is going to be left unpaired. I suspect it's our patient in question." Oz responds, obviously referencing to a certain someone. Glynda didn't bother to comment on the lack of attention towards the missing three students.

"Well, that's pretty much our report. However, I have to say something about this 'Jaune Arc', though." She taps a screen showing him and Pyrrha.

"With his presence here, I expected a more professional profile of activities and abilities. Compared to Ms. Nikos, this boy looks like a trainee who just started off in basic combat operations. He's clearly a fellow that isn't ready for such a level of combat, and I don't care what his transcript says either."

"Uh huh…" Oz glances back for a moment, before looking back down.

"Well, I suppose we'll find out soon enough." She finally realized he wasn't really paying much attention to her. "At their current pace, they should be reaching the temple in a few minutes."

"Hmm." He simply replies. Glynda sighs, and begins to walk off. The man in glasses watches as two screens intrigue him. One of Weiss and Ruby, and the other, which was Ben.

"This will certainly be an interesting year, won't it Amber, Ironwood?"

"Stop acting like you're perfect!"

Once again, Little Red Riding Hood and the Ice Princess were in the heat of arguments.

"I'm not perfect!" Weiss barks, but she does give the girl a smug smile. "At least, not yet. I'm still leagues above you."

Ruby twitches an eye. "You don't even know me…!" She says as she starts to follow the girl again. As the two start to approach a cliff side, Weiss looks around.

"Now then, where is that temple?" She asks out loud as she squints her eyes around to scan the area. Ruby continues to grumble as she catches up.

"I'm so perfect… I'm part of a major company and… Hey, Weiss?" Ruby stops muttering, and slowly speaks to the girl. Weiss sighs.

"…Yes? What is it this time?" She asks.

Ruby watches as a large black feather drops in front of her. "What's the type of Grimm that resembles a giant bird again?"

Weiss raises an eyebrow, but continues to look on. "That's basic knowledge. They're called Nevermo—"

"Well, there's one flying right up there!" Ruby interrupts her as she slaps her shoulder to make her look up. "We can hitch a ride to see from a bird's eye view.

"What?! Are you insane?!" Weiss looks at the girl as if she was crazy. Ruby merely smirks.

A Nevermore was a giant avian type of Grimm. It had features resembling those of several other bird species. Two notable examples of this were its resemblances to condors and ravens. Like other creatures of Grimm, it had a mask-like, white bony structure overlaying the upper front of its head. It also has four glowing red eyes, two on each side of its head. The headpiece also included a dorsal spine or fin, reminiscent of that on the heads of condors and some prehistoric pterosaurs.

As the giant bird like Grimm comes flying near them, Ruby reloads Crescent Rose with red Dust. Grabbing Weiss, the snow haired girl screams as she fires off several rounds into the ground, sending them flying up towards it with a glorious background of explosions.

"Here we come, birdy!" Ruby grins as they rapidly approach the bird. Going above it, they soon start to descend onto the large bird's back. Shooting one more round, Ruby pretty much stomps onto the Grimm's back, causing it to squawk as the two girls land on it.

Weiss grabs onto its feathers for dear life as the Grimm continues to fly on. "You. Are. Crazy!" She yells. "I told you this was a terrible idea!"

"We're fine!" Ruby responds through the harsh wind. "Stop worrying!"

"Worrying?! I am beyond worrying!" The snow hair girl growls. "And not in a good way!"

"Why don't we just jump then!" The scythe girl suddenly proposes, making her frown.

"NO! YOU MUST BE SUICIDAL IF YOU WANNA DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!" She screams to the top of her lungs as she tries to look back at the girl, only to see a mass of black feathers instead. Weiss groans as she looks over her shoulder.

"…God damn it."

"Huh, you think this is it, Pyrrha?"

Jaune and Pyrrha arrive at a small cave. The armored girl notices the drawings of scratches next to the entrance. Depicting a giant scorpion, it was surrounded in all angles by what seemed to be archers and spearman.

"Er, Jaune…" She tries to get his attention, but the blonde picks up two rocks, and grabs a modestly long stick. Sparking the two together, he smiles as the tip of it lights up.

"Come on, let's check it out!" He cheerfully says as he walks into the dark cave. Pyrrha opens her mouth to respond, but she instead sighs softly as she follows him into the landmark.

The cave itself was obviously one thing; dark. Dark, and cramped. The two stay together as the torch lights the path in front of them. Pyrrha couldn't help but not ignored that, so she took out her javelin, switching it to its sword form as they continue to go through the cave.

"…I'm not sure this is it." She nervously says. Jaune gives her a simple smile as he sighs.

"…Pyrrha. You know I appreciate everything you did for me. But, I made the torch, so…humor me for at least maybe 5 more feet?" He politely says, albeit with a joking tone.

Walking past a small stone on the bottom of the cave though, he trips. To their surprise, he appeared to have landed in some cave water, putting out the flame.

