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27th of August
A.D. 2076

Neon lights glimmered and various silhouettes of people danced around in accordance to the music being played.

While men and women ranging from teens to young adults busied themselves in the dance floor, one female in her late twenties chose to drown herself in the intoxicating scent of the alcohol in her wine glass. Her black hair was kempt, tied in a bun with a black lace ribbon and her eyes were dyed in deep red shade. Her outfit consisted of a black sexually flattering clothing, accentuating her curves and giving off an amorous impression towards male onlookers.

She took a sip from her drinking crystalware as her eyes roamed across the club, as if searching for something or someone. While she had already rejected a handful of men and their advances, still Yotsuba Miya was still raring to find that one guy that would spark some "fire" in her. Most of the men that approached her earlier, while did reached her "standards", they didn't have that flicker that she sought for.

One might wonder why such an elegant woman is in this kind of place.

Aside from having fun for herself, it was more like a farewell for her life as she know it. A few days from now, she would be married to a man she didn't have any feelings for that her elders had chosen for her. Miya was still 26 years old but ever since that "incident" involving her younger twin, the responsibility of producing a noteworthy successor to the Yotsuba family now solely rested on her shoulders.

She didn't mind though, thinking it was an appropriate punishment for the crime that she had done. The problem was, she didn't like the man chosen for her.

She didn't like the guts of that man and she knew this the moment she met him the first time. It was her intuition that told her that, that the man named Shiba Tatsurou can't be trusted. It was also this intuition that made her to reject the men that tried to approach her.

She knows that they only want to get in her pants and while she intend to lose her chastity tonight than to give it to that man, she wanted it to be with someone she was comfortable with.

"A martini, please."

A husky voice made it self known as someone sat to her right. Miya took a glance at the person right beside her as he occupied the seat.

The man was quite tall and wore a white business suit. His facial features was...average, with dark brown hair and eyes that were adorned with a pair of clear spectacles. To the opposite sex, the guy wasn't that attractive per se. He was just...plain and yet...

"Is there something on my face?"

That question thrown at her somehow snapped Miya out of her analytical stupor. It would seem to be that the guy caught her assessing him with her ruby eyes.

"My apologies. Its just that you seem familiar."

That statement was obviously a lie. She couldn't fault herself in doing so for she was, for the lack of better word, caught off guard by this man's sudden appearance. Yes, it is true he wasn't someone worth noting about at first glance but if one would take a closer inspection, the man was more than meets the eye. It was her assessment, both as a woman and as a magician.

Miya can sense it. The aura the man was exuding was both regal and imposing, as if he was a monarch or a king of some foreign land. For someone who relied with intuition for most of her life, this was an odd experience for Miya. To her judgment, she couldn't find anything suspicious about this man clad in a white tuxedo suit. If there's something she can sense from the guy, it won't be of "wary" but of "serene", and "calm".

The feeling was a first for her.

"Ah. Well I do frequent here for the drinks if ever I got spare time." The man paused as he reached for the glass of martini that was served to him, "I never notice someone like you here before. A new patron I assume?"

"You could say that." Miya replied, sipping the wine from her glass. "Are you sure you want that?"

"They say its good for forgetting life problems for just awhile. The name's Francis Xavier by the way."

The man introduced himself as he made a gesture with his glass to her.

"Yatsuha Amamiya." Miya replied, deciding to go by an alias. "And to be honest, your name is kinda weird."

The man named Francis Xavier could only blink for a second before laughing at her honest statement that night.



Present Day
A.D. 2095

My name is Kishinami Tatsuya. My dad call me "Tatsu". I'm not attending any high school academic programs for I was home-schooled by my father.

I won't fit in any normal high school institutions since I am the definition of "not" normal. From the perspective of normal ones, I am what you call a person capable of utilizing Magic.

Yes. Magic did indeed exist in the world I'm living in.

Magic, it is a product of neither legends nor fairy tales, but instead has become a technology of reality since a time unknown to people.

The first verifiable record dates back to AD 1999.

The incident, in which police officers possessing special powers stopped a nuclear act of terror carried out by a fanatic group in order to fulfill the prophecy of destroying humanity, became the first verifiable case of magic in modern times.

Initially, that unusual ability was termed 'Supernatural Power'. An ability that was present in a person as a result of a purely inherent, sudden mutation, whose systematization as a technology which could be spread among the masses was thought to be an impossible thing.

That was an erroneous notion.

Through the research of 'Supernatural Power' by both the influential Eastern and Western nations, the existence of people who were imparted 'Magic' was gradually made public. It became possible to reproduce 'Supernatural Power' through "Magic".

Of course, talent is required to do that. However, only those who are blessed with a high aptitude can attain a mastery that can put them at a professional level, much like those who possess ability in the fine arts or sciences.

Supernatural power became a technology systematized through magic, while magic became a technical skill. A 'Supernatural Power User' became a "Magic Technician".

Skilled Magic Technicians, capable of suppressing even nuclear weapons, are powerful weapons to a country.

At the end of the 21st century in the year 2095, the various nations of the world, which are far from unified, locked in a race to nurture Magic Technicians.

Or that's how it was published in history books.

For someone who was nurtured under the wing of my father, I can see many faults in that entry in regards to the definition of magic. In the end, "magic" as they knew it is only a fraction of what lies beyond the human perspective.

With the existence of magic, certainly schools that purposely nurtures Magicians do exist. There's the National Magic University founded at the old Nerima Garrison that handles a lot of research for the country and important requests for national defense, and there's the nine National Magic University Affiliated High Schools located in several parts of Japan. These are nationally established High Schools for the purpose of nurturing Magicians, the practitioners of modern magic.

