A/n : Sesshomaru is my favourite character. I think living with Rin, some of her personality has certainly affected him :)

It was another bright sunny day and the odd gang had stopped near a river for rest.

The forest was silent and the air warm and breezy and Sesshomaru sat under a tree, not quite sleeping but staring into space. Internally he loved these moments of utter peace. The threat of Naraku was still there but Naraku was laying low at this time. He idly watched Rin play all by herself, she was playing hopscotch and humming a pleasant tune. She had drawn the squares in the ground and now was trying to balance on one foot and jump as far as possible. She was rather good at this game, Sesshomaru noted.

Soon the night fell and Rin after having dinner was sleeping next to Ah Un.

Jaken too was dozing near by. Sesshomaru's gaze wandered to the squares on the ground and a strange curiousity grew within him. He got up and went near it. He picked up a nearby stone and threw it at one of the squares, just as he had seen Rin do. He accidently threw it with too much force and it landed far away than intended. Huffing, he picked another stone and with careful aim tossed it. It landed in the last square and he was secretly pleased at mastering this art. Feeling more brave and adventurous, he tried to hop on one foot to the first square, but immediately as he jumped, he landed 25 feet away. He stopped and turned around. No this simply would not do. He had to do this. With considerably less force. He tried again and landed again far away than the intended target. He growled.

Ah yes. He took a nearby tree trunk and drew his own hopscotch squares on the ground. There. Now this was a challenge. The pattern now covered a large area, with the river flowing in the middle of it. He smiled.

Jaken and Rin woke up to an odd sight. Sesshomaru seemed to be leaping gracefully across the wide river. His speed was so fast that he was a blur. But it was very obvious to both of them. He seemed to be quite pleased about something.