"W-what.. why should we follow them?",asked Clover.

Clover didn't understand what Bubblegum meant by saying that they had to follow them? Bubblegum gave Clover a quick stare .

"Clover, they are our parents! We have to rescue them!," declared Bubblegum. Clover didn't have any idea what she was talking about.

"I understand we have to follow them, but, do you think that it is really a good idea that we should follow them all the way?",asked Clover.

Clover was thinking they should follow them by using transportation. That idea got Bubblegum thinking as she stared off into the sky in silence. Just for a moment, she thought for a while about what Clover had just said. Then staring off into the blue sky, she turned to Clover.

"Didn't think of that.",said Bubblegum.

The two girls were silent for a while. They were thinking about what to do and how they could save their parents even faster.

"Maybe we'll ask one of the toads in the kingdom.", said Bubblegum.

She walked off causing Clover to nod. She started to follow Bubblegum to go speak with the toads.