Magic is classified into different classifications.

First off, is Modern Magic which is based on studies on supernatural powers and is commonly widespread. Among the classifications of magic, this certain classification is divided into four categories and is the most detailed due to its wide audience aka practitioners. Practitioners of this magic are called Modern Magicians.

Second is Ancient Magic. Developed before Modern Magic, Ancient Magic is capable of different things, most of it is specialized beyond the capabilities of modern magic. Generally, ancient magic is slower and more focused than modern magic, as practitioners do not use Casting Assistant Device (CAD); a spell support processor or device used by Modern Magicans, and instead use talismans and other mediums. Practitioners of this magic tend to hide their abilities, although in the new age of categorization, it tends to be a little less pronounced. In terms of surprise attacks, Ancient Magic boasts superior firepower and secrecy.

The third and last classification is Supernatural Power. They are magics that directly cause phenomenon without Activation Sequences; a magic blueprint in Modern Magic, or any other ritual, unlike Modern Magic or Ancient Magic. Users of this magic can only use one type of magic, any differences will just be variations of the original. It can be considered a specialization, to a point where the magics that can only be used are few. Initially, the term was used synonymously for Magicians in the past as their ability was then purely inherent, but the term is now no longer synonyms to Magicians because the magicians are now a product of sudden mutation and has been spread around to the public due to 'systematization as a technology'.

While these three magics are separated into three classifications, they have one function in common.

That is, using the the principle of using interference on data and rewrite the phenomenon. In my dad's own words, their magic is possible due to the existence of Information Dimension, which holds the individual information body or Eidos of a phenomenon.

In information theory propagated by Claude E. Shannon, Information Dimension is an information measure for random vectors in Euclidean space, based on the normalized entropy of finely quantized versions of the random vectors. Simply speaking, it is a measure of the dimension of a probability distribution.

In general, these magics are founded under the Eidos Thaumaturgical Theory. To summarize, it is the foundation where Modern Magics, Ancient Magics, and Superpowers, in some instances, are made possible.

As for me, I'm neither a Modern Magician or an Ancient Magician if we follow the magic theory of information bodies.

I am what you call a Superpower user. In that sense, my abilities as a Magician in general is only limited to what I inherently have. Generally speaking, people like me are frowned upon in the magic community due to the restrictions that was implemented or imposed to us the moment we came into this world.

In this Magic World, versatility is favored than specialization. For someone like me, I'm considered a lesser magician or even lower to that.

That is a fact and the truth that I have no problem in accepting. After all, I'm not a Magician and I won't be one in the future. Because the term "Magician" for me, is said to have become the adversaries of the planet, something which the human mind could not normally carry as a burden.

That's right. I don't refer to myself as a Magician. While in some occasions I used to allude myself as a Psychic or Superpower User, most of the time I would refer to myself as a Wizard.

Why a Wizard, you ask?

You see, it has something to do with the capabilities that me and my father only have. Speaking of my father...

"I won't accept this."

I put the piece of paper on my dad's desk with feelings of disbelief elaborated in my face. Why, you ask? My dad asked me to enter a Magic High School and that paper that I just laid on the table was an application form for First High School.

"Why do I have to go to that kind of place now? Dad, you should know better about me."

"I know and understand that. While its good that you want to help out with our business, I don't want to hole yourself in this place. And besides, I'll close this agency for two to three years."

Dad said that while handing me back First High's application form. This man with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes with spectacles is my dad, Kishinami Hakuno. He is a private investigator and owner of Ahnenerbe National Detective Agency, a private security guard and detective agency established under the auspices of International Magic Association, an international organization established all throughout the world.

Ahnenerbe is just a small agency, ran by only two people; me and my dad.

But still to learn that father would close the agency, the institution where I harnessed and developed my skills as a detective and a Wizard...

"What did you say?"

"I'll close Ahnenerbe for two to three years."

"But why?"

I asked my dad who only rested his back on his reclining chair, eyes closed.

"An old pal asked me to worked with him. I'll be bothering them for a while so I won't come back."

"But that isn't enough justification to shut down Ahnenerbe for that long. The people that will be left here will keep this agency alive."

I said this to my father, trying to reason out that closing the agency is not an option. Even if he will be gone for two to three years, I can manage the agency myself.

I want to always... in this agency... to surpass my old man-

"It's time to part, Tatsu. Go and measure your ability."

Dad said this to me with a smile as he leaned forward and rested his hand on my shoulder. I could only clench my fist out frustration, not because of dad but because of what he was trying to say to me. Ever since in my childhood, Dad was the only person to show kindness something that I didn't feel in that family of hers...

"I'll send you living expenses every once in a while."

"No need, Dad. I'll find some extra cash on my own."

I'm already eighteen years old, I am already old enough to support myself including my living expenses. I could use my status as a detective to offer services to the common people. Yes, that would be a nice touch.

My father only snorted upon hearing my reply but nonetheless accepted it. He handed to me the holographic display which was placed right beside him which I took. As my vision took glimpse on the set of words displayed, I couldn't help myself to raise an eyebrow.

"That, is one of the reason why I wanted you to enroll in a Magic High School."

Reading the contents in the display, I understood now why Dad wants me to attend in a Magic High School especially in First High School.

"So this is a mission then?"

"Precisely. So what do you say?"

I put the holographic display on the desk with a sigh of defeat.

"I'll do it. Still, this setup kinda sucks..."

As I put those words into motion, my old man just only chuckled.

I have to wonder though, what's life in a Magic High School?