Hey guys, Flipkicks here, and today I bring you is a update for several of my stories "The Reaper's Memories", "Memories of the Reaper", "A Reaper's Promise" and "The Queen's Glaive".

I have been have problems creatively writing several chapters for each of my stories and I honestly do need help getting back to writing these stories.

A Reaper's Promise: It's one of my favorite projects that I know what I wanted until the struggles writing out the multiple characters started to get to me and how I wanted the plot to go until towards the middle part of the Soul Society arc is where I'm having the most trouble. I still want to go into the DXD arc.

Reaper's Memories: I'm definitely not giving up on one of my first stories that means a lot for me to finish. I still need to finish up the Phantom Arc and move on to other parts of the story. I still have the main ideas for Ichigo's romance but again, been having problems creatively.

Queen's Glaive: Adding some new parts to the story has been rather challenging with adding game features into my story and also making sure that it flows well and introducing the heroes and villain's to Ichigo.

Memories of the Reaper: Things have been getting complicated with how I envisioned the story and the plot and been losing some interest with the story, even though I liked where I had it going until a couple years back.