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Location Unknown
3:00 A.M.

"Woo... This is quite a list."

A man wearing a black hooded jacket whistled as he glanced at his communication device, his back leaning against the surface of the wall inside of an abandoned building. From where he stood, he can see the city lights brimming across the entire metropolis yet he didn't care much of this ambiance.

Rather, he hated it. He hated this city, this country, and the people living in this damn forsaking place.

"Don't mess this up, ya hear me? Boss needs all of them."

An older male voice spring out from the communication device.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. I'll deliver the package sooner than you expected."

"Good. I'll wire transfer the money to your account as soon as you have the package. We'll keep in touch."

A simple tone from his device was all it take for him know that the man on the other end had already hanged up on him. His eyes then hovered again at the images, or rather, at the list in his device.

"No hard feelings."

In that device several image of bespectacled teenagers, male and female, wearing their respective Magic High School uniforms can be seen. His thumb scrolled down over the list until said catalog ended at the bottom, revealing a picture of one Shibata Mizuki.



First High School

First High School, a National Magic University Affiliated High School located in Hachiōji, Tokyo in Kantō.

It is an upper-level, magic institution known to send over a hundred graduates who either enter the University of Magic or enroll in a Magic Technical Institute of Specialized Higher Training every year and an elite school that churns out the largest number of excellent Magicians and Magic Technicians. And for someone like Kishinami Tatsuya, the institution was kinda big and grand.

Currently Tatsuya was inside First High's Headmaster's Office, sitting comfortably on one of the comfy chairs inside the bureaucratic workplace. In front of him, sitting on the office's desk was no other than headmaster of First High School himself, Momoyama Azuma. At first, he was certain that the old man would question when he presented himself to him but he was proven wrong when Momoyama-dono didn't inquire.

It seems to be that the man had seen many questionable things like him during his lifetime.

"I still find it odd that someone like you would enroll in this school, even if it is just a temporary arrangement."

Tatsuya knew the man. For a Wizard like him, acquiring the background of the 70 year old principal was just elementary. From what the Kishinami lad had gathered, Momoyama Azuma was widely known for contributing greatly to the establishment of higher education for Magicians in Japan and considered an authority in higher education, and his connections span across multiple fields. As a result of this, he was feared by everyone.

The headmaster wasn't the only one that Tatsuya did some background checks. He also did some background checking on every staff and personnel of the school and the lad didn't even bother to spare the entire student body from his information investigation. While he was satisfied by the work that he had done, a part of him was still strained due to some things that he dug from First High School's database.

"Just doing my job."

"What I mean is that for the Association to send an Enforcer in my school... I'm not happy with it."

The lad could hear the annoyance from the old man's tone and he could only give him his sympathy for the whole situation. It was already a common knowledge that when the Association takes action, especially in this case, it was treated as bad news for everyone. The Association only send Enforcers when there's something big that needs to be handled in which most cases usually don't give a good tone.

Enforcers are independent magicians who worked under the auspices of the International Magic Association, specialized in hunting down criminal magicians considered as a threat to the world's stability. They work closely or in tandem with each of the countries police forces and military, including Interpol and unlike their counterparts who worked for each of their countries, Enforcers can travel freely in other nations. However due to the tough screening process and great risk of their jobs, their numbers are quite few and made up of all private investigators with aptitude in magic.

"If I remember it correctly, there are only two Japanese magicians working as Enforcers for the Association."

"I know what you're thinking Momoyama-dono. All I can say is that I'm not that guy."

The 18 year old lad could see it that Momoyama Azuma was trying to probe him, to associate him with a very renowned person who rocked the entire magic community due to his achievement in the software advancement of Casting Assistant Devices - a spell support processor used widely by Modern Magicians - by almost ten years within just one short year.

A Magic Researcher and Magic Engineer named Taurus Silver.