"…Ow." He grunts. As he gets up, Pyrrha seems as if she could've felt something nearby.

"…Hey Jaune, do you feel that?" She asks as she narrows her eyes around the darkness. The blonde's eyes contract for a moment

"You mean this soul crushing and ever-growing regret for this situation?" He responds. The redhead grips her weapon in response.

"…No. It's something…warm. And not the good kind." She reveals as she also takes out her shield.

"Jaune, I think something's here with us…"

"Huh, I don't see anyone."

Yang and Blake slide down a hill to reach the abandoned temple, which was a landmark with broken ruins, and 16 pillars. The two approach them to see that there were…chess pieces. Some of them were missing though.

"Chess…pieces?" Blake says as she looks at a black rook. Yang goes the opposite way to view some of the white pieces.

"Some of them are missing. Seems like we weren't the first ones here." She guesses. Blake shrugs.

"Well, I guess we should pick one then." She suggests. Yang nods, and she turns back to the white pieces.

Looking down at a white knight piece, she smiles as she grabs it. "Hey, how about a cute horsey then?"

Blake gives her a small smile actually. "…Sure, alright." Looking around though, she was starting to get worried about Ben. She wondered where he was, and not because he was in danger, but because she was worried that he was involving himself in some incomprehensible shenanigan again.

"That wasn't too hard." Yang smirks as the two gather at the middle to look at the 'relic'.

"Well, it's not like this place is difficult to find." Blake smiles, but then looks around. "I do wonder where everyone else is though—"


Hearing the scream, the two turn in the direction from which it came from. Yang blinks a few times, before responding.

"Some girl's in trouble! Blake, did you hear that?" She then asks her partner. Blake was about to respond, but before she could, something caught her attention as she happened to look up.

"Hey, what should we do?" She asks. Blake doesn't respond, and simply points a finger up. Yang looks, only to suddenly see Ruby flying down towards them.

"Heads uuuuuuuuuuuuuup!"

Before Yang could react though, before the arm swinging girl collides with her, Jaune's body suddenly flings against hers, knocking the two back and all the way towards a nearby tree. Blake and Yang watch as the leaves ruffle by, and the cat girl turns to her partner in question.

"Did…your sister just fall from the sky?" Blake asks.

Ruby moans as her eyes go through a daze. "Ooooh… What was that…?" Shaking her head, her attention goes towards Jaune, who coughs as he was seen dangling upside down from some of the leaves.

"Hey Ruby…" He says lazily. Ruby blinks for a moment.

"Oh, hey Jaune. Where'd you come from?" She then asks.

"So, I have to ask again… Did your sister just fall from the sky?" Blake asks once more.

"I—" Before she could speak, once more she was interrupted, this time by the falling of trees coming from the nearby area of forest.

The four look to see an Ursa walking upright while flailing its arms. It growls a few times, and they shudder their eyes upon seeing and hearing an explosion hit its back. As the Grimm falls to its death, Nora pops into the air as she falls off its neck.

"Yeehaaaaw!" She yells as she lands in front of the corpse. After dusting herself off, she looks at the dead Grimm with a sad face.

"Aww, it's broken…" She slumps over.

Ren jumps over its paw, with the group seeing that he was clearly out of breathe. The teen takes a moment to get a breather, before leaning against some of the Ursa's bony spikes as the girl observes the dead Grimm.

"N-Nora? Please…don't ever do that again." He begs. Looking up though, he darts around because she was nowhere to be seen. After looking outwards towards the abandoned temple, he sighs as he walks over.

Said orange head glitters over a white rook piece. Clearly interested by it, she grasps it and starts to dance in celebration.

"I'm Queen of the castle~! I'm Queen of the castle~!"


The girl giggles as the piece slides off her head and into her hand. "Hehehe, coming Ren!"

As she playfully skips over to him, Blake takes a moment to retort once more against this weird, escalating turn of events.

"Did that girl just ride all the way here on an Ursa?" She says.

"I—" And once more, Yang was cut short from her talking as the screaming of another large Grimm catches their attention.

This time, it was Pyrrha running for her dear life from a giant scorpion like Grimm. It had a jet-black exoskeleton underneath several white, bonelike plates upon its back, which were adorned with red markings along its ten eyes. A prominent feature though was a glowing golden stinger on its tail. It also had a pair of large pincers that it uses to defend itself and grab/cut into its targets. The name of this Grimm was a Deathstalker.

As it swipes its claw out, Pyrrha makes a dive, rolling away as it continues to chase her. Growing closer to the group, she sees Jaune and Ruby up on the tree.

"Jaune! She calls out. Her partner struggles to get out of the tumble of grass as Ruby jumps to join up with the group.

"Ruby! Come on, get me out of here!" He yells. Unfortunately, she had already leaped off the branch, and landed next to Yang. The blonde blinks at her sudden recovery.

