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So this is another one of those chapters where stuff happens in the middle but Plagg is transformed and therefore not aware of it. The final battle itself is in the outtakes chapter (ch. 9) which I'm posting at the same time in case you want to read that mid-chapter.

Friday seemed to go by too slowly and too fast all at once, even for Plagg. Adrien seemed unsure if he wanted to be in the middle of everything and hanging out with everyone or if he wanted to be alone. He was exhausting himself with the back-and-forth, and then ended sleeping through most of the lunch break, head pillowed in Marinette's lap.

"I'm tempted to tell him to transform and come over here to sleep tonight," Marinette told the kwamis quietly as Adrien slept. "He's going to be exhausted before we even start fighting."

"If he starts tossing around again I'll tell him to come over," Plagg promised. Normally he didn't do favors without being bribed first- it was too much effort- but he knew that a tired Chosen wasn't a Chosen that could fight very well. And then a Chosen who couldn't fight very well was more likely to get injured, and then an injured Chosen was less likely to give Plagg Camembert as often.

Marinette just gave him a small smile in thanks.

Dinner on Friday was a much more somber affair than it had been the previous day. Plagg tried to not let it affect him too much as he munched on a delicious baked cheese bread bowl up on the counter.

Worrying while eating just gave him indigestion, after all.

Adrien was barely eating, just pushing food around on his plate. Sabine and Tom were sending him concerned looks, and Marinette's free hand was resting lightly on his leg. Master Fu seemed rather unconcerned by the tension, and was busy enjoying the potstickers that Sabine had prepared.

Once everyone (except Adrien) had finished their food, they settled onto the couches in the living room to talk about what their plan was for the next day. Plagg didn't bother to listen- after all, he had heard absolutely all of the planning in the early stages, and the middle stages, and the later stages, too, and now he was 100% absolutely planning-ed out.

And yes, that was totally a word. He was a god. He could make up the rules if he wanted to.

"Sabine's Mirage is really convincing now," Tikki commented, coming to float down next to Plagg. A cookie dangled from her paws. "They aren't see-through at all, they don't have that noticeable funny glow unless you're in low light, and they move normally. She gave up on making Ladybug talk, but I think that was a bit of a futile effort in this amount of time."

Plagg nodded and stuffed another bite of cheese-soaked bread into his mouth as the temporary superheroes transformed.

As expected, a Tom Turtle was a formidable sight. The shell shield at its normal, base size was huge, wider than a doorway and taller than it was wide. Amusingly, it was also taller than Fu, and slightly taller than Sabine as well.

Tom seemed less than impressed by his superhero outfit, even as armored as it was. Plagg thought like Tom rather resembled a hulking green boulder and that no one in their right mind would step in his path as long as he kept a stern expression on his face, but Tom seemed more concerned with how tight the outfit was.

"You look fine," Sabine assured Tom as he plucked at the skintight outfit. "Very imposing."

"I suppose it'll be fine for one fight," Tom sighed, finally abandoning his inspection of the suit in favor of taking a closer look at his shield. "This is quite sturdy. I like it. You said that I could make it larger?"

"I don't know if you would need it much larger," Fu commented, looking at the giant shell shield. "But yes, you just will it larger and- oh my. That is large."

The shield had expanded, growing to nearly Tom's height and nearly the width of the back of a truck. Tom still held it up easily.

"No one would be able to break through that," Sabine said with a laugh. "Though you might end up not being able to see and end up tripping over a crack in the driveway."

Tom shrunk the shield back to normal size, which was still large. "Yeah, this seems more reasonable. Besides, if it's too big then it can look like I'm trying to hide behind it."

Plagg sniggered. He had remembered a few not-particularly-brave gentle giant Turtles in the past who had done just that. They expanded their shields to comically large proportions and charged blindly, hoping to plow over their enemies like that. It was always amusing to watch, though Plagg's Chosens rarely let him enjoy the scene for long before they transformed to go help their teammate out.

Adrien was clearly more relaxed now, laughing as Tom messed with the shield size. He shrunk it down into a size that Fu could wield, and it looked like a tiny toy in his hands, and then he made it grow into a size that even he struggled to hold.

"I'm pretty sure at least three or four people could sleep in that at that size," Sabine said with a laugh as she inspected the oversize shield. "Wow."

