"Hey, Anna! Great to have you back!" Eddie smiled, passing me.

"Yeah, great to see you again!"

"There's a bunch of files waiting for you."

"Great to see you on your feet!"

"Hey, take it easy!"

"Anna Barber! My office!" I sighed, making my way to the Captain's office. "Have a seat, we've got some paperwork to go through before you get back to work." He shut the door and went around his desk and started pushing buttons on his office phone. "Your cover has been blown."

"Wha... What?" I asked, taken aback. How sudden. How... abrupt.

"The officer sent here to consult on the case was killed and replaced with a dupe." He turned his attention to the phone. "She's here."

He put it on speaker phone. "Anna, you remember the commissioner."

My voice was small as I replied."Yeah."

"Hello Anna." Gordon's voice sounded tired, apologetic.

"...Hello." If he looked anything like Captain Singh, I was sure he was.

"We are doing everything we can, but there could still be people coming for you. You should be put under police protection immediately." Gordon said.

"We're going to have a squad watch your house and a few undercover-"

"What exactly makes me so important?"

"Not only are you the daughter of Matthew Bozeman, you are a member of this police department." Singh responded, leaning on his desk.

"What exactly does my father do that makes him so important?" I had tried to google him, research, but I couldn't find anything more than a business tycoon. However, given my father and the company he's kept, I could assume. And nothing I could think of was very heartwarming.

"That's classified and for your protection, the less you know about him, the better." Gordon said. "I've just been notified that there are hitmen starting to move. He knows you're there."


"Not for long." I snapped, getting up. "Consider this my resignation."

"Anna, we can help you."

"You won't even trust me to know what's going on!" I snapped. "Look. I don't want anyone- especially these people- dying because of me. I would rather be on the run than risk it." I put a hand on my scarf, adjusting it a bit. "The city needs you guys too much. And if it comes to it, my father will incite a war to bring me back."

I stood and went to the door. "Anna-"

"Thank you, Captain, for the opportunity." And with that, I walked back out.

I packed a bag and got into my car. When I hit speed, I tossed my phone out of the window, watching it satisfactorily break against the pavement. I made it to the red light just down the block before there was a gust of wind and suddenly, I was in STAR labs once again.

"You've got to be KIDDING ME!" I shouted, stomping my foot like a five year old about to have a tantrum, as I got a good look at the three people in front of me, equally confused. I turned around to leave, only to see the Flash's blurry face blocking my path. "Get out of my way!" I growled.

"No." He said.

"Why?" I stepped forward. "Why are you interfering Barry?!"

He froze, completely. Shock on his face. "You knew?"

"Just now." I snapped. "Do you see how dangerous I am? If my father finds me, he will never let me go. And if I stay here, it will be an all out war. I don't know what he does, but it can't be very good if he puts people like the Joker in his employ. Now move."

"He will catch up to you sometime, Anna." Barry tried.

"Most likely, but he can't put this city in the middle of it."

"I can take you anywhere you want to go." He offered. "Let us help you."

"No. The less contact I have with you the better." I put up a barrier, shoving him towards the others. "Thank you for trying. But I can't involve you."

"What was that about?" I heard Caitlin ask as I ran outside, my footsteps echoing through the corridor.

Once outside, I let up the barrier and created another, one to stand on, and then I let it float up and up and up.