The frontier is… to say a big place, spending trillions upon trillions of kilometers. Thousands of worlds, billions of families. And home to the biggest war ever known by mankind. It's a war with two perspectives… One of freedom, one of the resources.

Demeter, Typhon, Harmony, Victor, Archemadus… Just to name a few of them. In this war, mankind has aligned themselves with machines and some have even lived through death. Many have fallen, but they are definitely not the last to fall.

The machines that mankind have aligned themselves with are called Titans. They stand at a massive 24 plus feet tall. With weapons that would make us in the real world frown. A titan is piloted by a pilot or titan pilots.

One of the said pilots is not human, but a machine. Yes, he is very much human with heart and mind. But his body is a machine. This man was once organic, of flesh, bone, and blood. But on a fateful day that this elite pilot died to save thousands of his fellow soldiers something happened. Just before the battle where he would ultimately lose his life. The man got his mind uploaded into the database.

Said Pilot now fights for the Militia, under the command of Marcus Graves. This man fights alongside his squad and his titan November. The man's name is… Echo.

Echo walked down the hallway half mad. He had just been called away from his three-week break at the planet Archemadus. He was the only one called, no one from his squad other than him had been briefed the mission.

As Echo walked towards the titan drop bay he remembered the reasons why they were investigating this peculiar planet…. It looked exactly like earth if you disregarded the craters that littered its surface, but without all the IMC, the Coordinates of the planet and the signals they had caught. Suddenly he heard a male voice speak to him.

"Echo, let's go together," The man said. It was Grand Commander Marcus Graves.

"It's an honor sir to speak with you. One of the grand commanders" Echo said as he did a handshake with the grand commander.

"Likewise Echo. It's not every day that you talk to the best pilot of the militia. Fastest time of the DOOM gauntlet with 15.05 seconds. And the leader of the legendary Guardians of the Frontier" Graves commented happily. "Looks like we are here"

The grand commander was right, just when they rounded the corner inside the massive five-mile long flagship named the MCS Andromeda. They entered titan drop bay BX-41C. In front of them stood the massive Black titan with red lines marking it, the massive broadsword next to the modified splitter rifle. Stood Echos Titan November.

November is a custom specially modified Ion titan. It could do more than even the vanguards that were spoken of as the ultimate titan. Truth to be told. The top five pilots in all of the militia, only one of them used a vanguard. Said the person was Jack Cooper and BT back on Harmony.

A grunt walked up to them and saluted "Grand commander Graves and Captain Echo. November is ready for titanfall!" The grunt said in a serious voice.

"Alright, here we go" Echo said as November opened her hatch and let Echo inside. When he had sat down the titan closed her hatch and activated HUD.

Graves walked up in front of the titan. "Find some answers for us, Pilot. Nam Libertas (For freedom)"

"Roger that" Echo spoke through Novembers external speakers "Nam libertas"

And with that, the hatch underneath Echo opened and November and he was falling towards the ground of the planet.

The scout team had been attacked. This attack had been held off until they reached their destination, arc jet, two knight's had stayed near the door trying to keep the raiders, who numbered in the dozens, away.

But they were almost overrun, with the scribe that had the radio equipment and the other knight being taken out during a brief moment when a raider in a salvaged suit id power armor had managed to lug a rocket into them.'

The other knight, and coincidentally the main character called Irene, was backed up against a wall firing with a hunting rifle they had managed to grab as their ammo for their laser rifle was depleted. But as they eventually ran out of rounds they looked you to see a sizeable meteor coming down near them, it was all she could do to not laugh because she knew now the even if she had killed the raiders she would have been killed by it hitting arc jet. So she laughed as its hit the ground, knocking her out.

As Echo was reaching the surface of the planet. He zoomed in on the ground below him, he saw what appeared to be tiny figures fighting beside a small building, compared to those on the frontier.

"500 meters until we have reached the surface pilot" November notified him.

"Roger that November" Echo answered as he looked at the screen that showed him the number of meters he was above ground. 400… 300… 200… 100...

A giant boom was heard when November hit the ground. One of the unfortunate figures had stood where November had landed squashing him like a cockroach. He spotted the other figures being thrown back. Most of them in weird armor.

"Pilot, these units may be hostile. I advise caution" November warned him as the Raiders took aim with whatever damaging guns they had. One raider did the dumbest thing they could have done. He opened fire, the bullets hit November harmlessly but it was enough for Echo to realize that these people were trouble.

The blue bubble shield around him disappeared and all hell broke loose. He quickly unsheathed his gigantic custom broadsword and easily cut through the raiders like they were wet paper. He noticed an incoming missile turned around and activated his vortex shield catching the missile. The raider looked in horror as the missile was released and was heading right towards his face.

