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Will sighed as Jay finally went back to sleep. It's been a long day for both of us, he thought to himself. And to be honest, he hated it. He hated the fact that Jay was scared like this. He and his father had spent their lives making sure that Jay and his mother could defend themselves if it was needed and they had provided for them as much as their old laws would allow and now this crap? Yeah he was not happy. He had never liked it when Jay didn't act like himself and he wasn't at the moment which put him on edge. Not that he blamed Jay for being freaked after learning what had happened to him. And Ava hadn't helped things at all. In fact, she had made things tremendously worse. Wish someone would fire her, he thought to himself. Unfortunately, despite her beliefs, she had never acted unprofessionally. Well, until Jay had been brought in. He wasn't sure if anyone would make a note of it though as there were numerous other doctors and nurses that felt the same way she did. It sucked, but it was the way things were unfortunately. They were just lucky that the stupid law classifying humans as second-class citizens had been abolished and Jay could now make his own decisions regarding his care. Not that he wouldn't step in if he was being an idiot, because he would, but at least now his brother had more control over his own life. His eyes flickered. What was he going to do? He was at a loss here. Wish I knew what to do, he thought to himself. He wasn't an idiot and had a feeling that Montague would be trying to find them even as Jay slept. Bags. He should start packing bags for them. If they ended up having to hightail it, they'd be ready to go at a moment's notice. If they didn't end up needing to run, so much the better. Nodding to himself, he stood up, went to the hall closet, grabbed two duffel bags, and then started putting things into them. He was going to do everything that he could to make sure his little brother was safe and if that meant spiriting him away secretly, he was going to do it. Okay so he was being paranoid. Sue him. When it came to his family, he didn't like taking chances. While this was going on, Montague and a few of his companions were heading over the address that Dr. Bekker had given them. I'll show this mangy human what it means to defy me, Montague silently fumed. And he would absolutely destroy anyone who was protecting him. He had claimed Jay Halstead as his own and he wasn't going to let the insubordination of those vampire cops keep him from his prize. Oh yes, he knew that Jay's last number indicated that he had been owned by another vampire but that vampire had foolishly freed him after that insane law had been passed and now he was fair game. For once, I'm glad that law freed him because that means I can take him for my own with no repercussions, he thought, smiling to himself. After all, even though he only looked to be about fifty, he was actually well over a thousand years old and as such, the rules had never applied to him. Once he hit the street that led to Will's place, he smirked. Almost there. As he was packing, Will's head jerked up. That was a car. No one was supposed to know where Jay was. He had to get him out of here! Wait. Slow it down, Will. It's probably just someone visiting one of the neighbors, he cautioned himself. That happened all the time. And yet…he couldn't shake the feeling that something was really wrong. Making a quick decision, he finished packing the suitcases and then headed back to Jay's room.

"We're leaving," he announced.

"What's wrong?" the younger man asked. He looks freaked, he realized. And Will never freaked, so it had to be bad.

"Not sure. Just got a bad feeling," he admitted.

"Okay," he stated, taking the suitcase just as there came a loud crash through the front door.

"GO!" As soon as the command came out of Will's mouth, Jay grabbed his car keys and headed out the back door, Will close behind as he pulled his phone out and dialed 9-1-1.

"9-1-1. What's your emergency?" the operator queried.

"This is Will Halstead and we got intruders at my place," he reported, rattling off his address. Though he heard this, Montague ignored the conversation to follow the younger Halstead's scent. He was going to show the stupid human why no one ran from him. And then he would take care of the vampire brother. But first…the human. He needed to take care of the human. He needed to re-teach him his place. And he would do it. Jay's breathing quickened as he headed for his car, getting in, starting the car, and drove off. Hearing the screech of tires, Montague followed the sound, a smirk on his face. So, he was trying to escape, was he? Well, he was going to show him just how foolish he was. No one, no human-ran from him, and he was going to show him why. Moving quickly, he followed Jay, smirking. Moving quickly, he lunged at the human-only to stop short as someone tackled him.

"What the hell?" he growled.

"Stay away from my brother, freak," Will snarled. No way in hell am I letting him hurt him again, he thought to himself. For an answer, the other vampire snarled.

"You dare take that tone with me, boy?" he demanded. Who does he think he is? he fumed. This upstart needed a firm reminder about who his leader was. Jay's eyes flickered as he continued. Hope he's going to be okay, he thought to himself. Yeah, he knew Will could hold his own but he was still worried. He didn't want him getting hurt because of him. He'd never forgive himself. Should he go back? No, Will would want him safe. Will snarled as Montague's grip on him tightened. Don't care if I die in the process. Not letting him have Jay, he thought to himself. He didn't care what happened to him. The only important thing was keeping his little brother safe. Jay's safety was paramount. Montague's henchmen followed Jay's car, overtaking it and surrounding the vehicle. He'll stop. It's what humans do, they all thought, smirking. It was just their nature: don't hit anyone. Obey the stupid human rules. It made them easy pickings. However, instead of stopping like they expected, Jay just plowed through them, knocking them back with grunts before they picked themselves up. Okay, now I'm pissed, one thought to himself. And the human was going to die. No human attacked him like this and lived. It just wasn't done. With a snarl, he lunged at the car, diving head first into the vehicle, knocking Jay back, causing the car to careen wildly. Hearing the sound, Will was there in an instant, grabbing the vampire and tossing him aside. We need to get out of here, he thought to himself. The operator that Will had called dialed the number for Voight who picked up on the first ring.

