Blooming Lotus

Chapter 2: Will you love me in the morning?

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'Thinking'/dream or flash back


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During the night Sesshomarus' Beast remained in control of his body. While asleep Kagome would move this way or another and it would ruse him from his slumber. At the sight of her naked flesh and still slick feeling of their joined bodies he'd become hard all over again and slowly ruse her with sweet kisses and nibbles at her neck. He would lay his claim to her body all over again and then they would fall asleep, they would repeat this pattern til the early hours of the next morning.

She slowly drifted off to sleep after their last round of rutting, the beast stayed awake to confer with his other half. He pulled back to reach for the thick blanket he covered their bodies with it. With an inward sigh, he loosened the chains on Sessomaru slightly. Loosening them just enough to talk with his other half, he waited a few moments while several choice words were late loose from the normally calm and composed Sesshomaru.


'MATE IS NOT REPUGNANT!' low threatening growl warned of his displeasure of his words. 'We need her. She is worthy of us, there is no other that can compare to here strength and her beauty. It matters not that she used to be pack with he hanyuo, she has remained pure until we claimed her as our mate. You know as well as I, that he would have offered her little in the way of being a true mate to her. Not when his heart belong dead clay pot, we could give here everything she needs or wants and more. '

'She is human that alone makes her weak and unworthy to be this Sesshomarus' mate. What concern is it of mine if that half-breed could have provided for her or not? Why her, of all humans, she is your choice? Her purity matters little to me, she can have whom ever she chooses, she is not MY MATE. There are several demoness of pure blood that would make an acceptable mate. Have you forgotten that the mate of this Sesshomaru will be the Lady of the West. When the council hears that my mate is a human she will be under constant attack. Have you put any thought into this before acting with your loins?' scolded indignantly.

'YOU LIE! Her purity was the sweetest taste on our tongue you can not say to the contrary.' sights of Kagome withering under his touch and his tongue blazed along with the scents and tastes that were purely her own, flashed before his eyes as his beast showed him. He salivated at the memory and his blood boiled with need to take her body. He cursed his beast to which only gained a chuckle from him. 'She is a human of that I can not deny, however she is far from weak as you say. When was the last time a female has caught our attention, challenged us, make us question whether we were wrong? I'd say about 500 hundred years ago give or take a few. It was not I who thought it better to keep the hanyou alive, but you when she protested. You placated her of your own accord, you were the one that didn't want to see her cry. Tell me why that is? Do you really not care that he was protecting her, or lack there of when you stepped in to save her you could have let her die if you really wanted her to. You always kept watch over her while locking me tight in my cage, you chose to save her, why?' he taunted his calmer half 'You can not hide anything from me for I am you and you are I, we are the same being. She completes us, she makes the years melt away, the look in her eyes says she is seeing a demon lord. Not this lie we parade around in for the sake of the treaty or human comfort, she knows what we are and she does not fear it, she accepts us. Those other females would bore us with their complacency, only by our side for the prestige and title. They would never be loyal nor would they stir our desires like only she is able. Mating her is the best thing we can do for her. She knew not who we were while only a few paces behind her. She could not sense us if the look in her eyes was anything to go by, when the sealing barrier was dropped and she looked at us fully, only then could she tell who we were. I do not believe she realizes that there are youkai still walking the planet. Besides we have never cared for the councils thoughts on any matter concerning us. If there is a threat or if one is so foolish to try to harm our mate, they will forfeit their lives for daring to think that they can take what is ours.' he declared.

There was a pensive pause from Sesshomaru while he contemplated his beasts words. He would have glared at him, had he not been forced to see his own hand that he so closely guarded. Bluntly and with out any regard that he did not want to face the truth that he did indeed have deep feelings for the human female beside him. He looked deeper into his feeling pushing aside his pride and arrogance to face what he had to face the facts.

'She is my mate.' he thought to himself.

'OUR MATE!' his beast corrected.

'Yes she is our mate.'

With that affirmation between the two halves of the whole, there was a soft pulse almost a ping in his heart. It wasn't painful quite the opposite, it was warmth that radiated from the center out. Looking down at his chest, they were both wonder struck at what they were witnessing. A soft pink glow was enveloping him the color of the Mikos powers it was soft as if his mokomoko were shifting across his skin. He glanced over at her face stunned to see the same thing happening to her except the glow was a deep blue, she was still peacefully asleep and unaware of their strange happenstance. He turn to lay more on his right side facing Kagomes' back, he raised his head to see her better. Unintentionally pressing his chest into her back, he was about to back away when he froze solid at the new sight. He stared at their touching flesh, the two glowing auras converged and becoming this united glow and spreading to encompassing the both of them completely.

