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On a side note, I should probably explain the history of 4546B in regards to this fanfic.

-The Aurora in this story is actually the Aurora II. Which landed directly on the Aurora I, which had decayed over time to become a giant rusted and mostly submerged wreck, as for why a Identical Aurora lands on the site of the old, well, that will be revealed later.

-The Kharaa Infection is almost destroyed at this point due to a previous expedition. (Riley's work, releasing the baby emperors was the best thing he could've done.)

-Warpers are now (mostly) sentient and (mostly) evil, because their previous kill infected creatures command has now turned into a kill everything that's not a Warper command.

-There are currently four living Sea Emperor Leviathans (one baby died due to warpers)

Reyna's POV

The Citadel

It took me about 4 hours to organize all the things in the storage room, and another hour to finish the remodeling needed for setting up the solar panels up on the roof of the citadel. Fortunately, Jason passed by after dropping off some copper and quartz, who helped me out. After putting up the solar panels, a grand total of 4 of them, I used some of the quartz that Jason gathered to create glass, which I then put in the hangar room, to see the cyclopes when we get one, and glass in all the rooms.

I also managed to make a few more magazines for our underwater guns, but I did notice that they never lasted long, probably due to the fact that while I am good with using guns and whatnot, I'm not the best at making them. Mine has already rusted and when Jason came back, I found out that the spring in his had already loosened, which means it fires the needle (the ammo for these guns) as if they were shoot with a rubber band rather than a gun. I don't know how Thalia's gun is, but it's probably not much better.

About 2 hours later and near the point that we were supposed to sleep, Thalia came back, with a bit of a surprise.

"Thalia, why is there another girl hanging off your arm and a guy following you?!"

Thalia made a sound similar to a snort and said, "Because I found them, duh."

Before anyone could say much else, Viribus bonked against the glass of the hangar and made a sound somewhat like what a bird from Reach or Earth would do when alarmed. I look past him and out to where the Kelp Forest meets the Grassy plains and see about a dozen more sand sharks, with a friend of sorts, a large bony 14-foot shark with plates of chitin or some such all around it. The strange thing however was that the bony shark was full of scars and it was being nipped at by the sand-sharks around it. It looked forced, which means it might lash out if I got rid of the sand sharks around it. There were four around it, should be simple enough, I grab Jason's gun, which I had fixed the spring, and open the hatch in the hangar door again, firing away at the mass in front of us, aiming specifically for the Sandshark blocking the bony shark's jaw's range of motion. I fortunately managed to hit it in one of it's eyes, which killed it almost instantly.

Then, the boney shark exploded.

In rage.

It bit one of the sand sharks in half, head butted another one into pulp using the titanium floor under us all. When the third tried to nip it from behind, it slapped it down with its tail.

Then I saw another sand shark coming at it from above, deciding to do something reckless for once, I went through the hatch, took my survival knife out from the sheath under my arm and rushed above the bony shark, which I'm just going to call a Boneshark for the sake of simplicity. Right before the Sandshark was able to bite into the Boneshark's neck, I stabbed it right in front of it's front dorsal fin. From top jaw to lower jaw, therefore pinning the two together. There was only one Sandshark left, and it decided to go for the fleshy human,


I put my arms up ready for its numerous teeth to bite a chunk out of me. Only to hear a crack before anything happened to me, I move my arms out of the way and find that the Boneshark had gone up from under the sand shark and bitten its lower exoskeleton off. I then ripped out my knife from the one I had stabbed into, stabbed it again in the eye to kill it and then floated silently by the Boneshark, waiting to see what it would do.

While I was waiting however, I noticed that the Sandshark had a glaze to its eyes, as if it were drunk, or sleepy…




Or controlled…

That revelation hit me much like the landing of the lifepod onto the planet's surface. This means they might not normally be hostile!

I knew I needed to tell the rest of the survivors of this…

Unknown POV

"Is it ready?" A voice growled, in a voice not of humans.

"Yes milord, we are ready to activate it, however the actual process will not finish until a year's time from now."

"That is fine, we have time to do this, begin it."

And with a large crack, one of the figures in deep murky water kilometers below the surface activated a machine that started up with a massive hum, the entire cavern rattling as the bones of a long dead creature started to glow…

Reyna's POV

"Jason! Thalia! New guy and girl! Come here. I've got quite some news for you guys."

Jason raises an eyebrow. "Really now?"

"It turns out that those Sandsharks might not be the evil demons of hell we thought them to be, I think they might be controlled, it's eyes were clear once I killed it."

"So you're telling me that these things might just not be aggressive as hell and are instead just being controlled." Thalia summarizes.

"Pretty much." I say.

"Do you know what makes them tick? If you do, maybe we can get them to stop attacking us." Mystery girl says, whose name is revealed after I check the name tag on her suit, Piper, I check the other person's tag and find that their name is Nico.

"Unfortunately, no, I have no clue what's making them be so hostile, alternatively, that Boneshark out there is now my buddy of sorts"

As I say this I walk up to the glass wall to the hangar and gently tap the glass, the Boneshark comes up to it and gently bumps against it.

"Well, anyway, I think it would be about time to start building a submarine, do you think we can make a cyclopes at this point?"

As soon we I say that, we all simultaneously get a shiver down our spines.

Strangely enough, we ignore it…

Jason answers after a moment. "Yeah, I think we should get started on that, while you do that though, I'm going to get enough materials to make us all radiation suits, the Aurora's Quantum Reactor is generating an unhealthy amount of radiation, strangely enough, the bow isn't covered in radiation."

"Yea that is a little weird… One of us should go and check that out when we can."

The Crater Edge

Third-Person POV

At the edge of the volcanic crater that was the home of majority of the living creatures on planet 4645b, there is a massive door being constructed, and an even bigger tunnel being constructed behind it. Around it where dozens, no, hundreds of purple colored creatures, floated in the dark water lifting beams in their scythe like hands, some even having 4 small scythes in the place a larger one, much like primitive fingers. Together they would position their blocky structures and assemble the massive tunnel, for no warpgate would be big enough to handle what they were planning to unleash…

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