"Go for Voight," he said.

"There's been reports of intruders at the home of Will Halstead," the operator reported. Shit! Hank thought. The doctor had taken his brother to his place to recuperate and it sounded like someone had told Montague where to find the kid. Yes, one could argue that it could just be a coincidence, but he had never believed in those.

"Thank you. I'll take care of it," he responded and then hung up and quickly notified his officers via text as to what was going on. Move. They needed to move. They couldn't let Jay Halstead be harmed. Okay, here we go, he thought to himself as he headed out. Once he got to his patrol car, he headed out, sirens blaring. Within moments, they arrived on the scene.

"Chicago Police! Freeze!" Voight shouted. At this, Montague's men hissed and attacked. Immediately, Intelligence began firing. Hearing the commotion, Montague turned, a scowl marring his features. These underlings dared to attack him? He was a master vampire and they should be showing him proper respect. And part of that respect was letting him take his pet. But no. They were just trying to stop him. Snarling, he lunged at two of the female officers, knocking them down. I will kill them both and then move on to the others before claiming my prize, he determined. It'd be messy, but he didn't care. Erin and Haley grunted, their guns falling to the ground. As one, they growled, their eyes flashing as they felt their features change. Then, they punched him, managing to knock him off of them. They dare attack me? the older vampire raged. He would not accept this. Still working in tandem, both Erin and Hailey grabbed their guns and fired. Gotta stop this freak, Erin thought to herself. Montague was a monster and there was no way she was letting him get anywhere near Jay again. . While this was going on, Voight and the rest of Intelligence was also fighting Montague's clan. I had no idea he had this many people working for him, Antonio thought to himself as he fired his gun. How had he garnered so much loyalty? Okay not important. The important thing was stopping the shithead. Okay, they could do this. As they were hit, Montague's men cried out and some fled. Seeing this, the elder vampire scowled. Cowards. I will deal with them later, he seethed. But first, the two women who had shot him. He turned to them and-cried out as he felt a bullet enter his back. Olinsky's eyes darkened as he shot the vampire again.

"We need to get the Halsteads out of here," Erin whispered.

"Go. I'll cover you," Hailey told her and Erin quickly made her way to the car, getting in even as Jay looked at her.

"Keep driving," she told him as she buckled herself in and he nodded, doing so, though he looked back worriedly. Will was still back there. "Voight will keep your brother safe. Don't worry," Erin assured. Jay nodded. He would want me to keep going, he thought to himself. Not that this knowledge made it any easier to do so. In fact, it made it harder. Turn around, a part of himself whispered. Go to Will. Protect him like he's protecting you, it continued. No! He couldn't do that! Will wanted him to be safe and that meant he had to keep going. Okay, he could do this. He just had to keep going. Don't wanna die, he thought to himself. As if sensing his nervousness, Erin reached over and squeezed Jay's wrist.

"He'll be okay," she assured.

"Yeah, I know. Just…" he shrugged, unsure of how to explain.

"You worry."

"Yeah." At the scene, Intelligence was still fighting Montague and his men. Suddenly, the head vampire looked up. Where was his pet? His scent was fading. He was leaving!

"They're gone!" he announced and quickly turned around. So…these younglings thought that they could keep him distracted, did they? Seeing her chance, Hailey fired, smirking as the bullet lodged itself into Montague's back, resulting in a cry of pain from the older vampire. Bullseye, she thought to herself. One of the vampires lunged at her, placing their hand in her chest, wrapping their fingers around her heart and started to yank on it, causing the officer to scream as the organ was jerked forward. Seeing this, Olinsky lunged at the vampire, fangs clamping down on the vampire's shoulder. The vampire shrieked in pain, releasing its hold on Hailey's heart, and jerking back, trying to shake Olinsky off of them. Hailey panted. Ow, she thought to herself. That hurt. She tried to get up but collapsed. Ugh…ow, pain, she thought. She forgot how much it hurt having someone's hand inside her chest. Not that she had been looking for that idiot to do that, but he had and now it felt like she was on fire, especially since her heart felt a little off-center. I'll have to push that back in later, she thought to herself.

"Hailey, you all right?" Antonio queried, rushing over to her and helping her up.

"Yeah, I'm good," Hailey responded, trying to keep herself from grimacing as her heart scraped against something. Yeah, she was definitely going to have to attend to that later.

"No you're not," Antonio stated, seeing the look. "He had his hand in your chest and we both know that a squeeze to the heart hurts like a bitch," he continued.

"I'll be okay," Hailey assured. No need to tell him that he did more than squeeze it. He was trying to remove it, she thought. It would just make him worry even more. And yes, she knew he worried 'cause they were friends and coworkers but she didn't want him worrying about her when making sure Jay Halstead was safe was a higher priority. If she had died in the process, so be it.

"You should get checked out. Just in case," Antonio insisted.

"If it'll stop your worrying, fine," Hailey sighed.

"Thank you," Antonio said.

"Yup," Hailey replied. Hate when he gets overprotective, she fumed. She was perfectly fine. Things were hurting a little given the fact that she had nearly gotten her heart ripped out of her chest and she could feel it scraping against something. That hurts…really bad, she thought to herself as her breathing became labored. Something was wrong. She felt really hot and her breath felt labored. What had Montague done to her? It was like…like she was having trouble breathing. But why? She took a step forward and then-everything went dark.