Ninja of the Digixros: Battle Network

Prologue: A Hero's Restart

"Child of Prophecy and reincarnation of a Great Sage's Son, you had be born within a cursed cycle of hatred and was used to contain a great but corrupted power. You had been exposed to the negativity of the world from the day of birth but refused to let your light be put out but rather shine brighter and reach out to those who had fallen to the darkness and rekindle their light. Your journey was long and painful, and yet you remained steadfast in accomplishing your lifelong mission of everlasting peace even when you weren't aware of it at first until the very end as you and your comrades challenged a being beyond comprehension and emerged victorious…however evil always seeks to have the last laugh as you took a deathblow for one of your comrades," a female voice spoke softly within a dark void as a lone ball of light shone brightly "But we have decided to grant you the gift of rebirth but in a new world where you will be able to live the life which you truly deserve…a life of happiness and love. But that world and another will be in danger of annihilation unless you take to the battlefield alongside new comrades. Until then, live your new life peacefully…Naruto Uzumaki,"

A pair of blue eyes suddenly snapped open as its owner sat up from his bed with a trail of sweat flowing down the side of his face as he panted lightly, he looked around to find himself in his bedroom which is comprised of a book shelf, closet in one side of the room, a desk which holds a desktop computer in a corner next to a glass screen door which leads to a balcony, and there are posters of ninjas, robots and monsters.

The boy let out a loud yawn and stretched his arms to work the kinks out "That was some weird dream, I wonder what it's all about…along with the others that I've also been having?" he hopped off the bed and took off his pajamas before making his way out of his room to the bathroom where he took a nice hot shower. Afterwards he wiped himself dry with a towel and approached the sink as he wiped the steam off the mirror to show his reflection, he possesses spiky blonde hair and oddly enough three markings on each of his cheeks which many say gives him the appearance of a mischievous fox, something he doesn't seem to mind but can't help but feel that he had heard it several times before somewhere. He was brushing his teeth when he heard a feminine voice call out to him from downstairs.

"Naruto-kun, breakfast is almost ready so hurry up while it's hot!"

"Okay Kaa-chan, I'll be down soon!" Naruto responded, then he quickly finished up and ran back into his room and took out some clothes from the closet which he then put on. He wears an orange t-shirt with red flame designs at the edges of the sleeves and hem, orange cargo shorts with black edges and a pair of black and white sneakers. Naruto turned to leave when something glinted in his eye, he looked to see something on the desk which is a black headband with a metal plate which has the symbol of a leaf with a swirl pattern etched into the metal. Naruto picked it up and looked at the symbol but can't help but feel that he has to keep it close to him at all times, he wore it around his neck for the meantime and quickly made his way downstairs to the kitchen where he saw his parents there waiting.

The father is a brown-haired man with a goatee as he wears a white shirt, black trousers and a pair of executive shoes, and he was currently reading a newspaper. The mother is red-haired woman, wearing a blue blouse, yellow skirt reaching to her knees and a white apron since she was cooking. Both smiled upon seeing Naruto enter the kitchen and sat at the table with them. One would wonder why Naruto doesn't resemble any of them, the truth of the matter was that they adopted Naruto from the orphanage when he was still a baby and lived happily together through the years to date.

"Hey there sport, how's it going?" asked the father, Orito Moriguchi.

"Hi Tou-san, I'm doing fine. Just had another one of those weird dreams again about me being a ninja," said Naruto while taking a piece of toast to his plate and slathering it with butter before taking a bite.

"Another dream Naruto-kun? What is this one about?" asked the mother, Harubara Moriguchi.

"Well I was in this forest and facing a red-haired kid with black markings around his eyes which made him look like a raccoon and a red tattoo on the side of his forehead, he had a large gourd on his back. he was using sand to bind a girl with pink hair and threatened to kill her unless I fight him, I did but was losing very badly then pulled off a super technique where I created a lot of mes enough to fill a school and were laying on the pressure at him," said Naruto.

"Sounds to you like you're going to win," said Orito, looking quite interested.

"That's what I was thinking too, but then he suddenly transformed into a giant raccoon made entirely of sand and was about to crush me when I did something and summoned a giant toad wielding a giant sword! We fought long and hard, and in then I was able to take him down with a headbutt. But that's when I woke up before I could learn more,"

"These are really strange dreams, but what could they mean?" asked Harubara curiously.

"I don't know, but I can't help but feel like it really happened and I was there," said Naruto with a slight frown.

"I'm sure you'll find out what it means eventually, anyways you need to hurry up and get to school. It's your last day before you begin your vacation," said Harubara.

"Oh right, I almost forgot!" Naruto wolfed down the rest of his breakfast and gave his parents a hug as he grabbed his backpack and was running for the front door "I'm off to school!"

"Have a great day!" both parents called out.

With a nod of affirmation, Naruto was out of the door and went to unlock his BMX bike before taking the elevator to the ground floor of the apartment which his family are living in, soon out he was pedaling down the street as fast as he could towards his destination whilst making sure to avoid the pedestrians and cars. It took about ten minutes but Naruto had arrived at the school, he got off the bike and went to lock it over at the parking lot, he was walking towards the school block when he heard someone calling out his name.

"Hey Naruto, wait up!"

He turned around and smiled upon seeing who it was, he is a teenage boy about his height with brown shaggy hair, he wears a black t-shirt under a blue one which has a symbol of a white oval with yellow borders and a yellow 't' in the chest, black leggings under brown shorts and belt, a red sleeveless jacket, green goggles, a pair of white gloves, and red-and-white tennis shoes.

