Author's Note: This story probably works best if you consider the 2007 flashback scenes of Supergirl Season 3 Episode 6 Midvale to be the pilot for a new and different series called The Midvale Girls. This story starts three days after the events in the flashback. Kara is 15 and Alex has only recently turned sixteen. Kara will come out as Supergirl at 15 and everything set in the present day in the TV show will be considered to have occurred in an alternate timeline.

And, as always, I make no claims to ownership of these characters.

The Midvale Girls

The further adventures of the teenaged Alex and Kara Danvers


Chapter 1

Part 1

The day started like most other days – with a sharp knock at the bedroom door. It was followed by a familiar voice and familiar words, "Girls, it's time to get up or you'll be late for school!"

At that point things took an unusual turn. Instead of retreating down to the kitchen like she normally did, Eliza Danvers opened the door and took a step inside. She was already fully dressed in cream colored slacks, a white blouse, and had a teal sweater tied across her shoulders and hanging down her back like a miniature cape. She had always been more of a morning person than either of the girls, but today she seemed to have an extra bounce to her step and a glint in her eye like she had already finished her second cup of coffee.

She waited a moment for both girls to struggle up to more or less seated positions in their respective beds before speaking again.

"I've been talking to Clark on the phone," she began.

That got their attention. They both sat up straighter.

"After what happened to Kenny and the events with the sheriff," she continued. "Clark thought the two of you might like to get out of town for a little while. He suggested you come visit him for Thanksgiving."

Alex and Kara exchanged glances. Surprise was written over both of their faces. Since Superman had dropped Kara off with the Danvers nearly two years earlier, they had only seen him five times. It had always been at their house and he had never stayed for more than two hours. Now he was suggesting they come to Metropolis for a long weekend?

"Technically," continued Eliza, realizing both girls were too startled to say anything at the moment. "You'll be spending the nights at his friend Chloe's place, as he apparently has just a small efficiency apartment and no room for a couple of teenaged girls. However Chloe's place doesn't sound much bigger as he said you will need to bring your sleeping bags."

Alex remembered the conversation she had had only days earlier with her friend Josie in the girls' restroom at school. She had made sharp, almost cruel comments about statutory rape with regards to Josie's relationship with Mr. Bernard. She knew in her heart Clark would never do anything inappropriate, but appearances were important to all-American Superman and probably to Clark, too. He would doubtlessly feel more comfortable if they did stay with his friend Chloe, even though neither she nor Kara had ever met the woman and had only exchanged a handful of emails with her.

"But Thanksgiving is in only three days!" exclaimed Kara, managing to find her voice first. She had never been to Metropolis and the thought excited her. But she wished she had time to research the best things to see and do while there and then decide on the appropriate clothing to bring. Not that she had a huge closet full of things to choose from; mostly she just had things appropriate for school or outdoor activities on the weekend. And fall weather in Metropolis was probably a lot colder than Midvale and would further limit those choices. Oh, the cold didn't affect her personally, she could run around on the coldest day of the year in a bikini with no discomfort, but she could hardly blend in if she was in tee shirt and shorts and everyone else was wearing winter coats. She definitely would have to check the weather forecast.

"Actually, you will be leaving right after school tomorrow. I'll take care of arranging for your absence from classes on Wednesday. I'm sure you won't be the only students starting the holiday a little early."

Alex glanced at Kara and saw she had donned her glasses and her face was creased in a thoughtful expression, probably already planning what she wanted to do and what to wear. The other girl always seemed to need to be ten times more organized than her. One glance at Kara's side of the room versus Alex's made that obvious.

But Alex forced her attention back to the current conversation and the question which had immediately popped into her head on her mom's announcement of their trip, "Is Clark coming to fly us to Metropolis?" She had flown a few times with Kara, but certainly they had never traveled all the way across the country.

Eliza smiled, but shook her head no. "You'll be flying, but the old fashioned way. You have seats on the Tuesday night red-eye out of National City. The flight leaves at 11 P.M. With the flight time and the time zone difference, you'll get into Metropolis at 8 A.M. on Wednesday. Your return flight leaves Metropolis Sunday at 4 P.M. and gets back into National City at 7 P.M. We'll need to leave right after school tomorrow to get you to the airport on time, so you'll have to pack tonight. I think you need to limit yourselves to one backpack each. It is only five days and four nights."

