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Harry woke up in a hazy world of platinum hair, warmth and the smell of spring flowers and a fresh rain. He pulled Fleur to his side and kissed her temple, with a mumbled "I love you." he released her, a light smile gracing her lips in her sleep. He eased out of bed and went over to their school trunk and dug through it doing his best to make as little noise as possible, he found what he was looking for in the bottom. The large box of ingredients from the chamber of secrets looked exactly the same as they found it, he pulled it out and began to study them. As he looked at the liver of a phoenix he watched as fire flamed around the still beating organ, even detached it somehow put out fire.

"'Arry?" Fleur's sleepy voice came from the mound of covers on the bed. "Over her Fleur… Fleur, wands use parts of magical creatures to power spells. And potions use them for different effects. Why don't enchanted objects use them?" Fleur sat up and wiped her eyes for a moment, Harry's eyes going to her breasts like magnets. She saw his eyes and smirked, "We do 'Arry, invisibility cloaks are Nundu 'air. Mummy powder is used in desiccating boxes… Stork feathers are put in baby pillows to help them breathe…"

Harry looked at her surprise written on his face "Really?" Fleur laughed, Harrys attention once more dragged to her chest "'Arry, you have been taking care of magical creatures for years. Zey tell you what the uses are." Harry gave her a rueful smile and rubbed the back of his neck "Uh, guess I hadn't really thought about it, what did you use in my boots?" Fleur stretched and got out of bed, she walked over to the bathroom and turned on the shower "Fleur?" Harry inquired from the ground in front of the trunk. Her finger stuck out of the bathroom door and crooked beckoning him.


Harry and Fleur had the various vials and boxes of ingredients and the kitchen table, Fluer looked it over "It is a fascinating collection 'Arry, but if we want to make things we should order more common materials." Harry nodded slowly "You used plain leather and magic on my boots, and some objects are magical simply because of the parts. Mixing both gives greater effects?" Fleur nodded "That is the idea 'Arry. Lets go buy more stuff, we can take ze twins."

They left the things on the table, grabbed their coats and went down stairs. They knocked on the door to the basement and poked their heads in, Harry yelled down the stairs "Oi, you two around? We are going to go get supplies." Freds soot-covered face popped up from the lip of their trunk "Harry! Supplies? Yeah, one minute." The sound of banging and a few curses came from the opened lid of the trunk, a minute later Fred and George climbed out. They went into Diagon Alley and went from store to store buying large amounts of supplies from various stores, Harry and Fleur put a good deal of the charges to their personal accounts but some things the twins picked out went to the business account.

After a few hours the twins stopped at the mouth of Knockturn Alley and looked at Fleur and Harry "Some things are… a little not legal. You guys okay with that?" Harry and Fleur caught eachothers eyes then laughed "Of course you guys use dodgy stuff, not too illegal?" Fred wobbled his hand in the air as if to say so-so. Fleur just rolled her eyes and lead the way into the Alley, she brushed past a hunched witch standing by a cauldron with what looked like bubbling cement in it to Harry. They only needed one store down here according to the twins, an antique store with dark looking objects and a back corner with an old library register. The twins expertly searched the many boxes, pulling out piles of various powders, dried twisted hanks of hair and a collection of what looked like scaled leather in different shades. They paid in galleons from Harry's pouch, nearly emptying it. The man eyed them oddly, his gaze lingering on Fleur.


They spent the evening digging through their new piles of supplies, Dobby brought them food, slowly putting it next to a free hand when he saw an opening. He quietly left them to their work. The twins ran down into their trunk and brought back what looked like a pile of school ties "You asked us to work on defensive objects, mind you these are prototypes and we don't have a name yet." George slid a tie over his head and held his arms out looking at Fred pulled his wand and shot him with a stunner, a brief blue tinged flash and the stunner never connected.