'Is this melding of the to auras? Is that what brought about the new color of Periwinkle or was it Lavender, whatever this new color is, it is extremely calming and warm. Does this have anything to do with our mating? Was her aura just waiting for this Sesshomaru to accept it as my own, to let it in? It appears as if our auras are blending well as if...' he trailed off.

The beast was just as shocked at first, but a few seconds after the pulse faded he knew what was happening. He felt her reika wash over him and he purred a low alluring growl in welcome. He felt its enticing call him to follow, he did so gladly and stroked tendrils of his own demonic aura over her body, flowing into her body. It was as if she had been waiting for both halves to accept her as his mate, when he had, she rushed in touching his heart and soul leaving her mark on them both. All of her hopes and fears, all her sweetness and stubbornness, and all her caring nature, all her worry over their new bond, above all he could feel her love and need and acceptance. He felt them all the moment their souls collided, he felt whole, for the first time beast and master were on the same wave length they need her. Playing a game of cat and mouse with her reika, his soul binding with hers and hers with his. When he accepted her, he open his soul to be bared it to her, she felt his wonderment of her beauty and strength, his caution and apprehension of the situation. Underneath all the thoughts of worry, there was hope and lust and dare she say it love. While exploring each others souls marking the other as their only mate, the blending of the souls and auras caused the purple-ish glow.

Sesshomaru was staring in amazement at the purity and the kindness of her soul. As he realized what was going on he felt the peace that his beast felt in her presence. He had accepted her as his mate, she was truly his other half complimenting the darkness in his own soul. The In to his Yo, he felt complete now at the touch of her soul. Any retort he may have had to his beast died in that instant, the gently caress of her soul against his made the world tilt on its axis. His whole being now felt pulled to her like she was now the center of his universe, as if the last piece of a puzzle had finally slipped into place, this was how it should be.

'Mate.' He purred. 'This feeling of her in my soul, what does it mean?' He questioned his beast.

'It is what you believe it means. She is our Soul Mate, there will not be another that can replace her. If she were to parish we would surely follow, for now that we have found her she is now a part of us. A part of her was gifted to us when we intertwined and to replace what was missing in her, our soul replaced it. Do to this sharing of essence she should live as long as we do without the ravages of time. In all counts she is youkai now, she may take on some of our traits we shall see upon her awakening. She may parish do to a sever injury, if one were to fall the other would feel hollow. They may even succumb to death by a broken heart.' he shared pensively.

'How can this happen? She was destined to be the mutts mate. She may become youkai when she wakes how? The Kami sure have a strange way to plan out fates.' he mused.

'The mutts affections for her matter not now, he has been gone from this world for well over 200 hundred years. She has our youkai soul in her now she will gain our strengths and the includes our longevity. Will you harm Mate or push her away from us? We need her to not be afraid or mad at us. She is still fragile, new to our presence, if we handle this poorly she might reject us and that would be torture.' Half scolded half whimpered.

'This Sesshomaru has accepted her as his mate, I too have felt the pulse and the mingling of our souls. I can not harm her it feels as if there is needles coursing through my veins at thought of harm coming to her. I will treat her as The Lady of the West and my Mate should be treated. She will be most comfortable she will want for not. She will not reject me' stated bluntly.

Kagome laid beside him sleeping after their last lust filled session. She was swept up in slumbers peaceful embrace, deep in a dream. Resting on her right side facing away from Sesshomaru breathing slowly and peaceful.

She was laying in a grassy field, the first thing she saw was the beautiful clear blue sky, looking at the tall grass she noticed it was sprinkled with flowers. She sat up and looked around perplexed she didn't know where she was, the field she was laying in stretched out in front of her as far as the eye could see. Way out in the distance she could barely make out a tree line, as she followed the line with her eyes she tuned her head to the left then to the right, realizing that the forest flowed all around her like a river of deep leafy green. She felt at peace in this serene field she breathed deeply, she could not smell anything but nature, no hint of pollution or sound of the modern world. She was back in the feudal era sensing it to her soul, she was home. She inhaled again the smells that reached her nose were that of the earth, flowers, and another scent of chocolate, smoke and something..."eucalyptus'' Whispered in realization. She got up from her spot, turning in a slow circle now facing where her back had been. Following the scent as it got stronger, Kagome the ever inquisitive mind ventured fourth to the tree line about 50 yards ahead of her. She walked over silently scanning here and there taking in its beauty, searching for signs of danger. Once she made it to the edge of the clearing, there the scent was stronger it was calling her inviting her in to peak beneath the vale of the trees.

