The autumn leaves had lined the concrete sidewalk on the morning of a bright morning. A lithe figure appeared to be walking towards a coffee shop in a calm and restful saunter. Over the tinkling of coffee glasses and linen sheets being used to clean the cutlery,"Early this morning, several unidentified male bodies were discovered in Aqua Buliding, a commercial facility in Tokyo's 20th Ward", droned a female newsreader's voice from a television screen.

An old man dressed prim an proper was slowly pouring hot water on what appeared to be ground coffee over a filter. "What appears to be saliva belonging to ghouls was retrieved from the bodies..", continued the newsreader only being spared a few nonchalant glances from the employees busy with their customers.".. and the incident is being investigated as a ghoul crime".

In the background of the sombre atmosphere of the cafe, on the right of the entrance where the blinds were open and sunlight streamed through the window, a brilliant orange haired boy started laughing uproariously permeating through the din of the coffee shop. A slightly bored yet apologetical voice retorted, "It's not that funny, is it?", while precariously lifting up his half finished coffee cup to his lips. "I'm just saying, you can't have a first day at a bookstore, right?", continued the orange haired boy as his laughter dinned down.

On his opposite a very unfashionably dressed black haired boy, who looked close to the age of his compatriot startled suddenly with a sense of disapproval on his voice as his brought his cofee cup down, "Why not? She might be thrilled, you know!". The orange haired boy put his forefinger to the table and smugly replied, "I'll state for the record, that won't happen. Case dismissed" and closed his eyes as if mimicing the mannerism of a detective finishes with a case.

Coffee cup still in hand, the black haired boy startled, "Huh?Then first, I'll take her out to Big Girl, just the two of us, and we'll get a burger." The orange haired boy started tapping on the coffee table and sniggered again as his laughter gradually rose to a crescendo. "I'm giving you a serious answer", grumbled the simple looking black haired boy with a hint of condesending undertones in his voice. "No, it's great! It's great, just like you!", replied the laughing figure as his second set of laughter died down.

The clatter of cutlery was ignored as he went on, "But as a date, it'll be a flop.". The black haired boy was slightly embarrased as he went on the defensive, "What, is everything I do wrong? Hide, what would you do?", and looked out of the window. The gust of wind across the street had subsided as the lithe figure had come closer into focus with her shoulder length straight purple hair and her pink hand bag the she carried infront of her. She was still walking over to the cafe entrance where a sign proclaimed,"Anteiku".

"Listen up. You have to choose a place where the girl will be pleased while you're actually at the date.", quipped Hide. Intrigued by his sudden rational answers, the black haired boy exclaimed, "Such as?". Hide stammered, "Huh? S-Such as…".

"Hide, you don't even have the slightest hint about the same", rebuked the soft spoken boy, finally putting his coffee cup down on his saucer. "If I knew, I wouldn't be spending my afternoon off like this having a date with YOU", declared Hide matter-of-factly. "…last few days have seen a string of predatory ghoul attacks in the 20th Ward,..", the newscaster continued to drone on in the silence that followed. "I guess that's true," replied the black haired boy with a tone of defeat in his voice.

"… and according to the CCG's 20th Ward Branch, they are investigating the possibility that the incidents are the result of the same culprit. In other news.." continued the newslady. This drew the attention of Hide as he remarked, "That's pretty close, huh?", with a hint of concern in his voice. The black haired boy picked his coffee cup and craned it to his lips and took a sip. "So? So, so, so?", Hide stood up and leaned towards the boy and cupped his left hand to his face and continued in a high pitched low whisper , "Who is she? The cute girl you mentioned?".

The boy was visibly embarrassed as his put his cup down and was about to deny the allegations when Hide looked beyond him and gasped, "It's her right?". A few tables behind them stood a blue haired girl in an employees uniform talking to the employees with a smile on her face. "No it isn't", stammered the boy, "Sure, she's cute too…".

The lither figure was climbing the stairs of Anteiku in her pretty sundress. "Excuse me!", Hide cajoled wanting to get her attention, "One cappuccino, please! And you Kaneki?", and looked expectantly at him as the blue haired girl walked towards them and noted down his order with a cheerful expression and mouthed to herself, "-One cappuccino". "I'm not done with this yet.", faltered Kaneki and was cut off by Hide airily asking the blue haired girl, "And also, what's your name?". Kaneki suddenly tried to stop Hide by gushing his name in an attempt to avert his query.

"It's Kirishima Touka", replied the girl in a small voice, visibly a bit taken aback at a direct question such as that. "Miss Touka! Are you seeing anyone?!", added Hide standing up almost at no distance to her face as Touka started blushing further. "Stop that, you idiot!", shouted Kaneki and stood up too. Touka blushed and ran off a safe distance clutching her notepad. Hide seemed proud with himseld let out a grin,"Hmm, How lovely." "If I get kicked out of here, then what do I do?", continued Kaneki fuming all over, "This shop is the one place where she and I both-".

The door chimed announcing the entrance of the lithe purple figure in a sundress who just had walked up the flight of stairs to the cafe. Kaneki's anger instantly dissolved as his eyes automatically fixed on the new entrant, "She's… the one" he mouthed to Hide as her graceful blue heels gracefully walked over to an empty table.

Her perfectly glowing face and pink lips complimented by her purple hair tied into a braid that ran down her right shoulder and her lithe form and her poise raidiated in her walk as she was given an acknowledging state from the employees greeting a regular customer. Hide was speechless for a moment and tore off his own gaze and then he sighed, "Give it up.", and dejectedly sat down. Kaneki shifted his gaze to him and questioningly looked at him.

"You and her would be Beauty and whatever.", Hide shook his head. "The Beast!", whispered Kaneki in a clearly annoyed voice. Hide threw his hands in the air and yawned, "Well then… Now that I've seen you lovelorn, I think I'll be off", and put his change upon an eeriely named book, 'Egg of the Black Goat' as Kaneki too followed suit and sat down.

As Hide stood up Kaneki stared at him and muttered, " Wait, Hide…", only to be greeted by Hide's fading voice bidding a farewell to Touka, their server for the day, "See you later, Miss Touka". Sighing hard he was about to steal another gaze at the purple haired stunning beauty when Hide's sarcastic goodbye floated into his ear from a distance and startled him," Good luck, delusional Kaneki!" , as Hide waved his hand at him from the door to the cafe before slammig it shut and the doorbell chimed again.

Kaneki was about to open the book on his table but something clicked in his mind and he stuffed all his things into his bag and paid for his coffee on the table and rushed towards the door, "Thanks for the meal!", he nodded towards Touka and closed the door behind him and shouted for Hide to wait up for him and ran on the kerb to catch up to Hide who had his orange headphones on and was unable to hear Kaneki calling out to him to stop. Kaneki leaned against a garage and panted, "Yeah, I think you are kinda right. So, Hide my place or yours?". Hide smiled a huge smile and grabbed him with his left hand across his shoulders and ruffled his greasy black hair and dragged a smiling Kaneki while crossing the street as they vanished from the sight of the Anteiku windows.

A purple haired girl sighed heavily and sipped on her coffee which she had just ordered moments ago. She proceeded to take out an eerie looking book and placed it on the table and averted her gaze from the duo horsing around on the street adjacent to the cafe. The bold red ink lettering of the book proclaimed in bland lettering.

'Egg of the Black Goat'.

-Neil Idoyitshi 30/01/2018

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