"Ruby?" She smiles. Said girl chuckles as the sisters attempt to do a double high five.

"Yang!" Before they could do it though, Nora pops up between them.

"Nora!" She yells with a grin.

Blake however remains surprised as she once again points at the current scene. "Did…she just run all the way here with a Deathstalker on her tail?"

"OH that's it! I can't take it anymore! Can we all just chill for two God forsaken seconds?!" Yang finally explodes as she gets the opportunity to retort. She briefly combusts into flames as her eyes turn red.

"Yang, your Semblance." Ruby pokes her cheek. Ren finally manages to come over, though he had to lean against a piece of stone while panting heavily. Nora merely giggles through this entire thing though.

Ruby however suddenly remembers something, and as she looks up, she pokes Yang's shoulder. "Um…Yang?"

"Of for the love of—"

"How could you leave me?!"

Weiss's screams are heard as she struggles to hold onto the talon of the giant Nevermore. Ruby and the gang look up, with the scythe girl sighing as Yang's jaw drops.

"I said 'jump'…" She states. Blake folds her arms as she tilts her head.

"She's…gonna fall." She warns nonchalantly. Ruby waves her thought off.

"She'll be fine!" She smiles. Ren however doesn't look convinced not one bit as he finally recovers.

"Uhm…I don't think so. Cause…she's falling." He responds as he points up. And they did. Weiss…was falling, and quite fast as well. Ruby gulps.

"Oh crud." She shivers. Jaune finally stumbles out of the leaves and lands on the branch. Seeing Weiss in the air, he grins at the opportunity to make some good points with her.

So, running to get a speeding start, he quickly dives for her, giving her a princess carry as he attempts to flash a smile. Weiss continues to scream, but then stops momentarily upon seeing that she was still.

"Huh?" Noticing that she was in someone's arms, her face turns to Jaune's. The blonde grins. Bad move, boy.

"Just…dropping in?" He dare punned! Weiss however looks down, which prompts him to do the same. The blonde's smile immediately does a 180 upon realizing that…

"Oh God…" He whimpers. The two grab each other, and finally, reality kicks back in as the two descend down to the floor once more. Pyrrha unconsciously breaks a stone with her foot, something that Ren took notice of as he flinches.

'Does she…?' He wonders for a second. However, the sound of Jaune's back cracking makes him turn to see the two land on the ground, with the blonde groaning in pain as Weiss stands up.

"My hero…" She utters sarcastically. Jaune whimpers as he uses his sword to stand up like a cane. "My back…"

Pyrrha continues to run away, but she eventually trips. The Deathstalker roars as it successfully smacks her away with its claw, causing the girl to land with a thud next to Ruby and the gang.

Yang nods. "Great, all we're missing is Ben now! We'll all be dead by the time he comes!"

Ruby gives her sister a grin. "Not if I can help it!" She declares. Suddenly running out with a grin, Yang's eyes contract as she tries to reach out to her.

"Ruby, wait! I was joking!" She yells, though it was too late.

Ruby opens up Crescent Rose, and propels herself using a shot as the Deathstalker starts to crawl itself over to the group. Putting her arms up in an attempt to over-swing, as she was about to smash it down, the Deathstalker whacks her away with a claw with ease, pushing her back a few meters.

"Ruby!" Yang yells in fear. The girl gets up after a few seconds while groaning a bit.

"Urgh… I'm okay. D-Do-Don't worry! Totally fine!" She shouts back as she turns around with an unsure look on her face, only to see the scorpion Grimm in front of her.

"Eep!" She yelps as she launches herself back with Crescent Rose. The Deathstalker yells as it starts to chase the girl.

Putting the weapon back, Ruby attempts to run as fast as she could. Yang finally runs off in to group up with her, but as she does so, everyone looks up to see the Nevermore turning back to them.

"Watch out!" Ren yells as the Nevermore starts to flap its wings.

Launching a flurry of feathers like arrows, the projectiles start to scatter and cover up hundreds of yards as they start to land near Ruby. The scatter attack finally managed to reach its mark after a few seconds, pinning Ruby down by pinning her cloak into the ground. The attack continues onwards until it reaches Yang, who skids a little.

The feathers barely dodge the blonde girl, but they manage to trap her slightly. Yang looks over towards her sisters as she tries to get out.

"Ruby, get out of there, NOW!" She yells. Ruby tugs on her cloak in an attempt to get it out, but it was futile.

"I'm trying!" She shouts back.

The Deathstalker chatters with its front teeth as it arrives near Ruby. The girl's widen in shock as she sees its stinger starting to rear up. Yang watches in horror as it begins to slide down, yelling for her name. However, as she does so, two figures zoom pass by her.


The cloaked girl shuts her eyes as she waits for the blow to inflict upon her, but it doesn't happen. Waiting for a moment, after she notices that nothing happened, she briefly hears the sound of ice forming, before hearing it shatter, and hearing the Deathstalker yell in pain.

