Jack Twist had to be the liveliest fella Bo had ever laid eyes on. He was quick to smile, order a beer, tell a joke or wink at a pretty waitress. Shoot, the Boar's Nest hadn't seen such spirit since Uncle Jesse had won the first Hazzard Derby.

Jack was already downing his third beer, while Ennis had barely touched his first. The two were corralled at the bar, while Daisy, Luke and Bo sat at their usual table in the center where they could gawk and gaze and wonder at the small smile creeping onto Ennis' face. It was a marvel, to see Ennis Del Mar, the secretive ranch hand, smile so broadly. It was like a dimmer switch, slowly, but surely, gaining light the longer and longer Jack stood in Ennis' presence.

"Wow," Bo said as he leaned into Luke, "Those two are quite a pair."

"They sure are," Luke said, "How in the Sam Hill do you think they became friends? I mean, Ennis is so...quiet, and Jack has more horsepower in him than the entire Nascar 500."

And the sheer effect that cowboy Jack seemed to have on Ennis was...supernatural. With Jack around, Ennis seemed more at ease, less agitated, it was as if he had a partner to help take the edge off.

Luke laughed, "Hey, maybe this Jack fella's actually some kind of con man working with Ennis to take all the money in Hazzard and now they're going to make their move."

"Oh hush now," Daisy said as she gently smacked Luke's arm, "That's no way to talk about your friends." She grabbed a pitcher of beer and sauntered over to where Ennis and his old pal were hunkered down, right beneath the boar's head that boss Hogg swore he hunted down himself.

Bo just watched in amusement. "Still, I wonder how those two met. There's no way they could have run around in the same circles. Ennis doesn't seem like the Rodeo Cowboy type."

"Well," Luke began, "Ennis did say they met on a job. Maybe they just kept hanging out with each other. Who knows, stranger things have happened."

But Bo wasn't entirely sure, Luke had always been one to scrutinize others (it might not have been a likeable trait but it did help keep Bo out of trouble when needed). Luke could be right, and Jack and Ennis were playing a long con. Maybe they had a score to settle with Boss Hogg and were trying to find the right time to strike. Ot maybe-

"Hey, Bo," came a bright voice from across the bar. Bo looked to see Jack's toothy grin, and thick palms waving up at him, "Ennis here tells me you and your cousin like Nascar?"

Bo nodded. "Yeah, it's been a dream of our to race in the Indy 500 since we were kids!"

Jack grinned wider, "Ain't nuthin' better than the feel of adrenaline rushin' through your veins," Luke said as he slapped Ennis on the shoulder. "I mean, I'm more into rodeo myself, but we're of the same mind, right? The gear shiftin', the tires screechin'. Like narrowly missin' the horns of a bull." Jack took one, long sip of his beer and sighed, "Ain't nuthin' like it in the world."

Bo banged his fist against the table, "Damn straight!" Shoot, a fella who knew about racing? And could talk to Bo about thrills was a man Bo could learn to love. Who cares if he and Ennis were a couple of con men. For a guy like Jack, Bo would give him his right arm.

Luke just rolled his eyes, he knew Bo, and anyone who could talk about thrills like that was someone Bo would marry...no questions asked.

"Well," Luke said as he gulped down his beer, "I guess you're alright with him."

"Uh…" Bo blushed and sat his rear end back on his hard wooden stool, "...well, I mean. The guy can't be all bad, right?"

But still...the affect the mysterious Jack Twist had on Ennis Del Mar was….intriguing, to say the least