Peering in to the tangled mess of under brush and thick dense forest, large blood red yes stared back at her consuming her body with hunger that had been seething deeply in him for hundreds of years. She didn't fear him she felt oddly accelerated, it sent shivers of need straight through her, to her womanhood. She beckoned him forward with her hand inviting him into the light of the field. He hesitated half a breath he bounded over the trees landed in the clearing, there in his true form the beast.

He stood well over 15 feet from paw to shoulder, gorgeous silver-white silken fur covered his massive body. His royal marking adorned his muzzle along with those breathtaking blood red eyes, that seem to turn her legs to jello for reasons other then fear. Kagome walk to him, both observing the other with affection yet caution. When she was about 10 feet from him he lay on his stomach resting his head on his fore paws, he released a gently rumbling purr to sooth her and bring her closer to him. She wanted to run her hand through his lush fur as she came toward him. Her restraint failed, not being able to resist the urge, she extended her hand touching his ear gently with soft smooth strokes. He leaned into her hand closing his eyes almost immediately, as if it completed him just by her touching him. His tail wagging slowly back and forth with pleasure.

He licked her gently in a warm lovingly way. Encouraged by the kiss stroked his fur of his shoulder, she didn't hesitate in stepping forward more pressing her body to his burring her face in his fur. Enjoying the glorious sensation that it provided her senses she moan softly snuggling into him, effectively scent marking him as hers. Kagome heard him murmur something between a whimper and a growl combined, nodded at her, she took it as she needed to back away from a short distance of a five paces. He shifted back down to his human size, never taking his eyes from hers as if transfixed by that smoldering gaze. She nearly missed it when he moved forward in a flash to stand before her. His closeness set off a liquid fire that rush through her veins and had condensed in the folds between her legs. Kagome gulped down a shallow breathe at his quick approach, the reaction lifted her chest enough that it teasingly skimmed over his bare chest. Her gasp turned into a moan feeling his powerful chest on her budding nipples. His warmth seeped in to her as he stepped closer and pressed their bodies together, her thin yukata made a flimsy barrier from his eyes and touch same could be said for the one he wore. His yukata was open in a way that his chest and abs were exposed but still tied at his hips.

Kagome's eyes swept over his face and rested on his full, parted lips that revealed sharp pointed fangs, she licked her pouty lips to wet them in anticipation of what was to come. Sesshomarus' presence was all enveloping, oozed power, and possession over everything he came across including her. His eyes seeking out hers, in their depths she could see the need for her, the want for her touch, desire for her, she reveled in the feeling of finding the same desire matched in another for her. Her breath caught at that realization she was being accepted as she was for who she was not a copy. All the tension eased out of her muscles and the coiled need that was slowly simmering in the juncture of her thighs, sprung to a raging fire in that moment. Inhaling the scent of her long and deep, he growled and pulled her in to his body locking his arms around her with no chance of escaping.

She looked up into his eyes, she took a breath raisin up on to her toes kissed him hard and fast showing her passion for him. Her hands pushed into his hair tangling bringing him closer, increasing the pressure of her lips making a soft sucking motions. She pulled his bottom lip into her mouth, biting and sucking it in a seductive way, while pressing her lush mounds into his chest. Growling at her boldness he griped her butt to press their lower bodies together, letting her feel the reaction her body had upon him. Her eyes widen and the hard rod nudging against her pelvis, angling her hips to get a better feel of his shaft on her core. Biting harder causing some of his blood to trickle onto her tongue, the moan that escaped her throat was owed to a mixture of the taste and the hot hard shaft at her core. His eyes flashed a deeper red and he pulled his lip from her teeth only to crash his mouth into hers, his tongue plunging into her mouth to taste his blood mixed with the taste of her wet flesh. He nipped her lip scoring it slightly to add her blood to the mixture, both moaned at the heady flavors. He released her mouth trailing kiss down her jaw to her ear, sucking the lobe into his mouth nibbling while he moved his hands to her pleasantly heavy breasts. He spread open her lavender yukata exposing the delectable mounds to his hungry sight, palming them in each hand he dipped his head down taking one of her perky buds into his mouth. Moaning his name at the contact of his lips to her tight nipple, she rocked her hip against his shaft for some relief of from the raging desire in her loins. Pushing his head closer to her delicate pale flesh with one hand the other roamed the planes of his naked chest, scraping her nails down the perfectly tone abs. His sinful tongue swirled and flicked at her budded flesh nipped and teased her so, she undulated over his hips in quick greedy motions torturing the both of them with what they both desperately needed.

