The next day I woke up in my studio apartment that over looked the ocean side right next to the boardwalk.

To say that I loved it was an understatement, sure it lacked my beloved loft bed but hay in it's place I get 4 attractive vampires! Anyway after making breakfast and doing everything I needed to do in the bathroom, I then proceeded to get dressed

To say that I loved it was an understatement, sure it lacked my beloved loft bed but hay in it's place I get 4 attractive vampires! Anyway after making breakfast and doing everything I needed to do in the bathroom, I then proceeded to get dressed.

After putting on my clothes I decided to waste time by switching between reading a book or watching the twilight zone on TV

After putting on my clothes I decided to waste time by switching between reading a book or watching the twilight zone on TV.

It didn't take long before it was finally time to go and since I lived right next to the boardwalk I decided to leave my car behind. As I walked around hoping to spot Michael since if I remember correctly he was supposed to be buying a leather jacket and some shades in hopes of impressing Star.

Luckily for me it didn't take long for me to find him.

"It looks nice on you," I said as I watched him try on the leather jacket. Not expecting me Michael jumped while releasing a not so manly yelp which caused me to chuckle.

"Sup," I simply said while holding my hand up in a lazy greeting.

"Don't do that," He said while trying to stop his racing heart before giving me a smile.

"Does it really look okay?" He asked happy that he will be able to catch Star's attention.

"Yep, its like it was made for you man," I said and with that he finally bought the jacket and put it on.

"Now lets get going lover boy," I said playfully before leading him out the store. As we continued on down the street Michael spotted a piercing place causing him to pause.

'Man he really wants to impress Star,' I thought with a soft smile.

"It's all a rip-off," We heard Star say from behind us. This caused the two of us to quickly look behind us coming face to face with Star who was smiling softly.

"Hi," was all Michael could say which caused me to chuckle.

"Hey-yo Star," I said while throwing a friendly smile.

Star chuckled before volunteering to pierce Michael's ears for him, this lead to us following her along the boardwalk.

"What's your name?" Michael finally asked.

"Star," she said simply.

"Oh so your folks too?" Michael asked which caused me to face palm...well it almost did.

"What do you mean?" Star asked taking it as an insult.

"Ex-hippies. My mom was one...I came this close to being called Moon Child or Moon Beam or something." Michael said before adding after clearing his throat. "But Star's great. I like Star."

'Tch, real smooth hmm,' I thought with a smirk which earned me another elbow to the side. Man I am really starting to think that Michael can read minds.

"Me too," Star, bless her, said in hopes of freeing Michael from the hole he dug himself in.

"I'm grandpa had a friend from the War who was in Japan and asked my mom to name me after him," I said with a smile while giving Michael a look which took him a minute to catch on to what I was hinting at.

"Oh um, I'm Michael," He said lamely which caused me to shake my head. Luckily Star is a champion for this type of thing.

"Michael's great and I like Kiyoshi," she said with a smile, while Michael returned it awkwardly at Star's playfulness while I just giggled at their cuteness.

After that I blocked out the rest of their conversation as we walked. Eventually I was brought out of my thoughts when Michael asked me if I was okay with the two going to get something to eat.

"No, I'm good, do whatever," I answered with a smile as the three of us stood next to Michael's Honda.

Well not that my answered mattered since it was then the Lost Boys made their dramatic entrance which caused me to pout since come on they looked pretty cool.

"Tch, only I am allowed to make cool appearances," I mumbled while crossing my arms and refusing to even look at them. Well apparently someone heard, because I heard a snicker from one of the Lost Boys.

"Where are you going?" David asked looking at Star who was standing close to Michael.

"For a ride," she said simply without moving an inch, causing David to look towards me briefly before settling his gaze on Michael who looked nervous.

"With him?" He asked in away that showed he was not impressed, before gunning his engine and letting it die down before speaking to the both of us.

"I'm David," he started before motioning towards the others.

"Paul, Dwayne, Marko," he said before getting cut off my Laddie after he realized that David skipped him.

"Hi...I'm Laddie," he said cutely while adding a small wave which I returned with willed hand waving while saying.

"Hey-yo, I'm Kiyoshi!" I said excitedly with a large smile which he happily returned with a giggle.