Fleur gasped "Zat is amazing." Fred shrugged "It protects your chest for a few shots, we wove in some ogre hair, unlike giants their magical resistance is more of an aura." Fleur grabbed one of the ties and inspected it closely, "Dobby?" Fleur said quietly as she looked at the tie. "Yes, Mistress Flower?" Fleur smiled at the little elf, "It's Fleur, Dobby. Would you get my enchanting tools from our school trunk?" The little elf bowed and disapparated in a crack of sound then appeared again holding a small polished wood box. She took it from him with a grateful look, she opened it and pulled out a small bronze colored tool that looked like a mix of tweezers and a magnifying glass.

Harry and the twins got closer in watching her closely inspect the tie, she made a small sound in the back of her throat and switched the first tool for a small tool that looked like a silver needle attached to a wooden handle the air charged around them, Harry's arm hair stood on end. She began to write on the back of the tie in a silver glow that disappeared as she went. She fished into the box and pulled out a small fleck of a shiny blue stone "Sapphire for protection…" she mumbled as she pushed it into the back of the tie, the fleck melting into the material. She looked up and grinned. "Zere zat should give it a boost." She handed it to Fred who put it on this time. Before anyone could react Fleur pulled her wand and shot a stunner at his head. A brighter sapphire blue flared briefly and the stunner dissolved. "Blimey." Harry said.

Fleur shot him a radiant smile "Simple enchanting 'Arry. Gems of different varieties can be used to improve certain strengths, tie them with a protection enchantment and…" she stopped and grabbed a spoon from a finished dish and threw it at Fred, another flash of blue and the spoon spun off across the room with a clatter.


The night before they left Harry dreamed of a snake-faced man standing in the great hall, bodies of Hogwarts students littered the ground Harry looked around in horror as he stood safely behind a sapphire bubble, Fleur held him wrapped in her arms, her warm breath on his neck as she whispered words of encouragement into his ear. The scene flashed in Harry's dream and suddenly his mother was chained to the gate, his father holding her, wiping her tears gently, they both looked forward, determination still written on their faces. The image flicked back to him and a standoff with Voldemort. Harry struck out with his wand and the creature in front of him laughed a high cruel sound.

Harry woke, he looked around, took his glasses from the bedside table and spent the rest of the night studying Fleurs enchanting books. Fleur woke and looked around the room, she spotted Harry asleep at the desk she tiptoed over and looked at his notes.

The fall of the castle, any defense can be broken when an offense is lacking

Sapphires provide defense, rubies empower offensive magic

Ollivander said Krum's wand was offensive because dragon heart string

Other magical creatures that attack…

The last word was sloppily written, Fleur stroked the back of his neck gently and packed their school things. She went to the kitchen and retrieved a large breakfast for them and placed it on the desk in front of Harry. She stroked his back until he slowly woke. His smile was met with her own.


Draco stood in his drawing room, man of the manor, his father had never returned from his last mission given to him by the man in front of him. He looked at Voldemort with a mix of terror and respect, he had been raised to respect power. Something inside of him whispered 'At what cost?' he ruthlessly shoved the thought down as his master looked into his eyes searching his very mind. "You are young, but you will honor your father. Open the gates and throw open the doors, and I will hold your fathers debt paid. And you will be a member in good standing."

Draco bowed deeply, his knees buckled as he felt a force push him to the ground and grind his face into the rug "You will not fail me like your father will you young Malfoy?" Draco struggled just to breath, he struggled with all his might just to shake his head, rubbing his bent nose with bruising force into the tight fibers of the rug "No my lord." he managed to pant out. The pressure let up and he looked up expecting his Lord to have left before he had recovered as was his usual way, Voldemort met his eyes and smiled. Draco couldn't help but shiver as he saw the inhumanity in those eyes.

"I will stay here and keep your mother company Malfoy." Draco's jaw clenched at the implied threat "Yes Milord, the hospitality of House Malfoy is yours." His statement made Voldemort smirk, then hiss repeatedly, Draco realised the man was laughing. That only terrified him more.


