Author's Note: Here's a chapter for Digital Kaiju, featuring knives and monsters!

Enjoy the chapter everybody! A mistaken wish that leads to consequences, that which inadvertently brings either salvation or demise to mankind by a creature who knows rage against them; The King of Monsters.


Chapter 12: Monsters of the Inheritor

She was beautiful.

Almost serene, even standing in the artificial lighting, her stature represented a lax feeling that everything is fine, nothing serious occurred around them to warrant worry or concern. That with her presence nothing bad could happen that she could not deal with.

Yet, Hakuno Kishinami felt fear of this newly summoned Servant.

For this Assassin was a Monster from the depths of the Moon Cell's Arena. A strange entity that had slain ninety-nine Heroic Spirits, only to fall to Hakuno's own Servant at the end, after an intense battle.

And now this dangerous individual was her Assassin-Class Servant.

Logically, less dangerous than their previous encounter, but still a terrifying notion.

Hakuno scourged up whatever courage she could, standing on her own two feet, then spoke, "Assassin?"

Nia Tatoupolus spoke everyone's mindset, "What is happening right now?'

"Your guess is as good as mine," O'Neill replied.

A loud banging interrupted the brief peace, the noise of growling and animalistic screeching belonged to the reptilian baby kaiju, trying to breach the elevator doorway with brute force. The steel doorway shook from the impact, a decently-sized dent appeared inward on its right side.

"How noisy," Assassin said. "Summoned to deal with overgrown lizards."

The magus girl noted that the atmosphere surrounding her newly contracted Servant was far more pleasant to be around than the Monster of the Arena. As such, Hakuno Kishinami managed to gather up more courage to speak with the Heroic Spirit.

"Assassin, clear us a path to escape," Hakuno ordered.

"Placing work on me from the get-go, very well," Assassin spoke, revealing a type of knife in her grip, a steel blade with a simplistic yet functional design, more akin to a survival knife than some sort of mystical Noble Phantasm.

Hakuno reached for the button that would open the doors, but her hand was halted by Nia. "Wait, Hakuno," The older girl spoke. "What are you doing? If you open those doors, nothing is going to stop those monsters."

"It's fine, she will eliminate them all," Hakuno replied assuredly.

"I don't even know what she is!" Nia pointed accusingly at Assassin. "My head hurts when I look at her."

"Cause of your ability?" Hakuno tilted her head in question.

Nia's face flushed pink, she shook her head forcefully, taking her out of a stupor.

"No?" Hakuno mistook the expression as a denial.

"No, I mean, yes," Nia stuttered. "I don't know anymore…"

"If we are stuck here, we will die," The magus girl stated, then paused. "Do you know about Mothra?"

"Of course I do. What does it having to do with this?" Nia asked.

"You know about the twin fairies too?" Hakuno continued. "Assassin is like them," She lied.

It was the closest analog that Hakuno Kishinami could compare a Heroic Spirit to. The Cosmos faeries were not like Heroic Spirits, but they did share that same type of mystical outlook. Also, it would be far more accepting if Assassin had interfered voluntarily, rather than summoned by a human. She doubted there were any humans known to the governments that were similar to a Spirit Hacker.

Also, the Moon Cell should be kept a secret.

"I can tell that much," Nia replied while pressing against her temples. "Highly doubt a human would magically appear like that! Psychic or not!"

"What are your capabilities?" O'Neil went straight for the point rather than delay with questions.

Hakuno answered for Assassin, "She can handle the creatures single-handedly," She paused for a bit. "They won't be able to harm her."

Anything mundane would be unable to harm a Heroic Spirit without it having some sort of magical property, as they were supernatural spiritual entities as their namesake explained. At least, for a typical Servant that is, Berserker seemed agitated by the Maser Tanks, but he was a rather unconventional Servant.

A loud bang echoed into the elevator to a degree where Hakuno felt her ears ring a bit. She glanced back to the door to find a dent had opened up into a hole, allowing both sides to view the other.

Assassin didn't wait any longer and approached the dented elevator door before, in a flash of motion, her hand with a knife sliced multiple times and turned the door into scrap metal. This revealed the dozen hatchling mutated kaiju on the other side, who had stumbled back into one another from the sudden destruction of the door. The Heroic Spirit rushed forward without hesitation, her weapon cut apart the firstmost monster's skull with little resistance, blood and gore spilling out as evidence.

Hakuno Kishinami did not feel sick at this sight, such was commonplace in the Holy Grail War. Still, her Servant was so quick, so accurate in strikes, that the magus had difficulty keeping up. In but a few short seconds, the dangerous group of kaiju hatchlings had been reduced to lifeless corpses. Around this time, the other creatures attempted to snap and pounce at Assassin, but the Heroic Spirit weaved through them in a manner that almost looked akin to a dance, crimson liquid burst into the open, but not a single drop made its way to the blue attire worn by Assassin.

"We're moving!" Hakuno took charge, experiencing a Master returning to her, no longer lacking control as before the summoning.

Neither Nia or O'Neill objected.

The trio followed the trail of blood and gore that Assassin wove up the emergency staircase, always a step behind the Servant, Hakuno's eyes took sharp glances at every corner and shadow, pinpointing kaiju and directing Assassin's attention to any that threatened the group.

