Blooming Lotus

"How could this Karasu know about me? I wasn't mated to Sesshomaru back then." Kagome interjected, confused.

"It is not because of who you are that he's after you, but because of who you are mated to that he will come for you. I hate this threat to you. I knew as soon as Yorokobi scented you, and who you mated, that I had to come and warn you. I won't let you be taken from me again Kagome. I respect your mating, but you are still my woman and I am never going to let anything happen to you. We just got you back and I'll be damned if I let Karasu take you from us again." He growls, his ire raising at the thought of losing her.

The room tensed at the proclamation wondering what Sesshomaru might do to the alpha wolf.

Sesshomaru snarled at Kouga and his eyes were tinged pink as his inner youkai began to rise to the surface. "You will release my mate now and remember that she is MINE to protect, NOT yours wolf. You may have had claim to her once long ago but that is no longer the case. She has chosen who her mate is and it is NOT you."

Kouga balked at the sound of Sesshomaru's snarl and returned one of his own. " She has barely been back and you find her then mate her within several hours. How is that a choice?" His outrage rushing through his veins. "You don't get to say what's right for her! She could have just been so relieved that she found someone from the past, from home, that she clung to to you out of desperation. So over come with happiness of being able to hold on to her past and feel it, that she settled for you. Where do you get off taking my woman in the first place? You never cared for her, you never even courted her properly. Where's you honor there Sesshomaru? I claimed her first." He growled at the youkai Lord in front of him.

In a flash Kouga found himself pressed against the opposite wall, held aloft by the red eyed Daiyoukai. He could feel the poisonous claws digging into his throat, his voice was deathly quiet.

"Your claim no longer exists. She stopped being yours when she stared our courtship. It was her choice to seek this one's favor. You, wolf, have over stepped your boundaries. You are only living out of sheer consideration for my mate. Do not mistake my courtesy for weakness wolf!" He growled deep in the wolf's face while squeezing tighter


While walking to his study Sesshomaru thought back to the time he traveled with his half-brother's pack.

Flash back

Sesshomaru sat in the tree watching his brother's pack setting up camp. They had just fought a badger demon with three shards in his head. They were all pretty banged up. He observed Kagome tending to her pack's wounds. She was injured, but she was making sure her pack was taken care of first. She was beautiful, covered in blood and caring for them, while pushing her own pain aside. Inuyasha was knocked out from the lack of blood due to a large hole in his chest. Kagome had tended his wounds and laid him on the ground, covered with a blanket. She treated the others scrapes and contusions with her strange medicines and bandages.

She then moved away from the others to bathe herself of the dirt and grime of the day. He watched as she disrobed, he saw the full extent of her injuries. There were bruises from her left should all the way down to her left hip and knee. On the right side of her ribs lay four long deeply gouged claw marks stretching from the center of her back, just missing her spine, almost reaching around to her chest. When the badger had clawed her out of the way, she was knocked to the ground some thirty feet back. She didn't let that stop her, popping up after only a few moments to shoot an arrow straight at the creature's head while it impaled Inuyasha with its claws. What amazed Sesshomaru, is that she continued to fight despite having these grievous wounds. For a mortal female to continue after that blow, showed him her strength and dedication to her pack.

He looked her over again he could tell she had several broken ribs and a sprained or broken ankle. Her ability to command the group was attractive to say the least she was soft when needed and strong and firm when needed, that temperance drew him in. She was fiercely protective of what was hers and that would make any mate proud.

She slipped into the water hissing as the hot spring stung her wounds. Once submerged fully she ran her finger gingerly through her hair cleaning the blood and dirty from it, but being careful of the knot that was hidden under her tresses. Her form was exquisite her lush bosom, her toned stomach, the curve of her hip the flowed in to a tight buttox. He shook himself mentally, 'This is not the time for those thoughts she is injured and needs help with her injuries.'.

He reached into his salve and pulled out a pot containing a salve derived from his saliva and some herb to dull pain. When she went to dunk under the water to wash he flashed over to her belongings and placed it there with a note.

Use for deep wounds and bruises, use sparsely.

He returned to his tree and watched her get out, drying herself with a towel. She read the note and smiled gently. She knew it was from him, and whispered, "Thank you, Sesshomaru."

A warmth bloomed in his chest as she smiled. He wasn't sure why her accepting the salve had such a curious affect on him, but he would think on that another time. He left as she was just about to break the clearing with her friends. He decided to hunt down some food for the group seeing as Inuyasha was out of commission.

He deemed it acceptable to hunt for them since they had kept Rin while he was dealing with a land dispute and some council business. The Inutashi had protected Rin during this onslaught as well.

As he was returning to camp he scented the filthy hanyou Narakus' stench. His incarnation was near. Kagura, having been sent to retrieve the shards while Inuyasha was down, was attacking the camp. Rin and the kit were behind one of the miko's barriers when he arrived. Just as the miko was thrown four hundred feet away from the camp right towards him. He dropped the animal he was carrying, leaping to catch Kagome while simultaneously creating his youkai cloud. He approaches the wind witch, lashing out at her with his whip of light and slicing across her chest, nearly bisecting her. Kagura hesitates, with the threat of Sesshomaru presence she retreats in a haze of miasma and bees.

Sesshomaru lands them back in the camp where Sango the demon slayer stand in a defense crouch over the unconscious monk. Miroku must have suck too many poisonous bee into his wind tunnel for it to knock him out like that. Kagome upon seeing her pack mate injured yet again. She sprang into action as Sesshomaru set her on the ground. She ran over to pick up her bag and rushed to his side. She dug through her white box of healing remedies, she pulled out a long cylinder shape object and poked him with it in his thigh.