"The shield does fly," Fu added helpfully. "So if you wanted to fly while transporting an injured person or three, a shield that size could be helpful. I've had to do that before."

"Or if someone wanted to take a nap while you travel," Marinette added from her spot on the couch. "Though I suppose it wouldn't be very comfortable."

Adrien grinned at her. "Oh, I don't know. Toss in a couple pillows and some blankets, and it would be great for a cat-nap."

Marinette just groaned at him.

Adrien's phone went off then, and Plagg watched as the smile drained off of Adrien's face as he answered. Before he even said anything, though, Plagg knew that it was Nathalie, calling to summon Adrien home.

"Let me pack some food for you, dear," Sabine said as soon as Adrien hung up. "You barely ate anything at dinner. I think your kwami ate more than you did!"

Adrien only nodded silently and took the bag of bread that she offered him.

Plagg could tell that Adrien's nerves were piling up again as soon as he left the Dupain-Cheng house and slid into the waiting car. He fidgeted the whole way home, could barely hold a conversation with Nathalie, and only just managed to pull himself together long enough to bid his father good-night in a relatively normal-sounding voice.

Plagg wondered briefly how long he should wait before telling Adrien about Marinette's offer, and if Adrien would actually be able to sleep any better next to Marinette or if he would just end up keeping her awake as well.

"I can't believe this is all gonna be over tomorrow," Adrien said after he locked his doors and wandered into the bathroom. Like every night prior, the metal shutters were already down over his windows. Thankfully no one had discovered the broken shutter on the bathroom window that Adrien used to go in and out. He started washing his face. "I think I'm gonna be sick."

...okay, maybe telling Adrien sooner rather than later would be a good idea. It would maybe get his mind off of arresting his own father.

"I'm effectively going to be an orphan," Adrien continued. He reached for his toothbrush. "I didn't think that was ever going to happen before this year. I mean, I know I'll be safer with Father behind bars, and Paris will be, too, but..."

For a moment, Plagg was tempted to remind Adrien that Fu's theory about his mother being trapped was confirmed by Mr. Agreste's files. It was very possible that they would be able to recover her, alive, and bring her back. But he didn't want to make Adrien get his hopes up, not now. Fu still hadn't found the spell to release those trapped in the temple booby-traps in the scrolls, and it could be a while before he did.

If it was in those scrolls as all. It was still a pretty big if.

"Things are just gonna be really different," Adrien finished with a sigh. "And at least Nathalie has things arranged so that I could stay here in Paris with her and the Gorilla taking care of me, but I just... I don't know. I just want tomorrow to be over."

Plagg stayed quiet for a moment longer, then blurted, "Marinette said you could go over there to sleep if you didn't think that you could sleep here."

Adrien lit up, even as a heavy blush spread over his cheeks. "Really?"


Much to Plagg's surprise, Adrien hesitated. "I don't know if I would be able to sleep any better over there. I would probably just keep Mari awake."

...great, now Adrien was starting up with the cutesy civilian nicknames. In fact, unless Plagg was very much mistaken (and he sorely hoped that he was), he had overheard Adrien call his girlfriend- er, partner and friend- 'Maribug' earlier, because apparently just the cutesy shortening of her name wasn't enough.

"I mean, I love being over there, but..." Adrien was still faltering. "I don't know."

"You slept over there during lunch break," Plagg reminded him. With your head in her lap, Plagg added silently. He could tell already that once Adrien got over his father getting imprisoned and the two superheroes started dating, they would be disgustingly cuddly.

"I mean, yeah, but I was exhausted," Adrien pointed out. He yawned widely. "And I'm tired now, but not tired enough to just fall asleep like I did at lunch."

Plagg waited.

"Though I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try," Adrien mused. "But I shouldn't go over until after I'm sure no one would check in on me. Eleven, maybe? Nathalie normally leaves before then, and Father never checks in on me."

Plagg checked the clock. He and Adrien had an hour to kill.

Adrien spent that time pacing, half of the time with his room lights on and the other half with lights off, to make anyone who came to check think that he was asleep.

Plagg hoped that no one who passed by Adrien's room would listen too closely, because he was pretty certain that people who were sound asleep didn't pace back and forth across their room.

"Okay, it's eleven," Adrien said as soon as he spotted his clock blink the time. "Plagg! Transform me!"

