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"My little sister always tells me," Louis flies up to space with his black wings, "...to laugh and have fun with good friends." Louis carves strange markings on the wall, "She says that I was suppose to be a creator." Blood spreads everywhere around the room as Akame, Lucy/Nyu, Natsu, Ichigo, and Naruto looked scared when they saw the blood,"To give people a purpose," Louis watches his little sister sleeping as he sleeps with her, "To save people from death." Louis grabs a man's head and rips it apart.

"Those People lost their god damn mind," Victoria holds her sword as she looks in the distance, "What kind of coward," In the Kuoh Academy, Issei and Rias were looking out the window until a body flew at them.


"What the hell?!" Issei yells as Natsu goes to the window as looks at it in shock.

"Would do something that cold-blooded," Gray, Orihime, Rangiku, Erza, Juiva, Mirajane, Cana, and Kuroka stood still as they look at Kyle as his eyes grew red, "Someone who kills people for blood."

Irene pulls her sword out as she looks Goku glaring at each other, "Whatever doesn't kill simply makes you," Victoria takes her mask off as she looks at a Rune Knight soldier, "Stronger."


Fiore's towers started to explode everywhere.

"This world and its people is my courage their death." Louis grabs two soldiers by the throat and as he crushes them.

"Humans have been cruel so many times." Kyle attacks one the guard killing them brutally and blood.

"People will never stop being cruel." Ava summons a lot of monsters killing all people.

"Animals and nature are all part of life." Violeta holds a little bird as she whistles.

"Just a dream." Victoria sits down in a prison cell as the other prisoners were all fighting, scared and terrified.

"I will take them all for me." Oryx raises his hands as his Taken powers as he takes the citizens.

"Everyone in this world of humans are all predators of extinction." Irene looks at the ground of grass then the sun.

"Let's see how much blood you can all get!" Louis says as he grabs a mob terrorist as rip his head apart, tearing his bones with blood.

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"When I was a kid and looked at people thinking that their life has hope or a tragedy or that my life has been through pain many times," Louis sits down as he talks to Natsu, "But those it also depress you to know, just how alone the multiverse really is," Irenelooks at the stars, smiling, "Because I want the multiverse to collide with one another," Oryx summons the Hive, Fallen, Cabal, and Vex army around the battlefield, "To make me feel the perfect villain of the Multiverse and I am the monster of madness and tragedy for all of you, but to people were just monsters."

"Ka-bloom." Victoria walks out of the Crocs Castle as she closes her hands.


The castle of Crocs began to explode. Violeta walks closely to Gray as she places her hands at his cheeks, "Is just me," A swarm of zombies came out of nowhere, "Or is that men have lost their mind." says Irene as she watches many men dying.

"The only good as the world allows them to be," Ava says as he stands watching his creations killing all humans, "Don't I've been there," From a city people protesting about destroying the villains, "Believe me I've been there," Ava looks at the people mourning for their loved ones, "When the chips are down," Violeta hip hop dances around the area in front of Gray, "These civilized humans," Crime lords got themselves killed from Louis as he ripped their heads off, "They'll eat each other." Louis and Kyle went toe to toe against each other.

Oryx, The Taken King

Oryx smiles as he sits on his throne.


Irene release her wings as her it glows white.


Victoria smiles as she as she looks at Romeo and Wendy.


Violeta looks at Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Cana, Mirajane, Hinata, Sakura, Rukia, Orihime, Rangiku, Rias, Akeno, Aisa, Uraraka, Momo, and Momo Hinamori.


Ava looks at her saber as she looks at the sky.


Kyle battles against Gray as clash one another.


Louis and Natsu fly up in the air as they battled.

"Natsu and Gray," Louis says as he walks in front in a constant speed in front of Natsu and Gray as they stood still, "You guys changed me forever," Oryx swings his sword at Goku before dodging it, "It's not like that's a bad joke for you." Lucy, Rukia, and Hinata battled against Violeta. Victoria walks away from the crowd as they started to get slaughter. Church summons the undead as the army looked shocked. Kyle faces Gray as he grabbed his throat.

Louis smiles as he flies in the air circling around.


Hi guys sorry I haven't been on for while because time always stops me from what I'm doing and because my parents and my grades so far, but nothing much has happened so, this trailer is introducing new villains which probably all of you never heard of but Louis was my main antagonist from FairyTail: The Dragon and Devil Slayer Rises(which you guys saw the trailer for now) the rest you will see soon and I'm still working on episode 4 and 5.

P.S. If you wanna know about Victoria, her recognizable face belongs to Christina Grimmie and her songs too.