A week later, I was in a small town in Kansas, literally. The name was Smallville. It was a cute, friendly neighborhood that just kind of snuck up on me. I had a room in the motel and a beautiful view. How strange, they even had a farmer's market. I had fresh food every day.

I missed the precinct. I missed Barry and Joe. I missed Jitters most of all. I missed my park.

I didn't know what to do with myself. I felt at a loss. My books were gone, sold for extra money. I needed to find a new job. What could I do?

I couldn't be a therapist. I couldn't make a name for myself in law enforcement. I couldn't... I couldn't do anything.

I sighed. I would be fine for a while, but I couldn't stay in this room forever. I needed an apartment.

The best thing about living in a small town was that the rent prices were low.

But in order to have continuous rent money, I needed a job. The circle goes on. It looked like the grocery was hiring.

"What previous experience do you have?"

"I have work in the police department." I admitted. "But I ran into a personal situation and had to leave quickly."

"I see. What did you do?"

"Uh. Secretary." I lied. "I did filing and sometimes I did dispatch when it was busy."

The disinterest that was fading was growing again. "Well, I'll have to call to get a reference-"

"No!" She jumped at my outburst. "I mean. Please don't. That personal matter. It-"

"Oh, I get it, you had an affair with the boss or somethin' huh?"

"No! No, nothing like that. It... It's more along the lines of an abusive relationship." I said with a sigh, my hands flitting to my neck scarf.

"Oh, honey. You're safe here. Is cashier all right?" I nodded. "Great."

"How much an hour?"

"Oh, you'll get minimum wage for the first 90 days. Once you're all trained, you'll get benefits and pay increase of 15 cents for every year you're here. Plus the Christmas bonus."

"Perfect. Thank you. Thank you so much!"

"James?" She asked, capturing the attention of a passers by. "Will you give her the training?"


James was a handsome looking young man, farm boy next door kinda guy. Sandy blonde hair and pretty brown eyes. His aura was surrounded in yellows and oranges and a small tinge of red.

I worked there for a year, getting an apartment over a beautiful bakery and it was nice. I nearly had a fling with James, but then I came to my senses, he was a little hostile after that. But over all, it was pretty pleasant.


What else.

I got a speeding ticket and they ran my information.

I had a missing persons out, thanks Dad.

So I was in the police station trying to explain myself. "No, no. Look, my father is an abusive asshole. I ran off to get away from him. I will pay for the speeding ticket, but please. Just let me go."

"Look, we've notified him, he's on his way- with a reward. Maybe he's changed?"

"You don't know my father." I sighed. I dug my money out of my purse and slapped it on the desk.

How long would it take for him to find me? How long would I have?

When I got back to my apartment, it was dark and I just grabbed a go bag. I'd known that the peace here couldn't last.

I was out the door and in the back yard before the moon was up. "Hiya, Anna." I looked up to find James.

"Not now." I put a shield up, surrounding me from his eager eyes and large hands. I floated into the air and heard a gun go off, but the bullets ricocheted, useless.

However, I ran into a chopper in the air. "Stay where you are!" The pilot ordered.

I rolled my eyes and dropped into a cloud. It was cold- so cold- and wet. I wasn't dressed to stay in there long, but I did manage to get behind them and then made my way as far as I could.

I didn't know where I was going. I only knew that I needed to get away. Cold and wet, I couldn't stay in the air long. I set down in the woods. Everything was wet due to some recent rain and I couldn't concentrate long enough to put up a shield any more. I was so tired.

But I had to keep moving. Didn't I? I couldn't just stay in the middle of the wood.

I coughed, wet and loud. I cursed at myself. If I got sick... I was sick.

The moon was bright as I wandered around. Twigs snapped and branches rustled. I was not overly quiet.

I don't know how long I walked or when I stopped.

I woke in a hospital, machine beeping and a tube up my nose. Cuffed to the bed. Father coming into the room. I quickly faked sleep. "... Yes, yes, she is. I was so worried about her, what with her need for medication. I am so thankful that you found her."

"Is there any way we could take her home soon?"

"There's no telling until she wakes up. She hit her head pretty hard on the rock."

"I thought the scans were clear?"

"The brain is a tricky thing. We just want to be sure that everything's all right."

"Thank you doctor. John, why don't you stay here and I'll go make some calls, make sure everything's ready for her return."

"Yes boss."

Crap. I had to pee. John was a tall, dark haired, bulky man that seemed to be very interested in his phone.

My head hurt. There was a bandage on my temple and IVs in my chest and arm. I couldn't lay in this bed much longer without having an accident.

I found the button for the nurse's station and waited. The nurse showed up and he finally looked up to see I was awake. "I gotta go to the bathroom."

The nurse shuffled the guy out and helped put one of those bedpans under me.

"What's with the cuffs?" She asked.

"My dad doesn't want me to run away. He's awful. Please. Help me."

"What do you mean he's awful? I can fill out a report or something."

"No. He'll say that I'm insane or sick. I'm not. Call Central City Police Department. Talk to Captain Singh. Please. Or Call Gotham City Police Department. Call Commissioner Gordon. Please-" The door was knocked on and she pulled away as it opened to reveal my father.

"Anna! You are awake!" He rushed to my side like the concerned father he might have been when I was younger.


"The last I saw of you, that horrible batman was taking you away. Did he hurt you? Did he do anything?" His touch on my hand was soft as he looked at me concerned.

"No. He didn't do anything. I'm fine."

"Thank God." He sighed. As soon as the door shut the act dropped and his grip turned hard as he sat on the edge of the bed. "You kept running."

"I just-"

He rose his hand and I flinched. "That was a warning. Do you have any idea how many resources I wasted trying to track you down? I find out not only have you moved halfway around the country, but you have been involved with the police?! Anna, you break my heart."

"I only wanted to live my life. Daddy, what are you involved in?"

"None of your business. Only know that now you are safe." I coughed.