Plagg popped out of the ring only minutes later, only to find Marinette ushering a blanket-wrapped Adrien down into her parents' living room. Mr. Dupain and Mrs. Cheng were nowhere to be seen, and Fu had clearly headed home as well.

"I just don't know how I'll ever fall asleep," Adrien was admitting to Marinette. "And I don't know if being over here will help any or not, but Plagg said that you said I could and I figured that it couldn't hurt."

"I could make you some Valerian tea," Marinette suggested, and Plagg perked up and his whiskers twitched in amusement. "Maman makes it sometimes when one of us is having trouble sleeping and it helps make me tired enough to fall asleep."

Adrien shrugged. "It couldn't hurt, I suppose."

Marinette made the tea, and then the two of them curled up on the sofa to watch some cartoons while Adrien sipped at his tea. Plagg perched on the counter in a prime viewing position.

Adrien finished his cup after a few minutes, and then curled up against Marinette's side as the TV played quietly. A minute later, his head drooped onto her shoulder. Not long after, his eyes fluttered completely closed and his breathing evened out and deepened as he fell completely asleep. It didn't take long for Marinette to notice.

"Is he asleep already?" Marinette asked in a whisper as Adrien curled closer. "I've never seen someone react to that tea so fast! It usually takes me twenty minutes."

Plagg sniggered. "Miraculous tendencies. You just gave Valerian tea to a cat. It's like catnip, but more," he added when Marinette just looked confused. "He'll be out like a light until morning."

Marinette gaped at him. "You didn't warn us!"

"'Course not. This was funnier."

Marinette just sighed and turned the TV off.

The next few minutes were even more amusing. Marinette didn't want to leave Adrien on the couch by himself, and so she had to figure out how to get him up to her room by herself. She trotted upstairs to open her trapdoor and clear a path, and then she returned back to the living room to try to pick up Adrien to carry him upstairs.

She failed miserably.

"He won't even budge!" Marinette complained, straining as she tried to lift Adrien up bridal-style. "He's not this heavy normally!"

Plagg cackled. Tikki, who had been woken up by Marinette's rushing around and had come down to see what was going on, just sighed.

"I fling him around all the time as Ladybug," Marinette continued petulantly, pouting as she flopped down on the couch not occupied by Adrien. "And he barely weighs anything then, it seems."

Plagg waited. Tikki seemed about to say something, and he shushed her. It was much funnier to watch a tired Marinette try to puzzle out a solution on her own. Meanwhile, a thoroughly knocked-out Adrien slumbered on.

"Oh!" Marinette suddenly exclaimed, bolting upright. "I could just transform for a minute and bring him upstairs!"

...bugger, Plagg had been hoping that it would take her a little longer to puzzle out the answer.

Moments later, Marinette had transformed and had scooped Adrien up easily. She trotted upstairs with him, and Plagg watched as she deposited him in her bed. Before she headed back downstairs, she set an alarm on her phone.

"He has to be back to the mansion before anyone checks in on him in the morning," Marinette explained to Plagg, setting the phone next to her pillow. She took a moment to reach over and brush Adrien's bangs off of his face. "At least he'll be able to sleep in on Sunday."

Plagg settled down on a pile of fabric scraps next to Tikki and yawned loudly. Tomorrow was going to be a big day for his Chosen, and he had to be rested up.

Plagg whined loudly as an alarm pierced the air. He rolled over and peered down at the bed, where Adrien and Marinette were curled up next to each other. They both had curiously similar responses to the alarm- Marinette curled up and groaned, and Adrien was trying to pull the blankets over his head. Marinette's arm snaked out and tried to whack the alarm off, just as Adrien reached over as well. He frowned in confusion when his arm had to go around another body, and his eyes finally cracked open.

"Wha- Marinette?"

"Morning, Adrien," Marinette managed around a yawn. She pushed herself up and finally got the alarm shut off. "Wakey wakey."

"I fell asleep?"

Marinette shot an annoyed look at Plagg, who promptly feigned sleep. "Yeah. Someone forgot to tell us that you're more sensitive to Valerian because of your Miraculous. It only took you a couple minutes to fall asleep."

"Still tired," Adrien grumbled, but he pushed himself up. "Maybe less tea next time."

"You can nap at home, kid," Plagg said, giving up on the fa├žade of sleep after a few seconds of consideration. "Ready?"