Man I love kids...when they are more cute and less bratty.

"So is that Chinese for something?" Asked Marko who was smiling with one of his hands in front of his face. ...Man he is so adorable.

"Close but it's more a Japanese name for boys, and means pure," I said while giving a lazy smile, while already knowing what the next question is going to be since even thought its in the 1980s, I am positive that they will still ask the same question.

"Wait, are you part Asian or something?" Paul asked cutting into me and Marko's conversation, not that I mind.

"Nope, my grandpa had a friend that was Japanese from the war, long story short he asked my mom to name me after him," I said simply with a shrug while the two nodded in understanding. Yet, before we could push our conversation any farther Star said.

"This is Michael.." which lead to an awkward silence while everyone mainly exchanged they are not big Michael fans.

"Well still going?" Michael asked Star, while also destroying the awkward silence. Unfortunately David too decided to add his input.

"Honda 250, huh?" He asked while motioning towards Michael's motorcycle while giving it a once over.

"That's right," Michael said in away that showed that he had a lot of pride in his voice.

"C'mon, Star, climb on," David said after nodding to Michael's answer, while Star looked a little hesitant to listen to what David said.

"Star?" Michael asked in a hurt voice as Star gave him an apologetic look before climbing on behind David.

"Oh man that has to hurt," I mumbled before placing my hand on Michael's shoulder and adding.

"Listen man, there is more fish out there swimming around waiting to jump onto your boat. Some...will be really uninvited, may take all your crap, leaving you homeless with no kid, heck some may leave you with crabs. But hay if you want...I can introduce you to big booty Judy, how about that? I mean at lease this way you wouldn't die because you messed with some bikers dude" I said while attempting to lure him away from making a horrible in the movie, sadly 'someone' had other plans.

"Know where Hudson's Bluff is? Overlooking the point?" David asked which lead to Michael nodding with a look of confusion on his face, which lead to David gunning his engine which lead to Michael to understand the meaning of David's words.

"Dude, come on man," I said but it seemed to go in one ear and out the other since Michael said,

"I can't beat a Triumph."

"Come on," I groaned before turning to leave since I didn't want to be apart of this. I mean sure I know that wouldn't killed Michael but what about me? Not going to take that chance.

"You don't have to beat me Michael." David said with a pause while looking at my direction with amusement as I continued to mumble under my breath about crazy cousins and their dumb quest for booty, before adding.

"Just try to keep up."

It was then that something amazing happened as I was only 7 feet away since I was in the middle of walking off.

"Okay we are in," I heard my beloved cousin say...yeah this fool volunteered me! Quickly turning in his direction while placing a hand over my heart and leaning back a little as my face had a , 'really', expression. [Can anyone tell me where I got this for? XD Just wondering]

This cause the Lost Boys to chuckle while Michael remained oblivious to what I did behind him as he was to focused on staring at Star.

"Dude I don't want to be apart of your suicide mission," I said while continuing to look at him like he was crazy...which lets face it he is.

"Aww, you don't trust us?" Marko asked with a grin on his face that he was well known for.

"No, I mean sure you are all, like really hot but not hot enough for me to willingly want to die," I said like it was a pretty obvious answer while also doing weird hand movements.

"Don't worry girl, we would never hurt a pretty thing like yourself," Marko said grin growing as I pouted while not really knowing how to respond since its pretty rare for anyone to give me a compliment. Plus am I the only one that is paranoid that the guy is only joking when he is giving a compliment.

"Fine, I guess I'm in," I said reluctantly while inside I was already writing my will and blaming both Michael and adorable dudes, the last being my ultimate weakness.

With that Michael got on his bike, but before I could follow Marko called me over towards his much to my surprise. Not seeing any reason to say no, plus from what I can remember from the movie, I believe its in my best interest to abandon Michael for Marko...not really a hard choice.

"Better hold on tight," Paul said from next to me with a laugh before gunning his engine like the other before following after David and Dwayne.

"You heard the man, you better hold on," Marko said teasingly before rocketing forward causing me to yelp a little as he followed the others with Michael not to far behind.

'I wonder how this is going to turn out,' was the thought that ran through my head as I tighten my grip around Marko as he followed after the others.

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