Chris and Justin were on their way to Colt's office.

"I am not letting that sonuva bitch just take his sonuva bitch away from me." Chris muttered.

"Magicians are crazy." Justin replied.

"Whatever. I can get crazy too. Just ask my belt here." Danger was nonplussed but trailed his friend anyway.

Both of them marched towards Colt's office. Chris was about to bang on Colt's door, but the door opened on its own. Jason Sabre stood in front of Chris. The Hardcore Phenomenon backed off as The Ace stared at him and Justin momentarily before leaving the office.

"That's something you don't see everyday." Danger hooted. "Jason fricking Sabre -."

"I swear if you ramble about him I will break your ribs too."

Danger raised his hands innocently. Both of them entered the office and the door closed behind them.

Mauro: Welcome back to WWL ladies and gentleman. Another match is about to kick off here tonight, and it is one that features this man right here who has sunk his teeth into championship opportunity at the fly…in rather questionable fashion.

(The Titantron features events that have led Kris Clover to get a match for a championship opportunity, at the expense of his opponent Alex Thunder)

Nigel: If you want it bad enough you bloody take it. Kris Clover here is the first to actually stake claim for a WWL title.

Striker: Yeah but we won't know if he'll actually get this chance unless if he wins this match here.

Kris Clover, on the meanwhile, was already in the ring and was lying back on one of the turnbuckles, smirking at the audience who boos him loudly.

Mauro: Kris Clover seems mighty confident of his chances here tonight against his opponent that is handpicked by the boss.

Nigel: I shared a little chat with Nathan a few months back. Like every other authority figure I've known in professional wrestling he too wants the stars here to prove their merit for opportunities like this. Regardless of the opponent I think this is going to be a proving ground for Mr. Clover. Does he want this bad enough?

Matt: Whomever it is I'm sure it ain't gonna easy for Clover.

The lights to the arena go out and a wolf howl is heard. Resistance to Resiliences starts to play and and soon a sole spotlight is showing Matt Lopez standing in the middle of the stage. The crowd cheers deafeningly and Matt takes off his hood, grinning at the crowd and then at the ring. Kris's expression dropped.

Mauro: TALK ABOUT PROVING GROUND NIGEL! Kris just got himself a hell of an opponent to go over tonight!

Matt: The CMLL darling, former Best of Super Junior's winner and former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion himself graces Warrior Wrestling League!

Nigel: Color me surprised! This is going to be a good one!

As he walked to the ring, Matt interacted with a few fans before going to the top of the turnbuckle, and beckoned the crowd to rise up for him. He yelled along with them, and then entered the ring, looking directly at a very pissed Kris Clover. He calmly took off his hood and threw it over the ring. He nodded at the referee, and told him to initiate the match. The bell rang.

Kris and Matt circled each other first, gauging the other for an opening. They went for a quick collar and elbow, but Kris was quick to get Matt into a headlock, but Matt pushed Kris off him to the ropes. Kris bounced off and knocked Matt with a shoulder tackle. He went back to the ropes again, but Lopez did a kip up and drop kicked Kris. Kris was staggered and held onto the ropes for support. Matt charged at him but he was sent over the top rope, though he landed on the apron. Matt countered with a forearm smash that had Kris wobbling his way to the center of the ring, and he followed up with a springboard seated senton. Matt went for the cover, 1 - but Kris kicked out. Matt dragged Kris back to his feet, but Kris responded with a sharp kick to the gut and followed up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Matt was able to get up and dodged a clothesline from Kris. He ran and bounced off the ropes and slid underneath the Black Clover. Kris failed to anticipate a stiff uppercut from Matt, and with his back turned, was recipient to another dropkick that sent him flying out of the ring!

The crowd cheered as the Mexican Lone Wolf celebrated. Kris was fuming as he clutched his chin.

Matt: Hoho, Kris doesn't look too happy.

Mauro: I don't think he will appreciate the disrespect.

Kris wandered around the ring a bit, gauging Matt from outside. He finally got back on the apron as the referee counted to 7, and screamed at Matt to stay away from him. Matt raised his hands with innocence as Kris slowly got back inside the ring. The referee then urged them to continue, but as Matt advanced on Kris again, Kris half exited the ropes and flipped Matt. The Mexican Lone Wolf was not amused and grabbed Kris's leg and tried to drag him back to the ring. Mr. Bad Luck instead used his other leg to kick Matt's chin. Matt clutched it in pain, and Kris seized the chance to throw Matt shoulder first into the steel ring post. He followed up by doing it again twice. Matt couldn't do anything as Kris followed up with a release German suplex. Matt tried to himself back on his feet, but Kris callously kicked his hand away and laid the ground and pound on his fallen opponent. He facewashed Matt with his elbow and sloppily pinned him. 1,2- but Matt kicks out.

Kris snarled at the referee and picked Matt back up. He kneed Matt on the stomach a few times and hit an exploder suplex. He didn't stop, and dragged the Mexican Lone Wolf back on his feet and propped him on the corner. He hit him with several body shots before running to the opposite corner, and yelled as he charged at Matt, hitting a hesitation dropkick that hit Matt square on the chest. Kris followed up with another one, and went for the trifecta but from out of the blue Matt flew out of the corner and hit a flying neckbreaker that slammed Kris on the mat! Both men were down!

Mauro: Holy smokes! That neckbreaker jolted the entire arena!

Nigel: That was some serious whiplash on that neckbreaker. Clover must be seeing stars right now!

