Author's Note: A One-Shot I've been working on for a while, I have no plans on making this an actual story while Digital/Extra is still in the works, and with Digital/Lunar Hearth only having recently released. Unless I get bombshell by Reviewers for more… That tends to happen. Anyway! This was made as a One-Shot story idea for the 'Digital Human' series I've been beginning.

EDIT: Damn it, you guys really want a Godzilla story don't you? Fine, I announce this NO LONGER A ONE-SHOT. I'll update it on occasion.

Full Summary: A mistaken wish transports Hakuno Kishinami into a world where humanity finds itself threatened by giant monsters. Hopelessly outmatched, mankind faced certain doom. If not for the magus girl having also summoned their potential salvation, or destruction, as a Berserker Servant: Godzilla. But can Hakuno handle a King of Monsters that hates humanity with an insatiable rage?

Enjoy the story, everyone! A mistaken wish that leads to consequences, that which inadvertently brings either the salvation or demise to the mankind by a creature who knows rage against them; The King of Monsters.


Chapter 1: Mistaken Wish

1944 A.D.

Lagos Island, an isolated island with no human inhabitants, at least, that was the case for the most part. As off its coastline, a Japanese Naval ship sailed away from it, having recovered a group of survivors from a recent conflict that around the globe would call World War II, a separated number of soldiers that had stayed on Lagos Island for days, engaged with American soldiers, before they were saved by the strangest thing, a dinosaur.

The remnant of the past had struck out against the Americans, killing a vast majority of them before they sounded a retreat back to their ships, in revenge, the military fired off rounds that pierced an heavily injured the creature, leaving it slowly perish on the island from blood loss, the Japanese survivors unable to tend to their saviors wounds due to lack of both supplies and inexperience with animals.

However, as the Japanese men left, they would never know that this very same dinosaur would become something more, the world's protector, a Defender of Earth, the King of Monsters; Godzilla.

In the sky, an unnatural orb of energy suddenly erupted out of nowhere, erratically pulsing with chaotic force before it burst open with a dazzling display of light, and revealed a massive monster with golden scales, twin tails, and three draconic heads as well as gigantic wings on each side of the body.

In the future, this monster would earn the title: King Ghidorah.

It roared with fury, rage, and an innermost hatred for all civilization and life; yellow electric-like sparks current around its form with a vengeance of seemingly equal magnitude.

Along towards the airspace on the other side of Lagos Island, a gentle thrum echoed before an orb of rainbow hues blew outward with a calming show, another creature of great size flew out of it, beautiful and radiate, it had the appearance of a giant moth.

Since time immemorial, this creature was known as Mothra, Guardian of the Earth.

Mothra had a mission, prevent the Destroyer, King Ghidorah, from eliminating the origin of Godzilla from history.

King Ghidorah detected Mothra's presence immediately and flew to engage her at mach speed, seeking to eliminate the threat the Guardian of Earth presented to the Destroyer Masters' plans. Yet, despite the rate the massive monster flew, Mothra evaded Ghidorah's tackle with relative ease, insectoid wings beating with a serene grace.

The Guardian of Earth made a sharp turn, and passed right over the enemy's head, six carapace legs scratching the durable scales as Mothra flew. It barely affected King Ghidorah, and the Destroyer seemed to snort in amusement before roaring with hate as its three heads aimed and fired three yellow lightning attacks, known as gravity beams, at the moth.

In defense, Mothra released flakes from her body, which from a visual standpoint, would seem like a golden radiance. These bright pieces dispelled the trio of gravity beams into harmless sparks of electrical energy when they approached, rendering King Ghidorah's attack useless against Mothra's tactic.

Angered, the three-headed dragon increased speed to mach three, breaking the sound barrier trice over in an effort to catch and tear its opponent apart.

But the moth evaded all its jaws, and even the tail, with unreal agility. Mothra brought its stringer-like appendage raised up, and out fired dozens of large needles that impacted King Ghidorah's scales with sparks created by the physical collision, which further irritated the dragon.

It didn't understand why the Guardian of the Earth was causing it so much trouble.

Suddenly, King Ghidorah's hearing picked up a distant sound, a combined set of voices singing in a rhythm, while the song angered the Destroyer to no end, the dragon understood why the insect seemed more capable than usual.

Mothra was receiving a boost of energy from the spiritual connection to a pair of twin fairies, two tiny human appearing girls no bigger than a few short centimeters, the Cosmos who sang with a mystical note to the Guardian of Earth's empowerment.

This was also how Mothra managed to gather the force necessary, receiving aid from Gaia, the embodiment of Planet Earth, through the spiritual connection to make a temporal pathway to this time period in order to stop King Ghidorah.

