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Chapter 1: Back Down with the Black

"Feed into the anger. Feed into the hate, the darkness. This will deepen you further into the shadows.." Snoke's deep voice slithering into the dark matters of Kylo's brain. "Yes! Let that potential grow, my young apprentice."

Snoke had an odd and disturbing delight in his voice. Nothing was scarier than a smiling Supreme Leader. Kylo could feel him burning through his body like a forest fire on Endor. Every inch of Ben felt he was in flames.

"AAAHH!" tears stinging Kylo's eyes. He couldn't take the pain anymore. It was unbearable.

"Yes! Feel the darkness surrounding you, boy. Let it envelop you, diminish that spark of hope." Snoke spat with glee. It was nothing but pure pleasure seeing his young apprentice shrink under his power. He finally had the Vader bloodline in his grasps. He was going to train him to become better than his lineage. Train him to do the things Darth Sidious and Vader couldn't reach. And that was to rule the galaxy in its entirety.

Under the rule of Palpatine, the people had still resisted and fought him. Snoke wanted to bring fear and order to the people of the galaxy. He wanted to reign with a beskar iron thumb. And he was going to do it with the Darth Vader's blood by his side.

Kylo could still feel the, now dead, Supreme Leaders assault on his brain months later.

He sat in his quarters, shaking the thoughts away, with his helmet in hands, waiting to make the announcement on the death of Snoke and his ascension to his new position. He heard a beeping at his door.

"Enter," he said sternly.

It was one of the Knights, Aeron Endeel, his second in command.

"Supreme Leader," he said with bended knee, head down and a fist slammed into his chest.

"Yes, Aeron?" Kylo's eyes never leaving his helmet.

"The fleet is ready for the speech, sir" Aeron never wavering from his position.

"Thank you." Kylo pinched the bridge of his nose "No more of the bended knee. You and the Knights have proven your loyalty to me countless times."

Kylo rose to his feet, his height towering over the knight.

"Stand, my friend."

He placed his hand on Aeron's shoulder. The Knights were the only ties left from the life he let die and crumble. They were the handful of padawans that chose to leave with him after he destroyed Luke's failed Jedi Temple.

"Yes, sir," Aeron said with a slight bravado

"I'll meet you out there in a minute,"

Aeron nodded and left the quarters.

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. A title he never thought he would possess. Snoke had to die. The constant whispers, the constant "punishments" day in, day out. But now... now it was calm and quiet. The only whispers he could now hear were of the Force. And the only punishment he received was of the bond.

Kylo took in a deep breath, put on his helmet and clipped his saber to his belt. With one more inhale of air he straightened his back and stepped out onto the giant terrace facing the thousands of Stormtroopers and First Order supporters. The roar of the crowd was deafening, even under the mask. He felt like the ocean of people went on for miles. It was quite the sight.

The holo-projector blasted his image behind him. Along with the Knights of Ren and many other holo-screens within the crowd. He raised his hand for silence. The roaring the crowd dissipated with a quickness.

"People of the First Order. First and foremost the rumors you've heard, in the last couple of weeks, about our Supreme Leader, Snoke, are true." He lied

"He was murdered by that disgusting scavenger who dare call herself a Jedi" He could hear the rise of the masses starting to murmur about the news.

"This is work of the Resistance. They have only partially paid their debt towards Snoke's death. They have much to more to pay. Their numbers are dwindling. Intel has told us that they are in the mere hundreds, possibly even less. No planet across the galaxy want to have anything to with a forever disappointing opponent."

"We will find the rest of them and we will put an end to that General Organa and her rag-tag Resistance." Kylo was feeding off of the energy of his listeners. The people were cheering. They were eating every bit of what he had to say.

"Second, with the loss of Snoke, I will be taking over his command of the First Order." Kylo felt the ripples of the crowd coursing through his body.

"My proclamation to you. We will rid the galaxy of this Resistance. We will rid them of their hope. And we will restore order to this galaxy, once and for all!"

"Down with the Resistance!" he yelled. He could hear the crowd cheering wildly and began to chant his last words. With that, he turned his heels and entered back into the building.

Kylo felt the heavy shift within the Force. There was a change coming and it wasn't with the First Order.