Opening her eyes, she goes wide eyed as she and the rest of the group have their jaws drop down in surprise. Even Weiss managed to react similarly after completing her attack, standing in shock next to Ruby.

Out of a dust cloud appeared a bipedal orange and black tiger keeping the stinger away from Ruby. He was around 8ft in height, and had a white jaw, neck, chest, neck, stomach, feet, and hands, with the hands each coming with a black claw coming out from each wrist. He wore a black shirt with green stripes, as well as black and green shorts. He wore fingerless black gloves as well as black shoes. The Omnitrix dial was located on his chest.

"W-What the?" Ruby blinks for a second.

The bipedal tiger growls at the Deathstalker, and glances over his shoulder towards Ruby.

"Lemme tell ya somethin' Ruby Rose, Huntress in training that wields a red and black High Caliber Sniper Scythe named Crescent Rose! Rath is getting tired of saving your bacon for the second time!" He yells at the girl.

Picking up the Deathstalker by its tail, Rath pulls his arm back, and literally smacks it away into the forest. As it flies off, he turns around and plucks the feather pinning Ruby down, and tosses it away. Ruby stares at the bipedal tiger, and as her view goes up towards his chest, she vaguely starts to remember seeing that Omnitrix dial on him.

"Wait a minute, that emblem…" She mutters. Rath whiffs out air from his nose as he presses the Omnitrix dial, blinding the crowd as they start to approach them.

"Hey, that light!" Jaune retorts. "It was the same as last time! What gives?"

Finally starting to die down, the light fades enough for everyone to open their eyes, and to their shock, everyone sees Ben standing in front of Ruby instead. The black haired girl stares at the boy in front of her, and as he extends an arm out to her with a smile, her ears and cheeks turn a bit pink for a moment.

Ren and Blake just happened to notice that though.

"You alright?" He says again, reminding the two of their first meeting.

"Y-Yeah…" She replies as she takes it. Standing up, Yang quickly dashes towards her and gives her a hug.

"I'm so glad you're alright!" She cries out. However, her, and everyone else's attention immediately turns to Ben.

The boy looks up in the air to see the Nevermore starting to circle back, but as he looks down, he sees everyone's shocked reactions. He quickly sighs, scratching his head in an awkward motion.

'Well… I expected this. Now how am I gonna explain this though?' He wonders as he glances at Blake. The cat girl merely shrugs, yet in her mind she also showed some reaction to the giant feline transformation as well.

Nora was the first to break from her state, with her eyes shining as she jumps about. "That. Was. AWESOME! Can you do it again, can you do it again?!"

Nora's suddenly yelling breaks the rest of the group out from their stupor, with Ben flinching from the orange girl's zip to his face. Ruby now notices the Nevermore starting to come around, and some rustling in the forest starting to come back near them as well.

"Guys, we can all talk about this later! Let's get the relics and go!" She orders. Everyone nods, and they start to go back towards the temple.

Once they arrive, Ruby, Jaune, and Ben all go in together. Entering the circle, Jaune and Ruby approach the white rook and knight pieces respectively. Ben looks around to see only one more white piece; a queen, so he decides to take that instead. He does note that there some other pieces that were still lingering by, but he decided to brush the thought off as he rejoined the others.

As the three come back, Ren notices the Deathstalker crash out of the forest once more. He glares as it as he steps back.

"It's time we left!" He recalls. Ben and the rest group up, with Ruby being the first to leave.

Everyone follows the scythe girl, except for Yang, who takes a moment to smile at the young girl. Blake notices this, and approaches her partner.

"Yang? What is it?" She talks to the girl. Yang stares at her sister with a proud gaze, and she begins to run forth.

"Nothing." She hums. Blake wondered what she was thinking, but as she looked onwards, she sees Ben and Ruby leap onto a boulder and motion the group to stick together. Her eyes widen and she smiles in realization, and shortly leaves to join the group.

She gives Ben a warm smile in admiration for his efforts in helping someone he just met and barely knew. Not many people would do such a thing with great intensity, so she assumed that it had something to do with his past. With that in mind, she was a bit conflicted between happiness and curiosity, but she decided to hold her thoughts until after everything was over…

A bit later…

An overhead shot showed the group heading out of the forest and into another abandoned series of structures as the Nevermore follows them from the air. They start to spread out when it passes above, concealing themselves behind some of the stone blocks with their allies as it perches on a high column and caws.

Jaune looks behind himself, and sees the Deathstalker crash through a row of trees. It looked pretty banged up, but was still kicking.

"Why isn't it dead?!" He yelps. Weiss glances at him to retort.

"The larger a Grimm is, the more power and strength it has due to it being older!" She quickly replies. Jaune frowns, but he then gasps as it starts to get closer.

