There was a lot about the Bellas' USO Tour that was new and exciting for Chloe.

A whirlwind trip through Europe. Trying authentic cuisines. A competition (not that that was new, but it was definitely exciting).

Finally sleeping with Beca.

And Beca being, like...really cool about it.

Not that she expected Beca to be an asshole - she knew Beca well enough (almost as well as she knew herself) to not expect that. But Beca was so chill about it, aside from her little morning panic while Chloe let her process what had happened between them last night. She told Emily in the middle of a gift shop that it had happened. She barely shushed Amy when she implied their bedroom activities had been overheard by at least her, if not more.

And now she's holding Chloe's hand after their hands brushed by accident while walking the boardwalk back to the hotel while the sun sets.

She noticed the other girls had made themselves scarce, peeling off a pair or trio at a time with excuses of wanting to see different sights, stop at a bar, or grab dinner until it's just the two of them.

She swings their hands playfully and glances to her right to see Beca smile. She wants to say something, but as much as she wants that, she's enjoying the peaceful level of comfort that's settled between them. She goes back to people watching the other couples and friends and families out for an evening stroll until she's jerked to a stop.

She looks back to see Beca still smiling, though it's a little shy now, and with a tug on her hand, Beca's pulled her backward until her arms are around Chloe's waist. Chloe giggles and lets her arms loop around Beca's neck to rest there and she notices they're swaying the tiniest bit, almost like slow dancing. She doesn't say anything; she just waits for whatever it is Beca's thinking about while she lets her fingers play with Beca's hair.

"Today was really nice," Beca finally says.

Chloe smiles. "It was."

"I never thought I'd be walking around France with…" Beca hesitates.

"With?" Chloe finally nudges.

Beca's arms tighten around her waist and she's pulled closer. "With a girl like you. I mean, just, with you."

It makes Chloe's heart start to pound when she sees Beca's gaze drop to her lips for a second.

Chloe doesn't wait or make Beca have to make the move. She leans in and kisses her and feels Beca exhale in what might be relief. It's soft and gentle and the sun is setting in brilliant hues of purple and orange and Beca's kissing her back outside of a private hotel room for the first time.

She does pull back but only for a second and they both take a deep breath before they're really kissing, passionate and graceful. Someone wolf whistles them in passing and Chloe expects Beca to get embarrassed and stop but it instead it seems to fuel her, tongue sliding over Chloe's with a quiet moan that makes Chloe moan in response. Her temperature's gone from normal to superheated in a matter of seconds, and Chloe's the one to end the kiss.

They're both breathing hard and smiling, and Chloe glances around trying to remember how much farther they have to go to get back to the hotel.

Not very, she remembers as she sees the Hotel West End not too far ahead.

When she turns back to Beca she has to bite her lip at the way Beca's looking at her. It looks a lot like last night when she was dancing for Chloe.

"I want you to return that favor," she whispers, hoping Beca remembers the rain check she gave her that morning so they could snuggle and sleep, because now she really, really needs to get Beca back in bed for everything but sleeping.

Beca just stares at her for a few seconds before kissing her again, hard but brief, and relinking their hands to walk briskly in the direction of the hotel.

Chloe's a step or two behind until she hustles to catch up and walk by her side with a laugh. "Impatient?" she asks, lifting their hands up to kiss Beca's.

Beca looks at her, still striding forward with purpose. "You have no idea."

As hot as Chloe feels right now, it's impossible to think she's not just as, if not more, impatient.


Beca's fidgeting with her hand as they wait for the elevator, clasping and unclasping their fingers in different arrangements and Chloe would laugh if she wasn't ready to combust from arousal. It takes a solid two minutes for the elevator to arrive and they have to step aside for several people to exit it.

She and Beca are the only two waiting to take it back up and she thinks that's some kind of dumb luck. Beca leads her in and punches the button to their floor three times and then looks up at Chloe with such intensity it makes Chloe want to melt.

She thinks she might but Beca catches her the moment the doors close. She catches her and shoves her up against the side of the elevator and kisses her, hands roaming and body pressing forward.

Chloe doesn't even do anything. She can't.

