"Kaneki! Congratulations on passing the university honor student exam!", read the note affixed to his door handle. Kaneki smiled and picked up the affixed plastic bag while he fumbled for his keys. "Presenting some left over high quality ingredients from my place, along with your favourite steak.", Kaneki's eyes scanned the note as he tripped slightly onto his front porch and retained his balance while putting the packet down on the first step. Kaneki chuckled to himself and took off his shoes before dropping off the packet on his kitchen counter.

"I hope you appreciate it! Wa-ha-ha. P.S. When you're upto it we should really hit that coffee shop to celebrate.", next to the note, Hide had scribbled his own name and face in that god-awful handwriting of his, which Kaneki made a mental note to remind him off. Kaneki sat on his bed and let out a sigh," Hide.. Thanks. But I'm sorry". He breathed heavily, " I'm sorry for that god awful handwriting of yours you gradeschooler", and plonked on his bed almost imagining Hide's gloating face If he would confront him about the same. It was almost evening so Kaneki did not feel like opening the blinds adding to the cool, silence of his rented apartment.

From his T.V came forth a solemn voice that continued,"A Ghoul does not have the need to eat this much in this short amount of time in the first place". Pausing for effect the professional looking gentleman in the programme continued, "One dead body will allow them to survive for a month or two". Kaneki looked up from Hide's note to the television screen. Another newscaster promptly asked," , can't ghouls be satisfied with eating the same food as humans?'. Mr Ogura nodded a look of disapproval," No, Ghouls are only able to derive their nutrition from people. Not onlt to mention that their tongues work differently than ours."

Kaneki looked faintly interested and was about to mentally relate to who Mr. Ogura was when the program itself displayed his credentials as Mr. Ogura Hisashi- Ghoul expert. "Ah", mused Kaneki to himself, "Didn't he come over to the campus for a lecture a few weeks ago?'. He propped himself onto the bed with some cushions and looked intently as continued, "When they eat human food, it tastes incredibly awful to them", and stuck out his tongue and pointed to it to make his point. "Yuck", squeamishly mouthed Kaneki and grimaced. He threw around for the television remote and switched off the television and rolled off his bed and opened up the package Hide sent him.

A burger, milk, medley of sauces and a steak, none of which seemed to be leftovers came into sight as he opened the packet. "Hide.. Did you go out and buy this for me?', grumbled Kaneki and smiled slightly. Preheating the steak and leaving the milk to chill in his fridge, he chomped merrily on the burger and savoured its juicy meat and crunchy cabbage and cheese that seemed to melt in his mouth. Plating the steak and topping it off with the sauce he sat down on his bed and leisurely had the tender meat all the while musing about how he could thank Hide for doing all this for him. He suddenly remembered there was some milk he had kept to store before hand and filled himself a glass and opened up the book he had been reading "Egg of the Black Goat", and savoured it's creamy texture as his continued reading as he fell asleep doing the same.

Hide had been trying to reach Kaneki's cellphone for a long time when he finally hanged up and continued on his work. Behind him an almost anorexic figure adjusted his glasses higher up the arch of his nose, "Friend of yours?" .Hide looked back while simultaneously stuffing his cellphone into the pocket of his pants and unceremoniously replied in the affirmative, "Yes". "He was supposed to be notified of the university honor roll today", Hide continued, "But, I can't seem reach him. I went to see him several times too". Hide scratched the mass of orange hair on his head potraying a vibe of confusion. "But, Its always the same and I get turned away". Hide sighed as he was stooping down to lift a carton of stationery.

The flurry of keystrokes on the computer positioned ergonomically on his desks slowed down as if putting forward an apprehensive chatter. "Hmm. If it was me, I'd cut off ties with anyone as rude as that", said the almost anorexic figure as he finally looked away from his work and made quite a show of further pushing up his rectangular frames further up the arch of his nose. Hide stopped in his track as he was tidying up the box of chart paper and stationary and continued, "Kaneki and I have been best friends since we were kids", putting down the box for added emphasis. The brown haired man engrossed in his work unstaringly exclaimed. "Best friends, huh?", with a hint of sarcasm in his deep voice.

"Hello? Kaneki? Are you awake you nerd? Listen Honor student, I was just at the bookstore in front of the station and Akatsuki whats-his-name is doing a book signing, so I thought I'd tell you". The dead dialtone followed by the termination of the voicemail seemed to stretch out for eternities as Kaneki stretched on his bed as slightly annoyed at discovering that the dregs of milk from his post-sleep snack had stained the cuff of his shirt. His fingers swiped down the unread voice mails and hit play on yet another one by Hide which continued in his airheaded demeanor, "Anyway, nerd, call me when you've finished hibernating, I need to hit that coffee shop with that cute employee ASAP. Ahem, anyway Bye".

Kaneki plonked down his smartphone on his headboard adjacent to his bed and rose from the bed. In a trance of sleep, he walked toward the lump of clothes he had kept for the laundry, but had forgotten completely about because of the honor roll tests. "Oh great, and now even I'm becoming Hide", groaned Kaneki as he tugged a blue hoodie with two parallel black bands on its right arm from the pile which still smelled socially acceptable in midst of other humans and threw in on his current attire. He grimaced and picked up his phone and somehow gingerly adjusted into his sneakers and shut the door with a clang behind him as he paced towards the station in high expectations as he noticed the darkening of the skies and prayed to the deities so that it didn't rain. On the very tip of the sidewalk where the four roads connected he skipped on the zebra crossings evidently very happy and excited.

The light drizzle had started abruptly as Kaneki approached the bookstore in front of the station. The drenched cotton fabric struck tightly onto his skin as he noticed a sign that proclaimed, "The Akatsuki Sen Book signing is now over". Kaneki sighed deeply and was about to walk back on the same crossing when the rains started heavily and he took a one eighty turn on his toes and rushed into the partially opened automatic doors of the bookstore and slid off his hood," Fine, I might just pick up a second hand bound edition of 'Salt and Opium', if that's here".

Kaneki went over to the aspiring authors aisle and found what he was looking for aside a smiling mugshot of Takatsuki Sen which was signed very recently, and sat down into the reclining chairs kept in the networking room of the bookstore. The owner looked otside at the heavy rains and nodded discernibly to Kaneki who looked up from his book and smiled at him. Kaneki looked back into his book and turned its worn yellowed pages slowly as if soaking in the smell of the book and lost in the fantastic worlds inside.

A purple haired figure in a butler uniform of the Anteiku coffee shop was finishing up closing the shop and rose up with one final push putting the lock gryves into motion as the shutter of the shop snapped shut. She gathered up her bags and started on her way on the dimly lit route the lay adjacent to the shop. A loud clang in an alleyway alerted her, as he readied herself and stealthed herself with feats to acrobatic maneuver as she saw an anorexic brown haired man with rectangular glasses standing on top of two corpses which she understood to be a ghoul and a human respectively. He was in his own monologue, " Kazuo? It's a shame that you could'nt have chosen another hunting ground to hunt in". He smirked and pointedly looked up at Touka perched precariously on the rooftop.

"Touka. There's enough meat for both of us down here", he jeered,"Only if you'd stop being that goody-two-shoes and just take this as a peace offering". Touka looked pointedly at the bloodied figure beneath her who had just noticed him.

"Fuck off Nishio".

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