"Ah, man, run everybody!" He yelps. Everyone speeds out from their hiding spots, revealing themselves to the Nevermore. The giant Grimm screeches once more as it rises into the air.

Ren looks up, and he glances at Nora as they run out. "Nora, distract it!"

Grinning while obliging his request, Nora runs out into the middle of the sloped area, dashing out from her block and jumping through the masses of feathers that the Nevermore launches out. Rolling as she avoids the last of them, she extracts Magnhild from the magnetic strap on her lower back, and starts to launch several heart topped grenade shells. They burst into pink electricity when they landed on the Nevermore, causing it to roar in pain.

It retreats shortly as some of the group starts to move onwards. As her magazine empties out, she begins to hear the footsteps of the Deathstalker. Turning around, Ren, Blake, and Ben equip their blades to slash its shell. Weiss lands next to Nora, wrapping an arm around her waist while she created a glyph. A few moments past, and she uses it to leap the both of them to safety.

Pyrrha glances back to see the three now being chased by the giant scorpion Grimm. Equipping her weapons, she stops running beside Jaune at the bridge they started on.

"Go, go!" She orders him. Crouching down, she morphs Miló to its rifle form and begins to fire at the Deathstalker, allowing Nora to pass by her. Ren jumps and rolls next to her, bringing out StormFlower to add onto the gunfire.

Upon reaching the narrow ledge, the Deathstalker swipes out in an attempt to get Blake and Ben. The two duck and quickly rejoin Pyrrha and Ren, and begin to dash across the bridge with everyone else. As they continue though, a screeching noise makes its presence next to them. Not noticing the Nevermore sweeping by, it rams through the middle of the bridge with its giant wings, forcing Ruby, Weiss, Yang, Nora, Jaune, and Ben to land closer to the central position of columns.

Blake, Ren, and Pyrrha however were stuck along on the other side with the Deathstalker. Ruby attempts to fire at the Nevermore as it tries to fly away, and Jaune and Ben look over to see the other three fighting the scorpion Grimm. Blake attempts a flurry of blade slashes with Gambol Shroud's sickle like whip, but the Deathstalker protects itself by blocking her attacks with its left claw. The gunfire from Pyrrha and Ren weren't doing much effect, and allowed it to bash Blake back with its right claw.

Ben's eyes widen as she tumbles back, landing on the floor with a pained grunt. Ren was forced to cover the girl as he dashes in front of her with StormFlower.

"Man, we gotta get over there! Those three need help!" Jaune cries out in worry. Ben and Nora dash over to the edge with him, and just when the boy was about to activate the Omnitrix, the orange haired girl gives the two a smug smile.

"Let's do this!" She says. Ben nods at her as Jaune looks down. All that was there was white fog, and the distance was too long for a normal person to leap.

"Yeah…but… I can't make that jump." He chuckles nervously.

Ben glances at him. "Give me a second. I'll get us over there in a ji—"

"No time for that!" Nora smiles diabolically, scaring the two boys as she knocks them back. Turning her grenade launcher into its completed hammer form, she jumps to the edge of the bridge.

Ben and Jaune see what she's about to do, and quickly try to yell out.

"Nora, wait!" They both yell, but it was too late. Nora cackles as she slams Magnhild into the bridge, throwing then both onto the other side.

"No, no, no, no, nooooo!" Both of the guys scream out as Nora turns around. As the end of that part of the bridge starts to collapse, she places a foot on her hammer and pulls a trigger on the grip, launching her across to slam her hammer right on the center of the Deathstalker's skull.

"NORA, SMASH!" She growls as she completes her motion. The Grimm yells in pain, and tries to stab her with its stinger. Nora notices this, and fires off another blast, slamming its head into the ground and making a slight crater.

She leaps back due to the recoil, but as she slides back to avoid the stinger that came and stabbed into the ground, she accidentally bumps Blake off the bridge. Ben's eyes pop out for a second as she sees the cat girl get flung off.

"Ah!" She yelps as she starts to fall. Ben runs over to the edge with the Omnitrix ready.

"Blake!" He shouts out in worry.

There was nothing to worry about though. As she descends down, she sees the Nevermore above her and launches her whip so that the gun's blade sunk into the edge of the bridge, circling around and leaping onto the aerial Grimm's back. She dashes all over its body, slashing the entire time, before jumping off and landing on the ruined platform at the top of the columns next to Ruby, then going over to Yang and Weiss.

"Whew…" He sighs in relief. A marble of sweat drops down his cheek as Ben turns back around.

The Deathstalker's stinger, which was still embedded the bridge, was finally pulled out by the Grimm, causing the bridge to become unstable. Jaune looks at everyone and issues an order.

"We gotta move!" He yells. Everyone nods, and they all start to rush towards it.