In another world, one could say Mothra was connected intertwined with the Counter Force, to prevent both the destruction of Earth and Humanity.

King Ghidorah knew that with all these odds stacked in Mothra's favor, it would not be able to accomplish killing the Guardian of Earth before the time limit expired and sent the dragon spiraling back to the present day. So, with an intellect borne from millennia of destroying Civilizations, and that which connected him with its true master, King Ghidorah shifted attention to the primary focus.

Mothra, having realized the Destroyer focus had deviated towards the injured dinosaurian creature on Lagos Island, the very animal that would later change into Godzilla upon the testing of Nuclear weaponry, made a beeline towards King Ghidorah.

However, the three-headed dragon anticipated this, and suddenly turned, catching the moth with one of its massive jaws by the insect's wing, then with great strength, hurled the Guardian of Earth towards the ocean below.

It wouldn't take long for Mothra to recover, by then, King Ghidorah soared downward, eyes filled with hatred at the origin of its most despised enemy, and didn't take so much of a second to blast a trio of gravity beams, causing the dinosaur and all its environmental surroundings to explode with a display of fire, flames, and electrical-like energy.

The Guardian of Earth realized it had failed, and already could feel the temporal shift beginning to unravel with Godzilla's elimination from the time stream… But wait, it could still recall the name, which meant...

King Ghidorah swiftly changed direction, its body beginning to converge with energy as it began to make its leap back forward in time.

Mothra charged after the Destroyer and collided with the three-headed dragon, who seemed shocked for a brief moment at the moth's sudden intervention, large bouts of energy burst outward.

Then… Gone.

The monsters, the Kaiju, were gone as if never there to begin with.

All that was left of their presence was the burning remnants of Lagos Island.

203X A.D.

An ocean, a lunar chimeric sea of data, vast and infinite in scope, this is where one self-aware Artificial Intelligence magus girl drifted deeper into, this place known as the Moon Cell's Core. A young teenager known as Hakuno Kishinami, a person made of data, a Digital Human, sank helplessly into its depths, her body slowly eroding away from being scanned and deleted by the object she lay within.

The Moon Cell, a mass of photonic crystals built billions of years ago, older than the Earth itself, and limitlessly more advanced than of any of humanity's modern technology. A silent, constant observer that detailed and recorded every single aspect that was of the Earth's formation to the dinosaurs, to mankind, and even magic itself.

Its processing power was so incomprehensible that it could rewrite reality on the planet, such as it was called the Holy Grail by Humanity due to that.

The Holy Grail War also occurred within it, a kill or be killed tournament where mages called Masters downloaded themselves into the Moon Cell's digital network to partake in getting their wish granted, partnered with a Servant, also known as a Heroic Spirit, legendary figures from the past, present, or future to compete.

Hakuno Kishinami, a young sixteen-year-old carbon digital copy of a cryogenically frozen Hakuno Kishinami, was dragged into the Holy Grail War in a battle for survival after gaining self-awareness.

There… She killed every single Master and Servant she was paired against.

Not by choice, but for survival.

But, even then, she was going to be met with death, for an AI cannot enter the Moon Cell's very core without being deleted upon recognition.

Already, her memories were a blur, the Moon Cell was an observational powerhouse, capable of examining and recording even alternate timelines and paths the Earth could have gone. As such, so was the many possibilities on how the Grail War could have proceeded.

And she couldn't take it.

Her mind was confused and jumbled, forced with information of nearly endless possibilities that it overloaded even her digital mental capacity.

Her body was slowly vanishing into data particles, deleted in an agonizing pace.

"I… want to live…" Her voice whispered, a desire to survive, an instinct ingrained in all living things, including her.

"I wish…" She could barely think.

"I don't care if... If the world's on the brink…"

"I want to survive! I wish to go anywhere else but here!"

She then realized her mistake.

Hakuno Kishinami may be slowly being deleted, but the Moon Cell still viewed her as the rightful victory of its Holy Grail War.

The Grail is supposed to grant wishes.

So, it would grant Hakuno's wish, she wanted to live, a world that was on the brink, but also to survive. There were many worlds like that, so it picked a random one.

Accessing Regalia Ownership.

Moon Cell Ruler Designated.

Warning: Unknown Velber Star Presence Detected in Targeted Timeline.

Running Calculation…

Reassigning Master Status to Designated Owner.


Queueing Summoning Matrix.

Hakuno Kishinami saw a bright golden light erupt around her finger, a ring, no, a Regalia created and placed around the appendage.

Then, her vision wavered, and darkness overcame her consciousness as she felt herself spiraling into the sea.

