Hey guy'n'gals! For those of you who don't know of me, that's cause I haven't done pretty much anything for the past oh... I want to say 7 months? Maybe more. Either way, I'm back and I've decided I don't want to do PJO or Percy Jackson and the Olympians for you people who haven't read it. However, I still want to do Fanfic, because it let's me make my own world for me to mess with. Therefore, you all get Subnautica! Hurray! If you don't like it, leave and die in a hole! :D (Kidding) but if ya don't like it, don't flame or try and post shit, just leave. Anyway, onto the story! (Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Subnautica nor any of the small cameos I may sneak in, I only own the Plot and the Characters [Mostly])

Near the Crashed Aurora, Approximately 8:40 AM

Unknown POV

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Ugh, wait is that incessant sound..."

I groan as my head spins, it felt like I'd gotten whacked by a sledgehammer, none too lightly either...

I slowly open my eyes, trying to adjust them to the light, only to realize I don't feel just light, but heat also, it was only after my hearing was restored that I realized that it was not just some rusty light panel or anything of the sort, but a very large fire threatening to overtake my life-pod! I jumped up, knowing that if it overtakes my fabricator or my storage I was oh so very screwed. I hurried to the opposite side of the very small pod and grabbed the CO2 extinguisher, pulled out the pin in the handle, and sprayed all the fire in front of me with the fast acting CO2 depressant, which swiftly put out the fire. I sighed in relief, knowing that the fire could've ruined any chance for me living. I clean up the ashes with a small retractable broom hidden in one of the panels of the Life-Pod and then put them into a small disposable bag in the corner of my pod, I have no interest in just throwing this out of the hatch, that's a disaster waiting to happen.

I activate the fabricator, thankful that it is still working and scroll through the list of possible items, my mouth turns into a frown as I realize how bad of a situation I really am. I tell the computer AI, which I have no name for yet to scan my surroundings for anything remotely dangerous as well as the air itself. Then I realize that I crashed over planet 4645b, meaning, water planet, meaning, swimming... Ugh, I'm going to have to swim everywhere huh? I look at the hatch under the ladder in the middle of the pod and notice that I am over a small coral reef, so after checking the on-board scanners again and checking the atmosphere again. I hop into the temperate waters and hope I don't accidentally jump into the mouth of this planet's version of a shark...

The water was kind of warm so close to the surface, but going down just a few meters already made it the familiar freeze I felt when I was back on my home planet of Reach (AN: I wonder how many of you will get that one!)

I swim down, and not 20 meters from my pod I could see pieces of wreckage from the Aurora all over the place. I reach down and grab one, filling part of the extra dimensional space called an inventory, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid but how smart the Alterra Corporation is. I keep going around, collecting many of them as well as some salt deposits and some quartz.

I return to my pod and make myself a standard oxygen tank out of three titanium, keep the other nine I had on me, I need to find something with a high silicone count, I've yet to see something like it, but if I explore, i might be able to find something near this reef hopefully. I keep swimming until I see a kelp forest apparently, I've only ever read of those on Earth, but I'm not that surprised to see these on a water world of all things.

I reach the kelp forest, careful to stay high near the surface, so that I can see them coming. I grab some gold colored balls off the top of the kelp like organism, and then swiftly return to my pod, not wanting to stay in an unknown environment for longer than I have to. I hurry to the fabricator and make myself a knife to protect myself as well as get food. I pop out of my pod again, searching for some sort of food, I find a small critter, about the size of a frisbee, with a dorsal fin and it's counterpart below as well as primitive version of a fish tail, it's biggest feature however was the giant lidless eye in the center of it's body, before the small critter could comprehend what was happening, I'd already stabbed it behind the eye, I pick it off my knife and return to my pod, I wanted to see if I could cook it. I wasn't sure if I could, but hey, I won't know unless I try!

I put the now scanned and named Peeper on the Fabricator and search through it's holographic menu, till I find an option named 'cooked peeper' I'm not sure how well a machine can cook but hey I'll try it. As soon as I bite into the meat, my first thought is chicken, how the heck do you get something that tastes like chicken on a planet nearly 80 light-years away underwater It's like breaking the laws of food physics! Right as I wash away what's left of the Peeper with some water from the storage.

I hear a buzzing sound, I turn toward the communication module right as I hear someone yell, "If anyone is there, I need help! Me and my injured sister are stuck here! We're in Pod 17, I'm sending a widespread message now with the coordinates, please, if anyone is out there, find us and help us!"

My mouth hangs open at the fact that someone did indeed survive the crash, I need to get some stuff to help them out..