"You're not coming with us?" asked Alex. Since Kara had arrived, they had rarely left Midvale. Usually, about twice a year, they made a day long expedition to National City to go shopping, but Eliza never seemed to let Kara or her out of her sight for even a moment. Before the start of school this year, the three of them had done a long weekend in San Francisco, but again she had rarely let the girls out of her sight. Now, she was suddenly letting them fly across the country alone?

"Not this time, Jeremiah's parents are driving up for Thanksgiving and I think it's best if I don't cancel on them."

For at least a few moments, while the idea of traveling to Metropolis sank in, Alex had been able to set thoughts of her father aside. It had been almost a year since they had learned he had died in a plane crash and he had been gone even before that on some mystery job that had started only a few short months after Kara had arrived.

Jeremiah had been an only child and his parents had been nearly as devastated by his death as she and her Mom. And they were both well into their upper-seventies. She could understand why her Mom felt a commitment to see them even if the girls were going to be in Metropolis.

At least Eliza had two brothers and a sister and they all lived near her Mom in Central City. Eliza's father had passed away many years ago, before Alex had been born.

"Well?" asked Eliza with a raised eyebrow.

Alex and Kara shared another glance - this time both of their faces were sporting big grins.

"We're in," they said in near perfect unison, sounding more like twins than a human and an alien who frequently could barely tolerate each other's presence.

"Good. That's settled then. And I think Clark even mentioned something about tickets to see Wicked Friday night and I'm sure he'll find some other fun things to do," said Eliza. Then with a mock stern voice she added, "You better get your asses in gear, young ladies. If you're late for school, the whole trip may need to be canceled."

Alex beat Kara to the bathroom and it almost looked like she was the one capable of super-speed.

Part 2

An electronic chime sounded and everyone around them began climbing out of their seats and opening the overhead bins. Alex and Kara unbuckled their seatbelts and then took a moment to pull out their earbuds, wrapped the wires around the Ipod Shuffles they had each received the previous Christmas, and jammed the small electronic devices into their jean pockets before grabbing their coats off of the seatbacks to join the others waiting for the airplane's door to be opened.

Kara had never flown on a human plane before and Alex hadn't flown since she was a much younger kid. They had both been so excited neither of them had gotten much sleep during the six hour flight even though the lights had been dimmed and nearly everyone around them had quickly nodded off.

Alex gestured towards their backpacks in the overhead bin and the man who had been sitting next to her pulled them down and handed them to her. After giving him a nod of thanks, she handed Kara hers, and then she shrugged into her own. With the rolled sleeping bag strapped tightly against its bottom, it felt like she should be heading to a youth hostel somewhere in Europe rather than to Metropolis.

She had been dreaming for a while about backpacking across Europe the summer between high school and college, but so far she hadn't found the courage to raise the topic with her Mother. But perhaps, if this little trip went smoothly, it would be the first step towards convincing her Mom she could be trusted.

But then bringing up the topic wasn't hugely urgent yet since she was less than halfway through her sophomore year.

By the luck of the draw, her birthday fell near the beginning of September. While she could have started school at the age of four, her parents had decided to hold her back a year, so now she was one of the oldest in her grade. She had been the first of any of her friends to turn sixteen and the first of any of them to get her license. Not that it did her much good since she didn't have a car of her own. Her Mom had said if she got a job this coming summer, she would be willing to front her the money for a used car. Her mother was a firm believer in teaching her daughter fiscal responsibility.

When Kara had first joined their family, they had needed to decide what grade she should be in. With the whole different length of years on Krypton and then her long sojourn in the Phantom Zone; her exact age in Earth-years was a little nebulous. She was probably a bit more than a year younger than Alex, but Jeremiah and Eliza had decided to use July 26th of the year after Alex was born as her birthday for official documentation. That made her one of the youngest sophomores at school, but kept the two girls in the same grade so Alex could keep an eye out for Kara until she adjusted to school life. Many times, Alex wished Kara had been placed in the class behind her, but it had been out of her control.

After an interminable time, which in truth couldn't have been more than four minutes after the fasten seatbelt sign had turned off, the door finally opened and people slowly began to make their way off – first class first, since they were closest to the front of the plane. They hadn't been sitting anywhere near the front, as Eliza would consider such an expense entirely frivolous. No, they were sitting right over the wing, which Eliza said was statistically the safest spot. As long as she was sitting next to Kara, Alex thought any spot was probably equally safe. But she hadn't bothered to raise that point with her Mom. She certainly wasn't going to rock the boat and potentially get the trip cancelled over something as unimportant as where they were seated.