She just stands there, letting the elevator wall and Beca and her grip on the railing hold her upright while Beca's mouth claims hers with absolution. While Beca's hands move over her back and waist and chest where they linger until Chloe moans and then they move down, quickly, to grab at her ass and she really, really regrets wearing denim shorts today.

A dress would have been a major upgrade right now.

But Beca paws at her anyway, cool fingers inching up the legs of her shorts as far as they can reach - which isn't far enough - and Beca rips her hands away.

Chloe thinks they're finished for the moment or that the elevator is stopping but she's taken her hands away to unbutton Chloe's shorts.

She's about to push them down when Chloe finally gets her body to listen to her and she grabs Beca's arms. "Wait, just wait," she says with a breathless laugh when she sees the confusion and frustration on Beca's face. The elevator chimes their arrival on the sixth floor a second later. "See?"

Beca smiles and kisses her again before practically dragging her out of the elevator and down the hall toward Chloe's room.

Not that she's really dragging her. It's more like a power walking competition to see who can get there first.

Chloe wins, but she suspects that's more to do with Beca conceding to let Chloe unlock the door for them. She has to dig for her keycard in her purse and Beca's so close behind her she can feel her, especially when she pulls Chloe's hair to the side and starts kissing her neck. It makes her aim falter and she has to try twice to get the lock to accept her key but it finally does and they tumble into her suite.

The heavy door slams behind them and she spins to pick up where they left off in the elevator, this time having the strength to kiss Beca with just as much vigor as they stumble through the foyer into the sitting room where the Bellas had partied last night. The chair they'd put her in for Beca's dare is still sitting in the middle of the room and a new wave of heat rushes through her at the memory.

She shivers as Beca's hands start working at her shorts again until they fall to her ankles. She kicks out of them along with her sandals and reaches for Beca's shirt. She wants it gone but Beca bats away her hands when she tries.

"Let me," she says between kisses but Beca just shakes her head and knocks them away again to keep a hold on her wrists to keep them at her sides. The strength of Beca's grip makes her nod dumbly in agreement and fall forward to kiss her again, to get them to the bedroom so Beca can have her way with her.

They turn and Beca backs her up until her knees hit the bed and she sits down hard and looks up at Beca, just like she had last night.

Except this time, Chloe's not wearing any pants.

This time, she's wet because she's about to have sex with Beca, not because she wanted to but knew she wouldn't.

This time, Beca's smiling down at her and it's not a smirk or a quiet hunger.

She's smiling at her, a warm, comfortable smile and it does more to Chloe's libido than any smirk or wink ever could.

"What are you doing?"

Beca's smile grows and she reaches into her pocket to pull out her phone.

Chloe's blood runs cold again and she watches Beca tap around for longer than she really thinks is fair. Every time she's in this position her life gets rocked and she's not sure how many more times she can handle it.

Her momentary reflection is interrupted by the heavy synthetic beats that burst through the speakers in her room and she can't help but burst out laughing - because Beca definitely just started playing Ginuwine's "Pony."

"What?" Beca asks with a serious face, looking utterly offended. "I was going to dance for you again; you don't want me to?"

"Not to this, Magic Mike," she answers. It's not that the song isn't sexy - it is, but it's also so absurd and far better suited for something intended to not be so serious.

"Okay, okay," Beca says with a dramatic sigh and skips the song.

It's clear she'd been setting up a playlist because a proper song cycles on and Chloe stops laughing.

Soon as we get started makin' love goin' harder

Hear a knocking on the wall

"Beca," she breathes, feeling like Beca just yanked her from 0 (or, like, 30) to 100 in the blink of an eye. She thinks it's pretty unfair that Beca knows the effect a sexy song can have on her, but she figures that's her own fault for revealing her hand the second time they ever met.

And as soon as I go deep getting it in, then again

There's a knocking on the wall

Beca hums at her reaction and sets her phone down on a nearby table before standing in front of Chloe again, hips rocking to the slow beat of the song.

