"Guys, no. No, no, no," Beca says as her hands, one of them holding a beer, amplify her dissent. "We are too fucking old for Truth or Dare."

"Legacy's dumb butt is only 21; she brings down the average." This was all Amy's idea to begin with and Chloe agrees with her rationale.

"But Chloe and Aubrey are 28 so they cancel out her 21," Beca counters.

"Hey!" she and Aubrey protest in unison, and then they're all laughing because they're all a little bit tipsy on beer and cocktails lounging in pajamas in Chloe's hotel room.

While they all have their own rooms this tour stop in France, it seemed as though her ongoing flirtation with a certain military escort had earned her a bit of favoritism - thus far in the way of a suite in a fancy hotel in the South of France and a note on her guest account at check-in about all room and bottle service being gratis.

Which has led her and all her favorite people in the whole wide world (sans Stacie who was too pregnant to fly) to being piled onto couches, chairs, and the floor with open bottles of beer, liquor, and mixers littering every surface with a massive room service order, consisting mostly of appetizers and desserts, on the way.

"Too bad, Shawshank," Amy says with a tiny glass pilfered from the bathroom water glass collection filled with a clear liquid Chloe knew not to be water, and that settles it.

They're all old hands at Bellas Truth or Dare now, and Chloe knows how the evening will progress.

They're not drunk yet, just enough to have looser lips than usual and it starts off with truths which are prompts of what are intended to be deep or philosophical questions about their lives, like does Amy regret anything she's done and how does Emily feel about graduating in a couple months and how did Beca manage to put up with her boss at BFD for so long before quitting?

Dares start getting mixed in once everyone's answered a question or two, and they start innocently enough, or as innocent as dares designed to get each other more drunk could be considered. Amy dares her to drink a cocktail of whatever she decides to pour, and Chloe swallows it with little more than a shudder at the bitter burn; she's grown all but immune to Amy's best/worst concoctions over the years. Chloe decides Beca's been far too quiet through all this and dares her to do the same - drink an Amy Cocktail.

She does, and she's less graceful about it than Chloe was but she still handles it well for what it is.

It hits Beca about 20 minutes later, and they all know that when Beca's officially drunk, the party officially begins. They know it hits her because she's belly-laughing at Flo, who just tripped over a discarded shoe and while Chloe saw it happen and it wasn't really that funny, Beca's all but in tears over it and hanging half off the couch, saved from falling only by Chloe managing to catch her around the waist and pull her back.

Chloe's laughing, too, but her joy is really directed at Beca and the joy on her face that has been a bit elusive as of late. Work was really getting to Beca, and while she used to come home every day keyed up about whatever awesome hook she came up with, the last few weeks she'd come home emotionally and creatively drained, doing little more than flopping into bed and doing anything but talk about work and music.

She gives a yank and pulls Beca upright again and then smiles as Beca lets the momentum carry her right into leaning against Chloe.

Beca's personal boundaries have broken down a lot over the years. Her walls used to be visible from outer space, but with time, brick by brick, after meaningful conversations and mutual stress crying and victories and losses and break-ups and life just happening to them, the Beca who Chloe met seven years ago was a distant memory in certain ways.

New Beca - this adult, grown-up, mature Beca who'd been there for Chloe through thick and thin, and Chloe for her in return - was a person who made it really hard for Chloe not to fall in love with her.

(That's a lie. She fell in love with her seven years ago and all time has done for Chloe is make her fall even deeper.)

Chloe pretends not to think about that as she moves her arm so Beca can lean against her more comfortably while they both sip their drinks - now toned-down versions of Amy's craziness.

They watch the dares go down together, laughing at the absurd and often immature things they're all daring one another to do. Beca's laughter only makes her laugh harder, and more than once she's wiping tears from her cheeks while Beca does the same.


"Yeah, boss!" she responds automatically, a permanent grin now in place.

"Truth or dare?" Aubrey asks.

"Ooh, dare!" she says with a shimmy of her shoulders that jiggles Beca a little, too, and she waits while Aubrey - an amusingly drunk Aubrey - works on thinking up a dare for her.

There are many recommendations thrown her way from the other girls but Aubrey repeatedly brushes them aside until she holds up her index finger in decision. "I dare you to call Chicago and make him think you want to have phone sex."

There's a collective gasp and a chorus of approvals and when there's no audible response from Beca, she glances at her and then suddenly Beca's ooh'ing as well. She doesn't let her drunk mind think too long about that as she retrieves her cell phone from her pocket to pull up Chicago's number. "That's it?" she asks as though she's bored by the dare because she kind of is. Aside from Beca's delayed reaction. "These are supposed to be hard, Bree."