The movement in the line of people had almost reached their position when Alex did a last scan of the people behind them. Ever since they had left home, she had been getting this feeling that someone was watching her - in the car, in the terminal back in National City, even on the airplane. It came and went in an almost maddening fashion. She had suspected it might be the FBI agent who had come to their house the previous week. She hadn't been home at the time, but Kara had described the woman to her – tall and fit with shortish brunette hair and she had been wearing a crisp black suit. If the FBI knew about Kara, it made sense they would keep her under surveillance when she left Midvale. But Alex hadn't noticed anyone who matched that description. Nor had she seen anyone who struck her as a stereotypical government agent like she had seen in countless TV shows and movies. Still, she couldn't shake the feeling someone was watching her.

It was only another couple of minutes before they were clear of the plane and had almost reached the end of the boarding ramp.

"Remember, Kara," said Alex quietly. "We need to follow the signs to the Baggage Claim area, where Clark is supposed to meet us."

Kara, who had been walking alongside, glanced up at the slightly taller Alex. "Thanks, I needed the reminder after Eliza told us that at least fifteen times during the drive to the airport and at least another four times before saying good bye. Not."

Alex almost blushed. Kara was right. Her Mom had reminded them of that at least a dozen times. She decided her concerns about someone following them had her unusually rattled.

Alex leaned slightly closer to Kara and said at barely a whisper, knowing the other girl would have no problem hearing her. "Sorry. I've just had this feeling we are being watched ever since we left home. It has me a little spooked. Have you noticed anything unusual?"

Kara's eyes widened and then started to dart around. Then, when even her head started to swing, Alex grabbed her arm.

"Don't look around," hissed Alex a little louder.

"If I don't look around, how can I see if someone is following us?"

"It seems most likely, if someone is keeping us under observation, it would be someone like that government agent who visited you last week. Can you do your mojo thing and see if anyone is carrying a gun besides the TSA agents?"

They had by now exited the boarding ramp and were passing through the seating area filled with people waiting to board the plane to travel to its next destination. Kara angled their course over to a nearby water fountain. After taking a quick drink, she pulled off her glasses and rubbed at her eyes for a moment. Then she lifted up on her toes and swept her gaze around as though looking for someone in particular. After fifteen seconds she dropped back down and slid her lead-lined glasses back into place.

She gestured in the direction most of the people from the plane were streaming and quickly set off with Alex in tow.

"I didn't see anyone carrying guns who shouldn't. And I didn't see Agent Niell. Do you still feel like someone is watching us?" asked Kara, her voice also staying at a whisper.

"Not right this minute. It comes and goes. But it has definitely happened at least four or five times since we left home."

"Well, I'll try to keep an eye out. And if you get the sensation again, let me know."

Alex nodded. She hated to put a damper on things, but her skin had definitely crawled on several occasions in a way she had never felt before.

They hiked steadily down the concourse towards the distant baggage claim area. There were sliding walkways, but after being cooped up on the plane for six hours, they both enjoyed hiking along parallel to the slower moving slideway.

Metropolis International was one of the nation's busiest airports, which also meant it was one of the largest. From the maps they had seen hanging from the ceiling along their path at regular intervals, it had eight long concourses radiating out from a central terminal building. Of course, their flight had arrived near the farthest end of one of the concourses. They had to have passed at least forty gates, most of them busy with Thanksgiving-related traffic, before reaching the main hub. Alex never felt any further sensation of being watched.

"There," exclaimed Kara, pointing slightly to their left.

Alex saw the sign for Baggage Claim then and it was above a wide set of descending escalators. The baggage claim was on the lower level.

They rode the escalator and then scanned the area. Baggage from their flight was supposed to be arriving at carousel A7, which was where they would most likely find Clark. They spotted the sign for carousels A6 – A8 at the same time.

They had covered less than half the distance to the indicated group of carousels when Kara pointed ahead. "I see him." She quickly accelerated from a walk to a jog.

After tightening the straps on her backpack, Alex picked up her pace to stay with the other girl, doing her own search of the crowd ahead while dodging around people heading in the same direction but who were moving at a more sedate speed. She didn't immediately spot Clark, but wasn't surprised. With all of her special gifts, Kara should be able to pick out another Kryptonian long before she did.