Girl your legs keep shakin' and I swear we breakin' our new headboard

And the love we make it feels so good

Girl you know I'm proud

Lookin' in your lovely face

Scream my name, you do it so loud

Chloe looks up at her and thinks about how this is the third time in 24 hours this has happened, and how lucky she is for it. Beca's not really dancing this time. This time she's looking down at Chloe wearing that same comfortable smile, though it's starting to shift a little, moving into that sexy, confident territory again and it makes Chloe clear her throat.

She squirms, so far beyond impatient now that it's really not fair, and Beca bends down a little, her hands landing on Chloe's knees to travel north.

I bet the neighbors know my name

Way you screaming, scratching, yelling

Bet the neighbors know my name

They be stressin' while we sexin'

They move up her thighs to her stomach to the first button on the light blue blouse Chloe's wearing to unbutton it. And then the next. And the next until she has Chloe's shirt open and she pushes it over Chloe's shoulders.

Chloe shimmies out of it and moans a little when Beca's hands pause over her breasts during their retreat, just tracing the curves that aren't covered by her bra, until she has her hands to herself again.

Bet the neighbors know my name

My name, my name

I bet the neighbors know my name

Her hands move to her own shirt, a silky dark red v-neck sleeveless that she lifts over her head with ease to let it drop to the floor.

Take this pillow right here

And I know you're so excited if you bite it they won't hear

Her shorts go next and Chloe forgets how to breathe for a second, seeing Beca in nothing but matching black lingerie that is a lot fancier than what Chloe had removed from her last night.

And you know, just what we capable of, when we making love

So the music gon' be loud, you gon' scream and shout

Beca's still not dancing, and Chloe literally doesn't care. She's sweating just the same if she was. But Beca does lean down again to kiss her and Chloe groans, her whole body igniting. It feels like they haven't kissed in hours and not minutes like it really has been.

Girl your body's a problem, they call me the problem solver

Let phone sit on the charger, it could ring all night

They can call, they can knock, and be upset, but I bet

She feels Beca getting lower as they kiss, and lower still until she's craning her neck to keep her mouth on hers until she can't anymore.

She opens her eyes to see Beca on her knees in front of her.

"Fuck," she says to herself but Beca hears it and smiles at her before reaching to hook her fingers under the elastic of Chloe's underwear. Her heart races again at the slight tug and she lifts her hips to let Beca slip them down her legs.

They get tossed over a shoulder and there's something so casually sexy about it that it makes Chloe's toes start to curl and Beca hasn't even really touched her yet. Beca's hands land back on her knees and the tiniest hint of pressure against them has Chloe parting them for her. She's starting to feel desperate and considers begging when Beca moves into the space she's made to lean forward and kiss the swell of Chloe's breast.

She's not making a move to rid Chloe of her bra so Chloe does it herself, stripping it off and throwing it wherever. She knows she's probably meant to keep her hands off again, but she can't stop them from framing Beca's face and guiding her mouth to a firm peak.

Beca lets her do it so Chloe keeps her hands on her, pushing her fingers through Beca's hair to pull her closer, her back arching as Beca's lips pull at her breast. Teeth knick her flesh and a high-pitched moan fills the silence between the lyrics pulsing around them.

"Beca," she whines in something beyond desperation. "Please."

Beca looks up at her, on her knees, breast still in her mouth, and Chloe thinks it's about the sexiest thing she's ever seen. Her whole body shivers as a wave of need floods her and Beca sits back, hands resting high on Chloe's thighs.

She's still looking up at Chloe, lips wet and eyes dark and it's all Chloe can do to keep herself upright. Her arms want to give out, but her eyes want to see the first moment more, so she locks her elbows. "I want you so much," she breathes and she sees the effect it has on Beca.

A look of determination mixes in with the lust that's staring up at her and Chloe feels her knees parted further still.

There's no fanfare, no excessive teasing or making her beg more.

Beca pushes her thighs open and bends down and Chloe watches - and feels - her drag her tongue between her legs.

They both moan and Chloe's elbows finally give out. She lets herself fall back to the bed and closes her eyes, feeling Beca adjusting to the different angle until one of her legs is lifted to rest over a shoulder.

