Muddy Rescue

Chapter 1 Capture

By: Major144

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. This is just a story for fun.

Deep in space a young Anodite named Sunny was flying through an asteroid field having some fun. Every now and then she would blast an asteroid to bits with an energy blast with an energy blast. Sunny would let out a wild whoop at the sight of the explosions. The Anodite got a thrill of causing a bit of destruction and she wanted to fight other beings, but her grandmother Verdona was stern with her and warned Sunny not to look for trouble. Little did Sunny, know she was fixing to run into some trouble.

A black and silver ship was flying through space following Sunny. Aboard the ship were two robotic beings called Synthroids. The Synthroids had detected Sunny and were determined to capture her and use her as a living battery for their people. They had a special weapon to use against the Anodite and capture her. The pilot of the ship pressed a button and two metal disks the size of frisbees flew out of a port on the ship and towards the unsuspecting Sunny. One disk got beneath Sunny, while the other hovered over her. A purple energy field sprung up from the disks and surrounded Sunny startling her as she was trapped in an energy sphere.

"What the?!" Yelled Sunny as she immediately tried to blast her way out.

The Anodite's attacks had no affect on the energy field. The disks then began to light up and the sphere began to shrink along with Sunny. In a matter of seconds Sunny was shrunken down to two inches in a sphere the size of a softball. The ship flew in and grabbed the sphere with a tractor beam, pulled it into the ship, and flew off. Sunny was a prisoner of the Synthroids.

To be continued.