The invitation

It was the day after Steven sacrificed himself to Aquamarine and Topaz(s?). Connie was with the gems and Greg trying to figure out how to get Steven back.

Meanwhile Sadie was arriving at the Beach city plaza. She was still upset over Lars being taken but she had received a invite letter specifically for this place at this time. Sadie looks at the paper in her hands one last time. It says

Sadie Miller,

If you want to understand the events that happened here today,

please arrive at the beach city theatre tonight at 5:30.

With best wishes,


"L?" Sadie thought. "Who is L? Can't be Lars. Oh well might as well."

Sadie skied inside the theatre, what she saw briefly snapped her out of her daze. There was: Onion and Jamie who she had been call turned with. Holding Onion was who she assumed to be his mother. Around that same area was Sour Cream and the other cool kids Buck and Jenny. Mr Smiley was drinking coffee with Kofi Pizza along with Kiki and Nanefua was Fryman. Around fryman was peedee and...


"Sadie!" The nerdy man calls out running over to Sadie.

"Ronaldo what is going on? Did you call us here?"

"Unfortunately no. I wasn't even invited, but I have heard that we are here to gain insights to the nature of the crystal gems and I intend to add what knowledge is being presented to my blog."

"And I'm here to sell fries." His father said.

"Attention Beach city residents." A voice over the intercom said. "Most if you have little to no knowledge about the gens and their connection to the strange phenomenon that happens in this city. If you will take a seat we will begin the education process."

Everyone in the room then walked to take their seats in the theatre.

"Now there are MANY episodes so I will not show you ALL of them. Just the ones that talk about gem culture and the cause of major events you have witnessed." The voice said again.

"Wait? Gem culture?" Kofi asked.

"Oh yeah" Vidalia said "Amethyst told me that gems come from space...or whatever."

"Now let us begin..."

Now before anyone asks anything I am not having Connie's parents watch because...let's be honest, they wouldn't let Connie within 100 miles of Steven if they knew half this stuff. In fact they would probably move.

I am also not doing all the episodes because there are so, so many. And I hope to complete the list I have before April.

Anyways hope you like it.

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