"On speaker," Aubrey adds as Chloe taps to connect the call.

She rolls her eyes as though it's all the more boring because that's her game. Sex is No Big Deal for Chloe. She has it. Often. She likes it. Everyone knows she likes it. No one judges her for it. No one would be surprised that she is unbothered by starting phone sex on speaker with a room full of other people.

Except Chloe is bothered by one person observing this, and that person is still leaning against her as the phone crackles a little before the signal clears and it rings.


She pushes that little thought out of her mind and pitches up her voice, her best flirtation tone that always lands her the free drinks at the bar or the forgiven speeding ticket. "Hey, you! It's Chloe!"

"Chloe, hi! How are you? Everything okay at the hotel?"

She twirls a lock of hair around her finger to help her get more into character. "Oh, the hotel is super nice. You got me this big room just for me?"

There's a masculine chuckle from the other end of the line. "Thought you might like it. Top shelf digs for a top shelf lady."

The tacky comment garners a quick reaction from her audience and she rushes to mute the call before he knows they aren't alone. She shushes them all and once they're silent, opens the line again. "Oh, I love it," she says, dragging out one word a little longer than necessary. "But the girls are tired from the flight and I'm all alone and I...well, I…" she trails off, pretending to be embarrassed.

"You what?" His voice sounds a little lower than before, and Chloe knows she already has him on the hook.

"Well, I'm just so lonely and…" she trails off again, this time finishing with a quiet sigh.

"And?" He sounds eager and she has to mute the call for a second to let the girls laugh and comment.

She clears her throat and twirls her hair again. "And I just...mmm...honestly, I can't stop thinking about how broad your shoulders are and how strong your hands seem and…"

"And?" He repeats, and there's a distinct rustling sound that accompanies it.

"And I…" she moans again, this time a little more obvious with her intent, "...I keep imagining how they'd feel on my skin."

There's silence on the end of the line and she bites her lip, muting the call just in case there's a reaction but everyone else in the room is silent, too, on pins and needles. And then -

"Are you...Chloe, are you -"

"Uh huh," she answers quickly with a pitiful sounding moan.

"Shit." It's spoken as an exhale. "You are so fuck-"

That was her cue. "Oh, oh my gosh! Chicago, I'm so sorry, someone's at my door. I have to go. Thank you again for the room; I'll see you tomorrow at 8:00!" She disconnects the call before he can respond and the room falls apart.

There's laughter and imitations of her squeaky bimbo moaning and she's shrugging like it's nothing.

Like she can't feel the way Beca's hand is clawing into her thigh and how Beca's eyes are burning a hole through her right now.

Chloe dares Amy to go streaking because Amy loves a good streaking. Amy dares Ashley to go down to the lobby with Jessica and get into an argument with a stranger by claiming the world is flat. Ashley dares Flo to let them prank call someone in her phone contacts. Flo dares Emily to kiss the room service waiter whenever he finally arrives, so that dare is suspended until the time comes.


"Hm, what?" Beca sits up from where she's been leaning more and more heavily against Chloe, still laughing and egging on her friends despite sinking further into Chloe.

"Truth or dare?" Emily asks and she's grinning so hard Chloe knows she already has her question or dare chosen.

"I don't know what you bitches could possibly not already know about me. But If you don't know it, I don't want you to. So, dare," she says resolutely with a nod.

"I dare you to give a lap dance -"

"What?" Beca interrupts.

Emily's gaze lands on Chloe and Chloe feels her heart stop.

"- to Chloe."

There's a moment where every single person in the room is silent.

And then there are seven girls who are shouting and laughing and pounding fists on tables and chairs, and Emily, who Chloe suspects might have been given that idea by someone else, is happily accepting everyone's praise for her dare, and she and Beca are sitting stone-still.

"Well? Let's get on with the show!" Amy says with an excited and conspiratorial clap of her hands. "This night needs some sexing up."

"You're all bitches, you know that, right?" Beca says as though she's not at all bothered by the dare. "I get to pick the music."

Then Beca's up and off the couch to click around in Spotify on Cynthia-Rose's laptop which is connected to the surround sound system of the room and Chloe's being pulled by both hands off the couch and guided to a chair someone's placed in the middle of the room in front of all the other seating, her back to everyone else.

Chloe's acutely aware that she hasn't actually responded to this situation yet, but everyone else is so busy doing so that no one seems to notice.

She's not quite sure how she would respond if she had to.

She sits down hard and tries her best to join in with everyone's laughter about hilarious the concept of "Beca giving someone a lap dance" is because, despite the rush of adrenaline and alcohol coursing through her veins, she can't actually envision Beca doing it. Or doing it well.

