It was seven hours after Echo and Irene had went to sleep, on board of the Prydwen. The members of the brotherhood had become nervous when they had seen the meteor and the news of Irene's team not responding. Trevor had become worried because it wasn't like Irene to do that, so something bad had most likely happen. The brotherhood had prepared to take out and locate her and the meteor.

"So, Trevor… What do you think could have happened?" Mike, a good friend of Irene and Trevor said.

"I don't know, but i think it's something bad" Trevor answered with a hint of sorrow in his voice.

"Yeah, i think it has something to do with that meteor. But it's weird, something just feel off" Mike said as he put on his power armor helmet, the custom insignia on his helmet. A deathclaw killing off synths, ghouls and super mutants. Mike was a high respected paladin within the brotherhood. "Either way we will find out"

"Yes, we will brother," Trevor said after he had put on his own helmet and entered the vertibird he was supposed to travel with, and Mike on one another "See you there brother, Ad Victoriam"

And with that, five vertibirds alongside more than twenty brotherhood staff.

Through the haze of sleep that Irene was rising from Irene noticed that her leg was feeling a bit better but still bad. She opened her eyes somewhat she saw across the room to see the robot that had pulled her out of her armor and saved her and her warmor from those raiders the day before. Echo was sitting upright with a gun in his hands with his vertical visor glowing a faint gray light.

"ughhghhhhg." Irene groaned as she held her head due to the headache that was almost worse than the pain from her leg. Echo's visor lighted up blue when he heard Irene's groans and he got up and walked over to her.

"You alright?" He asked her "Hungry or something?"

"how long was I out for?" she said as she held her head.

"Around seven hours"

"ughhhhh whyyyyyy. This is why I don't sleep long." she groaned.

"Sorry about that, you were getting restless. Began to scream and such, so i injected you with a sleeping serum. And i fixed your armor" Echo said as he pointed to the brotherhood armor "But again, are you hungry?"

"ugh no. But I hate sleep. More than four hours gives me headaches." she held her head and looked at her armor that was laying limp news the back of the room. "and thanks for that."

"No problem, but you sure youre not hungry? My scanners are saying that it would be wise for you to get some food… And i got more MREs if you want to" Echo said as he stretched

"no matter how good they are I don't eat in the morning. Now help me up so I can get my armor on." irene held her hand out for Echo to help her up.

"Fine" Echo said as he grabbed her hand and helped her up, she squecked when she put presure on her leg but held it back as she noticed he had braced and bandaged it. It was professionally done and she couldn't spot a single red spot on The snow white pilot issued bandage.

"Steady, your leg May be bandaged, but it was a deep cut and it Can open if you Aren't cautious" Echo Said as he brased her and took some of The pressure of her bad leg.

"thanks. But can you get my armor opened and upright please." she asked cringing at having to be helped with it.

"Sure Lean on this Wall and put all of your pressure on your right leg." Echo Said as he slowly let go of Irene, who instantly supported herself to The Wall. Echo walked over to The armor and easily Got it to stand upright. "There ya go"

"thanks." she hopped over and climbed in, closing behind her the armor took some weight off her leg. "well i suppose we wait for the brotherhood now." Irene shrugged

'Pilot, i have spotted multiple unidentified airborne units heading towards our locations, they appear to have spotted me. Request you at my location immediately' November notified Echo over Echos in built radio.

"November has just spotted multiple airborne units heading towards us. It could be The brotherhood, does your radio work?" Echo asked Irene

"Naw. Got busted earlier. But yeah that will be the brotherhood, considering we're the only ones with vertibirds it would be surprising if it wasn't." Irene told Echo.

"Alright you better exit The building first" Echo Said as they walked towards The door, Irene opened it and walked out of The building

Trevor watched The commonwealth fly underneath him as they neared Arcjet, he saw a few burned out buildings and many wrecked cars but nothing that interested him. When they cleared the ruined highway someone called out to look at the front of arcjet.

When he did he saw a roughly 24 ft tall robot standing outside the front. The knights where told to prepare for drop and the gunners to spin up the guns.

The robot picked up The giant rifle that was stored on its back, two acolyte pods were shown as they aimed at The upcoming vertibirds.

"The robot is locked-on to us!" The female pilot yelled into The radio and was responded with an answer that horrified Trevor.

"Its locked-on to all of us!" A male voice yelled through The radio. They were all waiting for their doom to come, only that it didn't. The robot appeared to be observing Them cautiously and prepared.

"What The hell is that thing" A scribe next to Trevor muttered as The vertibirds slowly began to land and deploy troops. That's When The door of Arcjet sprung open and a woman with t-60 armor limped out followed by a heavily armed robot. The robot appeared to be supporting Irene.

Trevor couldn't hold it in anymore and he yelled "IRENE"

"HEY TREV! How you doing!" she said sarcastically before yelping and gripping her side, The robot instantly supported her by laying her arm over its shoulder. Irene and The robot continued to Walk towards him When several brotherhood members noticed it and raised their weapons.

