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Others Watch

She carries identical vanilla lattes and trots down a few steps into the D.E.O. Headquarters, skirt swishing with the breeze she makes. There's a pep to her step and she's unable to stop the anxious jitters running through her.

"And here you are," smiling brightly Kara hands an espresso to her sister and stands with her own drink, careful to avoid Alex's broken leg. Her focus turns to the displays made by the holotable.

Alex raises a delicate brow at her. She waits, a moment of silence passing between the two. "Seriously? That's all?"

"I asked if you wanted a bagel too!" Kara yelps.

Alex skeptically narrows her eyes. "That's not what I meant."

"Look," Kara sighs. "I know you want to have another deep, meaningful conversation about Mon-El and Imra and how I feel, but really I'm fine. Everything has just..." Her words trail off as she catches sight of a man with turquoise skin and a head of shockingly white hair. "...just…"

A week has passed since he'd helped her break free of the coma-induced prison her subconscious had trapped her in. And Querl has barely spoken to her since. They'd exchanged friendly greetings when he'd casually crossed her path after the latest battle against Reign. But since then, Mon-El had a seemingly endless amount of work to keep Querl busy. Which made it difficult to for her to find a moment to speak with him again.

He crosses the open briefing room alongside Winn, both examining the tablet Winn carries with keen interest. He doesn't notice she's across the room staring at him with interest.

"You'll need to reboot it," he says to Winn, though Kara's stellar hearing picks up his voice as if he were directly beside her. He has a nice voice, not as deep as James' or J'onn's, but one she's quickly associated with the calm feeling that spreads whenever she hears it.

She lets out a soft sigh.

"Yeah," Winn whines across the room. "I tried that already."

"Well," Querl shrugs. "May I suggest purchasing a separate computing system for your games?"

Winn frowns and tries the tablet's power button again. "I have three at home. This was supposed to be part of my 'at work' set up."

"The D.E.O. allows such activity on premises?"

"Look, man," Winn grunts, glowering at the piece of tech. "Overwatch is like, a super big deal during this era."

Querl tilts his head, confused. "It is a game."

"Yes, but it's so much more than that." Winn shoves the tablet into his messenger bag. "Thanks anyways, sorry I pulled you from the lab for nothing."

The Culuan smiles, "it is no bother, truly. I suspect it is good for my being to restrict my time locked away with research. I don't actually remember when I last ate."

"What?! My man, we are getting you a burger, stat!" Winn clamps a hand on Querl's shoulder and leads him towards the lounge room, where a pile of take out menus are stacked.

Kara licks her lips.

Alex darts her eyes from her younger sister to the retreating pair and back before her mouth drops. "Oh. My. God. Everything makes so much sense now!"

"What?" Kara snaps her head to look at her, a blush rising to her cheeks. "What?"

"Nuh-uh. Nope," Alex snaps her mouth shut and mock 'locks' it with an invisible key. "I'm not even gonna say."

"Say what?" Panic crosses her face, which only makes Alex laugh in good old fashion sibling jest.

"Tell me, Kara," Alex teases with a twinkle of mischief in her eye. "What was it really like having Brainy in your head during your coma?"

Kara's blush is a furious red and she ducks her head down to stare at her coffee in embarrassment. "...oddly intimate," she answers softly.

Alex chuckles and takes a drink of her latte. "Is that why -"

"Yes," she says it quickly. "Yes, okay? Yes. I can't stop thinking about him. It's-it's like he never left my mind. Which, I know sounds creepy. But it's not. It's really not. It's just - I can't - I don't -" she stutters before raising her eyes to her sister. "Help me, Alex. Please?"

"Oh," Alex blinks. She looks Kara over, taking in the somewhat disheveled hair and purplish bags under her eyes. "Oh. I didn't realize it was like that."

Kara chews her bottom lip and nods.

"You know," Alex throws an arm around her sister's shoulders and pulls her into her side. "You could just talk to him."

"He's always working," Kara groans and leans into her sister. "I swear, I've tried to buy some alone time with him, but it's practically impossible. If Mon-El doesn't have a job for him, J'onn does."

"Just offer your help, I'm sure he'd appreciate it." Alex squeezes her shoulder in an effort of comfort.

"Oh yeah," Kara rolls her eyes. "Big help I would be. He's a twelfth level intellect."

"What does that even mean?" Alex frowns, still holding her sister tightly as Kara's nerves battle on.

"Culuans are the most intelligent beings in the galaxy, Alex. And Brainy," her voice drops softly. "He's the smartest of them all."

"So what? You're Supergirl."

