Harry Potter was leaning into the astronomy tower. He felt his tears coming to him. Sirius was killed and he was been betrayed by his so called friends and Dumbledore.

He holds his glasses and broke them apart.

"How could they? I thought they were my friends.?"Harry wondered as he remember at that time.


Harry was walking on the hallway when he heard Ron,Hermione and Ginny talking about him. Harry leaned closer as he listened of what they said.

"Boo hoo. Sirius is dead.I can't believe we pretended to be his friends."said Ron

" Dumbledore paid us remember. Plus i can access through The Potter library."said Hermione

"And once i put some love potions with his drink.I'll be Lady Potter and inherit his will After that we will kill him."said Ginny

"Dumbledore did payed Mom,Me and Ginny as well. I just can't stand by his loneliness."said Ron.

Harry heard this until he silently went back to the Gryffindor Common used a goblin charmed bag. Along with his broom stick.

He waited everyone to be asleep ,until he crept quietly and left Gryffindor tower.

End of Flashback

Harry dropped the eyeglasses on the floor and looked on the moon. He stood up and used his broomstick and flew back to London.

Harry went to Gringotts and sealed his vaults with the helped of Ragnock. He unlocked all of his magic and sealed his vaults.

He explained to Ragnock of what happened to him.

Ragnock was digusted of what Dumbledore did along with the three. Apparently Harry told him that he was going through journey.

Harry was thinking.

Voldemort and his forces where going to come and he can't have the Order to appreheaded him.

Harry decided to become something else,which is why he went around the world and studied the languages and some martial arts.

Because he wants to find Justice.

And he will come back with a vengeance.

Against the people who manipulate him.

Harry summon the knight buss and told Stan to take him somewhere.

Stan understood his decision until Harry and the Knight bus had disappeared into thin air.