2004 A.D.

Hakuno Kishinami suddenly gasped for breath and coughed in pain as she rolled around to spit out water from her lungs. A rough pat pressed against backside, and the Digital Human reopened her eyes to be greeted with a cold floor, she looked up, and saw a woman right in front of her, dressed in some sort of green camo military uniform that sharply contrasted her brown school uniform.

"Hey, you alright? No time to rest, civilians can't be here," The woman stated. "You should have evacuated hours ago, how are you even still here?"

"Huh?" Hakuno replied, having caught her breath, her eyes trailed to the image behind the girl to see a large bay, along with the smoke and fire of destroyed modern day buildings.

What? This was not the Moon Cell Core…

Then, the large noise echoed, and Hakuno instinctively covered her eardrums, after a few seconds it passed, and the magus girl looked to where it originated to find a massive, one-hundred and fifty meters long serpent-like monster with an eastern draconic head, yellow scales, and four legs, measuring probably thirty meters tall.

She doubted even a Servant could fight against something that size, at least, not without using their trump card.

"Get it together!" Another rough pat from the woman got Hakuno out of her thoughts. "Stand up and follow me, I'll lead you to safety."

The Digital Human was brought up forcefully on her feet, her left hand, where the still crimson red Command Seals throbbed in agony.

Wait, all three Command Spells were there… So where was her Servant?

She felt her arm pulled along, causing the magus to run forward and prevent herself from falling due to the woman's strength. They, of course, traveled away from the path of the gigantic serpent, Kaiju, and came across a military Humvee.

Her head hurt, why was she knows all this information?

The woman Self Defense Force soldier, pushed her into the backseat of the vehicle, closing the door behind the Digital Human. She then ran around and entered the driver's spot, where she then grabbed some sort of object and put her mouth near it, clicking a side button.

"This is Sergeant Akane Yashiro, I have a civilian here and seeking support fire on Monster Code: Manda, to distract it and evacuate."

["This is Admiral Tachibana, support will be inbound from Naval assets."] A masculine voice came from the radio in response to Sgt. Yashiro.

Hakuno hissed in pain, grasping her left hand tightly, the Command Seals were aching with extreme pain.

"What's wrong?" Sgt. Yashiro looked back to the magus, "Are you injured?"

"N-No," Hakuno replied, not physically at least, it was magical in origin.

She felt anger. She felt hate. She felt unyielding. She felt rage.

But it wasn't her own.

She decided to activate her magic circuits, a nervous system of magical energy tied to her soul and body, converting inner magical energy, od, into usable magical energy, prana, perhaps it would ease the pain?

However, the instant she did so, she felt a large drain on her reserves, and her body had to compensate.

A bright light suddenly shined brightly from her finger.

"What the hell!?" The Sergeant shouted in surprise.

An electronic chime echoed throughout the humvee.

Servant Summoning Complete.

Then the light dimmed and vanished.

The radio buzzed to life, ["Supportive fire beginning now- Huh? What do you mean you detect another blip on the radar? How big? Another monster?"]

"Sir? Sir, what's going on?" Sgt. Yashiro asked the device in hand.

Hakuno tapped on the Sergeant's shoulder, getting her attention, then the magus pointed forward.

Manda was staring at them.

"Oh shit," Sgt. Yashio commented as her hands when to the wheel and she floored it, the humvee jolted forth and Hakuno found herself pushed back against the seat due to the laws of motion

The serpentine monster roared at them and began to move, by some fortune, it was rather slow on land, but due to its size would still be faster than any human. Its jaws came down and narrowly missed the vehicle, causing the magus girl's heart to leap in fear and relief.

She felt threatened. She was in danger. This Kaiju sought to kill her.


There was a massive dip in her magical reserves out of nowhere that Hakuno Kishinami found herself collapsing onto the seat cushion, barely able to move around, but she saw it… Through the window… And she knew.

A breath of atomic radiation, colored in blue, blasted Manda to the far side of the bay, leaving explosion marks in its wake from the sheer, utter power.

And she knew.

There, standing in the midst of the bay, stood a dinosaurian-like monster, standing roughly more than a hundred meters tall, covered in black scales that looked like organic armor, with multiple lines of blue and white dorsal plates trailing along its back.

And she knew.

Its eyes burned with an orange hue, an inner flame that never died, a hatred that refused to calm. Its jaws clenched, teeth protruding out with a menacing scowl as if angered by the mere sight of everything before it.

And she knew, that this creature, this monster, was her Servant.


Class: Berserker.

The dinosaurian Kaiju roared in a challenge at Manda, the latter who just recovered enough to stand from the hit, already oozing blood from its heavy wounds brought upon it by Godzilla's lethal weapon, Atomic Breath.