Adrien just grumbled.

Adrien was driven over to the Dupain-Cheng house mid-morning, after he had finally shaken off the last lingering effects of the Valerian. Nathalie had given him a look as he left and had briefly suggested that he invite his "girlfriend" over for once instead of always going to her house, making Adrien turn bright red, but otherwise she didn't try to stop him.

Once they arrived at the bakery, they were surprised to find it open. Adrien headed in to find Sabine at the counter, explaining something to a young woman behind the counter. She lit up when she spotted Adrien.

"Am I early?" Adrien asked nervously.

"Oh no, dear," Sabine assured him. "Sarah is just working the counter today, so I was making sure she knew what she was doing. Marinette and Master Fu are upstairs, and Tom will be up soon. Go on ahead, I'll be right behind you."

Adrien headed up.

"Hopefully this will be over soon so Tom and Sabine can get back to the bakery," Adrien said as he mounted the last few stairs. He was still frowning slightly. "I wasn't expecting them to be working today."

Plagg rolled his eyes. He seriously doubted that Tom and Sabine actually planned on doing any real work today. They needed to have the bakery open, sure, because otherwise it would look weird, but they seemed to have brought in extra help so they could be free for the morning- or more likely, for the day. Surely they knew that Adrien would be upset after his father's arrest and would want to be able to spend the time with him.

"Adrien!" Marinette exclaimed, popping out of the door. "Come in! My parents should be up soon, they just need to make sure that the staff can keep things running for the day without as much supervision as they're used to."

Plagg was almost knocked out of the air by the sheer amount of relief suddenly flooding out from Adrien.

"Greetings, Chat Noir," Fu called from inside the room. "Right on time."

Adrien just managed a weak smile.

"Do you want anything to eat?" Marinette asked as she pulled Adrien and Plagg inside. "Or something to drink? We have cheese for later," she added to Plagg.

"And some for now?" Plagg asked hopefully. Marinette sighed.

"Maybe just a little."

"I think I'll be sick if I eat anything," Adrien admitted. He perched on a stool next to the counter. "I just want to be done."

Marinette set a couple slices of cheese down on the counter for Plagg and headed around the counter to wrap Adrien up in a hug. Plagg perched on his shoulder and attempted a comforting purr around the cheese he had stuffed in his mouth.

"All right, we're ready," Sabine announced, pushing through the door with Tom following behind. Trixx darted around Sabine, clearly eager to get going. "We'll have to check in with Sarah and Jean periodically throughout the day to make sure they stay on track, but otherwise we're free."

Fu smiled, pushing himself off of the couch. He seemed far more relaxed than anyone else in the room. "Fabulous. Now Tom, I'll-"

He was cut off by a shrill sound as several phones around the room rang with an akuma alarm, and they all froze. Plagg bared his teeth and narrowly kept himself from destroying the phones to silence the alarms because really? An akuma attack now? Adrien was only just holding it together this morning, and now they would have an akuma to deal with before they could just get over what was bound to be the worst part of the day for Adrien.

"Great," Marinette complained. "Just when we were ready to go, too!"

"At least Mr. Agreste should be in the office for the rest of the day once you defeat the akuma," Fu pointed out. "We didn't consider what we might do if he were up in his lair before. Why don't the two of you go take care of that akuma, and we'll wait here. I brought some scrolls along that I can translate in the meantime."

All Adrien and Marinette could do was nod and call for their kwamis to transform.

As soon as Plagg popped out of the ring, hungry, tired, and drained, he knew that it hadn't been an easy fight. It was clearly no longer morning, and both Adrien and Marinette looked exhausted as they slouched at the Dupain-Cheng kitchen table.

"What a way to go out," Marinette commented as her mother slid a bowl of soup in front of them. "Final akuma fight, hopefully. At least Mr. Agreste really won't be expecting us to be out and about again today."

Adrien blinked at her. "We're still doing that today? I mean, I hoped, but then the fight took so long..."

"We don't have much of a choice," Tom told him. "Sabine and I brought in extra help just for today, and it might be difficult to do it again. Sarah and Jean normally work Monday through Wednesday, and while they were willing to do Saturday this week with our normal weekend workers I doubt they would be thrilled to do it two weeks in a row."

Adrien nodded.