"DON'T SHOOT- argh" Irene yelled but crasped her side again making The robot flinch and rush to her side. "He is not hostile"

"I don't know Irene, he looks pretty hostile to me… just like that thing over there" Trevor Said and pointed at The gigantic robot that was sitting near arcjet with brotherhood of Steel soldiers all around it.

"alright I'm warning you now. Do not mess with the giant robot. Just look around." she pointed at the ground littered with corpses.

"Jesus, what happened here?" Trevor questioned as several other brotherhood members looked around too to look at The Parking Lot.

"these two." she said grunting as she shifted uncomfortably.

"November is nervous, she does not appear to like The brotherhood that much" The robot besides Irene mumbled as it attended her leg.

"now the rest of you lower your weapons unless you want to get sent back yo before the bombs by a gun that turns t-45 into shrapnel." Irene pointed to one of the power armor raiders that appeared to have been crushed by something REALLY heavy.

"Irene, i told you. Im not from before whatever War that appeared two hundred years ago. November was first created 25 years ago and Two weeks ago i Got her upgraded. Me myself is only 44" The robot Said as it finished what it was doing with her leg.

"yeah of course you've never heard the saying." she sighed "well anyways I thank you but I think that maybe you should explain now. Or at least when I get a bloody stimpack."

"Sure thing Irene" The robot Said before turning to Trevor and offering a handshake "Echo, legendary militia pilot and holds The rank of Captain"

"uh… what's that?" trevor asked echo.

"A pilot, or titan pilot. Is an elite trained infantry unit cable of piloting a titan" Echo answered.

"bloody all of that. But I'm going to say we should just get back to base and the scribes can find all this out." trevor said

"finally." Irene groaned before hopping on the nearest vertibird.

"So just leaving me here?" Echo chuckled as he walked towards her.

"nope." she said as she helped pull him in and the rest of the soldiers mounted up on the vertibirds that had landed. "so what about November?" Irene asked.

"She should find her way" Echo Said "we have been split up before in way worse scenarios"

"you know I want hear about those soon." said Irene.

"and I'm sure the rest of us would as well but at the moment let's go." said Trevor as he climbed up and motioned for them all to take off.

Echo was sitting in the back of the vertibird that was currently flying across the commonwealth. He looked around and saw the two men from before giving him the looks. Trevor and and a third guy. Irene was looking at them because she couldnt understand why they were staring.

"So what are you?" The man named Mike said.

"Im what we call a simulacum, elite infantry" Echo said.

"if you're infantry then id hate to see the rest of you." Irene laughed.

"I bet you would, biggest bunch of misfits. We are everything but normal, i mean my adopted brother is literally immune to getting drunk or alcohol poisoning" Echo laughed back.

"I think I know of a few people who would like that." Trevor shrugged.

"Most do, he loves being able to drink vodka all day long but misses the days he could get drunk" Echo said as he shrugged too.

"well i can definitely see why." Trevor said.

"Yup, old fucking Oblivion. He never gets boring" Echo did a simulacrums version of a sigh as he leaned up at the hull of the vertibird

"so where are you from?" asked Trevor, Irene took her helmet off as he said that

"yeah where do you come from?" she asked.

"A planet called Archemadus, its really pretty. Vast blue tropical oceans, jungles. And most famous, the cliffs of beauty that cover around 30% of the planet" Echo said as he thought of his home. "Pops makes cars, the new CTM4A4 or Howl will come out in the next three months"

"wait you said planet? You mean space?" Irene raised a eyebrow at his statement.

"Yeah" Echo said "We call the area the frontier"

"so your not kidding?" said Trevor

"No i'm not, besides i do look like something from space to you right?" Echo said.

"Yeah you kinda do" Trevor answered.

"well i guess. So what's it like there? I'm guessing a lot better than here." Irene laughed.

"It is, lush green forests with cyan blue lakes, rivers and oceans. The reason why the area is called the cliffs of beauty is because the area is leaked with giant cliffs with caverns that are just… Breathtaking i guess you could call it" Echo answered.

"if you had any~" Irene gave echo and friendly nudge "Eh. Eh."

"You sound worse than Oblivion" Echo simply said with sorrow embedded in his voice "I finally thought i had found new hope here"

"come on I'm not that bad, am I?" she said.

"You are Irene" Trevor, the third guy and Echo said in unison.

"fine then" she say going into a huff then laughing at the situation.

"So how Big is The brotherhood?" Echo asked.

"A solid 150 men and women strong, we are The biggest foreign force in The commonwealth" Irene answered. "Why are you asking?"

"Classified" Echo Said with a hint of a smug in his voice.

"whyyyyy?" she said.

"I don't Think my commander would be happy that The Best pilot of The militia thrown around classified information" Echo answered as he began to balance a data knife on one of his fingers.

