Chapter 16: As the World Cave In

"KAYDEL" Poe screamed through the comm. Poe pivoted the TIE-fighter through the trees to get to the base. He pushed the yolk forward for the ship to go faster, but being in the air for this long started to become too much for the ship. There was too much strain on the 35-year-old TIE fighter and it began to sputter above the treetops.

"No! No!" he smacked the yolk in frustration. Poe began flipping switches on the console. Lights began to blink wildly with loud, constant beeping ringing his ears. Poe felt the ship drop towards the ground before he was able to take some control. He could see smoke starting to billow behind him from the left-wing. "Kriff!"

The ship was losing altitude and the bottom began scraping trees as Poe tried to level the ship for a "some-what" decent landing. Poe had to think quickly before he crashed landed this ship. His comm crackled. He can hear Finn trying to get through but it was louder in his end to be able to hear him properly.

"Po.. here...zzz" the comm cut out some more.

Bazine stared at the person before her and laughed as she rubbed her wrists. She was laughing so hard her sides began to hurt.

"Are you finished?" the person said sternly. Bazine paused for a split second before going back to her laughing fit. The figure in front rolled their eyes. Bazine's laughter started to slow down.

"You're telling me... That you... Whoever you are... Want me ... To murder the Supreme Leader?" Bazine emphasized. "You're out of your mind"

"I am not"

"Look, I'll kill anybody else for you." She waved her hands. "But the Supreme Leader? That man blows up planets for fun."

"He's still only a man." The stranger rolled their eyes. "And all men have a weakness."

"I guess." Bazine pondered for a moment. This could be the job of a lifetime. She would never have to work a day in her life again. She can buy a house on Canto Bight and live a high life. "Ok, if I were to take this job. What do I get in return? What are you paying me?"

"We need to get the General," Finn yelled with Rose behind him. They ran through the hanger to the turbo lifts. The alarms blared through the air making it hard to think.

Once they entered the turbo-lift, Finn slammed on the buttons. "It's not going to make this thing move any faster," Rose said with the panic he felt. Ignoring her, Finn continued to press the button to the level where the General stayed. Rose took his hand into hers before he was able to press the buttons again.

"I said it's not going to make the lift go faster, Finn." She looked at him sternly. "We need to think of a plan. First, Why are the alarms going off? Two, is someone attacking us? Who knows we're here" Rose's voice began to panic.

Finn didn't respond. His thoughts were running a mile a minute. He couldn't stop thinking about the General, his people, and most of all Rey. But, first, he needed to figure out what was going on.

"Finn… Finn" Rose shook his shoulders. She stared into his eyes. "Finn, where are you?"

"I'm here." He controlled himself. "We have to go to the control center. We need to see who or what's attacking us. Right now they, hopefully, don't know where Leia is."

"OK. You'll go to the center," he said matter of factly. "I'll find the General and anybody else. I'll meet you there back at control."

"Finn" Rose looked at him with worry.

"We got this," he reassured her.


"Still have that blaster I gave you?" He asked

"Uh... Yea" Rose double-checked her vest.

The turbo lift life stopped with a screeching halt, the doors squealed as they opened and a red-hue smoke began to fill the lift. The alarms screamed as they entered the hallway. They both looked at each other, gave each other a lasting look, and quickly hugged.

"We'll be ok?" Rose asked

"We'll be ok," Finn affirmed. "See you soon."

Finn and Rose parted ways.

Kylo sat in his seat staring at the hyperspace flying by through the viewport of his ship. His nerves wracked every cell in his body. He even tried doing the old breathing techniques he learned as a padawan. It felt wrong. It had been so long since he tried to tap into that side of the Force. He betrayed everything he grew up knowing because of his master. Snoke took everything from him. He manipulated him for as long as he can remember.

As a child, his thoughts were always shrouded in a dark cloud. He, obviously, never knew why. But once he began studying under his uncle, that's when the clouds began to speak. In the beginning, they were jumbled incoherent words. With every meditation, the voice became stronger and louder. Until they entwined with his own becoming one.

Since then he never knew who or what he was listening to until Snoke entered his life. He taught him to silence those voices. It was all a lie.

Because Snoke was the voices.


Kylo's eyes widened.


This wasn't in his head. It was far away from his mind.


Kylo rushed to his feet. There was a familiar feeling in his chest. He ran through the halls of the ship trying to find where it was coming from.

The feeling in his chest hadn't gone away. It wasn't pain or a nagging feeling. It was warm and comforting. Loving.


Then he knew.

"Mom" Kylo's voice caught in his throat. He stopped in his tracks. Kylo turned to his left to see his mother the way he saw his uncle on Crait.

"Mother" his heart dropped to his stomach. Leia lovingly looked at her son. A warm smile spread across her face.

Kylo's throat tightened.

Rey's breath struggled as she ran through the labyrinth halls of the old Empire base. Even being here for a couple of weeks she still managed to get lost, going to the refresher, from time to time. And those were on the good days.

Rey wanted to find her master and protect her. But deep down she knew that she had to stay away for Leia's protection. They didn't come for her master. Whoever these people were, they were there for her specifically. So she knew she had to stay away from protecting her chosen family by getting out of here as soon as she can. Nevertheless she couldn't find a damn exit.

With her unsheathed lightsaber in hand, Rey stalked the halls cautiously. The noise of the alarm still screamed in the air. Rey paused at a metallic screeching sound. Her thumb massaged the sabers trigger, ready to use. Rey closed her eyes and tried to connecting with the Force.

'Be wih me.' Rey could feel a tiny spark within in this dark coud they placed her in. She used that feeling to ripple out of her to reach and search for her out.

And what she found and felt was not what she wanted.