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To all of the followers of The Exiled Prince, I would like to say that this fic will be a proper story of The Exiled Prince since I saw a lot of people wanted to make the story into a "proper" rendition. So in the words of Kirei Kotomine, "Yorokobe Shounen", for I present to you this story.

Just to tell in you in advance, there will be some changes in this in order to tie in with some of the events (or some of it) that will take place in Within A Thousand Phantasms: Last Encore.

Nightmare of 2062

The year was 2062 AD and much of the world has changed ever since most of humanity discovered "magic" during a terrorist attack on the US soil about 63 years ago, leading all nations of Earth on a vehement research on gaining such abilities. Unfortunately though, the year 2062 was a time of war. The Third World War broke out leading almost all nations as belligerents on each side of the conflict.

There were two major factors that caused the war. First was the advancement of agricultural production through solar-powered industries in 2020, leading to a temporary population boom. The second factor was the radical drop in temperature of the entire planet for reasons unknown around 2030, deteriorating the world's overall food supply on a massive scale.

While the effects were felt less in developed countries, it greatly affected the emerging industrial nations already experiencing an accelerated demographic explosion brought on by radical economic growth. What occurred next started the conflicts. Inhabitants of the northern regions of China tried to illegally cross the frontier with Russia, to escape the drop in temperature and desertification. Russia deported the illegal immigrants, because environmental migration is not recognized as legal under international law.

Following Russia's harsh treatment of the Chinese migrants, China accused Russia of lack of humanitarianism, while Russia simply replied that they were following international law. Talks between Russia and China became more aggressive, until they eventually broke down. The incident would later influence several other events, such as low-scale conflicts over resources, and would be the primary trigger for World War Three.

Caused by the infighting for food and resources, World War Three officially began in 2045. This leads to the establishment of the International Magic Association, originally created to prevent the use of nuclear weapons by allowing Magic Technicians to free themselves from the yokes of the countries they belonged to and by permitting them to intervene with their skills in border disputes. Whether it was their own country or their enemy's country, they were required to stop the deployment of nuclear weapons

No country was able to stay neutral.

Getting back on the present time, amidst the dark sky and the raging seas Genzou Yotsuba, clad in a distinct Yotsuba combat suit, set his vicious eyes on the land covered with city lights over the horizon. He was the current head of the Yotsuba clan; one of Japan's Ten Master clans. Beside him were his brother Eisaku Yotsuba, and his brother-in-law and current head of the Kuroba Branch Family, Juuzou Kuroba.

Behind them were 27 other men, all of which were members of the Yotsuba clan and wore combat suits similar to Genzou's. Aboard on there private maritime vessel, all of them stood in combat positions, both hands stretched out and were gazing towards the area of land in front of them, their eyes screaming for blood. Screaming retribution against Dahan.

There was a reason behind this urge for bloodbath. Three days before, Genzou's daughter Maya Yotsuba, was kidnapped by anonymous perpetrators in Taipei when she was visiting as part of a cultural exchange program sponsored by the Asian branch of the International Magic Association. Maya's disappearance wasn't due to unknown reasons but rather, an obvious abduction. Kouichi Saegusa, who was visiting Taipei with Maya, is currently suffering from lacerations and broken bones in his right hand and right leg and the loss of his right eye due to his battle during the kidnapping.

Kouichi's condition is still worrisome. After all, Kouichi is not only his younger daughter's boyfriend, but also her fiancé. Rather than Kouichi, who was severely injured while escaping the abductor's grasp, his worries were naturally more concentrated on Maya, who the kidnappers had made off with. To be honest, he was gripped more by feelings of anger and bitterness toward Kouichi than feelings of worry. He brazenly returned alone from his cowardice while his daughter was taken away.

Genzou understood that it wasn't Kouichi's fault. To require such a thing from a mere thirteen-year old boy was cruel and, from looking at the situation, the criminals placed more importance on Maya. It could be said that Kouichi got entangled in Maya's kidnapping and was left with one eye for all eternity. Even the Head of the Saegusa clan offered their help to the Yotsuba clan upon hearing on his son's condition, but Genzou had to refuse.