Once they ate Harry started taking large armloads of supplies down to the basement and throwing them into the twins trunk, after multiple trips George stuck his head out just in time to catch a face full of bagged feathers, it bounced and fell into the trunk disappearing from sight "Alright Harry?" Harry nodded and turned to head back up the stairs then paused "You guys hop out and bring that up, we are taking everything. We are mass producing school ties."

George sputtered and hopped out dragging the trunk behind him to keep up as Harry took off again "What? Are we selling them? Who would buy it?" Harry held open the door to their living area "No, we are giving them to everyone." George took that in as they got the trunk to the table they had stacked with all the materials. Fred climbed out and looked around a little surprised to be in Harry's dining room. "What's up?" He asked. George motioned to Harry "Harry wants to mass produce the ties to give out to everyone."

Fred looked thoughtful. "Some will take them, but why?" Harry stopped for a second "We can have Dobby switch them out for theirs then, and I had a dream." The twins slowly nodded, Harry was slightly surprised they took the simple statement as seriously as they were. George spoke first "So you saw an attack on the school?" Harry just nodded "And you think it is a warning?" Harry rubbed the back of his neck then nodded "Yeah."

The twins started scooping materials into their trunk "Then what are we waiting for?"


Harry spent every spare moment he had digging through Fleurs' enchanting books. He had enlisted Hermione's aid in raiding the library for anything on the making of magical items and animal attributes and parts. Sure they learned it in an offhand way in care of magical creatures but Hagrid was far too soft hearted to start listing of what the various parts of an animal could be used for, he would more likely tell you what they could be trained for, or at best what parts they could easily replace were used for.

Dobby popped into the room and grabbed another stack of ties then popped away, Harry had no idea how many of the students were protected at this point but trusted Dobby to tell them when they had covered everyone but the Slytherins. Harry figured those left in the house had chosen a side, it nagged at him that someone may be stuck in a bad place unable to ask for help but the risk of helping a junior death eater was too high.


Draco snuck out of the school right before breakfast, he left the doors thrown open to the cold of the January morning. He paused and levitated a suit of armor to hold each door open, casting sticking charms on them. He hurried down to the main gates where he carefully unlocked them and threw them open, the sharp cold of the morning air made the creaking of the gates loud in his ears. He looked around unsure what to expect, Voldemort appeared, a portal behind him. Werewolves poured out. Draco's blood ran cold as he watched the bloody slavering beasts sniff the air. He locked up unable to move, unsure what he would do even if he could. Voldemort gave him a disdainful look as his whole body quivered like a sapling in a breeze. Voldemort swept past the gates with a laugh as the school wards flared around him but let him through.


Harry sat at breakfast blearily shoveling in food he had not slept much in the past week, Fleur kept slipping things on to his plate watching him carefully. She was about to drag him back to bed when Dumbledore stood at the head of the table. "The school is under attack, Prefects, gather your students, Head boy, Head girl, Please make sure everyone stays…" The doors to the great hall flew open as he spoke and Voldemort stepped into the hall and took a deep breath.

"Ah, Hogwarts. How I missed this." The shock on Dumbledore's face was written plain, he quickly recovered. His wand, at his hip one second and in his hand the next "Tom. Welcome home. Let's talk outside…" Voldemort smiled and gave a mocking bow, Fenrir and the werewolves stepping into the hall. The hall filled with screams as the students scooted, stumbled and ran towards the teachers side of the hall "I would be happy to have a discussion with you Dumbledore, while my friends here take care of the children."

Dumbledore flicked his wand, a whip of pure fire stretched across the hall and wrapped itself around Voldemort, A rush of water shot up from the ground from Voldemort's feet and the whip steamed away. Dumbledore was moving in a quick shuffle, sconces pulling off the wall and flinging themselves at Voldemort who was slowly backing up blocking them with summoned dishes from the tables as the werewolves charged forward. Harry had almost mentally caught up with the developments when Luna Lovegood calmly closed a copy of the Quibbler, stood and pulled her wand from behind her ear.