She's seen Beca dance. That's definitely an understatement. She's seen her dance, danced with her, taught her dance moves, even sexy ones. Beca can dance, and dance well. And sexily, when she wants to, or when she's not really trying to.

But the concept of Beca, in a room full of observers, giving anyone, let alone a fellow Bella, let alone Chloe, a lap dance that is anything other than something designed to be a huge joke is not one she considers.

This is going to be dumb and hilarious and Beca's probably going to do the robot to the tune of "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Her first warning should have been the hard, slow beat of the strings and snare drum that echo through the room when Beca finds her song.

Her second warning should have been the way, when Beca turns back from the computer (now playing "Earned It" by The Weeknd) wearing an overconfident smirk, everyone in the room wolf-whistles.

You make it look like it's magic
'Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you

Her third warning should have been the way Beca walks toward her, not really doing anything other than matching the pace of the song with her steps, though her hips seem to swing a little more than normal, her posture seems more relaxed, until she stops a few inches in front of Chloe.

I'm never confused
Hey, hey
I'm so used to being used
So I love when you call unexpected

She just stands there smirking down at Chloe who swallows hard and tries not to look like she's internally freaking out about all this. It feels a lot like she's being lulled into a false sense of security, but that's just ridiculous because Beca's about to do something dumb to make everyone laugh -

'Cause I hate when the moment's expected

Beca's hands move to the back of her own neck and her back arches and she flips her hair while her hips swivel in a slow circle like she's done this a thousand times.

It makes everyone in the room break out once again in catcalls and whistles.

So I'ma care for you, you, you
I'ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah

Everyone, that is, but Chloe.

It just makes Chloe's blood run cold and her face turn hot.

She tries to play it off, but she knows Beca can see right through her. They've known each other long enough to see past bullshit and she knows Beca can see the effect the simple move had on her.

'Cause girl you're perfect
You're always worth it
And you deserve it
The way you work it

The circle Beca's hips traveled to kick off this little routine, Chloe learns right away, is an endless one. They move with the slow, rocking beat of the song and Beca's hands start drifting down from her neck, over her collar bones, over her chest and Chloe has to squint to not follow their journey so obviously, and she's really quite glad that everyone else is seated behind her.

Beca's the only one seeing her reaction to this.

'Cause girl you earned it, yeah
Girl you earned it, yeah

And the look on Beca's face, some mix of amusement and intrigue with dark eyes makes Chloe swallow hard.

You know our love would be tragic
So you don't pay it, don't pay it no mind

Beca's hands make it to her hips and they seem to guide them through another circle and then they're moving north again, over her stomach and Chloe notices that a couple of Beca's fingers seem to catch (purposefully?) on the hem of her hoodie and it lifts a few inches before dropping back into place.

Chloe thinks she hears more whistling, but her ears are starting to sort of have a constant hum going so it's hard to be sure.

Beca's knees bump hers and Chloe wonders when she got close enough for that to happen. Her hands are still backtracking and Chloe starts to give up on trying not to stare at the way Beca's fingers trace the zipper of the hoodie, and then -

We live with no lies
Hey, hey
And you're my favorite kind of night

Those fingers tug the zipper down an inch.

There's definitely whistles this time; they're loud enough to break through the sound of blood rushing in her brain, but she seems to have lost the ability to respond or react beyond blinking.

So she just blinks at Beca and has to sit there and take the way Beca's staring at her while she pulls it down another two inches.

And then another two.

So I love when you call unexpected
'Cause I hate when the moment's expected

After that, Chloe can see not only the strip of smooth skin that runs from Beca's throat to her sternum but also the navy blue of the bra she's wearing. But she only sees it for a second because Beca spins to turn her back to Chloe and plants her feet wide, hips still following that circle, but now she's bending forward, just the slightest bit, and arching her back hard, and she's definitely putting her ass right in Chloe's face.

So I'ma care for you, you, you
I'ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah

Now no one can see her reaction and she doesn't know how long she has so she stares. She stares hard at the shape of it hugged in Beca's yoga pants, how it's so nicely heart-shaped and it's hard not to think that the triangle of empty space formed by Beca's stance wasn't made with Chloe's hand fitting into it in mind.

So she stares at it and imagines what's beneath the few millimeters of fabric.

'Cause girl you're perfect
You're always worth it

She has to jerk her eyes up quickly when Beca turns around again, and Chloe knows Beca knows because she knows it's written all over her face. She's turned on and Beca smirks at her again like she's proud of it.