The far famed individual was the first person in the world to develop the Loop Cast System, which raised the speed of Activation Sequences for Specialized CADs by 20 percent. He also reduced the variability of wireless models from 3 percent to less than 1 percent. Not only that, the mysterious genius also created a miracle drug labeled as Elixir that cures any side effects and sickness caused by overusing magic, which can only be acquired from the International Magic Association or IMA.

There's no solid evidence of the existence of the man although there were rumors that he was an Enforcer working for the Association, the organization denied the claims stating that if there was indeed such a guy they would want to tell him to stop sending any delivered packages to their headquarters everyday without any prior notice. Of course, some of the magic community called the statement a bluff and decided to fund a search for the elusive and enigmatic genius to no avail.

The young Kishinami could see that the First High School's principal was very intrigued as well. It was an open secret that whoever managed to find Taurus Silver, fame and fortune awaits for them and it seems that the headmaster was thinking the same.

"Can't blame me for trying."

The old man shrugged his shoulders before leaning his back against the recliner.

"Just keep me posted, that's all I can ask detective."

"You can count on it."

Tatsuya nodded his head.

"Now if you excuse me, headmaster. There is still a class I need to attend to."

"Welcome to First High School, our transfer student."

Acknowledging Momoyama-dono's welcome, Kishinami Tatsuya gently bowed his head before excusing himself from the headmaster's office. Pulling his terminal from his pocket, Tatsuya started walking the hallway towards his designated classroom. As he continued walking down the hall, Tatsuya could sense the mocking eyes coming from the students, mostly those who have eight petal flowers emblazoned in their shoulders and while he can choose flower decorated uniforms earlier, the black haired lad decided to wear the other one since it allows him to move freely within the institution which he needed to execute his mission.

In his part, Tatsuya had already expected something like this.

In this school where only elites are accepted, right at the start of enrollment, the students are already divided into high achievers and low achievers. First High currently accepts 200 new students per year. Both Course 1 and 2 will have 100 students each and there are 4 classes of Course 1 students and 4 classes of Course 2 students. Since April 2096, for 2nd & 3rd Year students, First High has 4 classes of Course 1, 3 classes of Course 2 and 1 class of Magic Engineering (since the new academic year which started in April 2096.

Magic education is a trial-and-error thing and accidents, which go beyond the level of minor mishaps, can easily happen directly through magic slip-ups from practice training and experiments. Students sometimes lose the ability to use magic after such accidents. Such vacant places are filled up by Course 2 Students as replacements. Although accidents resulting in deaths or handicapped bodies have been eradicated due to an accumulation of know-how, the number of students who drop out being unable to use magic is not small.

In this school, the students are segregated between two distinct "courses": Course 1 and Course 2.

Course 1 students, aka 'Blooms', are people who topped the entrance exams for the Magic High Schools, in technical skills, which are considered more important than theory and Course 2 students aka 'Weeds' are people who succeeded to enter the Magic High Schools, but were lacking in technical skills compared to their Course 1 counterparts. Due to the lack of teachers, they are forced to learn with the use of computer lessons rather than an educator and due to a uniform error, which was not rectified, they don't possess the emblem of their school on their uniforms which gave birth to the discrimination that they currently experiencing.

As his eyes still hidden behind his worn clear spectacles, he caught two familiar silhouettes accompanied by other females not far away that somehow made him stop.

Yes. Ever since he secretly hacked the school's database, the information that these two figures were attending this prestigious school somehow made him uneasy. Uneasiness that came from his past that he tried to forget.

One of the girl, who has red ruby eyes and silky black hair glanced towards his direction before expressing a visual presentation of being bewildered. Her acquaintance, upon noticing the girl's stupefied face, looked towards his direction and 3 of them abruptly exhibiting the same reaction as the beautiful female teen while the others were dumbfounded, not knowing what it was.

Yes certainly, they were the ghost of his past.

For his part, Tatasuya did what he knows what's best for him.

He walked away.