"Seven hostiles down. Five remaining" November notified Echo.

"Roger" Echo answered and shot a laser shot towards a raider that was fleeing.

The remaining raiders had scattered and staid in cover rarely peeking, but when they did their comrades would find their friends explode into a bloody puddle. This went on until Echo heard a mechanical voice. Behind him on a hill, sat an ugly three-legged machine. With missile launchers attached to its left arm and machine guns to its right.

"FIND AND NEUTRALIZE HOSTILE ENTITIES… HOSTILE ENTITIES SPOTTED. ENGAGING" The three-legged robot said before firing off a hailstorm of bullets and missiles.

"Jesus fucking christ that thing is ugly and packs a punch" Echo commented when the first missiles hit November draining her shield a bit. "Take this you spidertron," Echo said again and launched his own missiles. All aiming for the weak spots of the Spider like machine, to that it replied by rushing towards him and smacked Novembers leg only to find out that it didn't even harm her.

Echo sliced its first leg up sending it towards the ground before planting the fist inside the robot ripping its core out. "This tech is so outdated" And with that, he threw it away causing it to hit a car at an impressive 90 kph causing both the car and the core to explode sending shrapnel all over the place.

Echo turned around and saw that a figure inside a more pristine piece of armor, without any drug addict markings. Blood spilling out from the right leg of the figure.

Echo quickly jumped out of November, rushed to the figures side. Picked the figure up before rushing into the building. His scans had quickly shown what he needed. The person needed help now.

Irene woke up and one of the first things she noticed was she was laying on the wall and second was that she couldn't feel herself being encased in her armor. She panicked and fell into her side but when she did she felt a bolt of pain shoot up her leg causing her to scream.

"Easy there," A male half robotic voice said. "Shrapnel got your leg, calm down"

After calming down and letting the pain recede Irene propped herself up and through the pain that was clouding her vision she groaned out "wh-what happened? Who are you?"

"Here drink this, should take some of the pain away" She felt a small cup being placed under her mouth and she drank it without any concern, five seconds later her vision had improved and the same with her hearing. "My name is Echo, as for what happened. Shrapnel hit you in the leg, you're lucky that I noticed you after I killed those guys out there"

As Irene's vision cleared she looked at the figure who was, in fact, a robot "what are you? A medical assaultron?"

"Heh quite the opposite, I have killed more than patching up." The robot who had identified itself as Echo said.

"so what are you?" Irene asked as she rubbed her head to relieve the pain.

"I'm a simulacrum, super soldier if you would say so" Echo answered "Who are you? I would have guessed IMC but a lot of things say that it's wrong"

"who? And simu-simucrm-Simuwhatever, the hell is that?" she almost shouted but grabbed her head afterward due to the noise causing her pain.

"Relax, you won't gain anything but pain if you keep yelling." Echo said "My name is Echo, I am a simulacrum titan pilot and I'm with the third militia fleet. I'm not looking to cause harm"

She first now noticed that the voice was male. "But who are you?" The robot asked again.

"My names Irene Dine. And I didn't understand half of what you said. Who are those militia buggers?" irene rubbed her eyes to get rid of the star's that were flowing in her eyes.

"Good guys for short, we fight for our freedom. As for the rest don't worry" Echo said and inspected her "You look pale, let's get you outside"

"uh ok," She said unsure and tried to get up but was stopped by pain.

"Easy. Take it easy" Echo said as he supported her to get up and continued to support her when they were walking to the door. Echo opened the door and Irene's pupils widen and her mouth dropped. In front of them sat a gigantic robotic figure with a sword that could cut a vertibird over with ease and a gun bigger than a fat man.

"Hello, pilot," The robot said. "I see that she is awake"

"Hey November and, yes indeed she is"

"wh-what?" Irene shouted but groaned and grabbed her head again.

"Alright Irene, this is my titan. Her name is November taken from her codesign NR-7429" Echo said as he calmed Irene down. "November meet Irene, we don't know who she is but she is military by the looks"

"where the hell are you from?" Irene said quietly.

"I'm from the frontier, up there," Echo said and pointed to the sky. "And there is a war going on. Freedom of luxury and resources. But now that I have told you about myself… Who are you? And what faction do you work for?"

"I'm Irene Dine and I'm from this world that got scorched and I'm with the brotherhood of steel, otherwise known as the military," said Irene still in awe at November.

"What is their morals? Goals?" Echo said as he walked towards November who opened her hatch exposing the high tech inside of her.

"that stuff." Irene pointed at November's insides.

"Yes?" Echo asked as he took out a small metal box and opened it going through its content.

"Old tech. Stuff that will fix the world." Irene said.

