My first Jay/Erin multi-chapter fic. AU One Chicago verse. Belongs to Dick Wolf and NBC. My first Jay/Erin multi-chapter fic and I hope I write them well. This story uses its own rules for vampires so just forget everything that's been established by previous folklore. For this fiction, vampires can procreate but it's a crapshoot whether or not a kid will be a vampire. This is intended for mature audiences only filled with rape, non-con, and violence. If this is something you have issues with, please back out now. Right now this is the same as what's been posted on Archive Of Our Own, but in later chapters, what you see there will be toned down here.


Jay moaned and jerked away from the man who had caressed his cheek. Oh hell no…not doing this again, he thought to himself as the man let out a sinister chuckle.

"You really think you have a choice, Blood Bag?" he asked.

"Not…toy," he managed to get out. He couldn't let this happen again. He had been taught how to fight back and he was going to keep at it no matter what. It didn't matter that he was feeling drained. He was going to fight until Montague killed him. Which was probably going to be very soon if someone didn't come for him. Wanna see Dad and Will again, he thought to himself. He didn't want to die. Not like this. He wasn't ready.

"Oh but you are," the man corrected as he caressed the younger man's cheek again. "You're nothing but a damn human. And that means I can do whatever I want to you." With that, he yanked him up, smirking when he let out a cry of pain as the chains bit into his wrists. He still has some fight left but I've almost it beaten out of him, he thought to himself. Really, the spunk the human had was amusing. Can't believe he still thinks he can beat me, he mused. Oh, he was scrappy enough in a fight, there was no denying that, but he was just a human. A lousy human who was breakable and manageable. And he was going to enjoy breaking and managing him.

"Let…go," Jay spat out. The man made a tsking sound even as he quickly undid the shackles and then threw the human onto the floor, straddling him. His captive tried to throw a punch, but he quickly caught the wrist, squeezing it, resulting in a pained cry.

"Don't try that again, boy," he growled. Then, before he could be stopped, he forced the younger man's jeans down, undoing his own jeans and entering him. Jay's face grimaced and he tried to bite back a cry to no avail. Please…someone find me, he thought to himself. He couldn't take much more of this. He wasn't going to make it, he was sure of it. Outside, Erin's eyes flickered as she and the rest of the Intelligence Unit moved towards the building, their guns drawn.

"Are we sure this is the right place?" her partner, Hailey queried. Don't like this. Something seems off, she thought to herself.

"Yes. Nadia's always given me good information," the other woman replied and the first woman nodded. Okay, we've got this, Hailey thought to herself. Yes, she was a little nervous. How could she not be? So many things could go wrong in a bust like this. And she was with a new unit, so she wasn't quite used to the way they rolled yet. Hate factories, Erin thought to herself. She hated what they represented: the worst of the vampiric community in all its glory. And as a rule, feeding on humans and making them slaves wasn't really a thing. Not that any of the captives here would believe that. No, they were probably thinking that all vampires were total monsters.

"Everyone move in quietly. The last thing we want is for the vampires here to kill the humans they have captive," they heard Hank tell them.

"Copy that," they all chorused. Then, they moved in, everyone moving swiftly, clearing the rooms. Hearing the footsteps, various people looked up, letting out hisses as their eyes flashed in displeasure. Then, they headed towards the sounds. People were intruding. That wasn't acceptable. As one, the vampires headed out and soon the sounds of people barking orders, growls, hisses, and gunshots were heard. Hearing this, the man on top of Jay quickly got off of him and ran out with a WOOSH! The younger man shakily climbed to his feet, his fingers clutching at the chains when he heard footsteps approaching. Was he coming back? Had Montague decided to risk it? Well, no matter. He'd be ready for him. Not letting this creep take me again. If he wants a fight, I'll give him one, he thought to himself. And why the hell not? He was sick of being put through this crap. And he was going to stick up for himself this time around. Okay, so he wasn't exactly in top form. He had been drained a lot, but that didn't mean that he couldn't muster up the courage to fight. And he would. As the footsteps approached, he tightened his grip on the chains. He reared back his arms, ready to throw the chains and-then stopped the attack. It was two women he had never seen before and they both had guns.

"Easy. We're Chicago PD," the shorter one said. PD. Rescue. This was a rescue, he thought to himself. He dropped the chains, took a couple of steps and then-blackness claimed him.


As with Bonded, this fic has its own glossary which yo can find here. this is what I've come up with so far and may be amended as the story progress.

Blood bag: derogatory term for a human

Food source: clinical term for a human

Factory: place where humans are kept by vampires for their pleasure