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Japan: Kofuku home.

"Thanks for the food!"

Yato was hungary from his last fight. He kept going into storms to kill any phantoms. He decided that he want to bring kindness into the world. As usual Hiyori was tutoring Yukine in school work.

All was fine until Yato's eyes started to fail him. He remembered hitting his head before everything went dark.



Unknown area

Burning, That was the first thing he felt on his face. Yato opened his eyes to see he was in a desert. Getting up to look at his surrounding he saw his friends also in the sand. He went over to them and started shaking them.


Yukine was the first to wake. Unfortunately Yato was still shaking him. "IM AWAKE STOP IT!"

The shouting woke up Hiyori annoyed from sleeping. "What did you do!?" SHe yelled.

"Nothing I swear!" Yato said as he was looking around. He took a look at Hiyori noticing that despite their circumstances she still had her body here.

Hiyori meanwhile was looking up in shock. "Mh? Whats wrong Hiyori?" Yukine ask. He looked to where she was pointing and his face transformed into fear.

"What's the matter with you two?" Yato asked. "It looks like you have.." he stopped himself as he looked towards the sky. As a god for living for over 1000 years he has seen some weird things. This had to take the cake. One good look at the sun showed it had a face. And it was laughing.

"What the -" Yato saidas he sat in the sand. "This makes no sense!"

"Yato take us back!" Hiyori begged.

"My phone has no signal here. We need to find shelter soon. And if the sun is like this, I would hate to see the moon."

They nodded and began to walk for 3 hours until they noticed a city in the distance. It was strange from a distance. It looked more like a dark circus than a city. The entrance had a goofy skull above it asit led in the city.

As they approached Yato seemed hesitant.

"Yato you ok?" Hiyori asked.

Yato shook his head. "That city, has a powerful aura around it. Like a one giant shrine." Then Yato raised his head. "A GIANT SHRINE OF MY DREAMS! I MUST INVESTIGATE!" He grabbed their hands and rushed to the mask.

Death City Interior

"IT'S AMAZING! LIKE A whole city made from a shrine!" Yato said. They walked up and down the streets taking in the sites. To the others it wasn't that amazing. It had goofy skulls around everywhere and the shops seemed creepy.

Yato was Enamored by the sites. "Yato?" Yukine asked "If you say this is a shrine, who is this for? You would think we would have heard of them. They probably better than you by far." At this Yato was shunned and fell to the ground. But Yukine did have a point. How did he not hear of this god earlier.

"It's fine, that's not important right now. There is a more important matter to address." Yato pulled out his phone and pointed to the air. "We need to get work!"

He rushed a head and started to write out his services to the city. He wrote it down everywhere. In stores on benches and parks. He then laid down on a bench and waited.


Tsubaki was walking from grocery store to prepare some food for Black Star. He was going on a huge training spree at the moment. She was trying to hurry back so Black Star would not hurt himself. As much as he doesn't want to admit it he does have some limits so he needs someone to spot him just incase. Unfortunately she was carrying a heavy load of food.

"I wish Black Star would train by getting the groceries for us." she said in vain.

Then out of know where she saw a man rushing towards her. He look strange with a black track suit and black hair. She put down both bags and gotten to a fighting stance. She trusted her fist forward to fend off the attacker. The man stopped right in front of her fist and looked surprised.

"Watch it lady! You trying to kill me?"

Tsubaki looked surprised as well "I'm sorry instincts and all. Who are you?"

The man grinded. "IM YATO DELIVERY GOD! Here to grant your wishes for five yen!" he said smiling.

Tsubaki tried to hold it in. Was this for real? "You know we are in america right? We don't have yen here." The man fell to the ground. "I was just writing out my ad and now there is no yen." He stood straight back up. "What do you mean we are in america?"

Tsubaki rolled her eyes. "Look can I go now, I have to get back home." she said as she picked up her bags.

"WAIT!" he said. "You sure you don't want help? What the equivalent of 5 yen here? You can pay me that. Please!" he said begging.

"Tsubaki reached in her purse and pulled out a nickel. "Here, best i can do for now." Yato grabbed the Nickel from her a flipped it. "Your wish will be granted." He took the bags from Tsubaki and walked besides her.


Yato followed the girl back to her house. It was wired how much food was she was carrying. They approached her house where sounds of vigorous working out being yelled. She took off her shoes and motioned him to enter. He walked in to see a kid with blue hair doing pull ups upside down. He was pushing thru the pain when he noticed the girl.

"Tsubaki your back. Who is this?" he asked.

Yato bowed his head. "Yato, Delivery God."

"God really? don't kid yourself." Yato looked confused. "MY NAME IS BLACK STAR AND I WILL BE THE MAN WHO WILL SURPASS GOD!" He shouted.

Yato started laughing. "You are funny, you really can't surpass me ya know?"

Black Star looked unfazed. "Its true!"

"As a God you don't look like that much. No offence."


Tsubaki shook her head. "I was going to make dinner, Plus he doesn't look like a fighter."

"I ACCEPT! FOR 5 YEN PLS!" Yato replied.



Yukine was in the library with Hiyori. He was trying to do research trying to figure out where they were. They were exactly were. They were seated across from a couple also doing research. The girl had Blonde hair with pigtails while her friend was sleeping. He was minding his own business when he felt tapping on his shoulder.

"Kid wake up"

Yukine looked up to see the girl over him.

"You talking to me?" He asked.

"Yes, can you hand me that book right next to you." She pointed to a particular book. He grabbed it and handed it to her. "Thanks!" She said as she went down to read the book. Yukine kept staring at her. She looked up to see him with a confused look.

"You ok?" She asked.

"No i'm not used to that many people seeing me." He said with a laugh. The girl had a more confused look on her face.

"Cause i'm a regalia like you, right?"

The girls face was more confused. Yukine tried to smile. Then the symbol on his chest shined bright. With a light flash he flew to where Yato summoned him.

Meanwhile Maka just stood there as the boy flew away. Soul managed to wake up to see there was a new hole in the ceiling.

"Geese Maka, why you so mad?"

"Soul let's go, scythe pls."

Soul body transformed to the meisters weapon.

"Lets Go!"

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