She was the first to start sending spell after spell at the werewolves, the teachers quickly followed, Harry stared in horror as little Luna was tackled by the largest werewolf Harry had ever seen. Her wand went flying, a flash of blue light stopping the creature from biting into her neck, but it did not stop little Luna from digging her teeth into the creature. Seeing Luna dig her teeth into the creature's chest as she kneed him as hard as she could brought Harry to himself "Fight for your lives!" He yelled as he pulled his wand he started firing cutting curses at the creature on Luna, he knew Fleur was behind him when small fireballs started broiling away small sections of hair and flesh showing mobile muscle underneath. He bent and picked up Luna's wand as he walked.

He fired off two bomardas from the two wands, the first knocked Fenrir up and reeling the second pushed him back a few feet. He snarled as Luna was left slightly dazed on the ground, Harry was impressed when she rolled under the table and came up on the other side and started throwing knives. The knives bit into the werewolf causing the wolf to howl in true pain as the wound began to smoke. Cedric jumped onto a table and yelled at the top of his voice "Transfigure the silverware into spikes!" He demonstrated by quickly turning the silverware around him into small sharp missiles and launching them at werewolves around him who were pushing students against the ground unable to penetrate the protective barriers of the ties. Harry watched as the flow of battle turned on the werewolves, Mcgonnagal had brought the shields on the walls to life, they bashed and blocked the wolves. The students quickly took up Cedrics example, corpses of werewolves quickly dotted the hall. Harry gave one look over his shoulder at Fleur and took off after Voldemort, They found him cackling as he danced a truly impressive magical dance on the grass outside the school. Dumbledore and Voldemort summoned magic quicker than Harry thought possible.

Harry paused at the sight of the man that had haunted his childhood, destroyed his life. He looked back at Fleur and saw behind her Sirius running out of the school doors. Harry went on the offensive, sending spell after spell at his nemesis. Voldemort flung a green bolt at Harry, Dumbledore sent a statue diving to block the shot and took a cutting curse to the side. He stumbled against a wall, Voldemort crooned "Your protector is gone Harry, lets have fun."

Harry couldn't help it, he laughed, but wasted no words. There was no point, this man would not even begin to understand the depths of his ignorance. Harry, Fleur and Sirius started flinging spells, covering each other when necessary. Voldemort was better, his movements quicker, his knowledge deeper, his hatred a burning weapon. Sirius went down next, his wand arm on the ground a few feet away, Voldemort laughed and redoubled his efforts, their protective ties saved their lives a half dozen times, Harry's finally flaring and crumbling to dust. Voldemort laughed and raised his wand "Oh this is nice, will you beg? Your parents begged."

Luna led the charge out the school doors, students pushed to get out behind her "He isn't dead yet!" she shrieked as dozens of stunners flew around her adding themselves to her own. Voldemort dodged, weaved and summoned walls of force, ice and earth. Harry raised his wand and with determination launched every offensive curse he could think of hopelessly against the flawless defenses. The wall above Voldemort exploded as Hagrid came flying out, he held a living suit of armor in his hands that held its shield high and sword ready. Hagrid crashed through Voldemort's defenses and started beating him with the suit of armor that did its damndest to swing its sword and shield effectively as it was used as a club.

Harry stepped forward and cut Voldemort's wand arm off with an overpowered cutting curse that bit deep into the lawn. Voldemort, broken and bleeding, took a rattling breath and spoke as blood bubbled onto his thin lips "I will continue to come for you until I rid the world of you and all you love." Harry looked around at his friends, family and teachers and shook his head as he slowly pointed his wand between Voldemort's eyes. "I'll be waiting." Fleur took his left hand in hers, her wand joining his "No 'Arry, we all will."

Voldemort's head rolled away from his body, a black cloud howled as it left his body. They watched as it made its way over the forest.