Sesshomaru turned from her, he once again unleashed his light whip and made quick work of the demon wasps. He retrives the boar that laid forgotten several yard away. He knows that they need to eat but he does it for her, to show he can provide for not only her but those she cares for. Pack alpha provide for all under his care and he wants to prove that to her, so that she see him as her true alpha and not his worthless half brother that didn't even stir at this latest attack.

Kagome absentmindedly releases the barrier around the children as she tends to the monks illness. Sango takes them to gather fire wood not too far off, as Sesshomaru begins to butcher the boar. Kagome finishes with Miroku, moves to gather her pot and rice for for diner. She also pulls out a water bottle to cook the rice in. The other return with wood and to her surprise wild radishes and some squash. After the meal was cooked and served, everyone settled into their blankets and fell asleep.

Sesshomaru stayed a wake as the lone sentry keeping guard over the sleeping pack he never wanted yet somehow he came to need. These humans became a pack through the transgressions of his damnable half brother. He now saw to their protection of their group though mostly behind the scenes he didn't need the world thinking he'd gone soft. He would flare his aura when he was with them to deter any vile youkai from getting too close to them. He blanketed the group while at camp, so when he left them to deal with his lordship duties they remained protected.

He was slowly growing comfortable with their presence in his life, though begrudgingly so. He hated the smell of their human filth, though these humans smelt less offensive to his heightened senses. He knew it was in large part to the Miko, who smelled pure and clean with only a minor hint of sweat every now again after a long day of walking and fighting. She had made a point to bathe every day, which he mentally commended her for not befouling his nose with normal human filth. As pack alpha female she set a good example for the rest, however unwilling they were to adopt the change she was trying to make them undertake.

As alpha he need to do something to show how pleased he was with her leadership of the pack in his absence. He doubted she would understand the customary scent marking and grooming that normally followed as praise. Perhaps he should gift her with some trinket. What would he gift her that stated her place, told all that she was his alpha pack female, and something that could protect her if he wasn't around and came to harm? He would sleep on it and, come morning, work in out. With that he sat against a tree and rested his eyes while blanketing the area with his youkai aura.

-next morning-

He woke the next morning before everyone else. He sat listening to the sounds of the forest around them. Kagome stirred from her slumber first, stretching with a yawn sounding close to that of a cat. Heaving a sigh, she left her blanket and the children to check on Inuyasha and Miroku. After ensuring they weren't in pain, and they weren't running fevers, she stirred the fire and started cooking food. Sesshomaru rose, leaving Kagome alone, to go hunt for the pack. He returned shortly with a 12 point deer, he sensed the wolf coming toward the camp and didn't want to have his pack unprotected, he flooded the clearing with his aura as a deterrent. The wolf paid no heed to the warning and raced right up to Kagome.

Kouga grabbed her hand, peering deeply into her eyes. He smiled and asked how his woman was. Kagome was blushing and stammering, at a loss for words at his abrupt entrance. Kouga's betas finally caught up with him and barely broke the tree line when they stopped in their tracks. Sesshomaru was throwing off some serious 'come any closer and die!' vibes.

Sesshomaru was beside her in an instant. He demanded her release from the wolfs' clutches, to which Kouga refused. Sessomaru cracked his knuckles and growled low which was mimicked by a sleeping Inuyasha and Shippo to show that they were answering the call of the alpha. Kouga let go of Kagome to stand against Sesshomaru and his interference of courting his woman. Sesshomaru grabbed his neck in a flash and flung him across the clearing with a warning growl deafening the whole camp. The others awoke with a start at the ruckus made by the two growling youkai.

Kouga bounced back to his feet and attacked the Daiyoukai, claws arcing toward Sesshomaru's face. Sesshomaru struck first, running him through and leaving a large hole in Kouga's stomach. Kouga coughed up blood as he was flung toward his pack. Sesshomaru stated in his coldest tone "Leave and never return you are no longer welcomed in this one's pack."

The two betas nodded and picked up their leader, running off with Kouga fighting and yelling at them. Sesshomaru shook his hand free of the blood of the wolf. "Are you harmed?" He asked Kagome she shook her head. "Hnn." He left the clearing to clean and ponder why he was so possesive of these humans, no, of her.

~~~~~Flash Back End~~~~~~

That had been only the beginning of his encounters with the wolf and his stubborn personality. He mentally sigh he knew this meeting would be no different then those in the past.


In the east Karasu was in garden star gazing plotting the course of Jupiter. When his butler announce the arrival of Aoi his brothers second eldest daughter. This was most unusual since last he'd know she was in China modeling or something or other. She was one of his favorites to dote on since He lost most of his children in the wars. She was a beauty in her own right the perfect example of what a female tigress looked like. Snow white hair, glowing blue eyes, and an agile body. Any demon would go mad to be her mate, anyone that was besides the western lord that is. She had been scorned by him for several centuries.

She came out to the garden greeting him in a deep bow. "Greeting dear uncle. How do you fair?" raising from her bow she closed the distance between them and hugged him. "it is so good to see you again."

Karasu nodded his head in acknowledgement of her greeting. "It is wonderful to see you again dearest niece. I am well, how where your travels?" He asked embracing her in a tight hug.

"I am well and they were interesting to say the least. Now tell what has the gossip mill tongues wagging so furiously. Tell me it is not as they say? Sesshomaru has found a mate and that she is human?" She growled in outrage and annoyance.

"Little one, hush I know you are most displease at this news but I have a plan. Would you be willing to help your dear old uncle? It will be the most delicious pay back." He smiled down at her stroking her cheek.

She smiled deviously. "Only if I can play with the little woman that thinks she's better then I."

"But of course Aoi, anything for you." He chuckled darkly.


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