She moans again; Beca's not tentative or shy about what she's doing and Chloe nearly scrambles up the bed when she feels her tongue press inside her.

But Beca has her arms locked around Chloe's thighs so she can't get away and she quickly adjusts to the overwhelming sensation. Her body stops trying to pull away and suddenly it won't stop pushing closer and closer until Beca actually stops and tells her to scoot back up because she's worked her way half off the bed.

She scoots the whole way this time, all the way up until her head lands in her pillows and she watches Beca follow her halfway until she drops down, loops her arms under Chloe again, and gets back to her task.

And Beca is a very hard worker.

Chloe manages to wonder if Beca knows how good she is at this, if she picked that song because she knew she'd be making Chloe moan like she is right now.

"Ohh my God, Beca," she groans when Beca starts sucking. "Oh my God."

Beca hums and sucks harder, her tongue flicking hard against the flesh in her mouth.

"Shit! Shit, oh God, fuck...Bec...Bec Bec Bec, fuck!"

Chloe feels every muscle in her body tensing and she manages to lift her head for one last look at Beca's face between her thighs looking back up at her before she falls apart.

She comes harder than she's come in a really long time. Even harder than she had last night.

She struggles to catch her breath and feels Beca lapping at her gently. She doesn't remember reaching down to tangle her fingers into her hair but that's where her hands are and she eases them out so she doesn't pull and just rests them there, feeling Beca spoiling her, coveting what's just happened.

She runs her heel up and down Beca's back, the only thing she can pet other than her hair, and she expects Beca to sit up and join her when she looks up and sees Chloe watching her.

Instead, Chloe feels her tongue shift gears, starting to get a little less gentle, testing the waters a little and Chloe can't stop the moan that slips past her lips. "Don't stop," she whispers and she sees Beca's smile in her eyes before she has to drop her head back and close her own.

Beca's slower this time. She's thorough and so absurdly steady that Chloe's almost begging for relief when Beca finally grinds her tongue into her hard for a few seconds to push her over the edge again.

She's still catching her breath when she feels Beca start again and she's in the middle of begging her to stop when her body reacts and instead she's begging her not to stop again.

It's sloppy the third time, her body so sensitive and wet that she's coming before Beca's even set a new rhythm.

"Oh my God," she says with a groan and a gasping breath. "Oh my God, stop. You have to stop."

She hears Beca's low chuckle and feels her detangle herself and crawl up over Chloe until Chloe's looking up at her and the dopey grin she's wearing.

"You didn't disappoint." Beca winks when she says it and all Chloe can do is laugh.

She feels high and groans when Beca kisses her slowly and deeply before tipping off her to lay side by side and take Chloe's hand in hers.

They're quiet for a while, just existing with each other, and Chloe starting to fall asleep when she hears Beca sniff and stir next to her, the obvious precursor to her starting a conversation.

The question is quiet and tentative and Chloe imagines Beca looks nervous when she asks it. "What's going to happen when we go home?"

She squeezes Beca's hand and keeps her eyes closed. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, are we…" Beca shifts again and clears her throat. "Is this, know...just a road thing?"

She has to look over at Beca at that. "Are you asking if this is a fling?"

Beca nods and Chloe doesn't remember a time she's seen Beca look so unsure.

"Do you not want it to be?" Her heart pounds as she waits for Beca to answer.

Her answer is a curt shake of her head.

Chloe releases the breath she was holding and smiles. "I don't want it to be a fling, either."

Beca starts to smile again. "Yeah?"

"Bec, I've liked you for, like, ever. Of course I don't want this to be a fling."

"For, like, ever?" Beca laughs and she turns onto her side and shifts closer, just as she had last night, for Chloe to wrap her arm around her.


"I've liked you for, like, ever, too."

"Mm, lucky me," Chloe says with a smile and a kiss to the top of her head as Beca makes herself comfortable with Chloe's shoulder as a pillow.

The comfortable quiet starts leading her to sleep again and Chloe can't believe that what's happened has happened. All the years, and the tears, and the fights, and the ups and downs they've been through together, and relationship after failed relationship, they finally found each other.

And she thinks maybe, just maybe, they finally deserve it.

The End