"yeah but whys it classified." she asked.

"Class C9 Codes are classified, everything from A9 to D9 codes are classified" Echo answered.

"Irene give up." said Trevor

"No. Why have they made it classified." she asked unrelenting

"If you fight against an interstellar Corporation like The IMC, it's a good idea to keep things classified, unless you Want everything to be leaked to The IMC" Echo answered.

"See. Was that so hard. "Irene said slightly smug

"That was an A7 code, not classified" Echo Said with a really Big hint of smugness in his voice.

"well it's also just common sense. So I don't know why you need to give it a class as well." Irene said.

"If you don't shut up i'll have you clean November, she gets Dusty pretty quick" Echo Said as he flipped The knife he had been balancing on his finger so it was balancing on The tip of The blade catching their attention to that.

"alright fine. Be like that." Irene said.

"So when are we arriving?" Echo asked.

"A while. So get comfy." the vertibird pilot shouted back.

"Alright" Echo said as he leaned back his head, whose bright glowing visor turned a dull grey white color as if he went to sleep.

"What is he doing?" Trevor asked nervously as he looked at the unmoving form of Echo.

"I think he turned himself off or something like that. You know how the sentry bots cool down. I think its like that." said Irene.

"Yeah it seems like that" Trevor said as the sleeping looking form didnt move a single inch.

"I wonder." Irene leaned towards him and poked him once, twice. But by the third poke, a metal hand jumped up and grabbed her arm in an iron grip (No pun intended) It was Echo "Don't do that" He said. "I've broken arms for less"

"well sorry. It's just. You kinda flopped." she said while trying to pull her arm away with little success because of Echo, he soon released her arm. "There, now let me get my systems to cool down a tad more" He said as he fell 'asleep' again.

"Well we best leave him alone shant we." said Irene while settling back down.

As they flew above Boston, Echo had woken up and had begun to look out at the vast wasteland that covered the world below. As he watched the city come incesing closer the noses of gun fire became louder with the decreasing distance.

When they flew over the city a few things caught Echos attention. First was the sheer devastation that the city had wrecked on it. Second was the lack of life and at same time the amount of fighting in the street. Third was the glimpses of mushroom clouds in the streets 'What is that? It is explosives judging by the clouds. What kind, i cannot track'

"What you looking at?" asked Irene as she joined him at the window.

"Those" Echo said as he pointed at the mushroom clouds "What kind of explosives are they? My scanners pick up a higher doses of radiation everytime one explodes"

"Well that may be because they are mini nukes." she shrugged.

"Mini nukes?" Echo asked. "Properly shouldn't use those if you plan on having kids"

"hehe. Your probably right." Irene shrugged.

"Meatbag" Echo chuckled.

"you fucking what tin can?" Irene said.

"Not much Muscle Puzzle" Echo joked

"Ha." Irene said sarcastically.

"Anyways, is there something i should know about this area?" Echo asked.

"Other than its a nuclear wasteland and we are removing all the mutants from it, not much more to tell." Irene answered.

"Alright, i guess that structure over there is a settlement?" Echo asked as he pointed to what looked like a baseball stadium.

"Uh yeah. I've not been there yet, but it seems nice from what I've heard, if a bit untrusting." Irene said. "Place is called diamond city, they say its the great green jewel of the commonwealth"

"Noted" Echo said.

"Yeah well they've got it alright there. Turrets galore from what i saw." Irene said "So what do you think of the scenery?" She asked sarcastically.

"Looks like the boneyard if there were more buildings in that place" Echo answered.

"The heck is that? Sounds like some old world theme park." she said.

"The boneyard is not a theme park. The boneyard is an abandon IMC repulser tower technology facility." Echo answered

"pretty sure you know my next question." Irene said.

"A repulser tower is a tower designed to send out sound waves that can't be heard by human. The soundwaves will cause pain in the heads of any wildlife. If things get worse, electromagnetic waves will be sent out" Echo answered

"that would be pretty useful. Wonder if it would work on a deathclaw?" Irene said to herself.

"Deathclaw?" Echo asked.

"A creature that looks like a demon and can rip through power armor like wet paper." Irene answered.

Echo chuckled "Sounds like something Oblivion would have fun with"

"yeah. I'm not sure if he would. The baby's can sometimes rip through body armor."

"Say that when Oblivion let's lose his Inferno core, damned wall of pure hell will burn anything" Echo answered.

"well i hope he can kill it fast." Irene said.

"He can, and he probably will" Echo said. "Now how long time till we arrive?"

"well if you would look out the main window…" she pointed outside.

"Well i'll be damned" Echo said as he took a look at the giant metal blimp floating "A blimp? Those are only used as entertainment purposes nowadays, well i do suppose that you have inferior technology"

"Yeah, well. Its one of the few airborne vehicles out there" Irene said as they flew closer and closer to the prydwen.