Muddy Rescue

Chapter 3 Inside

By: Major144

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. This is just a story for fun.

Lucy was aboard a small Plumber ship getting a last minute mission briefing. She was told to sneak aboard the ship and to disguise herself as a Synthroid to sneak around. The other Plumbers would direct her where to go to where Sunny was most likely being held, using a tiny communicator. Once Lucy located Sunny, she would have to figure out a way to get her out without the Synthroids knowing and some how figure out a way to keep their scanners from detecting Sunny. Lucy had a crazy idea on how to do that.

Some time later the Plumber ship got close to the warship and Lucy floated out towards the warship. Lucy reached it and used her powers to ooze through some cracks and boarded the ship. She then changed into a Synthroid and began to walk around being directed by her teammates, who told her where to go. Lucy soon reached a room that had a pedestal in it with the sphere with the shrunken Sunny in it.

"This might be easier then I thought." Thought Lucy.

"Who are you?" Demanded Sunny in a tiny high pitched voice.

"My name is Lucy Mann and I'm here to rescue you." Said Lucy as she transformed into her humanoid Lenopan form.

"Oh great a slush puppy." Groaned Sunny.

"Look just trust me. I'm going to get you out of this place." Said Lucy as she picked the sphere up.

"Fine." Said Sunny as she folded her arms.

"Good because your not going to like what's fixing to happen." Said Lucy as she opened her mouth wide.

"What the?!" Cried Sunny as Lucy shoved the sphere into her mouth.

Lucy closed her mouth over the sphere and swallowed.


A large lump went down Lucy's throat before vanishing into her chest. Lucy's midsection bulged out a little as the sphere and it's occupant landed in her stomach.

"Package secured." Said Lucy into her communicator, before she changed back into a Synthroid.

To be continued.