In what Chloe feels is a particularly unfair and vindictive action, Beca pulls a move right out of Chloe's own playbook; she taught her Beca's sophomore year.

She grinds it low.

And you deserve it
The way you work it

She doesn't drop it low.

She grinds it low - a slow, gyrating move that takes Beca lower and lower until she's crouched in front of Chloe.

'Cause girl you earned it
Girl you earned it

She grabs Chloe's knees, and maybe it's for balance, but Chloe's pretty sure it's not, because Beca snaps them open.

Beca literally parts Chloe's legs.

On that lonely night
You said it wouldn't be love

She spares a thought toward wondering if she could become dehydrated from how much her palms are sweating right now but then she's distracted by the way Beca's looking up at her -

But we felt the rush
It made us believe it there was only us

- and by the way Beca body rolls her way back upright, moving through the space she made between Chloe's legs.

Convinced we were broken inside, yeah
Inside, yeah

Her hips never stop and Chloe feels hypnotized by them and the way Beca keeps touching herself, especially how her hands are traveling up her torso again and Chloe's pretty sure they're going to get to her breasts in a second and with Beca's hoodie open how it is she can already see a hint of cleavage. She's not quite sure how she's going to survive it if Beca does something like push her breasts together to amplify it.

She learns she can survive it because Beca does just that, but it doesn't last long, as though her unexpected confidence faltered for a second. Chloe wonders if it has to do with the way she knows she's staring hungrily at her, if it's maybe too much or too intense because this is all meant to be a big joke and she's creeping out Beca.

But the confidence is back after the momentary lapse and Beca glances down at Chloe's lap like she's really and truly considering sitting on it.

Chloe feels lightheaded and she sees Beca's foot come off the ground to -

"Legacy!" Amy's voice barrels through the fog in her brain like a train. "Room service is here! Time to come kiss this bloke!"

Beca's foot's back on the ground but she hasn't moved other than that. She's staring down at Chloe, and the confidence is gone. Now she's blushing and seems to notice on a delay that her hands are tangled up in her hair where she'd been tousling it and rips them out of it to cross her arms across her chest.

It amplifies her cleavage better than her hands did a second ago and Chloe's still recovering and she looks right at it, something she shouldn't have done with the spell broken but she is broken.

Beca broke her.

Beca notices Chloe's stare and grabs the zipper to tug it all the way to her throat and then she's shuffling away, a stiff march with her head down straight into the bathroom where Chloe hears the door lock.

She's still in her chair staring straight ahead at nothing, and for everything that just happened, no one in the room seems to care. She hears them like they're a movie playing in the background, and she can tell they're encouraging Emily to kiss the room service delivery guy who's apparently brought their desserts and appetizers.

"Damn, who knew Beca had moves like that?" Cynthia-Rose says with a clap to Chloe's back and she's finally snapped out of it. "I don't think I've ever been more jealous of you than I was just now."

She manages a laugh and peels herself out of the chair. She's painfully aware that she's flushed and sweating in several areas of her body, and she could really use a dry pair of underwear. "Right?" She clears her throat because it's embarrassingly rough. "I mean, I taught her everything she knows, so I'm not totally surprised."

Beca calls it a night when she returns from the bathroom to the protest of everyone. Chloe thinks she was in there for awhile, and she hopes she's okay. It's rarely a good sign when one of them is drunk, spends 10 minutes in the bathroom, and then says they have to go to bed.

Beca doesn't look sick, though, but she doesn't look normal, either, so Chloe doesn't worry about her being sick.

She does worry about how she feels about the way Chloe watched her dancing and if that's why Beca rather obviously hugged everyone goodnight except her.

She tries to re-engage herself in the party. She tries, she really tries. But she is more than a little distracted and more than a little confused and aroused, and while she really loves her friends, she needs them to leave so she can find some relief.

They finally haul themselves back to their rooms around 2:00 am and when she locks her hotel room door behind them, she lets her forehead fall against it and releases the groan of painful agony she's been holding back for hours.

"Jesus," she mutters to herself, just standing there for a minute before mustering the motivation to wash up for bed.

She strips out of her clothes and brushes her teeth and washes her face and falls into bed with a sigh. She just stares at the ceiling for awhile; there's a lot going on in her brain to unpack, and all of it has to do with Beca and how Beca looked at her while giving her that lap dance from hell (heaven?) and how Beca looked while giving her that lap dance.

It's been awhile since she touched herself while thinking of Beca. She'd managed, more or less, stifle that urge once they'd moved in together with Amy. It was hard enough sharing a studio apartment with two other people and having zero privacy. She had to break the habit of moaning Beca's name if she was going to ensure that she'd never be moaning it where Beca might hear her.

