Listen Temptation Sensation, only during this part though, for more laugh

-The Archieve protrayed by Neptunia-


-A Desperate Protagonist-

-The Loner-

-Iron Man's Biggest Fan-

-Anger Management-

-Ham and Rum-

-Female Chuck Norris-

-Battlefield 1's best soldier-

-The Transformers-

-A Gothic Villain-

-Black Pikachu-

-The Boobed Super Saiyan-

And Many More...

Written by: One of the Real Heroes of the Archive.

Co-ideas by: Some Random Black Guy

Even more Co-Ideas by: Some other Demon.

Protrayal I: Harem Fics

Neptune, Nepgear, Uzume, and Rei Ryghts rushed inside of a old wooden cabin as Uzume slammed the door.

"Barricade the doors and windows!" Uzume yelled, as everyone started nailing wooden planks to the doors and windows.

"Its over...! There're too many of the them!" Rei Ryghts yelled in defeat as Uzume smacked her across the face.

"Pull yourself together! There's a reason why I chose a Cabin in the Woods!" Uzume yelled.

"What?! Do we have a plan?!" Nepgear asked, as Uzume rolled up a carpet, which revealed a hatch. When she opened it, it revealed assault rifles, with ammuntion and gernades.

"Holy Neps." Neptune blankly said, while Uzume cocked a rifle. "Lock and load." Uzume said.

Everyone left took a gun. Noire, Vert, Blanc, even Plutia was gone...!

It was up to them to survive the Apocalypse.

"Uzume, any last words?" Neptune asked, as Uzume gave a glared at figures trying to break into the cabin.

"We shall not die here today. We shall survive and fight, for the rest of our lives if we must. We will not fall to those...things...!" Uzume exclaimed as the cabin walls started to give out.

And then they all fought the great epidemic.

Hey, the names' Satan, and I am new here. So~...yeah, enjoy my stupid idea of One Shots portraying the Neptunia Archive.

This fic is mostly for shits and giggles. What else do you want portrayed by the gang?

Until next time~!

But in all seriousness: MAuthorian-ApocalypseDemon gave me the idea if the shtick up above.