While the two tired superheroes ate, Sabine fetched two petits fours for Tikki and a large hunk of Camembert for Plagg so they could recharge as well. By the time Adrien finally swallowed his last bite of broth-soaked bread, everyone was rested up a bit.

"I can go check to see if Mr. Agreste is back in his office yet," Sabine offered, calling up her transformation. "Or if he's still up sulking in his lair."

Fu nodded in approval. "Yes, that would be a good idea. And once you get into position out of sight of Mr. Agreste's office, you can send us a quick message to let us know if he's down or not."

Adrien started to look ill again as Sabine headed out across the rooftops.

(Plagg was really glad that it would be the illusions and not Ladybug and Chat Noir themselves meeting Mr. Agreste face-to-face at the door, because Mr. Agreste would pick up that something was wrong right away and target Chat Noir. Hopefully the man wouldn't even get a good look at Chat Noir's face during the scramble.)

"Are you going to be okay, Adrien?" Tom asked. He stepped forward to rest a hand on Adrien's shoulder. "We'll be right there with you, every step of the way."

"And no matter what, you're never going to be without a family," Marinette said firmly, sliding her hand up to cup Adrien's jaw. "We're here for you, kitty. Always."

Adrien nodded, eyes closed as he pressed his forehead to hers. Plagg watched as he took deep breaths, working to focus. After a moment, he flew up to perch on Adrien's shoulder and let out a small, comforting purr.

Barely a minute later, a small orange blob shot through the window and into the room. It swirled around, then announced, "Mr. Agreste is in his office. Call the police and come on over."

"Time to go," Tom announced. He fiddled with the bracelet wrapped around his wrist, then transformed. He smiled at the teens. "Ready?"

Marinette glanced at Adrien. He took one last deep breath, then stepped back and nodded.

"Let's go."


As soon as he popped out of the ring, Plagg turned to Adrien, frantically scanning for injuries. Adrien hadn't been transformed for long at all, which meant that either the fight hadn't gone for very long, Adrien had decided to back out last minute, or he had gotten injured and had to retreat.

Sometimes Plagg really hated not knowing what was going on when he was transformed.

Adrien's expression didn't tell him much. He looked tired, like he would like nothing better than a nap and a plate full of cookies. He didn't look like he was in pain, though, so that eliminated the possibility of him being injured. Marinette came up next to him, wrapping him in a hug and resting her cheek against his shoulder. The Butterfly Miraculous dangled from her fingers.

The fight was over.

"It went about as well as we could have hoped," Marinette told Tikki and Plagg quietly as Adrien buried his face in her hair. "He didn't spot Adrien or I hidden up above before he went to the door. Nathalie did, but she didn't say anything. Mr. Agreste did try to use his missiles, but they just kind of smoked and fizzled out. We had a bit of an incident with magic backlash after tearing off his Miraculous mid-transformation, but everything worked out in the end."

"I dug in too deep when I was shredding the necktie," Adrien mumbled, his words muffled by Marinette's hair. "I didn't cause any serious injury, I guess, but there was blood. I hurt him."

"He was wriggling around quite a bit," Marinette reminded Adrien quickly before either Plagg or Tikki could say anything. "If he hadn't, maybe he wouldn't have gotten hurt. And neck wounds always look worse than they actually are, I think. Mr. Raincomprix said that he thought that it would be fine, but someone more trained in medical stuff would take a look at it once they got back to the police station."

Adrien just nodded.

"And speaking of Mr. Raincomprix, we told him that Adrien was at a friend's house right now," Tom added. "I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up here shortly to, ah, 'break the news' about your father. He would want to do that before the media picks up the news at all."

Adrien made a face.

"Could you- I mean, if one of you is downstairs, could you tell Mr. Raincomprix that Ladybug and Chat Noir already came by to do that?" Marinette asked. She cast a worried look at Adrien, who didn't look like he was going to be able to act as though he hadn't yet heard about his father's arrest yet. "I'm sure he'll still want to come up and talk, but it might just be easier on us to not have to pretend like it's new news."

Tom and Sabine nodded immediately.

"I'll go down," Tom said before Sabine could offer. "I need to check in with how Jean is doing with the final batch of the day, anyway." He rested a gentle hand on Adrien's shoulder. "Do you guys want anything? Cookies? Muffins? Cheesecake? Some croissants?"

Plagg perked up. "Cheesecake?"