Since the identity of the abductors and the whereabouts of Maya had been attained courtesy of the Kurobas, a furious Genzou immediately depart to Dahan in haste with a selected few in tow. Their intelligence had led them to Guangzhou where a subdivision of Kulunfang Institute's research laboratory is located. Kunlunfang Institute is Dahan's magician development group. The evil rumours of that place would not die any more than the ones about The Fourth Institute which the Yotsuba are now the actual masters of, but are entirely different. The content of those rumors with regards to females is so bad that Genzou could not bear to hear them fully.

Though he expected a worst case scenario, as a father Genzou couldn't fully accept that his youngest daughter would be defiled, violated, and experimented on by unknown men... Imagining such things almost made him go into rampage!


Genzou screamed in anger and urgency, his arms and hands stretched outward in front as he expelled a continuous amount of magic power. He wasn't the only one doing such arduous task but almost everyone of the rescue group are doing the same thing.

Its not that they were throwing every amount of their Psions on nothing. The land of Quanzhou is just visible on their eyes but it was out of their reach due to a strong and invisible barrier that has been erected, forcing them to halt their advances and forcibly create a hole on it in order to pass through. And they were locked in such state for almost 3 hours.

"What kind of barrier is this?"

"I never expect that Dahan could create something like this..."

"Juuzou! Eisaku! Stop worrying about this defensive barrier and focus. I don't care what kind of barrier is this but what I do know is that Maya is just on the other side! And not even this defensive magic can stop me from getting my daughter back!"

With those expelled words, Genzou and the others brought all forth of their magic power to another level. Though Genzou had to wonder how on earth does Dahan have such invincible magic? Banishing those thoughts, the Head of the Yotsuba clan inwardly prayed for the wall to break. As if the heavens heard Genzou's heed, a portion of the barrier fluctuated indicating its weakening state.

Seeing the fluctuation, the Yotsuba gave a final push thus tearing a hole through the barrier.

"Now! Full throttle!"

Juuzou's cry was heard by the helmsman who immediately put the throttle to max speed, speeding the boat against the wavy seas and through the hole. As they managed to get through the seemingly impenetrable defense, Genzou and the members of the Yotsuba clan could only stare at the land in front of them with widened eyes and utter disbelief.

"What the..."

The land that was filled with brimming city lights that they saw outside the barrier earlier was now replaced by a grass of infernal blaze and wildfire. The instant change of scenery almost froze all the passengers of the boat to their places. As Magicians who fought in the battlefield, witnessing something like this was a norm especially for someone like Genzou. What made him and the others paralyzed in their place however, was a towering figure of a gigantic humanoid being spewing beams of pinkish purple light on any directions from its... seven orifices and fourteen eyes.

As the Yotsubas were literally gaping at the sight behold to them, somewhere within the premises of Guangzhou City the brimming pinkish lights tore throughout specified locations of the megapolis, as said lights run across the entire area like lasers, carving their own destructive paths as they chased one single fellow.

This one single fellow, a man whose appearance is in his late twenties, applied some force to his lower limbs allowing him to dodge a death ray coming straight for him by jumping to the left side. His king's mantle flapped and swayed in rhythm with his movements, in accordance to its surrounding environment. In his hand was a double-edged sword, beautifully carved and crafted, its bladed steel made of unknown material gleamed brightly against the hellish, flaming surroundings.

The man's head which was covered with the headpiece of his mantle, tilted slightly, his blue eyes, glowing and shimmering in multitude of colors took a second glimpse towards a certain direction.

"That was close - !"

He then twisted his body, sensing an incoming death beam forward in an instant. He landed on one of the skyscraper's rooftop, his white shoes skid against the crisp and blackened cemented pavement before he came into a stop near the rooftop's edge. With his full attention directed towards the black titan, the man in a white cloak gave a glance at the said being who was now gathering a huge ton of energy with its six arms.

A single massive black orb came to life, eclipsing the entire megacity while still gaining in size.

In response to this, the man, seeing the threat that the massive ball of energy pose placed his sword in front of him, both of his hand gripping on its hilt. He let out one small exhale and an instant, the sword's golden cross-guard unclipped itself from the sword's blade. The blade, in accordance to the "unclipping", responded by altering its surface into a multitude of kaleidoscopic colors before erupting a beam towards the sky, cutting the dark clouds above the metropolis.

And then, he let these words escaped from his mouth;

"White Fields by the Seaside"
"Vorpal Blade Hakuno"

The city was then engulfed in a white brimming light.