The Deathstalker aims a claw at Pyrrha, but she deflects it with her Akoúo shield and slashes it with her blade. The scorpion recoils and swipes at her with its other claw, but Jaune rushes in there to deflect it with his shield, knocking it back so Pyrrha can leap over and attack its face. Ren runs up firing and gets on the stinger when it tries to hit him, shooting at the base between it and the tail while Nora fires more grenades at the attacking claws, with Ben adding on with a flurry of bullets. Pyrrha hurls her javelin straight into one of the monster's ten eyes, making it throw Ren to the side in response to the sudden pain.

"Ren!" Nora cries out. Ren hits the side of a stone block hard and falls to the ground, not getting back up. Jaune, though, manages to stand and notice the stinger is hanging limply.

"Ben, Pyrrha!" He yells. The two notice what he was planning, and nod together.

"It's done!" The boy distracts the Grimm with another volley of bullets, forcing it to block with its snippers. The redhead raises her shield and hurls it like a discus, slicing the stinger off and causing it to fall into the Deathstalker's head as Pyrrha retrieves her rebounding shield. It roars in great pain as Jaune turns to Nora.

"Nora, nail it!" He orders. She nods as she runs towards Pyrrha.

"Heads up!" She yelps as she leaps up. Jumping on Akoúo, Pyrrha leaps as Nora aims her blast down to give herself a tremendous lift, and she smiles the entire way up before twirling down until her hammer slams its head into the stinger, driving the point through the Death Stalker's head and crushing the bridge beneath it.

"Talk about an explosive intro!" Ben yells a pun as he and Jaune get thrown over. Nora snorts in response to it as Pyrrha spins gracefully over.

Nora fires up and away behind them as the monster falls to its doom. Jaune hits the ground on his back, Nora lands on her bottom, Pyrrha manages a crouched pose, Ben lands on his feet though about to fall over, and Ren simply walks over to them, panting and groaning until he just collapses. The other four get up and watch as the Nevermore gets continued to get peppered with firepower.

"Ack, I think they need some help." Ben grunts as he starts dashing towards the bridge. Jaune reaches out for him, but he and the rest of the group are blinded by another flash of green.

"Gah, I hate it when he does that!" he whines as he covers his eyes again.

As it disappears, the four witness a winged insectoid alien flying towards Ruby's group. He had a bug/insect body and four insect-like flat legs with two arms, whose hands were human-style ones with a black coloration, similar to fingerless gloves, and has three clawed fingers. He had four pedunculated eyes that are pretty small and green in color. These eyes were linked directly to the sides of his huge black head. His wings looked very fragile with lines on them. His limbs are a brown-greenish color and his wings are light green. The Omnitrix dial was located on his forehead. He had green and black sleeveless and legless clothing.

The four watch in wonder as it begins to fly off, but immediately, Nora's wondrous smile turns to a frown as everyone covers their noses.

"Aw man, you reek!" She yells. Ben sighs.

"I know…! That's why this guy's called Stinkfly!" He yells back as he starts to fly across the chasm.

Coming closer to the central tower, Stinkfly could see Yang burning through her ammo on the Nevermore. Landing a blow at its face and causing it to head right towards her, she leaps for its open maw and forces the beak wide open as she attacks.

"I! Hope! You're! Hung-ry!" She says as she punches blasts into its mouth repeatedly. Stinkfly frowns upon seeing the savage attack. She looks behind herself and jumps back from its mouth onto a ruin, causing the creature to crash into the cliffs. It screams as though it were cursing at the blonde girl.

The Nevermore recovers quickly, and Yang smiles as she spots Ruby and Blake on the broken columns with Weiss rushing in. She then notices Stinkfly above them, and she tilts her head for a moment, before realizing the Omnitrix dial on his head. She chuckles as she passes the snow girl. The avian Grimm starts to fly up once more as they get together.

Weiss however hops over to the ruin it's lifting off of and freezes the tip of its feathery tail to the ground, leaving it stuck in the same spot despite its flapping. Weiss back-flips into a snowflake-circle jump and lands on the other side, running to the group.

Blake hears the flittering of Stinkfly's wings, and smiles for a moment before she fires the pistol portion of Gambol Shroud over to Yang, and the two tighten it between the columns so Ruby can jump on the center with Crescent Rose and bend it back into Weiss' black sigil, right next to the caster. Stinkfly lands next to them, reverting back to Ben.

"Hey." He greets them. Ruby chuckles.

"You have a bug form too? That's so cool!" She starts. Weiss groans as she turns to them.

"We don't have time for this! Tell him about the plan already!" She grouches. Ruby squeaks, and Ben comes over next to her ear. She whispers a few things to him, and the boy grins.

"Oh! I think I have something we can use!" Ben says as he jumps onto Crescent Rose. Ruby turns to Weiss with a smile.

"You think you can make the shot?" She asks.

"Hmph… Can I?" the ice girl responds confidentially. A second passes, and Ben and Ruby glance at her with unsure looks.

"…Can you—"

"Of course I can!" She growls in response to both of them. Ruby narrows her eyes as she clocks Crescent Rose.

