A/N: Hello everyone! So, this is a Silver/Madi once-shot that I was inspired to write by my friend MoparGirl1 (if you don't know her, please go to her profile, her writing is out of this world), who binge-watched Black Sails in two week-ends. Talk about commitment. Anyway, she demanded I write something for her, so here it is. I hope you like it, because I may write some more of these two in the future. ;)

It's very short, but who needs long when it's intense? :P

Disclaimer: I do not own Black Sails or any of its characters. I just played around with them for a bit of entertainment.

Hear me Roar

She was standing at the edge of the cliff, a curved-sword in hand, her black hair flowing behind her in the wind. He could honestly swear that he had never seen anyone more fierce-looking in his entire life. And he had known a good number of fierce pirates in his time. He could have stared at her like that for ages, even with the fire in her dark eyes and her sword-hand raised towards him. But the matter was pressing, and he limped towards her with his free hand held up in peace-making.

"Madi, love, come now, you are standing too close to the edge."

She snarled at him, half-woman, half-sea-serpent. "Don't come any closer, or I swear I'll cut you down!" She raised the sword higher while being simultaneously taken by a wave of pain that made her wince and bend over, a hand over her stomach.

Silver couldn't take it anymore. Despite her threats, he came closer still, not for the first time cursing the leg that had been taken from him that prevented him from scooping her in his arms to bring back to the village. "Don't be an idiot, and come with me." He was trying to keep his voice down, like a hunter trying to tame a beast.

She snarled at him again. "I am NOT ready to bring this child into the world, so NO, it'll remain there until I say so!" She yelled the last part, being once again taken over by pain, and she let go of the sword as she almost fell to her knees in pain.

John thought, again, not for the last time, that her stubbornness reminded him of Flint. He had had to get close to her slowly, to show her that he meant no harm, and in the end, she had been the one to decide she wanted him back. He had danced that dance with Flint before, trying to get close to the bull-headed man until James was the one to decide he trusted him with his life.

He wondered briefly what he'd done in this situation. It didn't take him long to realise that Flint would already have forced Madi into his arms to carry her back to the midwives. For all his faults, James McGraw was a fierce friend, and he'd have protected Silver and Madi with something akin to a lionness protecting her cubs.

The analogy made him smile fondly.

"Madi," he cooed again, "you are in pain. The babe wants to be born. If you hold it, you'll kill it. Is that what you want?"

She shot him a look that could have killed him then and there, and snarled again. "I'll kill you. I swear I will. Once he is out of me I'll kill you."

He smiled to himself as she limped forward to go back to the village, following her from a good distance to avoid being brutalized. "I have no doubt you will."