Adrien just shook his head. Plagg hastily suppressed the urge to ask if he could have Adrien's share, too. Something told him that this maybe wasn't the time.

Tom nodded, and with one more look at Adrien, he vanished downstairs.

It didn't take long for Officer Raincomprix to show up. He looked supremely uncomfortable as he caught sight of Adrien curled up next to Marinette on the couch, but Plagg could sense some underlying relief there. Clearly the man had been dreading breaking the news to Adrien that his father was a supervillain and had been arrested, and with that taken care of by the superheroes his job was that much easier.

"Adrien," the officer greeted him awkwardly. Plagg briefly wondered if they really didn't have anyone on the force better suited for this kind of thing. It seemed from what Plagg had seen that the man was stiff and not particularly good with kids, which was a bit odd considering that he had a kid of his own. "I, uh- Tom- er, Mr. Dupain- said you had already heard about your father?"

Adrien nodded.

"He's in police custody right now," Raincomprix continued, shifting back and forth. Plagg noticed that his eyes weren't quite resting on Adrien. In fact, the officer was looking almost anywhere but at Adrien. "He had some injuries in the final fight, but they were superficial and got cleaned up as soon as we got back to the station. There won't be any lasting damage from those."

Adrien's shoulders slumped in relief.

"We still have to look and see if there's a plan on file for who will take care of you now." Raincomprix seriously looked like he was about to bolt, and Plagg idly started wondering how long it would take. "But, um..."

"Adrien can stay with us for as long as needed," Sabine said firmly. She stepped over and laid a hand gently on Adrien's shoulder, giving it a small squeeze. "We'd be happy to have him here."

Raincomprix looked further relieved.

"Okay. That- that's good. Uh, we'll keep you updated, then," Raincomprix said. His eyes darted towards the door, and Plagg bet that he was about to leave. "And we haven't released a press statement of any sort yet because we want to gather as much information as we can first, but we were parked in front of the mansion for a bit and of course the superheroes were there so there will probably be some media attention."

Adrien cringed.

"It'll all be conjecture for a few days, but I wouldn't be surprised if people put it together," Raincomprix added. "So we're planning on having some police presence at the school on Monday to keep reporters from harassing you. And, uh, that's everything, unless you had questions?"

Adrien just shook his head.

Officer Raincomprix nodded, bade a very quick goodbye, and then was gone before they could blink.

"Just a tad uncomfortable, wasn't he?" Plagg sniggered as soon as the door closed behind the officer. "If he had actually had to 'break the news', he probably would have fidgeted a hole in the floor."

That got a smile out of Adrien, as he had known it would. It vanished a second later.

"Well, I'm sure this kind of thing isn't exactly a fun part of their job," Sabine said. She patted Adrien's shoulder lightly, then moved over to the counter. "We'll keep an eye on the news reports flying around for sure, so we can warn you about what people are saying. And if anyone tries bothering you, we'll either have Tom accompany you or we can ask for police escort until the fuss dies down."

"It's not going to take people long to figure out that Father was Hawkmoth," Adrien said, sighing as he sat up on the couch. "I saw people pointing at us when we left, and at the police cars. And if it doesn't click right away, it will when there aren't any more akuma attacks, and it's gonna be big news. I don't think it'll die down fast at all."

Plagg suspected that Adrien was probably right. Hawkmoth had been the biggest news in the city for a while, and his defeat would be big news as well, even without a spectacular battle to go along with it.

"The best I can hope for is people not bothering me too much," Adrien continued with a sigh. "And people at school not blaming me for Father's actions, too. So many of them got akumatized. I just don't know how they'll react."

"I'll bite them if they blame you," Plagg announced. "Even if they taste bad."

That got another small smile out of Adrien.

There was another knock at the door, and they all turned in time to see Fu stepping in the door. The Turtle Miraculous hung from his wrist again, and there was a small smile on his face. There was a sense of excitement coming from him as he beamed at Adrien and Marinette.

"Good job, you two. From what I could see, that was a near-perfect attack. It went fairly smoothly, and now Mr. Agreste is safely in police custody." His gaze slid to Adrien. "But this is not over. We still have to find your mother and return her to you."

Adrien's eyes snapped to Fu, suddenly focused. The old man smiled.

"I found something quite promising in the scrolls today. A spell, to free prisoners caught in the Tibetan temple traps."

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