Weiss turns the circle from black to red and releases Ruby and Ben at such a speed that the ground behind her launch cracks, with rose petals flying from her ascent. With each new shot from the sniper, they get closer and closer to the trapped Grimm until her scythe catches the Nevermore's neck in its blade and causes them both to fall to the cliff wall. Weiss raises her sword and creates a series of white circles up the wall, prompting the next phase of the plan.

"On you, Ben!" Ruby shouts. He nods as he quickly activates the Omnitrix.

A slam to the core creates another flash of green, replacing Ben with a humanoid Velociraptor. He had black wheels on his feet and wore a helmet with a visor, leaving the other features of his head unknown. Whenever the visor did come up, one could see that he had a blue face, green eyes, black lips, and stripes above and on the right side of his eyes. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. He has five blue stripes on his tail, and wore a black skin tight suit with a green stripe down the center.

"OH! What's this one do?" She asks as she wraps one arm around him, with the other holding the Nevermore with Crescent Rose. Ben grins as his visor shuts down.

"Well, let's just say that this will be an exhilarating XLR8-tion!" He inadvertently puns.

Ruby was about to retort whether or not that was a pun or not, but she quickly stutters back as the dinosaur like alien begins to manipulate friction to accelerate up the mountainside at blinding speeds. The girl was so shocked, because it was massively faster than her own Semblance.

"Hoooooly cooooooooow!" She screams with joy as the speedster alien starts to zoom up. Everyone one down below could see the blinding speed trail of black, blue, green, and red as the two drag the Grimm by its neck.

XLR8 shouts out as he continues to carry the weight of both Ruby and the Nevermore. As he reaches the top of the cliff, he circles up, allowing Ruby to fire one last shot using all the momentum they currently had. Releasing her hold on XLR8, she grips Crescent Rose and severs the Nevermore's head from its shoulders with a clean slice, leaving the rest of its body to start falling down to the ruins.

XLR8 does several flips into the air, before tapping his Omnitrix dial midflight. As the Nevermore's head lands on top, he lands in a crouched position, while Ruby does so as well, letting her weapon rest of her shoulder as it goes slightly into the floor. A shower of petals followed her for a moment, before dispersing into the wind.

The girls and, farther away, Jaune, Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren watch in amazement. Blake smiles at the sight of Ben standing triumphantly as he and Ruby walk to the edge of the cliff. Their hair and Ruby's cloak flow with the wind as the rose petals flow down.

"Wow…" Was all Jaune could say. Yang nudges Blake while grinning.

"Well… that was a thing!" She says, but then sighs with relief. "Let's not do that again!"

"Please…" Ren desperately agrees. Standing with smiles on their faces, Ben and Ruby give each other fist bumps as they start to descend down the cliff, and begin to return to the starting area with everyone else…

"…And the next four…"

Faint sounds of an audience clapping are heard, growing louder and louder as the familiar voice of Ozpin was heard.

"Russel Thrush. Cardin Winchester. Dove Bronzewing. Sky Lark." Ozpin calls out. Two screens showing some of the four teens that were participating in initation with Ruby and everyone else was shown. Their portraits rearrange in order as Oz turns to them.

"The four of you retrieved the black bishop pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team CRDL, led by... Cardin Winchester!"

The four nod in response as the audience gives off another wave of claps and cheers as they leave the stage. As they do so, Jaune, Ren, Pyrrha, and Nora begin to walk on stage.

"Jaune Arc. Lie Ren. Pyrrha Nikos. Nora Valkyrie. The four of you retrieved the white rook pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team JNPR."

As he announces the results, Nora giggles as she gives Ren a hug. The teen smiles as Ozpin continues, and this time with a small smile.

"Led by… Jaune Arc!"

Jaune blinks, and points to himself in astonishment. "H-Huh? L-Led by…?"

Oz nods. "Indeed. Congratulations, young man."

A grinning Pyrrha offers a friendly shoulder bump to Jaune and tries to hug him, but her "fine leader" gets knocked over and falls to his butt in front of the laughing audience. Jaune chuckles for a bit, and watches as Ruby's group comes along.

"And next…we have Blake Belladonna. Ruby Rose. Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long." The four of you retrieved the white knight pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team RWBY. Led by... Ruby Rose!"

He says that as he notions toward them. Ben and Team JNPR clap together as Yang hugs Ruby.

"Oooh! I'm so proud!" She shouts. Ruby smiles, but she and the others then turn to Ben, who remains in the crowd. Staring at Ozpin, the man raises a finger.

"And finally… Due to some unforeseen incidents in the initiation, an uneven amount of placements were created. Let us give a moment of silence for those who did not pass…" He starts. Everyone does so, and Oz smiles.

"…And, without further ado, I'd like to announce a…special placement for our last guest." He says as he glances at Ben. He blinks in suspicion, but that goes away as the screens switch to his portrait.