Hakuno knew it to be but one of many Skills, most which were passively active at all times.

What she also realized was that Berserker, as was its… His class name; drained her magical reserves with an incredible, and dangerous consumption rate.

Berserker glanced down towards the humvee, towards her small, fragile form within.

He hated her, he despised her, he wanted to wipe her from existence, for she was human, but she was necessary for him to remain.

His so-called 'Master'.

The thought only furthered his rage.

A sharp breath escaped Hakuno, her heart pumping furiously in her chest, engraved fear slowly leaving her from making eye contact with Berserker. Once Hakuno Kishinami managed to calm down, she focused her attention back to Godzilla, only to find him completely ignoring her presence and roaring at Manda, which made her wince from the volume that made the vehicle's windows vibrate from its intensity.

It didn't take a genius for Hakuno to know that Berserker had a hatred for humanity, but it seemed the monster knew that Manda was a threat that needed to be eliminated.

"Damn it," Sgt. Yashiro spoke out, "The Humvee isn't responding!" She glanced outside, "And the new monster, we're going to have to go by foot then," The woman finished as she picked up a firearm, some sort of assault rifle, and slung it over her shoulder before opening the door. The Sergeant came around and opened the back side door, "What's the matter? Let's go!"

"I… I can't move," Hakuno said, Berserker drained her magical reserves immensely, especially so when he used that particular ability, Atomic Breath.

"What do you mean you can't move?" Sgt. Yashiro questioned, examining the magus girl for signs of injuries.

"My…" The Digital Human tried to find a way to describe it, "... Body is heavily strained, it makes it hurt to move." She was desperately trying to supply Berserker with prana to keep him active, as much as the monster Servant scared her, Godzilla was the only thing standing between her and Manda.

"Shock, fear?" The military woman said to herself, "I'll carry you if I have to!" She moved towards the magus and got into a position with the sixteen-year-old teen on her back, the rifle hanging down the front of her body instead.

Sgt. Yashiro seemed a bit surprised, "You're lighter than I expected for a teen…" She commented with a frown.

Hakuno didn't know how to respond to that, she was a Digital Human, so perhaps being made of data made her lighter? Or the real Hakuno Kishinami that the magus was based off was a bit underweight due to her disease, the very reason the living variant was cryogenically frozen.

Still, while the Sergeant carried Hakuno, jogging away from the battlefield between two monsters, the brown-haired girl watched the fight unfold.

He destroyed Manda.

The serpentine creature charged recklessly at the Servant, who stood there looking downward at the creature longer than himself, but barely reaching his upper thigh. He raised a foot and slammed it down, his weight and force creating an earthquake in itself that knocked Manda off its feet.

As well as her and Sgt. Yashiro.

Berserker, Godzilla, pushed forward out the bay, waves crashing against the works of man, and he stepped up, a massive tail swung and slammed downward onto Manda's skull.

The monster roared in agony and attempted to scurry up.

Hakuno felt her magical reserves dwindle too but a few drops in a metaphysical lake.

Godzilla glanced down at the fleeing opponent, dorsal plates on his backside began to glow with a blue luminescent light brighter than the sunlight that shines downward. He breathed in deep, closed jaws glowing from an inner flame, then opened wide to release a stream of condensed pure radiation.

It traveled across the air with heat that melted everything it touched, it first impacted against the ground flooring and pathways in back of Manda, which burned and exploded from the power.

It came upon the fleeing monster, and Manda knew death, came upon its inescapable demise, for the beam of radiation trailed up its entire body, exploding and imploding from not only the force but also Manda's inner body lifeblood superheating and bursting.

Manda didn't explode with blood or gore but by flame and ash.

Godzilla didn't stop, the breath continued upward and came across the tall modern day buildings and constructs of humanity, destroying them into fire, rubble, bringing them down to earth.

The horizon looked like a scorched realm.

The one-hundred-meter tall saurian turned around and entered the sea, leaving a burning background behind him, as he did, Hakuno Kishinami felt the drain of her magic circuits dwindle down to a more manageable rate.

But her attention turned to the scorched city, and Hakuno realized a terrifying truth of what she had done for the sake of her own survival.

She summoned a monster, terrible and destructive, a god among the beasts of calamity. Revelation dimmed by the Moon, mankind but ants to the King. A nearly similar soul brought together with her in the persecution of the masses.

For he is Gojira, King of Monsters, salvation, and doom wrought unto the world by the ignorance of humanity, now tied to the soul of one such born from the fires of war in the lunar chimeric sea.

How would Hakuno Kishinami have known that this very act had summoned forth Godzilla back into this world's timeline?