She won't hear her tonight, though, because Chloe blissfully has the room to herself and she lets her left hand trace idle circles around her breast, teasing it to attention while she remembers how Beca slowly unzipped her sweatshirt so Chloe could see her cleavage.

She lets her right hand wander over her bare abdomen and then slides it straight down; she doesn't need the foreplay - she had plenty of that earlier.

The relief is sweet and she keeps replaying the way Beca smirked at her when she was between Chloe's knees.

Her fantasy spins quickly and she feels drunk on lust and still feels broken by what Beca did earlier and a vision interrupts her fantasy.

An idea.

A terrible, horrible, sinful idea that has her on her feet driven by pure lust and desperation. She pulls on the shorts and tank top she hadn't yet got around to wearing for bed, grabs the key card to her room, and strides down the hall to the room three doors down from her own.

It's the middle of the night and Beca left the party hours ago, but Chloe's not thinking straight. Literally, nothing about her feels straight right now, and there's no light visible beneath Beca's door, and she knows she might wake her up, but she doesn't really care. She wants Beca awake.

She wants Beca.

She knocks loud enough to be heard but hopefully not so loud the other girls decide to investigate.

The hallway remains silent and she waits a painfully long time, long enough that she starts wondering what she's doing and calling herself an idiot, and as soon as she turns to leave she hears the chain on the door slide and the deadbolt pop.

"Everything okay?" Beca asks and Chloe notices she doesn't look like she just woke up. It is always obvious when Beca's just woken up, and while Beca definitely looks sleepy, and is still wearing the yoga pants and hoodie, she wasn't asleep.

Chloe thinks that's a very loaded question and she's not quite sure how to answer it. So she goes with a safe, "Can I come in?"

Beca hesitates but then opens the door fully and steps aside to let her pass. "Uh, yeah. Sure."

Chloe hears her lock it behind her and she can't stop the shiver that runs down her back. Beca's room isn't the suite hers is, but it's still really nice and the only things Beca has unpacked are her laptop and her performance outfit for tomorrow, and Chloe thinks there's nothing more Beca than that.

The room is also dark save for the lights of the city coming in through the window, curtains not yet drawn.

She takes a seat on the foot of Beca's half-made bed. It's clear Beca had been in it, the covers on one side turned back but not completely disheveled, and Beca's phone is laying on the quilt open to a text message conversation that Chloe can't read.

"What's up?" Beca asks, having followed her but stopping several feet away. The distance feels weird. "Anyone pass out or puke?"

"No, thankfully." She shakes her head and folds her hands in her lap to keep from fidgeting.

"It's almost 3:00 am, Chlo. Why aren't you asleep?"

"Why aren't you?" she fires back; it's not aggressive, but she knows it came across more pointedly than she intended.

Beca sighs and pushes a hand through her hair before deciding to grab it and tie it up into the sloppy bun she always wears to bed. "I can't shut my brain off."

"Yeah, same." Chloe's nervous, but it's still just Beca, and she's still horny, and before she second guesses herself, she adds, "I keep replaying it."

She doesn't specify what, exactly, she's referring to, but she doesn't need to because Beca's arms drop heavily to her sides as soon as they finish with the hair elastic. "What?"

She presses her fingernails of her right hand into the palm of her left to keep her brain occupied with something other than what it's trying to recall. "Your - the lap dance."

"No, I figured. I mean…" Beca huffs and makes to run her hand through her hair again but remembers it's already tied up and presses a hand to her forehead instead and closes her eyes. "Why do you keep replaying it?" she asks in a tight voice.

Beca not looking at her makes it easier to answer, "It was so, so sexy, Beca." She sees Beca swallow and it doesn't look like she's ready to respond, so she dares to add, "You...I...you really turned me on."

Beca seems to let out a breath Chloe didn't notice her holding and she opens her eyes. "It was just a stupid dare."

"You really put a lot into it for being a stupid dare."

Beca closes her eyes again and her head tilts like she's fighting the urge to cough. "Why'd you come here?"

"I told you." Chloe swallows because she's about to kick down the last shred of platonicity between them. "You turned me on and I can't sleep."

Beca presses the heel of her hand to the bridge of her nose, eyes still closed tightly. "So you came here?"

She licks her lips and untwists her hands to put them behind her on the bed and leans back a little. "I thought you could do something about it."

She sees Beca's eyes snap open and slide to look at her though her hand stays pressed to her forehead. "What?"

Chloe shrugs. "Figured you should finish what you started."