"Sesshomaru... I ... need ... you" breaking off as he bit a little harder. Shivers shocked her body she found her hand moving to his shoulder and digging in with her nails hanging on for dear life as her legs gave out on her. " Oh, Sesshoooommmmaarrrruuu!" moaned out as he caught her and wrapped her legs around his hips. While he was wrapping her around him he pulled apart his yukata, as she was brought up against his hips her core was pressed firmly to his hard shaft. Biting her lip throwing her head back in a silent moan, she slicked her hot, wet, aching sheath against hes hard member climbing to a climax. He watched her take her greedy need for satisfaction from his body, pushing his hips into her hard gaining a shocked whimper of want from her lips. Which he captured in that moment he pulled his away slightly to aligned his rod with her core and slipped into her in one earth shattering thrust that had both of their breathes rushing out in completion. The powerful thrust pushed her off the edge into the waves of her first climax, bending her head into his neck she bit the juncture right at the crook of his neck. He roared loud in approval and arousal he began to pump into her with deep toe curling thrusts. Grabbing hips digging his claws into her butt to grip her better he pushed into her so fast feeling more like a vibration than someone pumping in and out. He was filling her so completely that she never wanted him to leave her womanhood for a second, he slammed into her harder hitting her cervix and with that she was tittering on the edge of another climax. He did several shallow thrust and one deep thrust hitting her cervix again, with each tap at it he grew thicker and closer to his own edge. Repeating the pattern a few more times they both reached their undoing with a particularly ferocious thrust, hes bit her neck while spurting his seed into her womb. Screaming out her own orgasm she bit down on his neck this time drawing blood, for some reason beyond her knowledge she drank deeply of his blood.

His blood heavy and thick on her tongue taste of chocolate cherries, as his blood hit her system her reika flared out all around her infusing it empowering her very being with his. She pulled her mouth from his neck observing the interaction of their auras. His demonic aura came out to meet her reika, rather than clashing they seemed to dance around one another almost like a lovers caress. His aura was heavy and possessive push at her reika, instead of being push back in defense they started to swirled and mixed combining in a lavender color continued till they were fully surrounded by their mix of auras. She smiled feeling complete and knew that this was who her mate was meant to be all along, she no longer harbored regret or longing over his half brother he was never meant to be hers.

Kagome looked up into Sesshomarus' eyes expecting them to still be red but they were instead the rich gold they had been in the feudal era, whenever he saved her life or brushed against her when they traveled together. When they focused on her they spoke volumes that she knew he couldn't allow himself to speak at the time, now however he did speak in a low smooth baritone.

"Kagome, you have proven to this Sesshomaru time and again the power of your spirit and of your person. I have come to the realization that you are worthy of being my mate, you are fierce and others do not compare to your strength nor your beauty. In the past I could not see myself with a human but now I can not see my life with out you by my side. I will make you a promise that there will be no other but you in my life, you are my mate for life, you are my soul mate. I want to pup you and grow our family to ensure the future of my line, our line in the West. I want to properly court you, and mate you in front of all so they know who you are and who you are to me. That is if you still want to mate this Sesshomaru after my gross breech of protocol in my courtship for your hand. If you accept me as your mate you will want for nothing in the world."

She stopped him from his slight rambling by pressing a kiss to his lips. "I am yours and you are mine. I will never leave you my mate, you have nothing to worry or fear me leaving you. By your side is where I belong, this I feel to my very soul." smiled at him finding it endearing that he was for once fumbling for words.

"You are the new Lady of the West and as such you will want for nothing. You will be my greatest treasure nothing will ever harm you. You will never be lonely again my Mate." he said the last words with a double bass as if his beast were speaking the word to her as well. She kissed him passionately and with all the strength she had.

"Oh, Sesshomaru I love you too!" she exclaimed.

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