Matt pulled himself back on the ropes. He glared at Kris, who was beginning to stir himself. He pulled his right knee pad down, and tried to hit the Shining Wizard, but Kris ducked it, and tried to roll Matt up for a pin. 1, 2 - but Matt kicked out. Matt tried to strike Kris, but Kris countered it into a backbody drop, in which Matt landed on his feet. He quickly hit a roundhouse kick on Kris' head, in which Kris wobbled and bounced off the ropes, and he responded with a clothesline attempt, that was reversed into a sudden Rain Trigger (wristlock transitioned into a forearm smash), but Kris reacted quickly by headbutting Matt. He followed up by hitting the craveat suplex, that landed the already stunned Matt on his neck! He did not stop there, and quickly ascended the corner, hitting a frogsplash on Mexico's Pride Fighter. He tried to go for a pin, 1, 2 – but Matt kicks out yet again. Kris clutched his head, gritting his teeth. He tried to get back on his feet but buckled on one knee. He tried again, this time using the ropes to help him.

Mauro: Based on his movements seems that Kris's balance is sorely affected.

Nigel: Combined with the flying neckbreaker hit on him earlier I think it's certain that some damage has been done on that hard head of his.

Kris attempted to get Matt up for the Knock On Wood (Modified GTS), but Matt slipped out of it and quickly applied a sleeper hold submission on Kris. Panicking, the Black Clover went for the ropes, and managed to get a rope break. Matt got off and hit a backstabber on the back of Kris's neck. Kris slumped on the ground, yelling in pain. Matt followed up by hitting the Shining Wizard on the back of Kris's head. The audience roared with approval.

Matt: Could this be it?!

Matt exited the ropes, and clamoured for the audience to cheer him on. He was getting ready to hit Mexico With Pain (Springboard forearm smash) on Kris. Kris, at this point already woozy, was unable to anticipate the forearm that connected with his jaw as he used whatever energy he had left to get back to his feet. Matt went for the pin, 1, 2, 3!

Anita: The winner of this by pinfall…Matt Lopez!

Matt grinned as the referee rose his hand in victory.

Mauro: A clean pin by the Mexican Pride Fighter in his debut WWL episode.

Nigel: And bad luck for Mr. Clover, who was ill prepared to deal with the tenacity of Matt Lopez.

Matt: Well I'll be the first to say that Kris Clover. Ya blew it!

Matt celebrated with several fans as Kris fumed at his loss and headed to the backstage area.

Mauro: Let's keep this train rolling folks, with our next match, which fun fact was actually handpicked by Jason Sabre himself. Why? That is left up the air.

The music plays as Harry Handsome walks out with a saunter. He stops at the top of the ramp before taking out phone with a camera with shows his face on the titantron. He keeps admiring himself ala Tyler Breeze.

Nigel: Harry Handsome while he has a fairly respectable resume on his sheet in his time at ROH, WWE and also New Japan…and he doesn't seem to shy from the fact that he loves looking at himself

Matt: He's alright I guess.

The lights go dark, and Weight Of My Pride by Pay Money To My Pain. Smoke shoots up from the top of the ramp and when it clears Jason Sabre standing there with his arms spread. The crowd cheers rapacisouly for The Ace as he walks down as the lights begin to come back on and he high fives fans before sliding in. He takes his jacket off, before climbing to the top turnbuckle and pantomimed a gun at the audience.

Matt: Jason Sabre arrives here with much fanfare as per usual!

Nigel: When you're as good as him I wouldn't blame the adoring legions.

Mauro: Nigel you were clearly in support of Rizzo trumping Mr Sabre last week.

Nigel: Yes well we all get heated in the spriti of competition don't we?

Matt: (snickers)

Harry didn't seem to care that Sabre was in the ring and was still focused on his phone, and made kissing sounds at it. Sabre shook his head in disgust, grabbing Harry's phone away from him and threw it to the crowd. Harry became apoplectic when the crowd cheered for Sabre's action, and he lunged at Sabre but the referee kept him at bay. Sabre started laughing to himself as Harry cursed at him.

Nigel: That's Jason Sabre Harry. He isn't shy to do whatever the bloody hell he wants.

Harry screamed at the referee. "Ring the bell!"

The referee did as told and urged both wrestlers to go. Harry rushed at Sabre, but Sabre booted him on the face and Harry stumbled around the ring for a moment before the Ace followed up with slingblade that brought Harry down. Harry tried to attack again but received a clothesline for his troubles. He tried again and received another one. On his third try Sabre effortlessly dodged the swinging arm and chopped him hard on the chest. Harry held onto the ropes as Sabre attacked him with a series of forearms and more chops. Sabre Irish whipped him to the opposite ropes and went for a lariat but Harry dodged it and hit Sabre with an unexpected superkick right in the mush.

Nigel: My word what a superkick!

Harry quickly got Sabre up into a pumphandle position, ready to hit his finisher Sensation Slam (Pumphandle into reverse STO). Right as he lifted him up, Sabre reversed it into a spiking DDT that planted Harry. Sabre quickly followed up with the Final Resolution! He goes for the pin, 1, 2, 3.

Anita: Here's your winner, Jason Sabre!

Sabre dusted himself off and made a camera click at Harry's beaten and ruined face. "That's gonna get a lot of likes kiddo." Harry clutched the back of his head and groaned in pain. The referee raised Sabre's hand up and Sabre celebrated his victory.

Matt: That was hardly even three minutes.

Nigel: The Ace isn't just a moniker Striker. It's a fact.

Mauro: Either way Mr uh Handsome ought to take this a valuable experience in the rough fields here in the WWL. Now we are going to take a commercial break before we head for the main event, where again, The God of War Mason Strong goes one on one with The Wanderer Zane Walker! Will the battle hungry Strong triumph over The Wanderer or will we see Zane pull off another upset as he had so many times before? We'll witness that live very soon! You do not want to miss it!