Beca's arm falls limply to her side again and she stares at Chloe. "What are you…are you drunk?"

"No. Here." She leans back further until her hand finds Beca's phone and she tosses it to her, which she catches with a flurry of motion as she wasn't ready to catch it. "You can pick the song again."

She can almost hear Beca's mind at work sifting through Chloe's words and intentions and possibilities and consequences. She knows because her brain just did the same thing. Beca's thinking through things while she looks at her phone, and Chloe can't see what's on her phone from her seat on the bed and while it could be anything, she really hopes Beca's looking for a song.

It's silent for a long time and still is when Beca finally takes a step. And another. And another until she's actually a normal distance from Chloe rather than the several feet of the last several minutes. She's only a couple feet away now, chewing on her lip while she keeps looking at her phone and while Chloe takes and holds her breath.

She has to; Beca looks up and meets her eyes and she can see that a decision has been made.

Her thumb taps the screen and a piano chord fills the silence through a speaker somewhere in the room, and -

Take off those heels, lay on my bed
Whisper dirty secrets while I'm pulling on your hair

Chloe feels her chest tighten because SoMo's "Ride" is one of the sexiest songs she knows. She watches Beca set her phone on the dresser and then move closer. Close enough until their knees are almost touching. She tilts her chin up to look at Beca, who's looking down at her. It's not the same cocky smirk from earlier; it's something different. Something darker. Deeper.

Poison in our veins, but we don't even care
Candles dripping on your body, baby this ain't truth or dare

It's almost imperceptible, but Chloe can see it; her body's rocking, the tiniest bit, to the beat of the song and Chloe takes another deep breath and nods.

Everybody wonders where we run off to
My body on your body, baby sticking like some glue

Beca doesn't acknowledge it, not really. Not in any explicit way. But she does reach up and let down the hair she just tied up two minutes ago and runs her fingers through it a few times in a way that feels a little more intentional than usual.

Naughty, let's get naughty, girl it's only one or two
The fevers fucking running, feel the heat between us two

She flips it back on beat and with the motion, it becomes obvious that her hips are also on beat with the song and Chloe starts to feel drunk because it's apparent Beca's going to give her an encore performance - this time, a private dance.

What Chloe expects, if it can even be considered expectation and not fantasy, is to watch Beca tease her again, dancing just out of reach, to play along with the 'look but don't touch' lap dance scenario.

What she does not expect is for Beca, in one smooth rush of movement, to straddle her lap on her knees and drape her arms over Chloe's shoulders for the heavy and sexy chorus.

I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride
I'm gon' ride, I'm, I'm gon' ride on you baby
On you lady, all night, all night

"Oh my God," she whispers to herself but she knows Beca heard it because the confident smirk makes a quick appearance before it's gone and Beca's eyes close as her hips move.

I'm gonna take care of your body
I'll be gentle, don't you scream
Getting hotter, make it softer
Feel your chest on top of me

The motion brings her in contact with Chloe's body repeatedly, specifically, her barely-clothed breasts and the teasing contact is torturous. It's not even Beca's body, really - it's her loose-fitting hoodie that Chloe knows has only a bra under it. A navy blue one.

She presses her hands harder into the mattress to hold herself up. Beca's position has her throat at the level of Chloe's mouth and it takes every ounce of self-control to fight the urge to lean forward and press her lips to her skin.

Her self-control is running on fumes, though; she burned most of it back in her own hotel room, and she fails. She leans forward, little more than a tilting of her chin, and presses a wet, open-mouthed kiss to the hollow of Beca's throat.

I'm gon' make you feel that loving
Getting weak all in your knees
Kiss your body from the tip-top
All the way down to your feet

She hears Beca's reaction, a gasp and a falter of her rhythm, and then she feels a hand snake through her hair and grip lightly. It makes Chloe want to groan and she almost does, but manages to stop it; she doesn't want to miss the sound Beca makes as she draws a thin line with the tip of her tongue along the neckline of the hoodie she so desperately wants gone.

The sound Beca makes is a breathy whimper and it makes Chloe's thighs press together in immediate desperation. Somehow Beca keeps her rhythm this time and that's sexier for Chloe.

It's made even sexier when Beca shifts her stance to actually sit astride Chloe's lap rather than hovering above it.

And her rhythm doesn't falter.

She grinds forward into Chloe and Chloe can't stop the moan that escapes her lips. She knows this is happening now; there's no more dare pretense, no more potential trickery. Beca's hand is clutching her hair and keeping her close as she tilts her head to the side to offer up the expanse of neck Chloe's wanted to lick, mark, and bite for the better part of a decade.

