"So ,Bubblegum ,are you excited to see your cousin?" asked Mario to his 17 year old daughter, Princess Bubblegum. Bubblegum was blowing bubblegum when she looked over to her father.

"Hello?" asked Mario, as Bubblegum keep looking at him chewing gum. "Bubblegum ,I'm talking to you." said Mario. Bubblegum took the gum out of her mouth.

"What?" asked BubbleGum.

"I'm asking you a question." said Mario

"Okay what is it?" asked BubbleGum.

"Are you excited to see your cousin Princess Clover?" asked Mario.

"Ugh, I don't know You mean ? Why do we have to see her?" asked Bubblegum .

"Well you should be excited ! It is good to see your cousin after so long." said Bubblegum's mom ,Queen Peach.

"Mom, I don't know ? She is always very daring and we avoid talking to each other all the time." said Bubblegum.

"Well ,this is your chance to talk to her." said Mario with a big smile on his face.

"No ,this is not a good chance she's always going to be the same!" rejected Bubblegum.

"Hey ,don't raise your voice at your father ! You are going to see your cousin whether you like it or not!"yelled Peach. Bubblegum slouched on her throne chair and angrily started to chew some Bubblegum. "And sit up straight and don't chew gum ! It is rude and disgusting!A princess never does any of those things!"continued Peach.

Bubblegum listened to what her mom . Toad entered ,holding the trumpet ,blew a loud note. King Luigi and Queen Daisy and their daughter Princess Clover have arrived. The gates slowly opened.