Kara snorts. "Lot of good that'll do me! Brute force isn't going to impress him and my intellect sure isn't. I should just-"

"Ugh, Kara," Alex groans loudly. "Shut up. Seriously, listen to yourself! You do this every time with every guy you crush on."

"What? I do not!"

Alex raises a brow again, and Kara shrinks under her stare.

"...maybe I do." She gives in. "But this-"

"Is really different," Alex finishes. "Yeah, I've heard that before. Look - no, don't say anything, let me finish - Kara, if you like him, you gotta spend time with him. Stop staring longingly from across the room. And stop using your powers to eavesdrop on his conversations! If you like him, like, really like him, hang out with him." Alex drops her arm from Kara's shoulders. "Right now." Leaning heavily on her cane to take pressure off her broken leg, Alex begins to hobble away.

"What?!" Kara yelps.

"You heard me." Alex calls over her shoulder without breaking her limped pace. And then she is gone.


His lunch was canceled the moment Mon-El came into the D.E.O. lounge room, complaining about time sensitive research and analysis that Querl had seemingly neglected.

Neglected. As if that were possible. His sole purpose and position on the Legion of Superheroes depended entirely on his intellect and the work he produced. If he neglected anything the team would be useless in its methods and practice. The flight rings they wear were his invention, he embedded Imra and Mon-El's DNA with the information to destroy the Blight of the 31st Century. As well as many more creations and discoveries he's made over the years.

Yet, it is never enough.

Hungry, overworked (which he didn't think was possible for his species), and thoroughly annoyed, Querl glared damnedly at the D.E.O. computer screen before him. His assignment - if you could call it that - was to obtain as much information regarding Reign as he was able, as much history of 21st Century Earth as was available, go over any and all repairs for the Legion's ship, and so on and so on and so on.

His tolerance levels were diminishing quickly and annoyance grew within him. These tasks were not difficult, but time consuming. Especially with the computer J'onn had allowed him access to. This ancient, waste of wires and gigabytes that operated slower than anything from his own time.

A growl of frustration leaves his lips as he stares impatiently at the screen, waiting for it to finish downloading pdf files.

Whatever those were.

Behind him, soft footsteps announce the arrival of another, and without looking Querl practically barks at his visitor. "In case you've forgotten, I am the most intelligent being on this entire planet. And I do not need you hovering over me!"

When he's met with silence he turns to find Kara standing in the doorway with two brown paper bags, one labeled Big Belly Burger and the other Eden's Garden. With raised brows, wide eyes, and dropped jaw she looks spooked and uneasy.

He jumps out of his chair. "Supergirl! I -"

"I-I didn't mean to interrupt -"

"- didn't realize it was you -"

" - just thought you might be hungry -"

" - please, excuse my behavior. Mon-el asked -"

"Here." She shoves the bags at him, averting her eyes. "I-I didn't know if you were a vegetarian or carnivore. I-I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have broke your concentration. I-uh-I-" she speeds off without finishing her stammered sentence, leaving him holding her offerings.

"Wait!" Hastily, he sets the food on a nearby computer desk and tries to run after her. A foolish act, he realizes, since Kara had superspeed and could very well be on the other side of the country now - thanks to him.

He practically smacks into Mon-El as he rounds into the hallway.

"Jeez, Brainy, watch it, will yah?" The Daxamite mock rubs his shoulder with a teasing grin on his face, causing only more annoyance for Querl.

He ignores the jest and tries to continue on, dismissing the probable bruise he'll have on his own body. But Mon-El blocks his exit and speaks at him. Though the words leaving his mouth don't directly matter to Querl in that moment and he finds himself snapping at the Legionnaire before dipping around him to continue down the hall.

Alex stands with J'onn in the briefing room, both bent over a file stamped CLASSIFIED and debating their next plan of action. Winn and his own assistants type rapidly on their keyboards, eyes glued to computer screens. He scans for Kara, coming up with nothing and promptly feeling guilty for scaring her off.

Damn insensitive buffoon! He curses himself and resigns to giving up and returning to the lab - the only place he's of any use.

Imra enters from another hallway across the room and instantly notices him, easily sensing his distress with her telepathic powers.

Gingerly, she brings two fingers to her temple and connects their minds. Everything alright? Is it Mon-El? Has he left you with more work again?

Querl sighs, his shoulders falling and making him the picture of defeat. Have you seen Kara?

She smiles. Just passed her on my way in from the medbay. Hurry, you may catch her before -

Thank you, He's running before any of his twelve intellects tell him otherwise.