"Yo Taiki, how's it going bud?" asked Naruto.

"I'm doing pretty good, just practicing like crazy to help out the basketball club for their match in a couple of days, turns out their regular players are out of commission due to being sick from food poisoning," said Taiki.

"That sounds pretty rough, does Akari know about this?"

"…" Taiki looked away nervously away at that question.

"You forgot to tell her again? Dude you know how much she becomes worried when you go off to do stuff like this? You better call her after school," Naruto deadpanned at his best friend, he knows Taiki has the tendency 'to never turn his back on others' something Naruto himself also does as well as always fulfilling his promises no matter what. That's why their friend Akari often makes sure that they don't go overboard but Naruto could tell that she has a bit of attachment to Taiki but keeps quiet about it after being threatened by her…women are definitely scary no matter the age.

"Okay, I will. So what will you be doing after school?" asked Taiki.

"Just my usual routine,"

"Okay, I was kinda hoping that you could join me in helping the basketball club out with their match too since you're one of the most athletic guys in the school," Like Taiki said, Naruto is known in the school and neighbourhood for his high level of athletics with many are awed by his speed and strength.

"It's cool, now let's get to class before the bell rings," said Naruto as they both hurried to their classrooms.

From Naruto's POV, school is nothing more than a system made to torture people with words and idleness as he fights back against the drowsiness which constantly tries to overcome him which will then get him into trouble with the teachers, and he definitely doesn't want that on his last day of school before the blessed vacation. Sure enough, the bell finally rang to signal the end of school and Naruto joyfully ran out of the classroom towards the locker. He opened it up and came across something rather strange, it was a small white parcel which was never there before but what surprised him was the symbol on the box matching that of the one on his headband, then he saw a small note which read 'Do not open until you're alone'

"What is inside and who put it inside my locker?" thought Naruto confusedly, placed it inside his backpack and made his way back to his bike after bidding Taiki farewell and rode to an abandoned warehouse located at the harbor. He used to come to this place to experiment some of the techniques that he saw in those dreams, he couldn't perform those 'jutsus' but he pretty much mimicked the hand-to-hand combat pretty well along with the ability to traverse the environment up to a certain limit, this also granted him the ability to perform Parkour too. Naruto sat on top of a steel beam laying on the floor and took out the parcel from his bag "Now to see what's inside…hope it's not a bomb"

Naruto carefully opened the parcel and reached inside to take out its content(s), it is a blue electronic handheld device closely resembling that of a GBA or PSP, on the side of the device is a retractable cover which conceals a slot and a USB port, on the right side of the device is a large circular button having the spiraling leaf symbol, in the middle is a screen which is currently turned off and to the left are two buttons, a directional pad and an LED. Naruto searched further to find a grip attachment which possesses a control stick, a wireless USB receiver, a holster for the device and a pouch full of chips which seem to be meant for the device but their pictures were all grayed out.

"I admit that it looks pretty cool and all, but what is it and who sent it?" Naruto looked inside the parcel and found an envelope, he opened it and began to read the letter inside.

Greetings Naruto Uzumaki, if you're reading this then it means that the time draws near for which the world or to be more specific worlds are in great danger and your help is needed once more like you did before in your former world. So I need you to pay attention to what I'm going to say.

Naruto quirked an eyebrow in confusion "What are you talking about? What's this about worlds or me coming from an old world?"

At the moment, while you do not know who you truly are yet, you will soon find out along your journey in the future. Those dreams which you've been having are actually memories of your past life returning to you. You had gone through so much back then but didn't receive the end you deserved so the gods decided to give you a second life in this one. As of now, you do not have your old powers and abilities which is why we sent a suitable substitute to you to match the conditions of what you're going to encounter. This device is called the Progress PET which is similar to the ones you currently know but is far more advanced, it will remain inactive until the time comes for when it is needed. Remember your Nindo and reignite your Will of Fire, those unique aspects of yours will awaken the hero sleeping within you.

Signed H.O

Naruto sat there, feeling more confused and took a deep breath to calm his nerves "Hang on a minute, so those dreams I was having were actually memories of my past? I guess it now makes sense since I saw myself doing all those things. I wonder if they're all doing okay? But what Nindo is he talk-aaaahhhh!" he suddenly clutched his head as it throbbed in pain, forcing him to his knees and gritted his teeth with his eyes closed to endure it, then he heard his own voice echo in his mind

"Okay! I've just come to a decision. From now on, I'm finding my own Ninja Way! A Way that's straight and true and without any regrets! From now on, I'm following the Way of Naruto!"

The pain went away after that and Naruto slowly got back to his feet as a warm smile appeared on his face at that particular memory "That's right, how could I have forgotten that? 'To never run away…to never go back on my word…that is my Nindo, my Ninja Way!" he opened his eyes to reveal flames which had been smothered in the years and are now blazing wildly just like they used to back then.

Naruto packed everything up and rode out of the warehouse on his bike, he screeched to stop close to the riverbank and looked towards the city in direction of his home "A hero's work is never finished, even when reborn in another world…it looks like my break is almost over and it will soon be time to go wild! Looks like some baddies are about to find out just who Naruto Uzumaki is!" he smirked in anticipation then continued his trip to his home to rest and prepare for training.

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