So she does. And she does it with another moan as she flattens her tongue against Beca's skin before sucking on it. She's not overzealous with it; they aren't teenagers and Beca has a revealing Bellas costume to wear tomorrow night, but she can't resist leaving the faintest purple mark.

She feels Beca's reaction, a vibration in her throat of a choked-back moan, and Chloe pulls back. She pulls back enough for her absence to be noticeable and she looks up at Beca to wait.

"Why'd you stop?" Beca asks as she opens her eyes and looks down at Chloe.

The look in her eyes makes Chloe's heart pound harder if that was even possible at this point. She's never seen Beca turned on, but this is definitely what she looks like turned on. "I didn't," she says with a hot exhale as she sits forward and wraps her arms around Beca's waist as she captures Beca's lips with her own.

She feels Beca sigh into the kiss and she can't help but do the same. Kissing Beca is better than what it was in her endless fantasies. Beca kisses her back with an enthusiasm she didn't quite expect, though she thinks maybe she should have given her affinity for grinding herself on Chloe's lap.

Their kiss grows hot and needy and Chloe feels Beca shiver when Chloe's tongue slides over hers. Beca's still moving, still grinding and it's making Chloe's toes curl. Her rhythm is almost flawless but it slips a few times when Chloe gets a little more aggressive with her kissing and nips her lower lip or catches her tongue between her lips.

The cold metal zipper of Beca's hoodie keeps scratching at Chloe's bare upper chest and in a flurry of thoughtless annoyance, Chloe grabs it and whips the zipper down in one go.

Beca makes a sound of surprise but doesn't stop kissing Chloe, so her relief is two-fold: no more scratching, and now Beca's hoodie is open.

She doesn't look; her eyes are closed and she's far more interested in keeping them closed while they do filthy things to one another's mouths. But she wants to touch, so she reaches blindly and easily finds the warm bare skin of Beca's stomach. She glides her hand up, excited to feel and find out if that navy blue bra is lace or satin or cotton.

What she doesn't expect is for her hand to run straight into a completely bare breast.

They both gasp and it breaks their kiss and while they both freeze, she doesn't remove her hand. Beca's naked breast is in her hand and she can feel its soft peak pressing into her palm. "I thought you were wearing a bra," she manages to say, feeling like she should apologize for the ambush.

"I took it off."

"Yeah, I...I can tell." She decides to test the waters, to see if they're even still in the waters, and lets her hand squeeze lightly.

Beca's response is to drop her mouth back onto Chloe's and thrust her hips forward, hard enough that Chloe has to let the momentum carry her all the way down until she's on her back, Beca still upright on her knees above her.

"Why'd you stop?" Chloe echoes, this time being the one to smirk because there's no more mystery where they're going tonight. Now she can be confident that they both want this. She lets her eyes drop to Beca's chest, still covered by her hoodie though Chloe can see the hint of inner curves. She sees Beca track her line of sight and then Beca's hands move, and then stop as though considering, and then move again.

They move to strip herself of her hoodie and toss it aside, leaving herself completely topless on her knees straddling Chloe. "I didn't," Beca breathes before falling forward and right into another kiss.

Chloe catches her and wraps her arms around her; she's hugged Beca hundreds of times but never like this, never with her tongue in her mouth, never with her topless, never with Chloe's fingernails dragging down her bare back to make it arch and break out into goosebumps.

She feels Beca shift to support herself on one elbow and she steels herself for something new to get mixed into this equation. She doesn't have much time to do that, though, before Beca's hand shows up on her waist and immediately starts sliding north, confidently up and over until it's Chloe's bare breast being squeezed.

"I knew you weren't wearing a bra," Beca whispers between kisses and all Chloe can do is moan into it.

She lets her hands travel further down Beca's back until they're on her ass and pulls, bringing Beca's pelvis right down and into her own and she groans, trying to convey how badly she needs Beca right now.

It might have worked because Beca's wandering hand reverts its path, retreating from under her tank top to rotate and move down until her fingertips slip under the waistband of her shorts.

They stop there and Beca slows down their kiss. "Are you -"

"Please, Beca," she answers before Beca can finish asking if she's sure. She's never been more sure about anything in her life than this moment. She pulls Beca back down to kiss her and revels in the way her silky smooth hair feels between her fingers, but she doesn't get to revel in it very long.

She has other feelings to think about, most notably how it feels to have Beca's hand slip down the front of her shorts.

"Fuck," Beca whispers against her lips when feels her fingertips brush the soft curls of the strip she got waxed right before this trip.