Abruptly, Alex spotted him, mainly because he was walking towards them and moving in the opposite direction of most of the people heading towards the carousels to pick up their stuff.

Clark was dressed in much the same fashion as the few other times she had seen him. He was wearing a light green plaid shirt, a black tie, and black jeans that looked slightly dressier than blue jeans. Over the top he wore a light weight white canvas jacket due to the late fall weather. His attire, along with his glasses, which were of a style similar to Kara's, made him look at the natty end of the professional spectrum.

He stood a little over six feet and was well built, but certainly not like some comic book character with an impossible seventy-five inch chest paired with a twenty-six inch waist like Thor or Spiderman or a plethora of others. Well, Alex had to admit, he did have the chiseled jaw-line, dimpled chin, and piercing blue eyes which graced the faces of many a comic book superhero.

"How was your flight?" asked Clark after Kara pulled back from the tight hug she had thrown as soon as she had reached him.

"Long and boring!" exclaimed Kara. Alex just shrugged.

"Do you have all your stuff or do you have some checked luggage?" asked Clark once he had prised his way free from Kara.

"Just what we're carrying," replied Alex with a gesture towards her backpack.

"Great," said Clark. He pointed towards a row of doors off to his left. "The subway into town is that way. Have you called Eliza to let her know you've arrived safely?"

Alex and Kara shared a chagrin glance. They had promised to call as soon as the plane touched down.

"Ah, I'll call her now," said Alex, pulling her phone from her pants pocket.

"Okay, then we might as well be on our way," said Clark. Then he frowned briefly before adding. "I had hoped to have the day off, so we could sightsee, but while I was on my way here my boss called with a last minute assignment. I hope you don't mind a stop at the Metropolis Institute of Technology. I just need to do a quick interview with one of the professors; it shouldn't take over an hour. And, if I remember correctly, they do have some public tours available that could keep you occupied. After that, we can do an early lunch and then swing by Chloe's place to drop off your things."

Alex had scrolled through her contact list until she had highlighted her Mom's entry. She was just about to hit the call button when she paused and glanced over in Clark's direction. "Are you and Chloe an item?"

The few times they had met, Clark had talked very little about his normal life. He had mostly talked about his adventures as Superman or provided cautionary tales to Kara about the risks and perils of being a Kryptonian living among humans. But if they were going to spend most of the next five days together, he was going to have to share a little more about his life here in Metropolis. And this question about Chloe seemed like as good of a place to start as any.

Clark smiled, but shook his head. "We've been friends since we went to High School together back in Smallville. We dated, very briefly, when we were sophomores, but we ended up just being good friends."

"And does she know your secret?" Alex asked in an inaudible whisper, knowing both of her companions would have no trouble hearing.

"Yeah, she and a couple of others back home. No one else here knows," Clark paused and briefly displayed a wistful expression before adding, "But there is someone I've been thinking about telling recently."

"Give, Cuz," said Kara with a playful jab of her elbow at his side. It had taken her a long time to come to terms with how Clark was the full grown adult version of the infant Kal she had bounced on her knee when her family had traveled from Argo City to Kryptonopolis to visit her father's brother. From her perspective, when she had first met Superman upon arriving on Earth, it had only been six weeks since she had last seen the infant version of him. But now, after several years, it was finally getting a little easier.

"Okay, okay. Her name is Lois and she just started working at the paper a couple of months ago. She's smart and beautiful and tough as nails."

"And are we going to meet her?"

"She invited me over for Thanksgiving Dinner. Her father, who's an Air Force General and her little sister, who's about the same age as you guys, are in town. I explained about your visit and she said the two of you are more than welcome."

"Have you met her father or sister before?" asked Kara.

"Ah, no. I've just seen the photo of them she keeps on her desk."

"So, did you mainly invite us to Metropolis as moral support for this dinner?" asked Alex.

"Well, I'll admit that may have been a small part of it. But you both are growing up and deserve to see a little more of the world than just remaining cooped up in a little town like Midvale. I know I wish I had had someone to visit in Metropolis back when I was your age."

Alex and Kara shared a quick grin. Clark was so busted. The strongest man in the world was nervous about meeting a potential girlfriend's father and needed some back up.

"Sure, Clark, we'll be happy to go to Thanksgiving Dinner at Lois' place," replied Alex for the both of them. "Now, I better do a quick call to Mom before we reach the subway where I might not get a signal."