"Assassin, left!" Hakuno ordered.

The knife-wielding woman moved with grace as she turned and entered the left corridor at the exit of the stairs, her weapon gripped and arm thrust forward as another young monster became her victim.

A duo of the creatures in their path seemed to cough and sputter before streams of liquid fire, corrosive breaths similar to their parent, spat at Assassin.

Hakuno raised her hand towards the Servant.

A flash of memory, a city lit ablaze, the activation of her magical circuits which follows the imagery.

"Code Cast: Resist Flame 128!" Such a high-tier digital magecraft took a chunk of magical energy, but Hakuno was limited in her repertoire, and this was not the time to restrain.

A honeycomb shield surrounded Assassin as the corrosive breaths met it, but dissipated harmlessly against the defensive barrier. Shortly thereafter, the Servant killed the attacking twin kaiju. After its use, the effect vanished from sight, though Hakuno knew it would still be active for a bit longer.

It was not a wise decision to so carelessly use magecraft, even if it were related to the cyber world, in front of those unaware of it.

But considering the circumstances, Hakuno didn't want to risk anything.

Her ears rang loudly as O'Neill's firearm shot out inside the building, echoing only for a little while before escaping. It wasn't to the degree of noise as to harm Hakuno's hearing, not with how many other sounds the magus heard before, however, Nia was clutching her ears as she rushed along with the group.

It did seem to momentarily shock the young kaiju, who were becoming increasingly hesitant to approach the group due to Assassin's presence and actions. Still, because of that, it made the humans able to progress faster.

As such, they finally managed to reach a solid exit way, a large set of double doors.

There stood a massive group of the newborn creatures, huddled together at the entrance, awaiting some unseen indicator to venture outside.

"Assassin, cut the way through!" Hakuno ordered.

"What a pushy boss," Assassin remarked as she stepped forward "But I can see them now." Her voice took a more serious tone as her eyes shifted into a glowing blue hue.

She rushed forward at a speed that the group couldn't match, superhuman ability granted from the magical energy of a Servant. The moment she reached the first of the many, it was already dead with a slash at an odd angle that dropped it without a single burst of blood.

Hakuno Kishinami shivered in an underlying fear at what Assassin just accomplished.

To cut apart the lines of death, the eyes of the Heroic Spirit could see them with vivid clarity.

As the Monster of the Arena, the nature of the Heroic Spirit was what probably saved Hakuno Kishinami and her Servant. But a living entity like the kaiju before them was much easier to conceptually grasp, as such, easier for Assassin's Skill to take hold. In an instance, it didn't matter whether or not the newborn was healthy, Assassin would cut through their existence itself.

A number of breath attacks tried to harm Assassin, but were all negated by the Code Casts from earlier.

It was quite a mystery on why the kaiju even had the capability to harm a Servant. As a supernatural entity, only magecraft and objects carrying magical energy should be able to harm her.

They were getting through this nest, step by step, they pushed through the group of hatchlings that were increasingly deciding not to engage them in fear of preserving their own lives.

"We made it!" Nia shouted as she pushed against the door.

"Holy shit, we did," O'Neill agreed as the doorway creaked and opened to reveal a large parking lot under the moonlit sky.

The magus felt relieved that they were finally out of the nest, her Servant, Assassin, followed the group out as they proceeded to close the doors behind them, O'Neill checking to see if he could contact his superiors. Not that the kaiju newborn were following anymore, either out of fear of Assassin or some innate reason behind their earlier hesitation to leave.


Hakuno Kishinami nearly lost her breath, the sensation burning through the link between Master and Servant came crashing against her mind with brute force. There was only one particular Servant that was the cause of it.

A feeling of Rage.

"He's here."

On the shoreline of United States California, the beach waters suddenly began to recede as a bulge in the ocean expanded upward until collapsing into a wave, revealing the massive bulk of Godzilla surfacing and beginning his trek onto land.

It has taken him longer than he wished to catch up to his so-called Master's position on the planet. The annoying human sea-borne vessel had followed him for some amount of time but wisely didn't strike against him. That was the only thing that saved it, as the rage against humanity was momentarily overtaken by the pressing concern for his own existence due to another kaiju that dared threaten his proxy.

He had been lax with the human girl. She was causing him trouble, constantly attracting attention that had him moving to save her hide. If it weren't for the fact he had yet to know if she could survive living apart from humans on an isolated island, he would've just stuck her on one near his resting area.

Though… There was Infant Island… However, the resident Queen there did not sit well with his current nature as a Berserker Servant. He'd rather avoid the place.

As well as the fact that her young age might foolishly waste one of those Command Spells to prevent him.

Godzilla roared in a challenge, in an attempt to draw in the attention of the kaiju that dared try harming him indirectly.

The crumbling of the earth not too far away answered him, a species that had similarities to his own, but woefully inadequate. He will destroy this mockery in short order, it was far weaker than his old comrade from a few days prior, the real threat is to prevent its prodigy from leaving the nest. Godzilla recognized a threat to the world's balance if they were left unchecked.

Now standing before him in the city, the creature roared back.

Godzilla snorted in disdain.

This shall be over quickly.