"Old tech? Hell no. Specially designed for the most elite pilots, she is the most powerful design out there. Even outranks the vanguard type titans by a lot." Echo said, "Her AI alone holds almost a whole fucking Petabyte."

"it was a figure of speech. Ok?" Irene sighed.

"If you count two weeks old refreshed tech as old tech then sure. However I don't, just got her upgraded." Echo said. "But what are the Brotherhood's goals and morals?"

"the goals are kept with the higher-ups, the morals are to protect the people and collect tech as we find it. Can I sit? My leg feels bad." Irene said.

"Sure go ahead, by the tech I don't suppose you mean me and November here. Because if you look around you" He gestured to the slaughter that had taken place. Raider bodies flooding the place. "We won't go down without a fight" Echo and Irene looked at each other for some seconds before Echo asked her if she wanted something to eat.

"Well you're an anomaly so I'm not sure how they will react. But yeah, I've got some things in my bag. I think it's inside." said Irene.

"I wouldn't eat that if I were you, I scanned it and its riddled with diseases and radiation." Echo said as he finally found what he had been looking for. An MRE pack, he opened it and began to put its contents into some bowls before handing them to Irene. "There you go"

She ate a bit of it then stopped. "holy fuck. This is quite possibly the best thing I've ever eaten."

"Heh, you should visit Archemadus then. The planet is awarded for best landscape and some of the best food. Nothing beats it. I live there with my wife and daughter when I'm not fighting for freedom"

"Yeah well, I really hope you have more of that. But I've got to ask. Why did you help me?" Irene asked as she ate the last of her meal.

"You were hurt, you were to well equipped to be with the hotheads. And when I was falling towards the surface I saw most of the fight" Echo responded and climbed inside November again to look for something.

"yeah. Surprised that your impact didn't destroy everything." she laughed.

"You are talking to one from outer space, someone from a society where planets are being colonized and you are talking about how the titanfall didn't destroy anything? Well mostly anything, poor bastard stood where I landed" Echo gestured to a bloody pile inside a small crater. "He… didn't survive is an understatement"

Irene laughed at that. "so what did you do with power armor guy? And for that matter where's my armor?"

"The power armor guy? Caught his missile inside Novembers vortex shield, threw it back." Echo answered as he clicked some buttons inside November. "Your armor is inside the building"

"it has a shield? And ok thanks." Irene said.

"Yes, well it's not exactly a shield. We have something else called Energy shields which is an energy field that surrounds and protects titans from damage to a certain amount." Echo answered. "You should get some rest, it's getting late" And he gestured to the sun going down on the horizon.

"Alright, the brotherhood should show up in the morning looking for me cause we never reported in. And the radio is destroyed so we need to wait. And yeah…. I need sleep." she said.

"Alright let's get inside, could use some myself." Echo said and exited November who closed her hatch. "November stand guard while we get some rest, do not open fire upon the brotherhood of steel, vortex shield and particle-wall allowed for defense. Wake us if they come"

"Roger that pilot" November answered and got up and pulled the gigantic rifle out. The barrel of the gun split up into three cover pieces and orange energy glowed from it.

"Right let's get inside and get some sleep" Echo said and weirdly enough let out a robotic yawn.

"don't you just plug your self in and do that?" asked Irene.

"I actually don't need it, but it is good for me. It lets my mind process the things that have happened, my body gets to cool down which can prevent overheating. Which I can tell you is a real pain in the ass" Echo answered as he walked inside Arc jet with Irene.

She laughed. "I've got the same thing with my fusion cores. My suit messes with them somehow."

"Alright, I grabbed some blankets for you. They will smell odd but… It would smell as bad as anything my sensors have picked up." Echo said and Irene looked a bit confused at him "Yes I can 'smell' via sensors"

"I mean it's not the weirdest thing in the wastes. And they don't smell very bad." she said as she took them from him "intact they smell pretty alright."

"Then you should meet my squad mates, we are all misfits despite being the four best of all militia fleets. My adoptive brother, Oblivion has a mutation that makes it impossible for him to get drunk or suffer from any negative effects of alcohol." Echo laughed "That son of a bitch once burned his blankets because he spilled alcohol in it. Did light up pretty well through

"well, i wonder how he would take two hundred-year-old wine still in the barrel," Irene said.

"He doesn't like wine, only vodka for him. The strongest, 75% alcohol" Echo said and readied a spot for Irene. "And that's when he is going light"

"I've seen a few bottles marked 90% and thanks." Irene went to move but yelped in pain as she did so and fell down again.

"Here," Echo said before injecting her with a liquid that made her eyelids feel heavy… And that's when her vision fell to dark as she entered the world of dreams.

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