Hey guys! First fan fiction I've ever written! I'm trying to make chapters a medium length and I won't be coming out with anything new on schedule; just whenever I finish. Please don't hate. Leave some recommendations about which way the story should turn. Love ya! xx

Chapter 1: The Beginning

My name is Cameron Ann Morgan (or Cammie for short), and I'm a senior at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. I've been chased for years by the Circle of Cavan, and just last summer I left to search for answers. It's been months since I last stepped foot in the school, and months since I've seen by best friends. Today's the first day I'll see them. Rather nervous, to be honest

"Okay. What should I do? What will I say? Will they forgive me?"

I hesitated for a second. "Should they forgive me?" I whispered.

I was flying on a helicopter, just high enough that the school censors couldn't detect me. I was planning on entering from the ceiling. It would shock everyone in the room, and frankly, I would rather avoid hundreds of punches from trained black belts. I heard a sound in my comms unit.

"Doll, if your planning on jumping, I'd do it now." Preston Winters voice came from over the roar of the helicopter. He was helping me find my way back, since I did run to him in Rome.

"Relax. I will." I hadn't even moved an inch


I couldn't open my mouth to answer. I simply nodded.

"Don't worry about it. They'll come around eventually."

"How do you know?"

Preston looked concerned, but I noticed the lingering pity behind them. I hated that look. I first got it after my dad died, then when I found out one of the most ancient terrorist organizations were after me. Turning around, I could hear the captain of the helicopter urging me to jump.

"Ma'am, you should really get going.

"Got it. Give me the go."


I jumped face first off of the helicopter and heard a faint good luck! behind me. Now or never I guess. When I got close to the glass ceiling, I straightened into a position similar to a diver before they hit the water. I felt the impact of the glass shattering around me, and I quickly somersaulted and landed in a crouched position. Behind me I heard a voice I thought I'd never hear again.

"Welcome to another year at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women."