Chloe sinks further into the bed beneath her; she's helpless but to wait for it. And Beca does make her wait for it. She spends an agonizing amount of time tracing the edges of that wax job, never following it down far enough to stop tormenting her.

She finally gives in and whimpers a "Beca," while lifting her hips and Beca kisses her again just as her fingers move lower and slip over the wetness begging for attention for hours. Or, more accurately, begging for Beca's attention for seven years.

Chloe tries to moan but all she hears is Beca moaning; she's not sure she made any sound at all. She can barely manage to breathe let alone anything else. Beca's fingers are on her, exploring her, tracing her, and Beca's tongue is deep in her mouth.

She doesn't have the ability or desire to do anything but lay there and let Beca take her.

"God," Beca says with a gasp as she breaks away so they can both breathe for a second. "You're so wet."

Chloe nods and pitches her hips up. She wants a rhythm again. She wants hard and fast and Beca's being soft and slow. "I want you," she finally manages.

Beca's answering moan feels almost predatory and Chloe wonders if Beca likes being told she's desired.

"I want you so fucking much," she says experimentally.

"Fuck, I want you, too." Beca sounds breathless and it only turns Chloe on more.

She tries to part her legs further but can't with Beca straddling her how she is. Beca notices right away, moving off Chloe to lay on her side next to her instead of over her, and with almost no preamble, as soon as she's settled and as soon as Chloe opens her legs, Beca is inside of her.

The "Oh my God," that she means to say instead comes out as a moan. She has to open her eyes and glance to her left to make sure this is all real, that it's really Beca doing this and not a really, really good fantasy.

But Beca's there, face flushed and eyes cast down where her hand has disappeared into Chloe's shorts, watching it. Chloe reaches for her, the angle awkward with the proximity and using her left hand, but she needs to touch Beca, has to feel her now, and she fumbles for a second getting her fingers under the snug waistband of Beca's pants.

Beca's halfway to a "You don't have to" protest when Chloe has warm wetness beneath her fingertips.

"God, Beca," she moans. She doesn't tease like Beca did and still is. She presses down and works her fingers in circles and almost drools when Beca actually parts her knees and shifts so she can keep them open easily.

Beca's groan is throaty, a mix of almost-words, and she finally follows suit, pulling her fingers back to mirror Chloe's movements.

"Just like that," Chloe nods and she lets her eyes fall closed.

She feels Beca kissing her, not quite on her lips because Beca would have to move too much to accomplish that and the fact that Beca doesn't want to take herself out of reach of Chloe's fingers does wonders for how close she is.

She lets her hips rock, setting their own rhythm for Beca to follow, and then Chloe's fingers follow that rhythm on Beca, and they're moving as one, grinding against fingers and sharing breaths and exchanging moans.

Chloe feels it, she feels it twisting up low in her stomach. "I'm so close," she breathes between moans and she feels Beca double-down in her efforts, shifting so that she's almost over Chloe again. It pins her hand between them but it's still between Beca's thighs and Beca's still grinding herself against it.

"Me, too," Beca says before kissing her.

That's what sets her off. Beca telling her she's going to come. The pleasure rocks her hard and for a few seconds, all she can see is darkness until she manages to open her eyes, still coming as she watches Beca fall apart above her and against her hand.

Chloe loves music and harmony and perfect pitch, but the sound of Beca in ecstasy blows all other sounds out of the water for her.

"Oh my God," Beca groans as it subsides for her and she collapses, half onto Chloe, half onto the bed. She lifts her knee just enough for Chloe to reclaim her hand and she's grateful, not because she wants to remove it, but because her arm was going to fall asleep if she didn't.

"Mhmm," is all Chloe can manage and she tilts her head to the side to kiss whatever her mouth runs into, which is some part of Beca's face but not her lips.

Beca snuggles into her, actually snuggles into her and briefly Chloe wonders if perhaps she died in a freak accident earlier in the night because surely she's in heaven. She slips her arm under Beca to hold her and lazily trails her fingertips in random patterns across Beca's back. She feels Beca heave a deep sigh and it manages to make her giggle, it's so dramatic-seeming.


Beca rumbles with quiet laughter. "Dude. You were there. That was fucking amazing."

She smiles and lifts her head to kiss Beca's hair. "I'm so glad that happened."

Beca is quiet and for a minute she wonders if she said something wrong, but then she feels Beca's hand pushing up the hem of her tank top, higher and higher until she has it up and over Chloe's breasts, exposing them to her mouth, which has apparently decided it's supposed to be on them. Her tongue flicks over Chloe's left nipple and it makes her bite down on a moan.

Beca sits up at the sound and flashes a grin. "Remind me to thank Legacy later."