"Ben Tennyson…"

Everyone wonders who that is, and as he walks onto the stage, most of the audience besides Team RWBY and JNPR reacted with mixed looks and chatters. Ben ignores this as he stands firm in front of Ozpin.

"It's good to see you've survived this challenging task, young man." He starts. Ben merely nods, prompting him to push his glasses up as he shows the screens of both Teams RWBY and JNPR.

"You received the white queen piece. We would like to propose something for you regarding these other two newly created teams. Please, all of you remain here after this."

Both teams and Ben nod. As Ozpin dismisses the crowd, it takes around a few minutes for them to leave. After they do so… Ozpin stands in front of the nine students...



"What's this about, Professor Ozpin?" Ren finally breaks the ice. Jaune nods in agreement. He looks at the two, and with a wave of his hand, motions for Glynda to arrive through the back stage.

"I shall explain that." She answers. Ruby gulps upon seeing the blonde, but tries to keep a straight face.

"Typically, most of you know that you must possess a certain degree of traits and requirements to apply for this Academy, yes?" She asks. Everyone glances at one another and nods in unison.

"Well, I'm sure as you know, all of you have shown us these in your recent battles, but there's always the universal one that stands out. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about." She explains. Nora raises and eyebrow in wonder, but Blake sighs.

"…Age." She says. Glynda nods.

"Indeed. It's obviously correct that individuals of a younger age should not be admitted into facilities over their heads, but…here you can see that two of the nine of you are just that. Ms. Rose, Mr. Tennyson." She glances at the two.

"…The very reason why they are here is because of me." Ozpin starts. "Normally I wouldn't do such a thing, but those two caught my eye with their unique skills and abilities."

"…Like the fact that Ben can turn into some awesome looking monsters?" Nora blurts out. Ren tries to cover her mouth in response, but Ben sighs as he slumps down.

"…I was hoping to keep it a secret." He replies. Blake looks at him with worry, but Oz raises a hand.

"Now, now, you're not in any trouble. If anything, it'll make this school year a more interesting one. I do have to be honest though. I, as well as some of our staff, are a bit curious about your transformations, but we'll save that for another time. Right now, we have to assign you your placement." He proclaims.

"But how? Everyone's already on a team." Yang answers. Oz takes a sip from his mug as she says that.

"We are aware of that, which is why we propose that he…could pair up with both teams. Not as a permanent member of course, but as an extra one that can switch in between one and the other at a due's notice." He suggests. Everyone looks at him with strange expressions, but Yang and Nora seemed to like the suggestion.

"Hey, that sounds pretty nifty!" The hammer girl chuckles. Yang grins. "Sure! Ben can have the opportunity to sleep in a room full of girls!"

Ben's face turns bright red while Blake frowns. Ozpin chuckles, and then steps forth.

"So…why don't we decide the placement of young Tennyson? How about a simple game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'? The team who wins can either choose from a time schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday." He proposes. Everyone looks around, and eventually turn to Ben.

"Uhm…sure. Okay, let's go with that I guess." Ben answers with an unsure shrug. Oz nods, and notions for Ruby and Nora to come up.

"You're on, Ruby! Don't think you can have him all to yourself just cause Blake's on your team!" She smiles.

Ruby's cheek turn slightly pink upon hearing that, but luckily for her, no one noticed. Grinning, the two take their stances. Oz stands in front of them both with an arm raised.

"This will be a one on one match! The first to gain a point wins!" He yells. Nora pulls her arm back as if she were going to pull a revolver for a duel.

"On your marks. 3… 2… 1… GO!" He smacks his hand down. Ruby and Nora dramatically swing their arms out with their hand motions.



"…AAAAAH! Darn it!" Nora grumbles as Ruby chuckles. Ren shakes his head over this silly thing, while Pyrrha and Jaune giggle. Blake gives off a small smile as Yang nudges Ben's head.

'I think I'm seeing where this is starting to turn out…!' She says. Ruby seemed to be extra happy about winning, which prompted the blonde to get to get a thought in her mind.

"So, which shall it be, Ms. Rose? Schedule one, or number two? The choice is yours." He offers. Ruby raises her hand after a moment of thinking.

"We'll take the Monday, Wednesday, Friday time!" She responds. Ozpin nods, and Glynda types out a few things on her screen.

"Well, that's that then." Oz finishes his coffee. "Now that's everything according to plan, and that night is soon approaching us, I suggest you now go to your dorms to rest for the first day of classes. Your Scrolls will give you every piece of information you require for now. You are dismissed."

With smiles on their faces, Team… RWB(B)Y and JNP(B)R start to exit the auditorium. As Oz watches them leave, he takes out a Scroll of his own. He smiles at the people watching through it.

"Now then, won't this be an interesting year everyone?" He ends as the screen fades away… One thing was certain, this year was going to be full of surprises!

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