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Yato called upon Yukine and waited. Black star was pacing back and forward in the courtyard.

"Dude just quit it. We can go hand to hand if you want?" Blackstar asked.

Yato looked at Blackstar's physic. He was somewhat short but was built with muscles. He did not want to take a chance fighting him.

"Im fine, not much longer."

Then a flash of light apeared from the sky and went to his hands. Holding Sekki in his hands he took a battle stance.

"Where were you?" Yato asked.

"I found a library, trying to figure out where we are and how to get home. What going on?" Yukine asked.

"Short one want to fight, lets not kill him ok?"

"Thats ok with me."

Yato pointed the swords at Black star. "I suggest you yield now before you get hurt, You fight against a God today."

"Backing down from a challenge? HAHA! THAT'S NOT MY STYLE!" Black star bellowed. "Tsubaki chain scythe!"

The girl nodded and started to glow and change form. Her body transformed into a small scythe connected by a chain.

Yato was stunned. "WHAT THE HELL! YOU DON'T DESERVE THAT WEAPON!" he yell. Holding the two swords he charged Black star who did the same. For a child he fought like an Assassin. He kept swinging the scythe around and around as Yato waited for an opening.


Suddenly a cloud of smoke surrounded him as he kept his stance.

"How the hell does this kid have a regalia?" Yato thought.


Yato bent backwards as shurikens flew over and he backed out of the cloud. Black star jumped out holding a ninja sword slashing at Yato. He noticed that after a few slashes Black star turned his back.

Taking the opening he feinted and kicked hard. Knocking Black star back.

"OWCH! He said on his back. Yato walked over reaching his hand out. "Good job, for a mortal you fight well."

Black star grabbed his hand and pulled himself up. "You got lucky. I will beat God some day."

"Yukine! Where are you!?"

Yukine changed back into human form and rushed to the voices when Yato grabbed his shirt.

"Who are they?" Yato asked. "I made some friends at the library." he said. Tsubaki also changed back to human form. "Hey Maka your friend is up here" she said.

Yukine looked at Tsubaki up and down. Yato felt a sharp pain in his back and turned to Yukine looking annoyed. "Stop looking at her like that! You pervert!" he yelled. "Sorry." Yukine replied looking embarrassed. Tsubaki looked confused. "Whats wrong." she asked.

"It's fine, we are close so im not getting corrupted any time soon." he said. The two "friends" of Yukine approached them. One looked like a school girl and the other looked more lax and chill than the girl. His face reminded him of Yukine's when they were getting along. Mostly uninterested.

"Where did you go? You flew out of library?" the girl asked.

"How you do that? Next time take me along to, the library sucks." the boy said.

The girl looked annoyed and raised her hand in a karate chop and knocked him on the head.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Yukine thought. She hit him really hard. She smiled towards Yukine. "Sorry about Soul." she said. She looked behind him to see Yato looking Curiously at Tsubaki. "Who is that?" she asked.

"That's Yato." he said. Yato rushed over to the two and held his hand out

"Thats me, Yato delivery God here to help you out for 5 cents!"

Maka started to laugh. "Yukine your friend is weird."

"Well unfortunately he is not wrong, he is a God."

Everything went silent. Not a word was said. "You are joking right?" The boy asked.

"No its true, my phone is a rusty right now but it can prove its worth. Here take this." Yato said after handing Maka a piece of paper. "Call this number in 30 mins, my and Yukine are gonna run to the edge of town. Be right back!"

Yato and Yukine ran as fast as they could.

30 min later.

"What do you think he is gonna do?" Soul asked.

"Nothing" Maka said as she started to dial the number.

"Oh thats lame." Yato said as he appeared behind them.

Acting started soul transformed into part scythe. The rest also looked started as they were looking at this stranger.

Just at that moment a trio apraced the group.

"What's going on guys?" Death the kid asked

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